Top 10 Worst Things to Find in Your Boyfriend’s Room


Japanese women asked what they would feel most dejected about finding in their boyfriend’s room or residence reveal they consider the presence of anime posters rather more troubling than cockroach infestation…

The ranking:

1. His toilet’s dirty

2. His last girlfriend’s things are still around

3. There’s rotting garbage about

4. The bathroom’s dirty

5. The bathroom’s mouldy

6. He has products intended for women around the place

7. The kitchen’s dirty

8. He’s not put out his garbage

9. He has anime posters

10. A cockroach came out

Men hoping to impress Japanese ladies with their domicile apparently need only keep things clean and avoid any reminders of past conquests. Men with anime posters can probably afford to keep them up, so low is the probability of a female interloper in these cases.

The rest of the ranking picked out common points of disorder, such as clothing being stored on the floor or a fridge filled with unrecognisables, practical problems with the room, such as it being too small or lacking a bath, or worse yet having thin walls, and of course the usual female bugbears of porn or idol posters lying around.

The equivalent ranking for a girlfriend’s room focused almost exclusively on points of hygiene, presumably because men have higher expectation of female hygiene than women do of men.

That Japanese women loathe otaku is already painfully clear, but that women find them less preferable to the company of cockroaches is perhaps a new low.


See also the top 10 most shocking things to find in either a man or a woman’s room – those wondering at the distinction should note that those lists refer generally to “shocking” things found in anyone’s room, whereas this ranking specifically points to “depressing” things found by a girlfriend investigating her partner’s room.

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