Giant-Sized Strike Witches Buttons are Giant


Otaku shop Hobby Stock is offering several prizes sure to whet many an otaku appetite: these gigantic, 120cm wide Strike Witches cardboard “panels,” in what probably ranks as one of the most inexplicable items of Strike Witches merchandise yet devised.

Hobby Stock is offering the impressive prizes through a raffle of its website customers who have bought both sets of their exclusive Strike Witches rubber keychains.

(For the curious, the caption at the top of the photo above roughly reads: “Person in charge of development miraculously got into the shot”.)

A promotional image of Set #1 (purchasable here):


The newer Set #2, with a generous seven girls (purchasable here):


Some beauty shots of the adorable teen (plus one pre-teen) witches as keychains:




The entire collection:


The promotion was announced at Hobby Stock’s Blog; and this page covers the minutiae of the raffle.

As one should always expect with Japanese webstores lacking an English version, Hobby Stock does not ship internationally, which unfortunately should disqualify anyone outside of Japan for the prizes outright.

Sankaku Complex offers a Strike Wtches competition by way of meager consolation for those denied the opportunity of acquiring these truly magnificent prizes.

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