CNN on Rapelay “The Only Way to Win is to Rape”


CNN’s band of leftist muckrakers have caught the lingering scent of the by now thoroughly decomposed RapeLay scandal, and so have attempted to portray Japan as spreading a vile plague of wicked “hentai games” over the Internet, polluting the minds of those who choose to pirate them and turning men into rape machines even more vicious than they already were.

Naturally, feminist fraudsters Equality Now are trotted out for soundbites and CNN calls for a ban, in what must be a convenient tie-up of two of the western media’s more profitable sidelines, moral hysteria and Japan bashing.

The video is visible below:

“This country has long produced products the rest of the world would call pornographic” – apparently the fact that it is the US which harbours the world’s largest porn industry is lost on CNN, along with much else it seems.

The rest of the piece’s many inaccuracies or outright falsehoods can safely be left to the tender ministrations of the comments.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t have as much issue with traditional porn/hentai games existing.

    However, I think anyone who is honest with themselves will admit that rape/sexual violence games like these are just repulsive to the extreme and demonstrate how callous and self-centered human beings are.

    The fact that so many on this site are upset over the notion of a group standing up to oppose these sorts of sickening games speaks volumes of humankind’s moral chasm.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love how the chick in the video has the game on the computer next to her.

    And Thank god for Lucy Kibble!

    Look News people and Equality now someone on your own show that is a woman and defended it.

  • The battle of real life organizations and governments against imaginary 2D girls and (to recent extent) 3D rendered ones is quite fierce.

    They should point on the doll where the naughty 2D loli girl touched them so they can get properly counseled.

    Soon we will have crazed moral protesters burning drawing tablets, art materials, and pirated copies of Photoshop and 3D Studio Max in an attempt to destroy the source of this evil 2D/3D imaginary menace.

  • Seriously NOT ALL hentai games is about raping and such, they just ignore this fact and I’m sure most hentai gamers don’t really have an actual interest with real woman. And how about they cross-examine a raper and try to ask him “do you play hentai games Mr. Rapist?”

  • Anonymous says:

    Well now CNN has officially pissed me off. Come on They ban everything in their own country then they go on and try to start taking interesting things from other countries? It is no wonder no politicians would talk to them, if they think it is important they are more than capable of doing things themselves they don’t need some dumb ass to come in and start complaining to them. Well I need to go let off some steam anyone wanna go shoot stuff on MW2? (If anyone ever tries to ban FPS games They so better be prepared for a fight.)

  • Anonymous says:

    that’s terrible. how could the japanese make a game about rape. what they should make is a game about picking up prostitutes, paying them for sex, and then killing them to get your money back.

  • Anonymous says:

    Typical fucking American’s, always telling everyone else what to do.
    Dont you people realise that if the rest of the world wanted to be like you, they would be already.
    Go the fuck away and live your own hypocritical meaningless lives and leave the rest of the world alone.

    Just because you dont like something, doesnt mean it is wrong.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s a good thing that CNN got on this. You can’t be having games out there that haven’t been made in over a year. Good job CNN, way to do some hard hitting journalism on a game that came out 4 years ago, stopped being made 2 years ago, and hasn’t been available from any mass retailer in the US.

  • Anonymous says:

    seriously……. why waste time on games unless they can find actual research between the people who play these games and rape occurences, they should just shut up
    how about…. worrying about your own country then save japan… oh wait

  • savantique says:

    Artefact, frankly, I think you’re out of pocket when you say that CNN are leftist nutcrackers. I’m left as hell and I loathe CNN. Rick Sanchez, the anchor who first talked about Rapelay long before bringing it up again in this report, encompass what CNN is all about in my opinion: naive, exorbitantly pious, and overly judgemental – not unlike the guys at the FNC.

    Further citations include CNN anchor Candy Crowley who uses weasel words to make jabs at the current administration, John King who focuses more on Republican entities than Democratic ones, and Tom Foreman whose cavalier attitude in regards to the topic of race relations doesn’t even have his own show on that channel anymore. Do I really need to mention Lou Dobbs who isn’t even on the network anymore?

    I at least give them credit for allowing that chick to voice her opinion in regards to the content of the game. Personally, I share her sentiments and it’s good seeing other people can make the distinction between a real crime and a fictionalized crime. Too many thought police nowadays.

    • Anonymous says:

      thats becuz dispite what the SC pop thinks SC isnt a reputable news outlet…at all! im a huge fan of CNN and there rightwing all the way! pretty much anything other than fox is acceptable to me…still this is stupid! i dont think cnnre aired this so this has to be about 2yrs old…a oldest!

  • Anonymous says:

    How the hell do these women think they know how to sedate real world men? Banning entertainment like this just aggravates sexual aggression in the real world. Or does their “women’s intuition” disagree?

  • Anonymous says:

    FUCKEN BITCHES OMG HENTAI GAMES ARE IN DEMAND BECAUSE U WALK DOWN THE FUCKEN STREET AND EVERY FUCKEN BITCH GIVES U A FUCKEN DEATH STAIR FUCK I CAN EITHER BASH THE SHIT OUT OF THEM OR PLAY A HENTAI. fucken bull shit i hope every one of those bitches trying to band hentai games burn’s alive like the witches they are.

  • Anonymous says:

    Dam idiots… the games have nothing to do with real life. There are enough real victims…, but no one seems to care about them. The only thing they can do is to save digital girls? Stop this bullshit already and do something about the real crimes. Whats with the loli brides and the woman that have no rights in some parts of the world? They haven’t done anything about it. No news, no opposition, NOTHING ! GROW SOME BALLZ !

  • Anonymous says:

    Mass Effect 2 : The Only Way to Win is to KILL
    Dragon Age 2 : The Only Way to Win is to KILL
    Call of Duty series : The Only Way to Win is to KILL
    God of War series : The Only Way to Win is to KILL BRUTALLY
    the list goes on

  • Meltyblood says:

    just another way to blame the media on something these groups have no life at all but to blame the volience on games.
    just wait take away the games and the real fun is about to begin then people will commit more crimes

  • I found it really hard to win at GTA without stealing a car or having to bust a cap in someone. But you can beat them game with a minimum of killing and stealing though.
    Same with Postal 2 except for the meat plant level and the compound.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you would take a game over some real pussy, then that’s what you are… a pussy. The real reason they are furious is because they have penis envy that they have not come to terms with. In other words, they’re just jealous.

    • Azure Xuchilbara says:

      Tsk…Someone is still hiding in the moral closet…

      Just follow your dick…You only have one life to live, so you may as well play rape eroge…

      You will be one of us soon enough…

      *taps his Plaga staff to the ground*

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, I was quite surprised to see CNN even bother with this article. It’s just a game. They need to let this go fade away and focus on real life problems.

    I played this game a long time ago and it just wasn’t my cup of tea.I prefer Illusion’s games such as AG2, AG3, Sexy Beach Series and @Home Mate.

  • Azure Xuchilbara says:

    Have they checked all the BDSM and Rape websites in the internet..?

    This is 2D compared to that real-life sh*t…

    Moralistic Fools…I guess the only way for them to learn their place in the world is to get killed off during Judgment Day by Hunter Killers…

  • Anonymous says:

    As much as I don’t like the sound of “Rapelay”, it’s still freedom of expression. This game is completely harmless, like many others of its kind.

    Getting rid of these games would do more harm than good. Most of the guys playing those games wouldn’t be influenced to go out and commit a crime for pleasure because they would be perfectly happy the way they are.
    If they start taking them away, it will be harder for men who enjoy them to cope, which will result in more sex crimes against girls and women.

    Another thing is that games with fighting and murder are easily allowed on the market, but games with sexual content are thought of as disgusting and wrong. This hardly makes sense, seeing as killing someone is widely considered worse than raping someone.

    This is all coming from a girl, by the way.

    • Anonymous says:

      >lower reported rape cases

      A heavily male-dominated society, cultural collectivism, emphasis on maintaining the peace, and the feelings of shame rape brings to a woman all add up to a much lower expected percentage of reported rape cases. Population difference can affect the statistics, too.

      I’m not saying that the frequency of rape is actually lower in the unspecified western countries you refer to; I’m simply saying that one needs to be aware of what factors might skew the results from your data.

      • Phffft…

        Even one of the few feminists with any brains, Camille Paglia, says much of what is called by certain type “rape” nowadays used to be called Unbrided Love.

        Case in point – recall the nationwide news furor in the Anglo West over the Grand Theft Auto video game megahit because one scenario in the game among all its murders of the occasional cop & lots of homies allows one to beat-up (or potentially kill) one female prostitute in a car.

        However nary a word comparatively (particularly from femnazis) about the day in & day out veritable holocaust of billions of “MEN” & zombified men being shot, chainsawed, grenaded, run-over, napalmed & otherwise beaten to death on hundreds of millions of Playstations & Xboxes worldwide. Just imagine if even ONE historical wargame among all its endless torturous agonizing slaughter (of males… grin) had a scenario where you could play a scenario of even just one battlefield rape such as in the Soviet invasion of Berlin 1945 (of which there were a million rapes & plenty of murders)… or an encounter with a South Korean “Comfort Woman” in Asia in 1944. Just imagine the News headlines in the feminazi West would absolutely rage to the heavens & call for the firing of all involved in its development. For something that is even in a slightly indirect way “Sex” – people being fundamentally “nice to each other” (with biological pleasure) vs. widespread without a care maiming agonizing torture of weapons of war… murder.

        ANY form of sex is qualitatively by an order of magnitude less of an offense than the taking of human life.

        If one’s brain wasn’t feebled by femnutzi p*ssy for themselves Lez Womyns courses one would realize that essentially all men are “Predators” – Hunter-Gatherers for millenia of History & ALL Cultures.

        Hitting the Bar, Club, or Dance Hall or Chuch Singles to Score/get Laid or meet a One-Night Stand is being a Predator.. whether the woman is chronologically in her teens, 20s, 30s whatever. For the half of women who hit the Bar, Clubs, Dance Hall, Chuch Single, Striptease Club…. whether for some studly action, or a way to soak some Bling, Wine & Dine & Rent monies OR BOTH… Oops, those women are “Predators” too.

  • Anonymous says:

    RETARDS!!!! racist anti Japaneses
    IT ANIMATED PORN created by a non-government company SO YOU-CNN can’t tell them what to do.
    the AMERICAN PORn Industry creates a lot of LIVE-ACTION rape videos that are more easy to view on the internet except that it disgusting bcus it done by Skin-Heads
    which THE BITCHHES RIGHTS have no problem with in supporting their country’s RApe Industry

  • Anonymous says:

    What has CNN taught me? That the internet is going to kill us all, the Japan is the root of all evil, and that actual intelligent people who are explaining the logical answer are clearly all lying scumbags.

    My favorite part of that “Article” (if it can be called that – Things like this are an offence to professional Journalism) was when the presenter asked “Did you feel offended as a woman?” to which was responded with “Nope. Not at all.”, followed by a hasty scene cut. Owned, foolish news-woman.

  • Nos3bleed says:

    I’ve never really been interested in playing a rape game, but if they ever make a game where you win by raping self-righteous female reporters live on CNN I’ll be sure to download it illegally.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ted Turner.. Ted Turner is the “man” behind the scenes. He was the #1 principal responsible for the continuation of the stereotype of “all cartoons are for kids”(search what happened with “Swat Kats” if you don´t believe me). Now Ted Turner has directed the gaze to Japan, his mission is clear. 1st The videogames, 2nd The Manga and finally 3rd the Anime. Mark my words, he seeks the destruction of whatever is opposed to his beliefs and will use all its power and influence to achieve his desires.

  • Anonymous says:

    Personnaly, I like hentai, but I really hate Hentai with Violations.. If they ban this games, I won’t be sad… But it is a little fascist in some view too… Anyway, they can’t do anything…

    • erochichi says:

      I agree. I don`t like hentai in which sexual situations & nudity is mixed with violence and gore. At least it is fiction. But i fear that censorship & outright ban, if it comes to power, will sweep away all hentai, including even cutest, friendliest and happiest themes which i like.
      It seems Ted Turner is possessed by evil spirits (sometimes i feel he always has)or is bitter because of impotence.

  • erochichi says:

    You say CNN is leftist? Boy how things are changed since late 80s when i first could watch that TV channel, it looked to me as ultra-conservative back then. I must spend some time for watching CNN now to see how it is. I say i am leftist but i don`t share their opinion in this issue or of hentai games in general. Negative attitudes towards modern Japanese entertainment genres, like those most otaku are embracing, are generally coming from political right world-wide. I observe these things from Sweden, but i believe this is mostly true.

  • Anonymous says:

    *bangs his head on table 3X* You know, it’s bad enough Japan got some heat from Equality now about the hentai ban and that soon faded away as time passes. Now CNN is butting their heads into it. And you wonder how this kind of news is now getting noticed again somehow when most people didn’t give two s**ts about the hentai ban in Japan. This is just another way to for Equality now to bash and keeping on bashing until the Japanese gov’t gets sent to the edge and go through a complete ban on all forms of hentai. Which many people do not want.

  • Anonymous says:

    There’re better things for them to ban instead of hentai or video games IMO such as paintball – shoot real people with a real guns that uses air and paintballs(if frozen you can actually kill people or if you shoot someone at point blank into the eye and not to mention you don’t need a licence to buy a gun)

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, but this is just something that is just as heinous and just plain stupid. It was bad enough already. I knew hentai games had their freaky ways of doing things, but no matter how crazy it got, it’s just a game, and I’m not bothered with it. And it would be stupid to do something off of a video game. I guess I’ll be watching Equality Now’s progress from here on out til they get denied or not.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi I’m a ‘leftist’ and I like to think of myself as a feminist. I don’t see what any of that has to do with rapelay type games, which I kinda like.
    Also, I wouldn’t call cnn left or right, I’d call them opportunist.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ah….. Did someone mention the game BIKO3 by any chanse?? cause its from the same maker and it was released before Rapelay.

    Anyways i played both games and I don’t go stalking wemen or trying to rape them. I like to earn sex not force it. Its rewarding to earn it and specially getting it without asking for it.

    Don’t know how people can go and rape someone that they don’t know that can potencially be already pregnant or have AIDS. And Video games really don’t force you to do things you don’t want to do.

  • Anonymous says:

    wow…i’ve seen more hate on this threat for cnn than i saw for the girl who sold her 7yr sister to a group of men for gang raping! what is wrong with u ppl! the games u like and play are fucked up! idk whether u enjoy iy or not! enjoy it, just dont be pissed when sumone says its fucked up, or encouraged ppl to rape! thats a pretty fair assumtion albiet not true!…i personally have watched hentai, nevercould get into it…

  • Anonymous says:

    This news report done by CNN report is totally illogical. It’s not even their country, they shouldn’t get involved. And even if the game were to be brought over to the US, there would be laws prohibiting underage consumers from buying it,same with shooting games. It’s just idiotic. The Japanese people see this as the norm, kids are exposed at a younger age, that’s one of Japan’s problems, leave it to them to solve it. If they need help, fine. But until then it’s really none of all these Americain women’s rights groups concern, nor is it any of their buissiness what happens in a foreign country that they no little to nothing of.

    • Anonymous says:

      dont be so retarded man. they said it in the video and its a fact, you can download this game in america and 1000’s have, as have I. so in essence because of the internet and its availability it is a world wide issue. they are making this content and because of licensing issues and general piracy of the internet it can become an american issue. if you want to get real or unrealistic this is a human issue and nationalities are irrelevant.

      dont get me wrong i think this game has a 1% chance of turning someone into a racist, and that 99% of this report is pretty retarded.

      but your argument is dumb.

  • Anonymous says:

    Japan being the peaceful country they are, they really need to stop being such pushovers already. Japan news stations should do interesting topics of American culture and criticize them for once if they haven’t already.

    Here’s some ideas:
    * Why is the overall crime rate so high in the US far surpassing Japan??
    * Why is the US government starting wars with other nations for??
    * Why does the US impose democracy and morals on other nations??
    * Why do so many people have such big heads in America?
    The list can go on~

  • Anonymous says:

    Seriously why won’t the US just leave Japan alone, they already have enough things to worry about then high and mighty America to dictate Japanese culture.
    If anything this is all just fetish of many and has no real life threat but to arrogant people of their egos.

  • DualStorm says:

    Ah, once again they failed to do enough research on their arguments again. Didnt they know that at the end of the game’s story that the rapist gets stabbed or gets run over by a train? Its like they got trolls to write the scripts and nothing to research the target of their argument…

  • man…i thought this issue finally faded away but noooooo CNN just had to bring this shit up again and bring more beatdown to rapelay and japan in general.

    must be slow in the news. shit.

  • Anonymous says:

    Still shooting a dead horse? When will equality now learn. They should be focusing on ways to abolish Sharia Law in countries over something like this…

    First-person shooting games are probably more dangerous, considering you will hear more about random acts violence of public shootings in malls, schools, government buildings, etc…

  • A Mexican Drug Dealer says:

    wow fuck you CNN you can’t propose a ban on all hentai games there are 100s of thousands out there, not to mention anime and manga as well. On top of that this game doesn’t even come close to how awesome hentai games are. The average hentai game has rape in it and most have cooler stuff like tentacles :p.

  • Anonymous says:

    Pretty sure somewhere along the lines, its already been scientifically claimed that the reason Japan has so little rape can be pointed to their upbringing and the fact that what little tension they may have, can be easilly (AND LEGALLY) dispelled via video games. Thus the real world really becomes second thought.

  • lol equality now “….violence, stalking, and rape of women…..”

    Double standards? what if Men are raped? equality now would be making ti the game of the year!!

    “…One official who would not allow us to use her name….”

    Oh, come on! Everyone knows thats Agnes-chan that started this out of states in the first place, and gave CNN an “anonymous” call

  • Anonymous says:

    This is why I DON’T watch T.V. anymore. It’s full of bullshit and crap that makes no sense. Equality now wants to do something to protect women that’s fine, why not start by going into Pakistan and propose ban on child marriages where kids die of miscarriage instead of spewing non-sense shit that came out from nowhere. They only have assumptions and no supporting evidence. O, wait, I forgot, the group is composed of hysterical bitches and pussy fag guys.

  • Anonymous says:

    Remember that time when EN stole random anonymous comments from a certain ”gaming site” to point out how evil gamers and their eroge are. And yet these people (read, liars) get attention from all over the world because of CNN.

    ”BTW, doing the 12 year old was the best.”

  • “Bind and rape the woman for firing tne player from his imaginary job” should be “Imaginarily bind and rape the imaginary woman for firing the imaginary player from his imaginary job”.

    Seriously, it’s a fucking game. All it provides is better quality than imagination.

  • I’m American, but CNN can kiss my ASS in regards to this issue. That’s the problem with most of the world, we try to hide too much stuff & it makes things that much worse instead of leaving it to the people who are legally able to purchase these products. What business do kids and or teenagers have affiliating themselves with these products if they are not mature enough to handle the content? And as far as women are concerned, there is male rape products also, but you don’t see men complaining…….

  • Anonymous says:

    Equality Now… Equality the fuck!
    Why am I not surprised?
    Those stubborn hags won’t give up until they made all the people as unhappy as they are. They won’t give up until they erradicate every single male being over the earth

    They don’t want me to play ero games, fine then! I wonder what would be of the next generation of girls if they ever achieve they objective

  • Anonymous says:

    Not to say that CNN AREN’T untrustworthy leftist shits, but come on, we have to be fair…it IS a rape game. And you don’t see many games in the US where the primary factor of gaming is coerced sexual interaction.

    [braces for the flamage]

    • Anonymous says:

      Ban guns, they’ll defend it by saying it’s the ill-minded people using the guns that are wrong not the guns.

      Ban rape games, we can say it’s the ill-minded people going out to rape that are wrong not the games.

      If the world can come up for a counter to the second argument then we could see people going after the former.

    • Hitoritaka says:

      Nah, I agree that people getting upset about that’s perfectly reasonable. But banning them? From an american standpoint, we’re entitled to our freedom of speech. And you won’t get flamed, you were far too reasonable. You’ll just get ignored.

      • NakkiNyan says:

        Ya, American’s never rape anyone. We like shooting things up, and making things blow up, running over people…

        This like any other game, it does not hurt anyone. The argument that it causes anyone to do something is negated by the fact that the country that produces and sells this stuff has the lowest crime rates.

        If you ban this, ban any game with a gun, knife, sword, car, bombs…

  • Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, in the United States, content that some would call pornographic, with photos and videos depicting real actual men and women, is produced. Every day. But yep, keep focusing on 2D. Oh teh irony.

  • Anonymous says:

    With the kind of freedom stablished in America, I believe these games shouldn’t be allowed here. Although imposing a ban on Japan products is childish, they must no be allowed here.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    It’s a worry seeing this on CNN.

    They have a huge audience and so if they keep up on this it could result in bans and more “Hentai Prosecutions”, and with the “Sex” aspect masked in “Social outrage” they might well do so.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why, oh why, did we give japan back its sovereignty? xD

    But seriously, it’s like they say, it’s all about the enviroment and influences of the kid growing up. Now that kids are getting fat and alienating themselves from people, even family, being a bunch of emo bitches, their enviroment consists of nothing but tv/video games, internet, etc.. It’s not far fetched they’d be desensitized to rape, and being completely obese and unattractive, they’ll see it as their only way to get laid. 😛

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry, but no. If a child is taught CORRECTLY that some thing are okay in FANTASY but not in REALITY, then them playing violent video games and games like Rapelay would NOT have ANY bad effects on them.

      The real issue is that parents today don’t want to take the time to explain to their children that some things are okay in fantasy and not in reality. They just want everything ‘hidden’ from the view of their children, which DOES NOT FUCKING WELL WORK!

      It just doesn’t work!

      Also, I have to point out that ‘rape’ is a human invention. Seeing as how women were not given some way by nature to keep from being raped…. nature apparently expected them to be raped!

      In fact, in MANY animals….. rape is a part of everyday life or the animal’s nature. Lions rape, tigers rape, dogs rape…. need I keep going on?

  • ScarredBushido says:

    it must of been a small news days

    seriously you dont see them metion normal dating sims do you? they always point out the bad shit CCN really need to do more research on the subject lol its not even called hentai in japan its called eroge stupid reporter lmfao get ur fucking facts stight grrr RAGE!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    It seems that in the US, it is ok if you win by killing tons of people in many ways, be it slashing, shooting, exploding, etc. but when it comes to eroge….. their Christian Conservative side surfaces and says “this game is about rape…we should banned it along with hentai”

    It’s just shows that the US and the Conservatives promote war-themed games while at the same time support feminist groups in banning eroge and hentai

  • Anonymous says:

    This is all bullshit!
    If playing such games make gamers commit rape crime.
    Then what about shooter and gory games created by the west? Would that make their gamers want to kill?!?!

  • Anonymous says:

    god i just freakin hate americans…

    “What? We cant have that in our country? So why should they have it?”

    well actually i mean those fucked up religious assholes and femi-nazis… you guys are okay…

  • Anonymous says:

    They want to ban Japanese Hentai games yet they don’t make calls to ban on American violent first-person shooter games and American war-themed RTS videogames….

    such hypocrites

  • Anonymous says:

    The day when artistic freedom is finally freed from getting any flak is when everyone turns into hermaphrodites who self-pleasures and self-rapes.

    How many things can you ban until there’s nothing more left to ban?

  • Anonymous says:

    Send a request to the RussiaToday news network to cover this issue. I’m sure they’ll gladly show how hypocritical the western view on the Japanese entertainment market became. CNN is no longer valued, and if another briskly evolving news network would to oppose them, we’d see some nice fireworks 😛

  • EA games:
    ANY first person shooter – You MUST shoot people to win and have extra points for headshots
    Battlefield saga – USA army “defending” it’s country from… something, just shoot and blow things up

    Rockstar games:
    GTA saga – You have to steal, assault, kill and be the best criminal to win
    Bully – You have to be the dick of the school to win

    The list can go on for ages… so, saying Japan is perverting the world (which from the beginning sounds REALLY stupid) is like saying USA is the peacekeeper of then planet.

    In other mad news:
    Who reads/hears CNN anyway…

  • In all fairness, CNN did try to balance the news by quoting a woman saying that she as a woman isn’t offended by eroge and making a good point that it’s a form of escapism just like shoot-’em-ups, etc. It’s an oversimplified way of putting it, though. I can write a long essay on this topic but don’t have time for it and can’t be bothered (because no one is going to read it anyway…)

    I have no problems with eroge in general and actually consider myself a fan. But games like RapeLay, which is just a recycled version of the Interact Play series, ARE problematic because the single goal in the game is to harass women and rape them. Now, imagine a game in which the single goal is to hunt down disobedient n*gg*rs as a Klansman — would that be acceptable?

    And guys, stop hating on Equality Now. They’re just doing their job. Remember there are various camps of feminism, some of which are anti-censorship or even pro-porn. The real problem here is LACK OF COMMUNICATION between otaku and feminists. But otaku are not known to be interested in communicating with the outside world. So stop playing victims, please.

    • Barbarian of Gor says:

      Equality Now are the “Hyenas in Petticoats”. They are the “Modern Women who seek to destroy Men” as the Great One warned us about.

      Now, perhaps that’s just One Man’s Opinion, but look at their website and look at what they do.

      They of course have opinions all over the board, and a superficial look you’d think they were a worldwide charity. But look at what they actually “Do”…

      Overall, they send “Letters/Communications” to various foreign governments. “You are stoning that girl, you monster!”, maybe it’s even translated… And they collect DONATIONS from people. But they just send letters of protest and post “Follow ups” as if it’s an action.

      Not that they don’t actually “Do” anything, here is what they are having a detrimental effect on.

      1. Sex Tours.
      They get rabid in more “Developed” nations, the USA and Europe to stop these things. Where of course the law and public opinion are more on their side. They disrupt a man’s right to pleasure and a man’s right to operate his own business by turning a legitimate tour guide into a “Pimp”. And, sick as some might call it, they disrupt the right of a desperate woman to eat that week (versus barely subsidence in her home country’s sex trade) or possibly escape and prove a good wife to a man. Not just “Hookers” do these groups go after, but also any “Mail order bride” arrangements.

      2. Comic books

      Drawings of Hentai girls. Video Games.
      I don’t think I need to explain here. If it wasn’t a real threat to free speech and expression, it would just be laughable at how stupid they were.

      3. All porn

      They don’t say it directly, but ALL porn is “Rape” to them. Ban Hentai for them, next week they’ll be screaming Larry Flynt’s wonderful publication is behind a set of evils worthy of the biblical revelations and that all people arguing with them, citing silly “Facts” like how rape has gone down as porn has gone up are “Crazy”. Ban Mr. Flynt, the next week “Playboy” will be “Encouraging date rape” in the colleges. They’ll never quit.

      All men are “Rapists” to them. I really think, if they could, they’d destroy all men and have a “Macho Lesbian” society with a few remnants of males kept frozen for reproduction.

      IMO, it’s like the Conspiracy Theorists say, the “Feminism” is one of the last parts of the plans of the “new world order” In the 1800s to 1900s they destroyed the “Large Extended Family” and turned it into seperate “Nuclear Family” units. A Nuclear family is dependent on the husband who can be fired, putting them in desperation. A large “Clan” on the other hand might have members who go and work in a factory, but then will come home with the wages and they grow their own food, perhaps own a local shop or two… But then, they had to have even the smaller houses “Divided against themselves” so they introduced the propaganda that women could be equal to men. Women were still protected (divorce, charges of rape, battery, alimony) as weak creatures but the “Equality” laws made them more powerful.

      Even that is now broken, leaving a bunch of “Career” or “Wage Slave” people who sometimes get married and maybe have a little time in between all the jobs to keep their cruddy, cheap but very expensive cookie cutter home and keep their head above water.

      Now, almost no marriage lasts more than ten years for the woman is constantly pressured to just divorce the guy, take all his labors and property, then live with other “liberated” women or at worst a “Gigolo/Outlaw” type who might look macho but is little more than a “Drone Bee” and totally dependent on her. The laws help her every step of the way when they decide to do so. If she decides she loves her man and stays with him, she’s harassed and ostracized by her now divorced twice and making money “College” friends. She’s worse than a “Hooker” to them, for she accepts the “Slavery of the Male”.

      Thus, some guys see their friends put through a wringer of divorce. If they are poor, they stick with porn and maybe a hooker once in a while. If they are fairly well off they get a “Foreign Bride”.

      I really wish American workers had the guts to keep unionizing and fighting for their rights, their jobs halfway as good as the Hyenas do to keep their “SCUM” victims. (Society for Cutting Up Men-one of the “Feminist” groups) They want the men trapped, no porn, no hookers, no foreign brides, no foreign tours so eventually they get desperate, marry one of them for a few years, then lose it all.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Now, imagine a game in which the single goal is to hunt down disobedient n*gg*rs as a Klansman — would that be acceptable?”

      Well, there’s Resident Evil 5. Basically the same thing but without the white sheet.

    • >>Now, imagine a game in which the single goal is to hunt down disobedient n*gg*rs as a Klansman — would that be acceptable?

      Yes, it would be acceptable IF you accept it as a game and nothing more.

      • Tex_Arcana says:

        There actually have been some attempts by hate groups to make games.

        they’re all of such uniformly terrible quality that they have trouble finding an audience, let alone a publisher.

  • Anonymous says:

    If this goes any further, men will just start raping as a sign of protest. And the next big thing would be to ban males. Meaning all politicians will become transvestites and the humanity ends as we know it.
    But on a serious note: if I were to be an influential trigger-happy politician, I’d blow up a few places to set things right for once. American logic of order, yet may seem to be quite accurate and effective once used against them.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh for fucks sake… They seem to think that all hentai games include rape and most of them doesn’t. Besides, US produces videos with fictional rape scenario with real people and even broadcast some in TV. Isn’t that far worse than animated hentai game?

    It wouldn’t be a problem if a woman rapes a man in a game. <_<

  • Anonymous says:

    CNN is just a bunch of retards why now the hentai industry has helped the japanese industry in more ways than one… shame on you cnn you have become to much of bias output in the media

  • Anonymous says:

    I should mention that I tried Rapelay out of curiosity (thanks Equality Now!) and found it incredibly boring. I guess it depends on the player.

    More importantly I found it incredibly ridiculous like any other over-the-top video game I’ve played since the 90’s. Groping your victim was one thing but the other more violent acts can’t be done in reality at all.

    Seriously, the “rape” in that game basically relies that the girls being incredibly dumb and submissive. Try that in real life and you WILL get resistance. A girls scream will most likely alert the cops. They might be equipped with mace or a taser. Girls can claw and kick too.

    There is absolutely no way a GAME like Rapelay(or hentai for that matter) like this can mirror reality. It’s not real and real people are not stupid. Anyone who follows this game in real life is a moron, much like any real intelligent person would not try to emulate a game in real life. It’s just stupid.

  • I dunno if anyone noticed it but they had the English patch on the game Rapelay, and they even obtained a copy of the game, and to top it off the Skype interviewed woman said she wasn’t offended too.

    This report was laughable.

  • Anonymous says:

    I played Rapelay back when it first came out a few years ago (like a lot of people will now, I had to see it for the lulz factor, I mean come on!) Yeah, describing it will automatically make it sound bad, but it is just a game, and Japan has a right to do whatever it wants with its free media, especially when this was always specifically banned from export.

    My more controversial opinion, however, is that the double standard that rape gets in media is also pretty dumb. I mean, you can show people getting killed on network tv, but if an X-rated game in a foreign country depicts rape, everyone has to jump on the bandwagon to protect morals.

    Lastly, I don’t really think it’s accurate to say it’s just the “leftist” CNN’s issue, as the moral guardians are all socially conservative. Really, it’s just ignorance and stupidity that are the common thread here.

    • Anonymous says:

      The supposed ‘issue’ is that seeing rape makes someone want to go out and rape…. well, not if they are getting any whatsoever, I hate to tell CNN and the morality police!

      I mean, I’ve had an inclination to rape….. but I have OTHER stuff that let’s me ‘get off’, so I don’t do that!

      Another point, which I posted before: Rape is natural. I hate to say that, but LOTS of animals and mammals especially rape. Lions, tigers, leopards, dogs… need I keep going on?

      Nature made rape as a way for men to ‘spread their genes’ when women were unwilling to allow them to spread their genes by playing ‘nice guy’.

      That is the main reason why women were not born with pussies that can grow teeth or some other defense mechanism like that.

      Also, rape is mainly in the mind of the ‘rape victim’. If they would sit down and TRY to enjoy the sexual interaction, instead of acting like it is a ‘violation’ of themselves, they might actually enjoy the sexual encounter.
      So ‘rape’ is totally created by the ‘victims’ mind, whether you are talking about a male or a female.
      Simple logic there, and the truth, to be blunt.

  • Sine Pari says:

    The hypocritical leftist media over here sickens me. One would think that CNN would have more pressing domestic issues to cover rather than berating another country. Hey CNN why not cover the domestic snuff and rape porn problem in the U.S.? Another epic fail to add to the leftist media over here trying to me the moral compass of the world. Why don’t you clean up our country before preaching on the faults of the rest of the planet. Go Fox News!!

  • Anonymous says:

    “This country has long produced products the rest of the world would call pornographic”

    >implies Japan doesn’t even call such things pornographic in the first place.

    “How sensitive is Japan to this issue despite WEEKS of repeated calls to the government, not a single government official would speak to CNN on camera.”

    >You’d wonder why would they even bother when US itself has made such “products”.

    • Anonymous says:

      DING DING DING! We have a winner folks! There is a site called “Scream & Cream”, that specializes in faux rape porn.

      I’ve downloaded some of their samplers, and it actually appears that the woman is getting raped. Very good actor on that website.

      Did seeing that make me go out and rape a real life woman? Hell no!

  • That was hilarious, why did they even have the layman commentary when all it did was give a dissenting opinion, which the newscast completely ignored?

    Also, where is the anti-male rape advocacy?

  • Anonymous says:

    Anything Japan related bashing opportunity comes along, They will do it. I bet those woman reporters hate the idea that men actually look at 2d girls.
    next thing we know, oh, the hentai itself is bad, oh, anime is bad.

  • Anonymous says:

    So a girl heard it was about rape, wanted to try it, downloaded it, and wasn’t offended at all.
    I’m sure many women have submissive fantasies and these games appeal to them as well.
    So a certain portion of both sexes will enjoy this type of thing.
    So in other words………if its not your cup of tea don’t play?
    Is that so hard to understand?

  • Anonymous says:

    Equality Now is stupid really. They never heard of the Streisand Effect? Rapelay’s popularity only boomed when they opened there mouth of its relatively obscure existence.

    I got to love how selective this report is. Like it fails to mention how low the sex crime rate of Japan is. Or how there is a significant amount of eroge that doesn’t have violent content.

    The only common sense in that report is that British Couple. They seem to know that IT’S NOT REAL. They need a medal, figures they only get a few seconds of screen time.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, people dive into virtual reality to do something they cannot do in real life. That is what Americans catered for when they created FPS with gory contents.

    Well lets put it as those feminist are still having the penis complex which they just don’t want to admit to. Psychoanalysis FTW.

  • Anonymous says:

    Basically, rape and anything degrading woman are a no-no. Whilst prostitution in games *coughgodofwarcough* is perfectly fine. Awesome. Guess more people will be getting STD’s now.

  • The news are such a mindfuck.
    So no one should play a game where the only way to win is to kill…
    When I saw the first shots from Tokyo I thought “this is how heaven must look like” >_<.
    But one thing is missing in the news: Nick Levasseur

    Wait till they discover the Strike Witches DVD version 🙂

  • Well, I’m woman, but I don’t think these kind of eroge(H games or hentai?) influence people to rape women in real(3d) world.

    If it encourage rape crimes, then my country Japan must have the outstanding number of rape crimes, however occurrence number of rape crimes in Japan is not so high, 1.2 per population 100000 in 2008 according to the police data.

    Also, if someone commit rape crime, saying “I was influenced by eroge”, I guess this man is really stupid, can’t see the difference between 2D and 3D world. I feel no need to ban eroge, and I don’t care if man play it.

    Sorry for my bad english.(or engrish…)

    • your english is actually pretty good, only a few very minor grammar errors. You beat about 80% of americans in english skill if what you wrote above serves as an example of your proficiency.

        • Anonymous says:

          If you really care about your English, here are some things you should practice.

          I noticed you use to omit the articles(“the” and “a/an”). I understand that articles are very difficult for Japanese people to learn, as there is nothing similar in Japanese, but it’s an important part of the English language.

          Next thing, you don’t differentiate 3rd person singular from the other grammatical persons, i.e. it’s “If it encourages” not “If it encourage”. That little “s” is what you keep on forgetting. Again, I understand it’s hard for Japanese people as Japanese pronouns don’t have grammatical persons.

          But your English is perfectly understandable to any English speaking person as it is. I just wanted to point out the mistakes, as I’m learning Japanese myself and I would like it when people corrected me completely when I spoke wrong.

          Here is a perfect version of your post, if you want to analyze your mistakes.

          “Well, I’m a woman, but I don’t think these kind of eroge(H-games or hentai) subdue people to rape women in the real(3D) world.

          If it encouraged rape crimes, my country , Japan, would have an outstanding number of rape crimes, however the average number of rape crimes in Japan is not so high: 1.2 out of 100,000 in 2008, according to the police data.

          Also, if someone commits a rape crime, saying “I was influenced by eroge” would be really stupid, not being able to see the difference between the 2D and the 3D world. I feel there is no need to ban eroge, and I don’t care if men play it.

          Sorry for my bad English(or Engrish…).”

          Most is nitpicking, I just got too much time on my hands.

  • Those mother fuckers make me want to puke. What’s the hell they want ??? Are they trying to say that it’s better to go outside, fucked a wench, got some disease than sit at home and jacking off playing H-game ??? Those things should be put in the same category as porn magazine and video, nothing more. Wenches just never know when to quit!!! US bitches should be more concern about the fact that they kids usually use guns to shot people brain off than interfere with people’s business and fantasy.

    • Castronaut says:

      You’re underestimating how overwhelmingly prudish this country is.

      It’s also important to note that cable news in America is geared almost entirely towards old conservatives, many of whom are angry that the president is black and competent.

      • Anonymous says:

        What the fuck are you on. The president is not black. He’s not even majority black. He’s only half black. You can’t discriminate against him for being black, when he’s also half white. It doesn’t make sense.

        And no, he is NOT competent.

  • There are so many games out there portraying violence and indiscriminate killings. Are they trying to say raping/having sex with a person is so much worse than killing one that games depicting sexual and rape scenes should be banned? Feminist Bullshit.

  • OtakuLeader says:

    Cirno’s News Network does it again…however, I think it was done behind her back. Cirno is too cute to do such a thing. CNN is really stupid about this. I said it before in a post for the Gaiking adaptation-I think the USA is running out of topics to talk about for its own country and now have to look at other countries for its entertainment needs. And if that ‘entertainment’ doesn’t suit their way of thinking, then they try make it seem like they’re doing a great cause by rallying up its citizens to change something that wasn’t theirs to begin with. At least Japan was trying with the banning of RapeLay. And if they wanted to get an opinion of h games, they should have asked an AMERICAN not a British couple. Britain wasn’t the country who noticed this and aired it on tv to get people to act against it. I know plenty of people in the USA, even girls, who would have vouched for h games and say that it wasn’t offensive to them. It’s just a game. Nothing else. And the USA is far worst in the porn industry. The USA should worry about their own censorships and women’s rights than the rights of other countries, of which they have failed to do much of in helping. *Coughi*Underage marriage*cough* CNN needs to start getting their facts straight and do more investigations if they’re going to pull a troll like how they did on this and Bad Apple! and learn to report and view all sides on a topic they believe needs attention, instead of getting only half the facts and twisting the rest to suit what they believe will get Americans to believe in them.

  • “The Only Way to Win is to Rape”
    Oh feminist just revealed their motto that they need rape.
    They want to name everything rape so they can further their agenda by perverting the court justice.
    Feminist create more rapist.And feminist makes rapist from people that aren’t.
    But people who do rape,it must be horrible yes and they deserve prison i understand.But i noticed the attitude that they need to fill their quotas of rape.
    And they spread false information about it,ignore and delete actual studies that show the counter proof.
    I do hope for the people that were actually raped and falsely accused of rape that they recover.

    • Well, I may be wrong or evil or even Hitler-like, but I believe that women should get off their high horse and learn to defend themselves from rapists if the problem is so high. It’s not like the lack of muscles makes them any less dangerous. Rapists don’t typically hold a very defensive stance either. Anyone with basic knowledge of medicine can tell you that the human body is full of highly vulnerable areas that can make the other party unable to defend itself from further attacks.

      It’s not just the crouch area – kidneys, the back of the head, neck, eyes, temples, nose, abdomen are all highly vulnerable and easy to attack even for an untrained individual. I’ve seen tough guys fall on the ground and cry like little girls after being struck in the kidneys. Just search for “kidney boxing” on youtube. It takes at least a minute to recover from that.
      If there is one thing I learned through fighting, it’s that any sign of mercy will be exploited by anyone willing to attack you in the first place.

      It’s all very simple: you can either take the small risk of being sent to prison or get yourself raped for certain. The rapist won’t stop. He won’t show mercy just because you are crying. The choice is always up to the victim. Inaction and half assed resistance means defeat.

    • oh and better times will come,the system will realize it one day and all will be more fair to both genders.
      Because anyone who believes that women and children never lie about rape are ridicilous.

      • so true. Recently around here 3 girls lied and told the police their teacher “handled them indescently”, because he gave them bad grades. Fortunately for the guy their classmates tattled on them, the guy was cleared and they got a shitstorm over them for lying, even though they still say he did it.

        Poor guy was suspended for 6 months without pay until he was cleared though, fortunately he’s suing the bitches for damages, and I hope he wins.

  • Abel Liegod says:

    Okay, now hear me out
    1-I played this game
    2-I like it very much

    my mind is too strong to be manipulated by a game, and I guess any human mind is stronger than that!

    • It seems that nobody cares about the actual effects these games have.

      If you watch carefully, you will notice that they didn’t even once claim that these games may have any adverse effects on anyone. The biggest argument is that women’s rights activists don’t like it. Incidentally, men’s rights activists don’t like them, and yet I don’t see CNN covering that particular thing.

      Like some very wise man (<— notice the sexism) said before me, the main American religion is no longer Christianity. Instead, America now worships the almighty political correctness as their one true lord and saviour.

  • Notice how she interviews a UK couple that played it and their response basically is “wtf are you Yanks yammering about, I’m a woman and I’m not offended by this”

    bottom line: America needs to get off their prudish high horse.

  • judging the whole eroge genre by the example of RapeLay is like judging the whole american porn industry by the example of “2 girls 1 cup”.

    if you haven’t seen 2 girls 1 cup, remember only these words: “ignorance is bliss”.
    perhaps using a rape-movie as an example would have made for a better analogy, but it wouldn’t have the same impact…
    if they can do it, so can I.

  • This all too funny.
    CNN should find and interview all the guys in Japan that were imprisoned for rape and question their motives for their crimes. “It was Rapeplay” i can hear them say. (Sarcasm)

    As far as rape goes. I was probably 10 or 11 when i downloaded A rape Hentai on KazaA, and I digged it for a couple of years, Then i hit 15, and i moved on to Romantic kinda things. Now even today, rape disgusts me even in games/Hentai. BUT I do not refuse that to anyone who wants to free their demons on a DAMN PICTURE! Also, i never EVER felt growing up that I wanted to rape someone. Enough Said.

  • I dunno how it works in other coutrys, but in Russia, most of the girl are very avoiding about sex, and from outside seems kinda unwilling to do it. But if you throw them on the bed and start doing it by force, they’ll gladly come along. So in a sense, you have no choice but to rape.

      • erochichi says:

        No. Those women knew by playing to wanting sex in that kind of situation, they wouldn`t get so badly violated and hurt than by fighting against.
        Many rapists lose their eventual erection and cease the raping when women play willing. It is not that they want.
        Rapists are losers.

    • It’s not a rape unless the other party clearly objects. Imo, if a woman can’t express she doesn’t want to have sex clearly enough, she either actually wants it, or needs to learn a little better about the world around her. Like it or not, male-female sexual dynamics are based around domination and partially forceful behaviour. In fact, most women are turned off by nice, caring and compassionate men. If we men were to be what feminists want us to be, we will be facing a global under-population problem very soon.

      On the other hand, if the other party doesn’t get a clue despite the obvious protests, I’m all for frying pan justice.

      But to get back on my original point. The submissive-dominant behaviour is almost never related to actual violence (save for the mentally ill). Historically, women may have been treated as inferior, but through all the ages, they have always been regarded as important (frequently more important) than men when it comes to survival and well being. It was always men who fight wars, hunt for dangerous food, and otherwise take risks in the common interest. In contrast, women were always assigned the less risky tasks and taught to avoid danger.

      It’s not something that we can suddenly change with flowery thoughts and fairy dust. This behaviour is cased by strong inborn instinct that exists in every member of our species. It’s just as strong as the urge to have sex, compete (males) or maintain looks (females).
      If such behaviour is harmful, it will change by itself as time passes and older generations die out. If not, forcing it away will at very least have no positive effects for humanity as a whole.

      It doesn’t matter if it’s fair or not. We can either blame God or Evolution about it. Nothing, save for eugenics can change the behaviour of an entire species. *insert mandatory link between feminazi and Hitler*

      In order to purposely shape basic instinctive behaviour, artificial selection (as opposed to natural selection) is needed. I recommend reading this article to get a better idea about what it takes to introduce small changes in a tiny group of relatively low-intelligence species:

      It took professional behaviorists 40 years for such a small result. I wonder how the feminists plan on dong the same thing with laws and regulation…

      Sorry for the long rant.

  • I’ll quote some guy from some blog (can’t find source now).
    “These games should show warning when you start them: “In case you are complete fucking idiot, raep is real rong, so don’t do it.””

    • Anonymous says:

      Spoiler alert:

      Funny thing is, there is no way to “win” the game… When you complete the girls routes, it’ll be a never-ending game…

      There’s only a bad end where you get pushed under the train, or get stabbed horribly to death by the schoolgirl.

      As for me, yes, I’ve played the game a couple of years ago and still playing most of Illusion’s releases… I thought it was interesting to play the “bad” guy, but no way I’ll be doing that in real life. I’ll rather play with my loli-looking girlfriend~

    • darkmind35 says:

      “These kind of games that normalize sexual violence against women and girls have no place in our community.”

      What about games that normalize violence AT ALL? WITH MUCH LARGER SCALE!?!

      All the games are fantasy. In games YOU ARE SUPPOSED to do thing that you CANT do in real world (be it moral or legal reason). Thats why we have ANY games in the first place!

      Why not ban all movies that have morally despiseable material? Those too are fantasy. No one actually dies if they “die” in the movie. Same goes for raep games.

      Looks like its going to be long time before people start respecting games like other forms of media mediums.

      • Anonymous says:

        “media” is the plural of “medium” in this case. That’s Latin for ya. Sorry, not trying to be a grammar nazi, just wanted to inform.

        Regardless, I agree with your comment 150%.

        Also, “this game, called RapeLay, begins with a teenage girl on a subway platform.” – CNN Video on Youtube above.


        …There’s an intro first.

  • Feels as if to me that they are complaining because they want stuff like that done on them instead to 2D girls on games. Why the hell are they jealous to a game? And did anyone read the Japanese comment in youtube? It’s awesome!

      • Anonymous says:

        For those who care, the japanese comment says:


        Americans keep on finding reasons for bashing Japan. Whaling, Dolphining (does that word exist?), Toyota, Eroge and so on.
        You (Americans) should start by regulating all those bizarre killing games. The reason why murder and rape incidents are much more common (in the USA) than Japan has nothing to do with anime and games.
        If you’re going to teach morals, you start by prohibiting small arms. If you (Americans) do this, your society will become a peaceful one like Japan’s.

        Then the reply says:

        この動画のコメントによると、このCNNのレポーターは韓国人らしい。流石は恨の精神だけは世界に誇れるだけある。CNN東京支局Kyung Lah

        Regarding the previous comment, This CNN reporter seems Korean. As you would expect, they only have their hateful intentions to proudly show to the world. CNN Tokyo branch Kyung Lah.

  • So here’s the modder-made English translation of the game, and here’s some British people who have illegally downloaded it… and here, I’ve got absolutely no idea of what the hell it is I’m talking about. A woman who never has sex because the naked body is sinful, Fox News.

    • erochichi says:

      To Anon 22:00 what that CNN(?) is saying woman sounds very right wing to me. Why the hell do they call CNN “leftist”? Is it just because it isn`t Fox? So there is no room to right of Fox.

      • Anonymous says:

        You apparently don’t understand leftish and rightist very well anon 10:44. CNN is a great example of leftist Moral Fascist. It is a bit hard to define finding rape morally objective as right or left wing, but as a traditional conservative, It’s just a video game and who the fuck cares. Yes I am an extreme right-winger.

    • Anonymous says:

      There there now. I’m sure Fox News stormed the real true and honest CNN and forced them to say nasty stupid things, because lord knows Fox News is the only one with a bias or an agenda or to play up to the moral guardians.

      Also Obama totally didn’t renew the Patriot Act, Dubya just forced his way into the presidency for a day to do that.

      • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

        Get the damn clue bat you Retard

        Dubya fucked us over domestical, but was great overseas.

        teleprez shoved a bat lined with fucking nails up Americas’ ass and dumped close to a TRILLION and a HALF $ deficit on us Americans for his First FUCKING Year!

        This chicago thug started early this year by adding yet another bat already into the crowded ass and fired a double barrel shotgun for the second year with the Fucking “health care” fuckshit

        That will bankrupt many companies -then will be nationalized- and make us the towering pillar of disgrace to the world. People won’t be coming here for our Doctors anymore -Not even that fucking PM from canada will come back

        (FACT: that ass LEFT canada for surgery in MIAMI.. wasn’t healthcare “free” to them canucks up north?)-

        You don’t this info from any aired news, only online. Try reading for at least half an hour before you spew stupid here~

        • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

          All news in America is libertarded including Fox News Media, But-

          Fox News Media has a shaky balance of libertardness to Common Senses. ‘Red Eye’ is for the most part, shown as a half hour comedy news show with good humor and libertarian leanings. Not quite Conservative But far better then the shoveling 24/7 BS spewed out

          I’d watch it if my cable providers weren’t asses and give me the choice to Only select C-Span1&2 and Fox News~

      • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

        …Damn. That reporter bitchs’ kettle is darker than a fucking black Hole! Booted out of K(nbc) for fucking and then fleeing to cnn who hires on the scale of how twisted you are.

        This is why main street media is desperate to become nationalized by the teleprez. They all -except for Fox News Media- bleed Niagara falls red hourly.

      • another self-esteem regaining trip,it figures.Trying to ban an industry like that,regains her self-esteem by hearing other women supporting her.
        And i always thought fiction should be without limits due to not hurting anyone and freedom of speech.Though main reason was that i always had such a belief.

  • YuTheOtaku says:

    I would say all my years of experience with hentai more or less reduce my interest in actual humans ~_~ donno why hentai would influence me to rape people if hentai is keeping my tension under controlled.