The Melancholy of Aya Hirano: “My Hair is Falling Out!”


Idiosyncratic idol Aya Hirano has explained her recent ill health and hospitalisation, and subsequent event cancellation, with symptoms as severe as hair loss and insomnia.

She says doctors could only blame psychological stress for her condition, but hints darkly that there is something she can’t talk about behind all this:

“From now on what I say might be censored, so perhaps this will be the last time I can tell you the truth, but please keep waiting.”

Just what she is talking about here continues to perplex fans – speculation ranges from trouble with her agency to her being a Chinese spy.

Most speculation seems to centre on a possible breakdown in relations with her agency, which could well have been overworking her.

In any case she vows “I’ll be back even better than before!”

She jokes about her new boyish cut in a later diary post, aiming to soothe worried maniacs concerned about her travails – “I cut my hair. It’s getting shorter and shorter – at this rate I’ll be a monk!”


Whether her new fringe-heavy hairstyle is related to her hair loss or the ill advised topknot she formerly sported is an interesting question.


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