Hokuto Musou Hits Hard – 500,000 Copies Shipped



Hokuto Musou (“North Star Warriors”), the latest in Koei’s famed Musou/Dynasty Warriors brawler series and the first to feature Fist of the North Star, has proved a great hit in Japan with 500,000 units shipped to retailers.

Plenty of bloody gameplay videos have emerged for those curious about Kenshiro’s latest antics, and just how successful Mamiya’s corset is in countering jiggle.

Reportedly the Xbox 360 version accounted for some 10% of the copies shipped so far, hardly a surprise – the Xbox 360 version is presumably more intended for the eventual overseas release – it is confirmed as being due in Europe in the summer.

Bought reviews have generally been positive (Famitsu gave it 32/40), whilst user reviews have been mixed but mostly positive.

Some play reports from gamers already stuck well into the game may be of interest – blood and gratuitous service are well in evidence through Kenshiro’s bloody attacks and Mamiya’s tight overly thong and bodice, but the graphics are none too spectacular and of course the gameplay does not deviate from the established Musou formula in any great respect.



The game is available now.

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