Ladies Versus Butlers! Pantsu On Sale


Service anime par excellence Ladies Versus Butlers! will be receiving a small tribute to its ecchi glory in the form of pantsu modeled after some worn by the show’s busty and not so busty cast.

Unfortunately, something seems to be lost in the transition to 3D in the cast of Selnia’s silk panties, but at least quasi-loli Mimina’s character print underwear had better results…

The panties come by way of Brain Police, an otaku shop with a specialty in producing these sort of fan goods – comb through their website to get a look at some Sora no Woto or Dance in the Vampire Bund T-shirts.

A closer look at the Selnia Pantsu and its accompanying telephone card (such cards are popular collectible items in Japan):



Presumably, the real life pantsu should look a bit closer in appearance to those shown on the phone card, making this a disappointing offering.

They also only come in one size, so buying them in a smaller size isn’t an option. That alone would be a good indication that these aren’t intended to be actually worn by otaku customers, but on the other hand, there is this especially fun marketing blurb on the product page:

Silk Pantsu!

For Noble English (Ladies), it just has to be silk!

Putting them on feels wonderful!

On to the better realized Mimina bear-print loli pantsu:



The size still looks wrong for pantsu a “legal loli” (in Mimina’s case, a 19-year old possessing the body of an elementary schoolgirl due to illness) would wear, but at least the bear looks right.

The pantsu / telephone card sets are both still available for purchase to Japanese residents at Mimina’s product page and Selnia’s page. International buyers are again out of luck and would need to turn to auction sites, or proxy shipping services.

Anyone hoping to buy the Selnia set should be warned: the cutoff for pre-orders is today, March 29, so be hasty.

As ever, some speculation as to just what the intended use of these products happens to be is in order – the least unsavory  probably involves some form of fetishistic display or possibly their use on a doll?

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