New K-ON!! Commercial Excites Fans


A brand new television commercial for KyoAni’s massively anticipated K-ON!! sequel aired overnight, teasing anxious otaku with the welcome sight of some excellent quality art, feeling like an improvement over last year’s show yet lacking any radical art design changes.

The CM came in both 15 and 30 second versions, which were soon uploaded online, but unfortunately overly aggressive copyright protection is causing the videos to be taken offline shortly after they come up.

In any case:

Player 1

Some screens:





The text on this screen reads:

Starting April 6, every week on Tuesday

Late-night 01:25 Scheduled Broadcast

(First episode only scheduled broadcast at 01:29)

The ad appeared on station TBS, so naturally the time given is for TBS’s broadcast dates.

Other stations will begin airing the show at later dates.


These last two images come in a higher resolution along with a good amount of blurriness, but at least show some more scenes of the Keion-bu gathered together on screen.



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