US Politician: “Anime is Why Two Nukes Wasn’t Enough”


An American politician is in exceedingly hot water after remarking that “Anime is a prime example of why two nukes wasn’t enough.”

New Hampshire State Representative Nick Levasseur, a Democrat, posted a tasteless statement on his Facebook profile decrying the survival of Japanese race:


Naturally, his comments will not endear him to anime fans, but more pressingly for him he was immediately savaged by Republicans for making “hateful” remarks, and Japanese and Japanese Americans will also doubtless be joining the queue to lambaste him for insensitive if not racist remarks.

He has since apologised for the remarks.

He is apparently no stranger to glib remarks about killing people he doesn’t like – in 2008 he was accused of listing one of his hobbies on his now defunct MySpace profile as:

“The hunting of neo-conservative Reaganites (a shooting sport brought to you by the republican party in more ways than one!)”

When confronted about the remark he threatened to report the complainant to authorities for harassment.

Fortunately, those worried about such a reprobate finding his way into the halls of power need not fret – his voting record shows he hardly ever bothers to vote in the very state legislature he was elected to.

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