Principal Hired Mother as Sex Assistant


A headmaster who apparently employed the mother of one of his students so he could have sex with her more easily during school hours has been sacked.

The 59-year-old headmaster ruled an elementary school in Tokyo’s Edogawa ward, but the mother of one of his charges apparently caught his eye at a school event.

Soon the pair had begun an intimate relationship, and the head would frequently have sex with the woman in his office.

He then went so far as to give the woman a job at the school – reportedly the couple would even kiss and fornicate during school hours.

By this time her child had graduated but she retained her post and continued to have sex with the head in school and elsewhere.

The woman became “worried” about her relationship with the principal and sought advice from the Tokyo Board of Education, who soon investigated and determined it had no choice but to sack the head.

The board even instigated an unheard of speed sacking, removing the principal from the school only the day before the graduation ceremony to avoid further outrage from parents, who by this time knew all about the affair and were aghast at the prospect of having him oversee their children’s graduation.

The incoming principal presided over the ceremony instead, despite being new to the office.

The board of education expressed its intent to take firm action against the teacher and issued the obligatory “regrettable” statement:

“For a headmaster to be engaged in such activities is highly improper. This is most regrettable.”

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