Women Rally Against Loli Bride Ban “Girls Should Marry at 9”


Muslim women have rallied against a ban on child marriages, decrying any attempt to deprive little girls of their legal right to be sold to older men as un-Islamic.

A mob of fully veiled women waving the Koran descended on the Yemeni capital to voice their opposition to any ban on child marriage; one protester had this to say:

“It is against Islam to set a minimum age for marriage. A girl can get married when she’s an adult – for some girls that is when they are 15 and for others when they are nine.”

Many of the most prominent advocates of a ban on child marriage are women, but apparently it is not only men who are interested in preserving the “right” of a child to marry.

After its unification in 1990, Yemen set the minimum age for marriage at 15, but this law was never in enforced and was eventually abolished in 1999, meaning there was no minimum age for marriage.

In 2009 a new law setting the age at 17 was passed by parliament, but it was subsequently rejected by the nation’s Sharia Committee as being un-Islamic.

High profile cases of child marriage in Yemen have stiffened calls for the law to be reinstated; in one famous case, a 10-year-old girl was sold to a man for $1,000 – she eventually fled from him after he mistreated her, but courts would not allow her to divorce him as her poor father could not refund the “dowry.”

A lengthy legal battle eventually saw her allowed to divorce her “husband.” The judge who presided over her case supported a minimum age, though not due to concerns over the rights of children but instead out of fears that a little girl might not make a good mother:

“I support the idea of setting a minimum age for marriage that is not less than 18 years old. When a man marries a child and they have children, then you end up with a child raising a child.”

An MP stresses that puberty and not any arbitrary age of consent is the appropriate measure of ability to marry:

“We view a child as mature when it reaches puberty, not when it’s 18.”

He opposes any ban on the grounds that under Islam youthful sex can take place legitimately within a marriage, unlike in decadent western nations:

“We understand that young people are sexually active, but unlike in the West, they can marry here and not partake in immoral behavior.”

This of course conveniently ignores the likelihood of a husband being much older than the bride, or the issue of consent.

The UN estimates that half of all marriages in Yemen occur under the age of 18, and in some areas half are estimated to occur below 15.

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  • Anonymous says:

    This is why I hate religion the most questionable rules and pre-rec’s for anything and then you get hard cores nuts who take them to the max.
    I wake up I got to work make some money have some fun and live my life how I like to, IN PEACE
    If you think im wrong for that tell me who im herting…. thought so.

  • While I agree that any sexually mature person should have the right to fuck anyone they choose, allowing these muslim savages to sell little girls as slaves is completely and totally different.

    A pubescent person having consensual sex because they have a sex drive is perfectly fine. Cultural brainwashing and draconian attacks by the moral absolutists and femnazis doesn’t alter human nature, as much as they wish it would.
    However, I do think that people shouldn’t be allowed to breed as they choose, and expect the state to support them. Proper sexual education makes this largely a non-issue anyway.

    tl;dr Muslims are faggots.

  • Anonymous says:

    what you guys need to understand is, that its a personal choice but once again i dont agree with it.

    NOTE: this was alright when the average death age was 40 but now we’ve advanced so the girls should be able to marry when they’re considered an real adult.

    also i would like to say that ,these girls dont understand what a mother really means, so they shouldn’t be going along with this.

    [How do we not know this article is fake?]

  • Bastille said:
    Yeah, and back when Mohammed married his 9 year old bride, the average human lifespan was what? 40 years?

    Someone needs to deliver a dose of common sense and science to these retards.

    The average life span in Muslim countries may still be 40 years if you know what I mean lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    Muslim extremists don’t do awful things because they’re Muslim; they do them because they’re extremists. Islam just happens to be the ruling religion in those parts of the world. I don’t think they’d be any better off as atheists.

    Moderate Muslims don’t marry nine-year-olds and it’s not because they chose to “adopt Western concepts.” Western civilization isn’t that better off with its debauchery. It’s because, unlike radicals, they haven’t twisted around the words of their Book to match their beliefs. They also take situational variables into account.

  • its just a mater of time before all this stupid shit will come to an end
    "tradition" and "religion" is a lame attempt to justify the rape and ruin of young girls
    it will all change, sooner or later someone will raise up against this crime against humanity

  • Anonymous says:

    Did you know that until early 20th century the English used to auction their wives and children resulted from their marriage in a local market? This tradition is apparently imported to America as well. Also that until a couple of century ago the legal consent age for marriage was 14 for girl. Think about it?! Your great granfather could be nailing your great granmother when she was still 14. Would that makes your grandfather a pedophile? I vote no. It’s just that these idea of legal consent age for marriage of 18 is pretty recent in all part of the world. It’s recent in England and English derived country and I am pretty sure it predate even more recently in asian. We know that they still practice it in middle eastern countries and African countries. And it actually got nothing to do with religion, just the lack of what we perceive common sense in these community. I can name quite a lot of historical figure from Victorian era who can be perceived as pedophile in today’s society and yet was accepted back then. And it was only a couple of centuries ago. So, I guess it wouldn’t be completely fair to label a guy from the 8th century (Mohammad) as pedophile without looking at the socioecomonical aspect of that era. Personally, I am against children marriage because we have better common sense now. but I think most people have to look at their own history before labelling something us wrong or right, and cried for attack and nuke. Again, it’s not religion that cause this, it’s the community. And I think we should mend these horrendeous tradition by showing that their way of life is predated. Thus they may be envious of us and began following our way of life. Cheers.

  • Anonymous says:

    Normally I am against this islam people because they tend to “demand” for retarded bans based on their believes.
    In this case I am with them.
    They are not trying to tell other people how to live they are just trying to preserve the way they have been living for centuries.

  • as far as i know….
    sankaku article and viewer mostly RACISM about moslem.
    it’s ok, it’s your right after all.
    BUT, if you’re think your civ so much advance and good for everyone…. go lookout around the world! see many part of world has been and still continue being destruct by your western civ, for what???
    for support your lifestyle, your warm home, your laziness… and even for idea of ideal life for your own.
    if you think your life now not have corelation with suffering on 3rd world? you’re really dumbass and retard!
    for us, many of you western life no more than vampire sucking blood of us and earth.
    yes… i live on 3rd world country

  • For those who wants to know more about Islam, there are a lot of reading materials you can found and read about it. Try ‘Islam for Dummy’. The title kind of absurd right? It’s kind of manual book that we can find in common bookstore. You can also try read ‘Journey Through The Quran’ =] I hope after you read one of these books, you will understand Islam & it’s term like ‘jihad’ & polygamy more clearly. We all live in a large & complex society together in this world. Why not we just tolerate, accept & cherish each other. Like it or not, it’s the only super fast speedy way for the whole world peace =] Every religion have it’s own holiness. There is no need to curse each other. Think about it. If you have any question about Islam, you can e-mail me at :


    I’ll try to provide the answer you want.

  • “Claiming that diversity is a problem is in league with hate group mantra. ”

    I’m sorry but your wrong! Diversity can often mean adversity, this is what we are starting to realise again. In order for a multicultural society to work, said cultures need to have some common affinity with western culture.

    Diversity is great, but the aim of the cultural Marxist, is to flood traditional western values with inferior foreign ones. In order to destroy the fabric of western society. The reason why this is happening so fast, is because people have been brainwashed and we no longer have a healthy sense of pride in our nations. Japan are probably one of the few countries that still do have pride and look how far they have come!

    I’d also like to add that Muhammad died at the ripe old age of 63, so there is no excuse. Islam isn’t even that old historically….

  • I just have to laugh when Muslims have the nerve to call our nations decadent. They say pornography is disgusting, yet they force their daughters into sexual slavery and there isn’t even any money or compensation for it. Arranged marriages were common in europe in the middleages, but even we knew that giving birth so young was dangerous. Muhammad wasn’t just a product of his age either, even his followers found what he was doing as odd, but they didn’t dare question the prophet of Allah the perfect example of a man. It is even documented that Muhammad expressed desire for a crawling baby, telling his followers that he will make her his wife.

    (Suhayli, ii. 79: In the riwaya of Yunus I. I. recorded that the apostle saw her (Ummu’lFadl) when she was a baby crawling before him and said, ‘If she grows up and I am still alive I will marry her.’ But he died before she grew up and Sufyan b. al-Aswad b. ‘Abdu’l-Asad al-Makhzumi married her and she bore him Rizq and Lubab…1

    Volume 1, Book 6, Number 298:

    Narrated ‘Aisha:

    The Prophet and I used to take a bath from a single pot while we were Junub. During the menses, he used to order me to put on an Izar (dress worn below the waist) and used to fondle me. While in Itikaf, he used to bring his head near me and I would wash it while I used to be in my periods (menses).

    What a disgusting piece of shit.

    Islam is a filthy religion, there is no other way to put it. They don’t even diserve the privelage or chance to intergrate in the west. Send them back to the dessert, let them regress into nothingness.

  • “let it be the girl’s decision. I mean, c’mon, if shes nine and she’s asking for it, give it to her.”

    Ha ha Muslim girls never ask to be married, they are arranged and taken out of education.

  • u retards dont like that? dont visit those countries. finito!

    stay the fuck in your own country and dont try to put your strange values forcefully onto other countries!

    you dont want islam in Europe,US. no sharia in the UK?

    then be a good example and stay the fuck out of the middle east!

  • I am a Muslim myself and find that this article is quite interesting. If you look at it from a positive standpoint, marrying before making intercourse is much better than having sex before marriage. However, this article talks about the minimum age for a girl to get married. Logically, a 40 year old male marrying a 9 year old girl just ain’t right. But if the child is willing to marry a 40 year old male, what the heck? It’s her right to do so and also with the condition that she already has reached puberty.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Again they go “Bash Islam”.

    I like a post up thread that points out the hypocrisy of this board, one day leering over “Naughty Teachers” and “Grade School Prostitutes” and whatever else perversions come from Japan this week, like the guy marrying a pillow. BUT-have “Underage Marriage” in an Islamic nation, wow… Total “Hate Speech City”

    Now, I’ve made some longer comments on earlier topics on this nature, but know this:

    Mohamed actually set the bar higher for marriage and installed some better standards that even applied to slaves. What people attack him as a “Pedophile Pirate” for today, he was an “Overbearing Moralist Zealot” at his own time for that same behavior.

  • The main problem is these people follow rules made for arabians living long before them. The bloody religion has no room for change or improvement which goes against the will of nature and the universe

  • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to protest this under a ton of clothes to insure the gender of the protesters could Never be know. Just get a whole bunch of short men and make sure they don’t say shit while the nutty women in the crowd can voice themselves alone~ sharryA-hole law is’a beauty to behold…

    Sure there’s a nutty ass laws in every culture and country, but them muslims got it by the Buckets Load.

  • You know what we in the west need to do.


    [ i don’t mean a crusade to fuck people either, unless it is fuck them over]

    Beat the living shit out of islam[e] like we did in the “good old days” [read that, when the retards were still eating camel crap]

    Any Islam[e]s that don’t agree piss off back to the stone age countries you came from…..

  • hah! I’m a Muslim male, living in a Muslim country and none of these happen.

    You cannot see women dressed like that or marriage at such young ages.

    Please note that these news come from EXTREMIST countries.

    Just as every religion has their extremists, unfortunately Islam is (in)famous with them.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well looks like it became an event to insult religion. Well i’m a muslim and i can see why all of you angry. They are just a piece of shit. A garbage in this world. But i can guarantee that no single word in Qu’ran that allow us to married 9 years old woman. That’s just too insane, the woman will still be young and will not ready to face marriage. It’s an act of abusement to woman and Islam really have a kind of punishment for this act of idiocity.

        Curse these people in Yemen, but please don’t think that we the real Muslim practice what they are doing. If you really study about our religion you must be understand that we are a good religion. Well how did you know all of Islam wrong if you are never study Islam before?

        Think about this carefully.

  • I hail from South Africa, and we have a large Islamic population in this country (as does the USA and Britain), and if Islamic practictioners can follow the laws of the land in these countries, and underage marriage is not accepted by law, and thus they follow that law in these countries, what makes Yemen any different? Is it because they are predominantly an Islamic country!

    A nine-year old hasn’t quite grasped the workings of the adult world, thus how can she make an informed decision as to whether she wants to marry or not. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I understand that the child isn’t really given an opportunity to decide on their fate. Marriage is forced onto them. What joy can an adult man get from marrying an underage child (aside from the obvious – which can be joy or not, depending on your perspective). What defines a wife or marriage mate?

  • Fuck them, fuck their fucking stupid religion and fuck my caring any longer if they are forced to wear Burkhas all because of stupid male sexist dogma.
    Count me out as caring the next time one is raped and called the one responsible.
    Count me out as caring the next time one is stoned for the crime of living.

    There's nothing dumber on this planet than a willing Muslim female.
    Nothing. They make the most pathetic looking virgin otaku look like a paragon of wise choices.

    I refuse to ever be guilty again of rising up to defend this lost cause known as the abused Muslim woman. There's no such thing. These dumb cunts like it too much.

  • Well looks like it became an event to insult religion. Well i’m a muslim and i can see why all of you angry. They are just a piece of shit. A garbage in this world. But i can guarantee that no single word in Koran that allow us to married 9 years old woman. That’s just too insane, the woman will still be young and will not ready to face marriage. It’s an act of abusement to woman and Islam really have a kind of punishment for this act of idiocity.

    Please, don’t think all of Islam like this. Through history i can guarantee that Islam is also democratic religion. We are not allowed to enforced our religion to other and to always respect other religion, that’s the truth. People like Bin Laden and any other what so called Islamic country are not really Islam. They are just a retards that use Islam as an excuse to support their sin. Look at history, we will never became a biggest empire in the past if we are doing something stupid like this.

    And about science and common sense, well Islam created the basic of science in history. You must be know Algebra, that’s Muslim invention. And did you know that number we using right now “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0” is called arabic number?

    Curse these people in Yemen, but please don’t think that we the real Muslim practice what they are doing. If you really study about our religion you must be understand that we are a good religion. Well how did you know all of Islam wrong if you are never study Islam before?

    • Yes the Koran doesn’t say you can marry a 9 year old.But, as the article implies, it is okay to marry someone who has reached “puberty” in Islam.For some girls,they hit puberty at 9.It’s basically the same thing.And because the prophet also married a 9-year old,it further gives the impression that this sort of thing is okay, in this day and age.From a modern day perspective,these people are nothing but pedophiles.

      And religion doesn’t create science.People do.The Chinese invented basic linear algebra 2000 years ago,what religion did they have then?

      I’ve studied Islam before.The principles are alright,but some of the practices are very very outdated because it was made for Arab society…not for today’s modern society.

    • Yes the Koran doesn’t say you can marry a 9 year old.But as the article implies it is okay to marry someone who has reached “puberty”.For some girls,they hit puberty at 9.It’s almost the sq

  • The only reason those women are out there:
    1. Dowry… nuff said
    2. they are forced, they have no input in the house over anything but the kids, it’s probably their husbands telling them to go out there

  • savantique says:

    The number of comments entertaining thoughts of nuking/mass genocide is staggering. Insult to injury is that these comments use words like “conviction” as justification towards this end, claiming Islam lacks this. The irony is that the focal point to all ideology is conviction, which is responsible for many a war due to irreconcilable differences of opinion.

    The problem isn’t a lack of conviction – it’s conviction itself. You’d think with the kind of users that frequent this site they’d have learned a thing or two from Death Note. Sadly, there are a quite a number of people who side with Light to the very end despite his egregious relativistic thinking.

    Claiming that diversity is a problem is in league with hate group mantra. Diversity isn’t adversity. Stupidity is the true adversity – forfeit of reason over blind belief; something all religion thrives upon.

  • women? their hands looks like man… is it a trap to lure more followers or new residents? i can see the otaku’s are packing their stuffs and migrating to yemen now. oh, dont forget to covert to become a muslim otherwise you wont be able to have the privilege to marry a loli.

  • You people are the dumbest fucking retards. You come here to read look at porn pics and are against loli ban yet you have the audacity to point other people for marrying young girls.

    You retards also read all the news here about the pedophile Japanese (& US) school teachers who have sex with minors. Then there are also so many news stories about Japan’s little girls offering sex for money.

    You retards are ok watching sex and rape of little girls in anime/manga; with little girls having sex for money but if it’s marriage then something gets up your ass.

    In past child marriages were common in every part of the world, you retards.

    The problem lies with all you fuckups who want to decide for the girls. Let the girls choose if they want to marry and if they want to divorce, don’t force on them. That’s the Islamic way, to give the girl (& the guy) freedom to choose and not force EITHER one.

    • Do you want cheese with all that whine?

      You are a very naïve and uneducated person if you actually believe in what you said – not mention, a hypocrite, as you too are in Sankaku Complex.

      And yes, we are okay with watching imaginary loli porn, but we don’t actually rape/sell/buy real lolis. No matter what Agnes says, there is a significant difference between 2D and 3D. You religious nut-jobs should learn it and come to the 21st century.

      Child marriages were common. I’m sure you notice that “were” implies that they are not common anymore? In fact, they are illegal and fucking disgusting.

      And if you are seriously thinking that a nine-year-old girl is mature enough to decide about marriage, you are a moron. You are even more stupid if you think the girl has anything to say at all in the process.

      Truly, you disgust me and I hope you die in a fire.

      • I hate to be the one to point it out, but whenever news appears on this site of someone scoring with an underage girl, the comments fields ring with unironic cheers and admissions of jealousy. Lolicon doesn’t even factor into it- WAY too many people on this blog express a genuine desire to fuck underage girls. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and I know the difference between trolling and sincerity. It doesn’t lend much weight to your argument.

    • Yeah yeah right, because what happens here is sooooo the same thing as the way girls are treated in some parts of the Islamic countries and with Islamic communities in other parts of the world…Do you think anyone here actually ever raped a little girl? I don’t think so. And don’t tell me I don’t know anything about rape, my girlfriend was raped years ago. This is a terrible thing, not people here just posting flame posts about the loli ban.

    • Well there is some meaning in that,but by social,natural,psychological and a functional standart i think it should be 15 for sex.
      Oh well that is just the age of consent in my country,but at 16 people can marry with the consent of both parents,we usually accept a 3years age difference.

  • Like I said when the one family raped and buried alive the one little girl, Neke them all they cannot learn. This is what the triple x rated hential manga in Japan is also doing to the very young ones making sex with 5 to 9 year old family members a common thing IE GROOMING. So you wonder why, these people are an old version – Japan is a new version of the same thing. They believe its SUPPOSED to be this way. Neke all the Islam countries Neke them NOW.

  • i’m amazed by people; one day they say ” Yay, Lolis we can marry!! “. but when they saw an actual practise of that they say ” Die, pedo!! “.

    and one thing, stop using religions as a factor of fuck up people; its the people that are fucked up, not the book.

    last i heard them Priest in US also like them kids.

    • The major difference being that if something like this goes around, a christian church publicly denounces it. I don’t remember seeing a muslim interpretation authority denounce forced child marriage. You are free to enlighten me, of course, I don’t know all that goes around the globe.

  • Surprised this is so prevalent. After all half of Yemen used to be a socialist country, you think they would have done a better job grinding all these ‘backward’ beliefs out of the people.

    • You would think people would be mature enough to stop playing with their imaginary friends, no?

      Sadly, humanity still seems to need their security blankets, and the odd, poorly justified rules that come with them.

  • Icy-nee-san said:
    However if this new law was applied to countries with white little girls i bet everyone here would be so fucking happy

    I don't think that would be the case. A lot of people bitch and make jokes but when it comes to real people getting hurt, I'd like to think that they have the common sense to tell what's right and what's wrong. Not that I'm saying Islam is wrong. But in this case, it's pretty damn messed up. It might be a different matter if these girl's weren't being sold and the marriages were consensual by both parties. But the way it's being done now, is no better than child prostitution. And it's the parents that are selling the kids.

  • i lold at the picture… you can see theyre obviously guy’s… or then if theyre women theyre women that looks like guys. 😀

    i bet those are guys in disguise to get more loli sex.

  • My wonder is why there only seems to be marriages of young girls to older men. Are there young boys being married to older women or other young girls? If such things happened, it would help deflect the appearance of institutionalized pedophilia.

  • You might call it “selling” children, like it’s some kind of black market or something. But what ever happened to allowing people freedom of religion or religious practice? Just because you’re from one culture doesn’t mean everyone else’s is wrong. I’m so sick of this jingoism that always seems to precede militray or economic actions. Everyone wants to tell everyone else they’re wrong. Everyone wants to say “Well, THOSE people over THERE don’t know how to run their lives. Meanwhile look at how all these bigmouths run their own lives. Calling other people you don’t even know (except from what you learn from the – barf – media – retards. It’s shameful and juvenile to me that society acts like this.

    • the question of relativity in culture and time 🙂

      Christians say Muslims are stupid,

      Muslims say Christians are stupid,

      Atheist say Theist are stupid

      Theist say Atheist are stupid

      back in few hundreds year ago, the European thinks Japan are uncivilized … while Japan see the European as barbaric …

      So, conclusion .. the whole world are stupid .. live with it .. what you define as wrong may not be defined as wrong by another person .. similarly, what you define as right might not be defined as right by another person

      And btw .. never judge a religion by its practitioner, judge it based on its teaching.

      Humans are fscked up creatures anyway .. /me looks beyond the stars waiting for some ET to bring me out of this planet…

  • Wow, so much hating on the Muslims here. Not that anyone is likely to take notice, but just wanted to say that women are *meant* to have full control and say over their own marriages, and are supposed to be able to divorce their husbands freely. What you guys are raging about is more the way that “Islam” is practiced by these people, with men forcing their children into marriages, etc, not what Islam actually says. Similar to the way suicide bombers rage about how they’re ‘fighting a holy war’, when infact any form of self-harm is prohibited in the Quran, with suicide especially mentioned as a one-way ticket to Hell.
    But feel free to keep raging and trolling, it amuses me 😀

  • Don’t abolish a person’s choice to get married at 9, which they never would because they don’t understand or care. It’s a moot point. Instead abolish forced marriages and human trafficking.

    A person should always have free will. A person should never be forced to do something against their will.

  • Well of course it’s fucking unislamic to ban 9-year old brides! That’s why it should be fucking done! Islam is an evil piece-of-shit religion and the more of it we can ban the better.

  • The problem with Islam is it has not faced modernization up until this point.

    Not possible to expunge them (if that was even possible) since they now live in a large number of countries in Europe and North America now as well, not to mention in several Far Eastern coutnries.

    You would have a better chance to force them to eat and digest bacon first than quickly amending Sharia Law, which is where all of the problems lie. Mixing the judicial system and religion shows epic problems…

    Note, Yemen is a fairly unstable country and I’m surprised that the government can even do anything there…

  • See, it’s either these women go against the ban, or their husbands, fathers, brothers will beat the living shit outta them or just shoot em. And that’s after they rape em.

    That’s the reality of it.

  • well, it’s different cultures from west ones.

    it’s understandable there are some who find it weird.

    and even though its already 21st century, there are still big differences in environment, lifestyle, etc from the west.

  • islamic women has been brainwashed by koran thats why they support such act as let 9 year old girl can be married.
    I got the feeling that islam doesnt pray to god but to their so called mohammed as their god.

    • well ..

      it has happened to the Christians after few hundred after Jesus gone ..

      it also happened to Buddhist after Gautama died ..

      no surprise if it happened to some muslims after a thousand year plus after Muhammad died ..

      • Most of the times throughout the history, great civilizations start to stagnate and fall back in development once they reach a climax.

        If a new wave of discoveries or movement of thought comes by revitalizing, not destroying the previous civilization, it continues to move forward.

        Conclusion: Muslims need a new, powerful prophet.
        And everybody will be happy.

  • DeathCrunch says:

    I thought one of the main rules of the Koran was not to fucking touch it. Hence all those idiots in Mosques flipping pages with a stick with the book on a stand.

    Silly cunts need to lrn2Muslim.

  • They all have… very big hands.

    Also as for West vs Middle East “immoral acts”
    They can get married in the US and not partake in “immoral acts” as well, that doesn’t mean the those of the Middle East AREN’T partaking in them.

    Falling tree : Woods; Still makes a sound if nothing hears it.

  • Doesn’t surprize me at all.
    When you think of countries like those, you have to know it’s people think the same way we once thought centuries ago.
    Logic, reason and science have no say over tradition and religion.

    Women and men alike will think their dumb books are right, things have to stay as they always have, and outsiders or a globalized world has no right to tell them wrong.

    Of course, same can be said to several people in our side of the globe too.

    But there’s no reasoning over this. A greater power has to come down to smack some sense on them, because they can only listen to or obey a “superior” power.

    Education has to be changed and the people who are protesting now either ignored or be waged war against.

    It’s drastic and sad reality, and the strategy could also be turned to bring us some dystopic future, but such is the way our very limited human race works…

  • Lol wuuuut????

    I think these chicks have it backwards their supposed to be happy that 40 year old pervs can’t legally rape a 9 year olds….*sigh* Buuut then again everything over there is backwards lol.

  • I wonder how many of these women that think it’s ok for a girl to get married at 9 were married at that age? This seems like the type of thing that someone would never support if they actually went through it.

    • Or maybe they support it because they DID go through it. Either they wish for the same onto others or they really like their faith.

      Don’t assume that just because western women oppose this kind of thing, all women in the world must agree. The white men think too highly of themselves.

    • agreed.. they should stop blaming the religion and start blaming it on the people.. although, i dont agree with most organised religion.. i do think we need to see them from their point of view first.. well, i tried.. but, it’s still pretty much f*cked up..

    • Actually, I believe that the Koran also forbids men dressing as women and vice versa. So, these are really crazy effing b*tches or guys who don’t really give a d*mn about their religion.

    • Western society was built off a book more than 2000 years old, the difference is we’ve had time to mellow. We think they are perverted barbarians, but they think we are perverted barbarians. By a chance of fate, we need oil and they (meaning several Islamic nations) have it. Otherwise we would have kicked their butts long ago. Right now, we have to let them get away with it, but once the oil runs out we can treat them the way they deserve to be treated. The problem is, we’ll have no oil and they’ll all have nukes. The time to act is long gone.

  • Yeah, and back when Mohammed married his 9 year old bride, the average human lifespan was what? 40 years?

    Someone needs to deliver a dose of common sense and science to these retards.

    • Anonymous says:

      Still is, in most of Yemen.

      The reason many of these women want young marriage is so they can get their daughters placed well, and so they can get younger girls in the house to help with the housework. A new wife in the house is generally the bottom girl in the house, and has to do the worst jobs. Since most of these people live in large, extended families, this means that if her husband’s brother marries, she gets a new helper. They will beat and starve the new girls until they do as they are told. That’s just basic life for a new wife in the household. Whether she’s 8 or 18. But if she starts when she is 8, then she will be a well adjusted member of the family by 14, and ready for one of her husband’s male relatives to marry and bring in a new girl to help with the household chores.

    • Come on~ Nature says lolis are ready at 9. I say waiting till 10 to ensure quality is good enough.

      On a similar note, little shotas should be allowed to get married at 10 too~ SS FTW!

    • [quote]Yeah, and back when Mohammed married his 9 year old bride


      That bastard Mohammed married a [b]six[/b] year old girl. When she turned nine the old fart started to fuck the shit out of her.

      [b]What a great religious idol. No wonder islam is fucked up.[/b]

      • Ah,and”No less a figure than Mohammed himself is said to have married a 6-year-old, though he graciously waited until she was 9 before consummating the marriage.”

        lol ,it was 9 years old then waited to 13 years old.
        See? it’s so easy to feed ignorant people with shits like this,for they don’t search by themselves…but through articles that those satanist politicians release for they want to erase religion by highlighting the bad aspects as much as they can.

        Anyway,i mean no offence to anyone,but please be open minded,and don’t be trapped by any article you see on the net.

    • [quote]Yeah, and back when Mohammed married his 9 year old bride


      That bastard Mohammed married a [b]six[/b] year old girl. When she turned nine the old fart started to fuck the shit out of her.

      What a great religious idol. No wonder islam is fucked up.

    • @ Bastille 09:45

      “Someone needs to deliver a dose of common sense and science to these retards.”

      A lot of science has come from the Middle East (you know, algebra, the concept of the digit zero, etc…).

      There’s no reason to believe their people are any more retarded than ours.

      Which leaves common sense, which is at odds with many religions.

      Some clever power-hungry people over there (and other places) figured out that manipulating religion was a great way to enforce their will on the common people.

      “No, no, let’s change this part for the new edition of the Q’ran. Let’s say that Mohammad had… a harem! Yeah, that’s it! A harem of… lolis! Yeah, that’s the ticket!”

      (generations later …)

      “Well, if Mohammad the Prohet had a harem of lolis, then I guess it’s okay for me to have one, too! The Q’ran is behind me! It’s the Word of God!”

    • – -” Actually Muhammad never married a 9 years old women.. He first married to 40 old year woman, a merchant that was called Siti Khadijah. Really there is nothing wrong with Muhammad, their follower only see Islam in the wrong way. Seriously..

    • Mohammed married Aisha when she was 6, consumed mariage when she was 9. But that’s not the point here.

      The point is, this protest have nothing to do with beigh religious. It’s only because of economics reason. Supporting child until it reach age of 17 is much more expensive, than supportnig it to , lets say 10 yo. And you may not get paid better for 17yo bride. Hell, people in rural areas sell their 6-8yo daughters when they need money, while most people in civilized parts of middle-east is going along something you would call “old enough to bleed, old enough to breed”

      And yes, for those savages their daughters are more like lifestock than children. Bring up at minimal cost and sell.

      And I HATE fact, that those goatfuckers use Prophet’s name as excuse, for treating their own children as lifestock.

      • well, mohammad marriage was more political than for sex, IMO. if you look at the history and what was going on when he actually married Aisha. It was a mistake, fueled by the arabic culture at the time. What people fail to see was that there’s never a religion backing of underage marriage. it’s not in the book. Qur’an actually says ambiguous things like when they are “ready”. which obviously is arguable in any society. Still, i do believe that marriage should be done by consent of both men and women. so i says no, to underage bride.

        • Anonymous says:

          its not like they got forced, no girl can, due to islam, forcefully get married nor sold!
          and if people want to confirm by false arguments, deceiving religion, they will get the consequences.
          look at it as people living in mountains, having no civilizations, poor parents who sell their daughters its a economic/ society problem they are facing. and the women up there i don t know what they are doing. (seem to me not worth taken serious i dont even know who is there)

    • let they live their own lives if their society is ok with it. i live in germany where some “open minded” parents let their childs have girl/boyfriends at the age of 12. they even fuck °

      • @ Musashi75 14:39 :

        And if a society is ok with slavery, you’ll just ignore that? I don’t think slavery-ok-societies consulted the slaves in question.

        Likewise for virtual-slave loli brides-for-money.

        In the U.S.A., we fought a long and bloody war over the issue.

        But “being decent to each other” is not something you can enforce on a country’s populace without — probably — worse short- and long-term effects than the things you’re trying to fix.

        I suspect that this demonstration was organized by men, who told their sisters and wives, “Get your asses out there and protest, or there’s gonna be some serious beatings around here.”

      • Well, I wouldn’t say no if countries at least gave nature her due by moving the age of consent down to the start of puberty.

        Other than that, if there’s no grass, nature doesn’t like it, therefore either cut them off or take medication, if it can’t be helped.

      • I don’t think that would be the case. A lot of people bitch and make jokes but when it comes to real people getting hurt, I’d like to think that they have the common sense to tell what’s right and what’s wrong. Not that I’m saying Islam is wrong. But in this case, it’s pretty damn messed up. It might be a different matter if these girl’s weren’t being [b]sold[/b] and the marriages were consensual by both parties. But the way it’s being done now, is no better than child prostitution. And it’s the parents that are selling the kids.

        • Thing is Islam is wrong and completely outdated. Also people take what the scripts in the “holy books” say literally, when these are mere metaphors, that due to the general stupidity of people, are badly interpreted. And then again, religion is used as a main excuse to commit unjustifiable actions and atrocities, like the forced marriage and sexual intercourse of underage girls.

    • Why should age of consent increase with the average human life span? The human body rots just as fast as it ever did with age, it is only now that we can just prevent the final causes one after another.

      • Age of consent increases with the necessary amount of education. Until someone has finished school, he/she is not ready to take the full weight of responsibility. There is a lot that should be changed about how it works, but people will be considered adults later and later as scientific progress and need for education rises.

    • you’re right, they only care about their religion.. and they don’t give a damn about humanity for their daughter.. their dictionary doesn’t contain a word about science and common sense after all..

    • “Someone needs to deliver a dose of common sense and science to these retards.”

      We’ve tried but they just won’t listen. Trying to tell a devotedly religious person that their religion might be wrong in some way is like trying to talk to a child that’s yelling “I CAN’T HEAR YOU” over and over again while they cover their ears.

      • American way of thinking.

        They have different beliefs, who are you to judge them? If they wanna marry at 9, let them. Just don’t come with the “My religion is right and theirs is wrong” bullshit

        • copy pasta from the poster above

          Progress? What a joke. Just look at the situation of teen mothers in western countries, adoptions, juvenile crime, divorces, crackpot laws that jail teens for sending pictures to each other, etc.

          Is that the price of progress? And what exactly do the enlightened western countries gain from all of this except for sliding education standards, and a leech on welfare?

          Honestly, who cares? If you look at the bigger picture then all societies are pretty screwed up anyway…

        • Our science gives us superior weapons and useful stuff. Hence, it is better than their religion, that gives them poverty, suicide bombers and child abuse.
          I pity those who are still in the hands of religious tyranny. Still, there doesn’t seem that much can be done, except an invasion and subsequent re-education.

        • Progress? What a joke. Just look at the situation of teen mothers in western countries, adoptions, juvenile crime, divorces, crackpot laws that jail teens for sending pictures to each other, etc.

          Is that the price of progress? And what exactly do the enlightened western countries gain from all of this except for sliding education standards, and a leech on welfare?

          Honestly, who cares? If you look at the bigger picture then all societies are pretty screwed up anyway…

        • I’m not Muslim, but I do take some traits and good things about the religion. I grew up in a mutli-cultural country so I learn a lot about adapting to other race & religion.

          One thing I like about Muslim is the way they respect the ancestors and friends included and science too. Nevertheless, their food and celebrations. But what I disagree is polygamy & what they call ‘Jihad’.

          It’s good to see some Muslim men marry underage girls to provide them with education and shelter. But there are those who want harem and sex only. I think we all disagree to that.

        • That would be nice and all, but considering the fact that the marriages are, more often than not, forced onto the younger girls by the older men, it’s not as good as you think it is for the girls.

        • Lolicon x moeness says:

          “let it be the girl’s decision. I mean, c’mon, if shes nine and she’s asking for it, give it to her.”
          I agree
          if the husband is happy and the loliwife is happy, then let them be happy.
          “when you are in Rome, do as a Roman”

        • ILoveTsundere says:

          @All of the above:

          I’m pretty sure that if someone started telling you God doesn’t exist and that there isn’t any salvation, I bet a few of you go nuts. Honestly, believing in an imaginary deity that ‘watches’ over us is fucking stupid and yet you criticize this culture over and over again for believing something different.

          You guys are fucking dumb.

        • Not only that, similar or even less developed cultures still exist in Africa.
          However there’s much less involvement and focus on women rights there – considering what problems South Africa has being one of the most developed nations of the continent, it’s probably just the tip of the iceberg.

          If not the oil, Soviet invasion in Afghanistan and Israel conflicts, there wouldn’t have been any involvement from the West and no Islam terrorism to speak of.

        • Although the developed world is now outsourcing the government of weak nations to the nations themselves, it doesn’t alter the fundamental power relationship here, especially between them and Islam.

          Unreformed Islam is simply unable to sustain modern civilisation, ultimately meaning Islamic nations will never be able to catch up to the west, and making whatever limited threat they pose one predicated entirely on the mercy and forbearance of western nations, who could collectively crush them at will if they had a mind to.

          What little significance they have is due solely to the accident of there being oil under their lands, and the need to extract this is in an orderly fashion – in this respect odious regimes like the house of Saud are little more than pump keepers, who can expect very short shrift once the oil runs dry.

        • For starters, even though humans started to unify before religions began, those religions main purpose is to provide a guideline for them to stay together. The ten commandments have no real use for an individual but they allow them to live with others without pissing them off.

          As far as the minimal age issue goes. The problem even in the west is that there is no justifiable age limit. Like they said, they are arbitrary and age itself does not qualify someone for making decisions such as marriage. For most, they will never be “mature” enough for it. Sure, it’s a good idea but no one can figure out how to do it.

        • isnt it ignorant to say another religion is wrong cause you dont agree? or force them to change cause you think they are barbaric and need to be enlightened?

          they are protesting a ban on minimal age limit which has me shocked but apparently there are people who still want to follow it.

        • Member548

          well said

          12:32 anon

          true, but the opposite can also be said. In other words, if religion and culture did not exist, modern civilization might be even more advanced than it is now. if we take the case of “every man for himself”, everyone will be motivated to invent the next best thing, whether it is to defend territory or subjugate others to your will. Religion and culture is not necessary for people to have a common ground. People gather into settlements and establish a set of rules for their own safety. There is advantage in numbers in more ways than one. For example, to defend against other groups of animals or to secure a mate.

        • What you fail to realize is that mankind was not unified by either culture or religion, rather, civilization was created as a result of the agricultural revolution, where mankind gradually decided to plant food instead of hunting and gathering. Culture and religion are both advances made by civilization after the unification of the nomads into society. Islam for instance, was “created” a few thousand years after the first traces of civilization were dated to be. Just pointing that out.

        • “What you fail to realize is that science and even civilization itself could not have developed as far as it did without religion and culture.”

          Valid. The main problem is so much of the world “advanced” so much that it now tolerate, and even protect inferior cultures.

          What I am getting at is Islamic culture is a total failure in the modern world and only exist through the kindness and enlightenment of those who have advanced in the last 500 years.

          Because of this tendency the natural selection that tended to destroy inferior, or backwards cultures has stopped since those who have hit on successful cultural systems now embrace “diversity” even if that means embracing backwardness, or supplication to fanatics since they lack will, direction or conviction.

          So I guess in a way the selection process is still active, but it may just send us backwards since the western world has turned into a bunch of pussies who are too foolish to realize in the end might makes right, and who ever is willing to be more forceful wins in the long term, even if it’s a backward child raping culture that treats women like property.

        • I know you’re being sarcastic, but possibly, yes.

          Teen and child mothers have a higher mortality rate, both the mother and the infant. If the girl were older, there would be more opportunity for her to live long enough to accomplish things with her life (unlikely as that may be for a female in Muslim society) as well as more opportunity that her children will survive to grow up to be healthy adults themselves.

        • What you fail to realize is that science and even civilization itself could not have developed as far as it did without religion and culture. Mankind was at first nomadic, separated into small groups that were basically every man for itself. Religion and culture gave them a common grounds and a focal point to rally around, resulting in larger groups, permanent settlements, and more advancement of technology. Just pointing that out.

        • Just because child ask/agree for it doesn’t mean she knows if she’s making right choice or not. Most of time she is not ready to make such choice nor aware of consequence that will affect rest of her life, if she manages to survive giving birth :/

        • you sure those are all women in that picture? kind of hard to tell with just the eyes to go by.

          on a more serious note, this is a prime example of religion and culture hindering progress. In all living beings, adaptation is key to survival, to change where change is needed. Where science and nature is about improvement, religion and culture is about keeping the status quo, ignoring(and in extreme cases, violently rejecting) any opportunity for progress.