Angel Beats! Full-Page Layout in World’s Largest Newspaper


Observant otaku were surprised to find this full page layout (a definite rarity for anime) advertising the upcoming Spring TV series Angel Beats! in the March 29th edition of Yomiuri Shimbun, the globe’s biggest newspaper by circulation.

The text at the bottom left of Key illustrator Na-Ga‘s beautiful art roughly reads :

I will make you remember that your life is a wonderful thing…

Right here, there is something (waiting).

The rest of the text merely gives the show release date as April (the evening of April 2 at 02:00AM, to be exact) and the official website.

Many 2ch otaku, busy marveling at the presence of such an extravagant ad for an otaku oriented late-night anime  in the Yomiuri, were quick to repeat the observation made many times thus far concerning the similarity of series’ heroine, Yuri, to a certain other female lead famous among otaku…

To help illustrate the point, one otaku helpfully produced this colorized version, but using the color scheme of tsundere goddess Haruhi Suzumiya‘s very own North High seifuku, plus yellow for the headband:


It almost looks good enough to be introduced as Haruhi drawn by Na-ga!

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