Love Plus+ Threatens Oblivion for the Japanese Race


Love Plus+ has been officially dated, and the planned additions probably spell pleasant doom for thousands more Japanese men as they find themselves courting Nene rather than having a wife take all their money.

Even Nintendo’s ads now tout the DSi LL as the perfect system for “communicating” with the girls of Love Plus…

Love Plus+ is confirmed as due in the summer, and in an interview the developers reveal planned additions:

It’s now possible to go on holiday with the girls, in real time over 24 hours, with special events dependent on the actual time. “Late night” events are promised – “with your heart thumping like that I don’t think you’ll want to be asleep when these events happen!”

Both Real Time Clock and Love Plus modes get huge injections of new content.

The three heroines get plenty of new costumes and hairstyles.

The girls will call you by a lot more names.

Importing your relationship from the previous title is possible.

There will be three special edition DS iLL bundles [one case for each girl seems likely].


Nintendo’s official ads for the DSi LL are now frank about this – the DSi LL was designed for Love Plus:

“Manaka is huge! Rinko is huge! Nene is huge!”

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