Top 10 Signs a Guy is a Loser


Younger Japanese women surveyed as to what traits they consider warning signs that a man is unsuitable dating material and has no girlfriend yield up a potentially helpful list of things an unpopular man might wish to pretend to avoid doing.

The ranking:

1. He splits the cost of a meal evenly down to the last yen

2. He always speaks or acts negatively

3. He spits on the ground

4. He only talks about himself

5. His clothing is unkempt

6. He throws his cigarette butts away in any old place

7. He doesn’t actively converse, instead just waiting for questions from others

8. He makes blatant dirty jokes

9. He pretends to know everything

10. When serving meals he only thinks about getting his own portion

So it seems a clean, well mannered man who spends money like water (on his lady friend) is the ideal type – a truly surprising revelation.

Refer also to similar rankings on such crucial topics as how best to chat a girl up on a first date for complementary information.

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  • From experience 2 and 7 are already a big turn-off. The rest is just being rude and is way more bad than 2 and 7.

    On your first weeks either one of you should be positive enough to keep the communication going. Once that’s is done one could go honest with each other and find out if you’re not for each other.

    Relationships = good communication with each other. Right?

  • BloodThirstyNogitsune says:

    I could be guilty of 7 because I think negative so the minor things are positive

    number 5 is also debatable my clothing is always clean and ironed but I always dress casual (ties, suits, blazers and button shirts make me feel like a stiff)

    and number seven; well if I dont share the same interests, have something relative to the conversation or can relate to the topic then off course I wont actively converse

    aside from these three I’m cool!

  • 1. He splits the cost of a meal evenly down to the last yen

    I pay for my food, no one else’s. Chivalry died years ago. Get over it.

    2. He always speaks or acts negatively

    No I fucking do not!

    3. He spits on the ground

    The alternative is in the face of my date…you choose honey.

    4. He only talks about himself

    I’m my favourite topic of discussion.

    5. His clothing is unkempt

    So what. I get judged by how much money I make, not by how I look.

    6. He throws his cigarette butts away in any old place

    See the spitting line.

    7. He doesn’t actively converse, instead just waiting for questions from others

    Girls, that’s a dead giveaway that you have the personality of furniture.

    8. He makes blatant dirty jokes

    Dirty jokes are funniest.

    9. He pretends to know everything

    I’m not pretending. I do know everything.

    10. When serving meals he only thinks about getting his own portion

    Cuz I eat when I’m hungry, stupid. Whether you eat or not doesn’t mean a thing to me.

  • ehh? having money is a gudd thing? go figure…gudd thing im well payed! lol my mommy and pappi never gave me much so i kinda had to work and earn it…unlike these youngsters, and im only 19 fuckyeah!

    and please rate me down…u know ur broke ass wants to lol, lmao, LMFBO, ROFLMBFBBO*5!!! HAHAHAHA


  • LOVE THE WAY LIKE 9/10 COMMENTS IS A GUY, AND PISSED! LOL look, unless u honestly fit this discription my 7 or more, havent been laid in yrs and are completely broke…ur probably not a total loser…if u do then gudd luck converting to hundi and hoping to get reincarnated to anything higher than a cockroach or fatguuy analplug lol

  • This completely makes sense in all honesty.
    Everything expresses negative character traits, self-centeredness, bad manners, ignorance, pedantism…
    The point is, these are things women shouldn’t do either 😀
    (and admittedly, under friends, we only split the bill down to the last cent when the waitress/barkeeper/whoever does it for us, else we round it)

  • Mostly not bad but these two jumped out at me.

    “3. He spits on the ground”

    Who DOESN’T do this? If the words “to look cool” were supposed to be tacked on at the end I could understand, but other than that, be honest here, everyone does this.

    “5. His clothing is unkempt”

    I guess I’ll just go and iron my T-shirt then…

  • Lol, if there is a woman fallowing this list to the letter, ‘sorry’ u live on planet earth, try likeing a person for who they are and not how they act… or how much they spend going out to dinner with u,
    we are after all only human, we learn from our mistakes, not falter because of them.

  • “1” I do for a good reason. I don’t mind paying, but for at least the first few dates I always insist on separate checks. This is by far the easiest way to weed out gold diggers.

  • You forgot that "if one of his favorite websites is "Sankaku Complex" and that includes 99% of you guys here. besides anyone who frequents SC is a failure.
    Of course, I don't frequent it so save all your "back at you comments" (I was lead to this site by that perv Fonzer and that inspired me to do my video on this site)

  • Nothing wrong with that list.

    I’ve noticed in the comments here there’s a lot of “taking things the wrong way” and bitterness based on that.

    Item #1 doesn’t mean “men pay for everything”. It means, “when ‘going Dutch’ [each party paying for their own], don’t be super-anal about precision.” “Okay, honey, you need to put in seven more cents.” just doesn’t fly.

    I thought the ‘loser’ aspect was well-illustrated in the photos.

    * Computers with the cases off
    * Cluttered and disorganized
    * Dakimura
    * Ero-figurines

    There were some good-looking meals, though the low-cal sweetener was a laugh. Get off your otaku ass and exercise!

    • savantique says:

      Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. You want to talk about other people taking this list the wrong way, but you’re asserting your own interpretation of what something on that list meant. If anything, this seems like a convenient scapegoat to bash an entire demographic you know nothing about because you yourself are bitter. Did otaku call you ugly or something? And of all the things you’ve taken notice of in those photos, I can’t for the life of me understand how a computer with its case detached is relevant.

      A few things such as the nasty habit of spitting should be a common sense turnoff, but that is not something that should determine a person’s value. You can dislike the way a person looks, the way they dress, the kind of music they’re into, etc; but there is so much more to a person than certain mannerisms which are, quite frankly, too oversimplified and too far-reaching for its own good. I for one would loathe to date someone with as toxic an attitude such as yours.

      • can’t agree with you more savantique, no matter how many otaku bashings i see, i’ll never understand why. So what if the person in the picture is an otaku, are you him/her? if not, stop concerning yourself with what he/she does. Not everyone is the same, its called diversity, get used to it.

        computer with cases off – maybe they are fixing it? cause you know, computers are really popular these days and everyone is getting into them >_>.

        cluttered and disorganized – everyone is cluttered and disorganized at times, to deny that means your a liar, cause at some point in your life, you wont find something cause you put it elsewhere, or you put things in a storage shed ( thats considered cluttering things together)

        ero figurines – its the persons taste, its the same thing as you looking at porn, get over yourself.

    • Lol, may I? Though I focused on more serious stuff then the superficial ones:

      1. Expecting the man to pay, all/most of the time.

      You can’t expect respect if you’re basically whoring yourself for sandwiches. Once in a while, special occasions – fine. But don’t expect a walking meal ticket.

      2. Expecting money/expensive presents.

      I fucking hate these bitches – they tarnish women’s reputation in general. You can’t “expect” stuff and have any expectations yourself. You’re basically a whore.

      3. Talking intimate details about your boyfriend with friends/internet.

      Sadly, I’ve been a witness to this and I find it appauling and disgusting. And sadly, the stuff they share is presented in a mocking tone.

      4. Using sexual manipulation to pussify a man.

      Sadly again, I see guys falling for this ALL the TIME. Decent blokes ending up wrapped around the fingers of some bitch. I see them slowly getting smaller, and more emasculated, as the bitch ends up governing the dudes’ lives.

      5. Having NO hobbies or interests whatsoever.

      Most guys don’t seem to care about this, but trust me, they’ll only end up expecting you to entertain their vapid little heads 24/7 – huge hassle.

      6. Wears tons of make-up, and tons of extensions.

      Do you really want to wake up and see a totally different person? And by different, I mean ugly.

      7. Debbie downer

      8. Bad hygiene.

      9. Thinks she knows everything.

      10. (personal pet peeve – sociopath alert) Acts mean to children, old people, animals, other women.

  • savantique says:

    …I would just like to point out that getting laid doesn’t make you any less of a loser if you were considered one prior to getting any. The fact that you got any at all says nothing about the circumstances between the two people in the first place. Tiger Woods gets it regularly, yet he’s no better than any dude one could pick up on the street after his exploits came to light.

    A person’s character is the most important thing, not their income or prestige (or lack thereof). If you really have to evaluate a person’s overall worth based on completely arbitrary, trivial things, that says a lot more about you than it does about the other person.

  • So a guy who does none of these is automatically a winner, or less of a loser? These lists are bullshit and mean absolutely nothing.

    What it’ll come down to is what has held true in society for generations: money, looks, personality. Simple basics like these things are the ones that stand the test of time.

  • I have to agree with this. Allow me to explain why:

    1. Gives impression of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)

    2. Obviously its annoying. No one wants a frequent nagger.

    3. Gross slob.

    4. Ego issues. Most ronery people don’t notice that this is actually bad since a lot of them think it’s ok from some anime they see i.e. everything revolves around the main character. You have to learn to go with the crowd and not expect them to revolve around you.

    5. Slob and possible signs of laziness.

    6. I think this depends on the country.

    7. The other person gets turned off because they get the impression that you’re not interested or you’re boring them.

    8. Pervert and sometimes ego issues. Common to some otaku who make up for their lack of female contact by acting like a sex expert. They should learn that normal well rounded people do not “kiss and tell”.

    9. Again ego issues.

    10. Selfish.

    • 1. Agreed, but I don’t see why that should make the guy less of a man. After all, he’s the one who has to live with a problematic disorder and still make his life work somehow.

      2. I actually don’t even know what “acting negatively” means… But I do know I’m very good at pointing out why some things/ideas are bad. Does that mean criticizing things that are bad, or the parts of them that are bad, is a no-no?

      3. While I agree that it’s gross to spit, I disagree with the “slob” thing; to me it’s an option between Spitting or Clearing my throat of the same mucus time and time again every 2nd minute until I’ve spitted it out. Imo, the latter is by far the grosser option.

      4. True enough, though I’ve noticed that some girls act as if the boy only talk about himself as soon as the boy breaks away from them talking about the girl’s day and friends and blah, blah, blah, and starts talking about his own day and friends.

      5. You’re a very judgemental person, aren’t you? Me, I keep my clothes unkempt because that’s what I feel comfortable with. And feeling comfortable with oneself is, as far as I’m concerned, far more important then meeting the rest of the world’s approval.

      6. First of all, why do I get the feeling that you throw cigarette butts and possibly other trash in any old place? Secondly, doesn’t your statement here go equally much for almost all of the points on the list? Thirdly, I’d call the person who does this a slob.

      7. They’re free to their own impressions, but I prefer listening rather than talking. It’s an effective way of getting to know people.

      8. Or maybe, just maybe, the guy has that kinda sense of humor, hm? …I know many girls who like dirty jokes and tells them, too, even though they sometimes hypocritically reprimand the guys when they make the jokes.

      9. No argument here.

      10. Or insecure, or possibly overly considerate. I don’t know how to pour up on someone else’s plate. I don’t know if I should put the different stuff separately on the plate or just put it up as one big heap. I also don’t know how much the person I’m serving wants, what they’ll drink and/or if they don’t like the food. (Some people eat despite not liking it, simply because it’s rude to leave food on the plate, and in the event of such cases, I prefer to let them decide if they’ll just have a taste first.)

      Aaanyway… I guess I’m a loser… Meh, no biggie, I’ll just find a flat chested girl, and together we’ll love each others’ “flaws”.

  • 6. He throws his cigarette butts away in any old place

    Cigarette butts don’t really matter to us in the west but yeah I’d have to get used to not throwing my butts everywhere if I went there.

    10. When serving meals he only thinks about getting his own portion

    And hey well, I am a skinny yet hungry man. I serve others first of course, but the biggest serving is usually mine.

    • Don’t say West, say America, in most places in Europe, littering is frowned upon. I’ve seen people carry keychain little box ashtrays, so they wouldn’t throw their butts all over the place. It’s quite civilised really.

  • Well from what I see 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10 could be just someone who has suffered a few heavy impacts to the head and has some type of brain damage and possibly always a headache that never goes away because of it. 1 and 8 = ArseHole, 9 well I don’t know.

  • celcius_01 says:

    Really? That’s it? I’m a bit surprised!
    As this list came from Japan, i honestly expected that it contains things like:
    Talks constantly about Sengoku Nadeko, his room is filled with figures, want his GF to end her sentences with Nya~, etc.

    It’s kinda common,imo. Heck, i don’t have all those traits up there, i bet if i go to japan later my chance to score is like 342%!

  • So if we are not any of those things does that mean we get a super model girl, I doubt it so why waste the time trying to be what your not if so few girls are hot enough to make it a good investment.

    I will stick to been self centered and egotistical thank you very much.

  • Most of these are understandable.

    If you do 3. and 6. you’re slob.

    1. A penny pincher but this same type of person also could be an accountant which is a good thing esp during tax time.
    I tried to avoid any ethnic jokes here.

    4. Is understandable someone self absorbed can be annoying for either sex.

    5. If it means cloths are put away messily that’s most men.

    7. Nothing wrong with being quiet or shy some girls like the strong silent type.

    8. Most women are turned off by crude jokes.

    9. nobody likes a know it all.

    10 People do make mistakes it’s only a bad thing if it happens often.

  • Here goes…

    1. He splits the cost of a meal evenly down to the last yen

    -Most decent women will either help pay half or even pay for you~
    I like to pay for a girl when i go out with them, if they expect that to happen that’s such a turn-off, but if they are surprised and then grateful then that’s ok.

    2. He always speaks or acts negatively

    -Well shouldn’t they ask why he is acting negatively? Most people have a reason for it, instead of pointing the finger and being turned off by it, ask why and maybe they won’t be so bitter anymore.

    3. He spits on the ground

    -Not too sure about this one, i don’t do it~

    4. He only talks about himself

    -He is either egotistical or has some esteem issues, try find out why~ I think most things just come down to understanding.

    5. His clothing is unkempt

    – This should be a given though for anyone, keep your clothes clean and nice.

    6. He throws his cigarette butts away in any old place

    – This one just depends on the type of people you are~ some care, some don’t.

    7. He doesn’t actively converse, instead just waiting for questions from others

    -Well they are either quiet or others(and even their woman) is speaking way too much and doesn’t know how to add anything to the conversation.

    8. He makes blatant dirty jokes

    -Some girls don’t mind it, some do~ Just be aware of who you’re with if you use them, most of the time they bring a good laugh though. But be respectful.

    9. He pretends to know everything

    -This a big issue, you either know something or you don’t, admit when you don’t, you learn something and don’t seem as much of a twat to others trying to talk about something you don’t know.

    10. When serving meals he only thinks about getting his own portion

    -In many cultures, most people wait for everyone to get their meal and eat. That should be a general rule of respect i think.
    hard to decide on other’s portion, so let them do it.

    I’m not trying to justify all things, but most things can be solved with a bit of understanding and less immaturity.
    Plus no guy wants to feel pussywipped.

  • I understand all the loser traits except number 1.

    What’s wrong with dividing prices evenly down to the last cent? There’s nothing wrong with being shrewd. It’s the secret to financial success: Being careful with your money! Though of course, I personally do round ups (it is impossible to divide that 5 cents) and I will occasionally treat other people to meals as repayment for past favors.

    Oh, but of course, being shrewd with money means the man must not earn much, therefore a loser. What wonderful logic.

    • The problem is, there’s a time and place for everything. If you want to save 5 cents, picking the cheaper bread at the supermarket – appropriate.

      Expecting your date to dig through her purse to find the EXACT change – not appropriate. To me, that only signifies being so petty that you think saving 5 cents is worth more, then putting me through the trouble of finding said 5 cents in my pockets.Say I don’t carry coins with me, what then?

      This isn’t even dating etiquette, it’s general going out etiquette, I do this with my friends ALL the time. Sometimes a person covers quite a large portion of the money, if we’re all carrying big bills. Nobody bats an eyelash. I’ve had friends who were ANAL about this and guess what, everyone responded badly to it.

    • #1 is a perfect example of the difference between being “shrewed” and being “a complete and utter tightass”. I’d say it’s a really obvious sign of a complete loser.

      This is one of the better lists to come out of Japan as these traits ARE all signs of losers, to various degrees. Although I have to say, it’s hard NOT to be negative about everything these days.

      • Everybody calls me a pessimist eventhough I’m really being realistic. If things can and will go wrong, I will point it out. And I will always point it out. Just because you want to delude yourself into thinking that everything will be fine and dandy does not mean it will be fine and dandy. Half the times, it all goes wrong and I like to point out that it can and will go wrong as well as how it can go wrong so we can get ourselves a countermeasure or a contingency just in case.

  • 1. We can’t all meet your ridiculous ideals of income.

    2. So I’m not allowed to express my unhappiness when I am unhappy?

    3. I’m watering the grass.

    4. Like you’re any different (plus this doesn’t apply to me)

    5. …Yeah, I’ll give you that one.

    6. I don’t smoke.

    7. This contradicts 4 in a way.

    8. It’s called a sense of humor.

    9. That’s how the business world works.

    10. It’s called hunger.

    • 1. If “the last yen” is too expensive for you, then it’s probably better to stay away from you.

      2. It says “always”. If you’re always unhappy, then it’s probably better to stay away from you.

      9. If you can’t make a distinction between personal relationship and business, then it’s probably better to stay away from you.

  • From a North American perspective…

    1) Splitting the cost of a meal is fine. Insisting you come up with everything down to the last cent is just being overly concerned with finances. Honestly, if I take a girl out to dinner and she covers twenty bucks on a forty-five dollar meal, I’m willing to call things square. Only idiots or those with an excess of wealth pay for everything.

    2) This is actually a good one. Negative people are often trying to bring everyone around them down instead of bringing them up.

    3) Depends on the circumstances, but on a date, yeah, this is a bad one. After lifting something heavy while he’s got a cold? That’s a different story.

    4) Third entry in the list I pretty much agree with. A good dating rule of thumb is that for every minute talking, you should spend a minute or more listening.

    5) *sigh* It depends on the circumstances. Going out on a date? Yeah, loser. In a completely casual setting? Completely different story. I don’t put on my good clothes when I’m just relaxing at home, and if a girl wants to drop by, I don’t plan to get dressed up for her ass. Hey look, I’m not a pimp twenty four-seven. You can deal, I’m sure.

    6) Smoking is a terrible habit in general.

    7) This conflicts terribly with number four. So he can’t talk about himself, or be quiet and listen to you talk? The survey says, he has to spend a lot of time complimenting you!

    No. You’re not a loser if you think before you speak or ask questions. And depending on the girl, actively conversing can range from actually interacting to muttering a “Yeah” or “Uh-hmmm” in reply to a torrent of bullshit random-chat.

    8) This is the OPPOSITE of being a loser. It’s a sign he’s comfortable with his sense of humor and feels that you’re probably comfortable with it too. Of course, you can tell a dirty joke wrong, just like you can do anything wrong.

    But this is a sign of confidence, which is never a bad sign.

    9) Yeah, that’s annoying.

    10) That’s just being a raging cockhole. The golden rule here is to offer, but not just do it automatically. In an informal setting like at your place, you might not know how hungry she is or what she especially likes and might appreciate a bit more of. In a formal setting, you might not know what dishes she prefers over others.

    The offer is always appreciated, guys, but the plate full of shit she won’t eat is not.

    Huh. A list that made sense. When will the madness end?

  • As a girl, I can say that list pretty much applies here too.

    Personally, I find nothing more annoying than a negative person. I have some very negative friends, and though they are great people, I can’t spend too much time with them without going crazy. I’m not saying they have to be a SUPER OPTIMIST or anything, but pessimism is my pet peeve. I consider myself middle ground, though probably leaning towards the optimistic side. But damn, imagine marrying someone who was constantly saying, “SIGH, I don’t want to do this at all. This is going to be miserable. No one likes me. I’m not going to have fun. Do we have to do this?” about everything! I’d much prefer someone who said, “Hey, who knows, this could turn out to be fun! Look at it this way, at least now we have a good excuse to miss blahblahblah, and we could get to know some new people.” After spending too much time with pessimistic people, I always end up in a foul mood.

    Also, to the people who are saying, “OMG, EQUALITYYYY! WHY WOULD WE PAY FOR THE BILL? BITCHESSSS!”, that’s ridiculous. I hate to break it to you, but proper etiquette says you need to offer to pay the bill for your date. It’s just like how it’s polite to hold the door from someone. If you don’t do it, your date will most likely get the impression that you either don’t like her, are rude, or are very stingy. Either way, it doesn’t reflect well on you. And the thing is, some girls may say thanks, but they’ll pay for their own meal. I prefer to pay for myself, for example, if the guy seems open to that. Or when we start seeing each other often, we take turns paying for dinner. But honestly, I would find it very rude if they guy didn’t at least offer.

    • I fully agree with Anon 11:01 stating that paying for the bill is proper etiquette.


      Guy’s reaction with equality isn’t all that surprising either.
      hey all women out there, when you say equality, are you really trying to be equal to men? or are you trying to be higher than men?

      If you support equality, you should know that you are saying you will accept EQUAL responsibility compared to men’s.

      tl;dr = still expecting special treatment from men after supporting equality is just irrational BS. that in itself is NOT equality.

      tl;dr tl;dr = equality means equal rights AND equal RESPONSIBILITY, GET IT?

    • lol…please. I spit on proper etiquette. And hold a door open? Are you kidding? The last time I did that on a date she got pissed at me and said she could open the door herself, she wasn’t a princess. So, how can you win? You can’t.

    • I agree with most of this but not the splitting the bill thing.
      I’m a girl and I’d rather split a bill…guess I’m guilty of no.1 then. Thing is guys never LET me split bills, so wtf.

    • “proper etiquette says you need to offer to pay the bill for your date. It’s just like how it’s polite to hold the door from someone.”

      Of course, you go out of your way to open the door for other people who is just as able as you to open it. It’s proper etiquette.

    • So is it also proper etiquette to spread your legs because he offered to pay for your meal?

      Equality means equality for both sides, bitch.

      There’s a difference between “I believe it’s proper etiquette for guys to pay” and “It’s nice if the guy offers to pay”, and clearly you’re on the side that likes to take advantage of outdated gender stereotypes. You said it yourself, you find it rude if the guy doesn’t offer to pony up for your meal, even if you are willing to pay.

      Question: If you expect to pay for the meal you just ate while chatting with someone you barely know, why is it rude for the guy you barely know to expect that you will pay for your meal? You barely know each other. The only difference between the two of you is the fact that he has a dangling piece of flesh and you’ve got a lukewarm hole. Yet you are expecting him to offer to offer to pay for the privilege of your presence, even though you’re going to bite the bullet and actually pay for the meal you just ate?

      Women get paid the same as men. They have a far greater sense of self-entitlement. Get the fuck over yourself, you sanctimonious cunt.

      • Awww poor guy, did the big bad feminists hurt your feewings?

        Fact is the world IS unfair and people ARE unequal. For dating, there will NEVER EVER be equality. Last time I checked a woman has all the incentive to be choosy with her mates, and a man has all the incentive to bang anything he can.

        That’s why nightclubs are usually cheaper, or even free for women. That’s why at a party, a chick usually has her pick of the dudes, and why the dudes usually have to bend over backwards to land any woman. Biology 101. WAH WAH EVOLUTION IS NOT FAIR BOOHOO

        Well, it’s not fair for anyone. A woman holds great power in a date situation, if she’s pretty and young, but once she’s old, she’s basically fucked. So because her expiry date is always on the back of her mind, she’ll be as choosy as she can. That means not dating disgusting, cheapskate, depressive dudes who only think about their stomachs, and are so anal they have to spil the bill to the LAST CENT FFS.

        If you can’t deal with that, fuck a goat.

        • Equality in human rights, and legal rights?

          But last time I checked one gender is still the one that undergoes pregnancy, lactation, and bleeds everymonth if she doesn’t.

          And that very same gender is on average physically weaker.

          Is it unfair that I have to bleed every month because I’m a woman?
          Ya it’s pretty fucking annoying.

          Is it unfair that a woman can train just as hard as a man, heck, even harder, and still not be able to reach the cutout for a specific job (say, firefighter)?

          Yep, but life’s unfair like that. A firefighter has to be a certain way, and if that means 99 out of 100 women can’t fill those shoes – tough.

          The same way – the dating field is NOT fair. It’s just not, and no amount of crying over it will change anything.

          Men – mostly high libidos, most enjoy casual sex
          Women – most have low-medium libidos, few enjoy casual sex

          So is it unfair that men have to bend over backwards to impress an average female? Uh yeah, but that’s how it is, we’re biologically unequal, and this results in one gender having to do more work then the other.

        • Actually, this is the opposite of feminism, retard. Feminists want equality. Which means equality, not outdated beliefs.

          My problem is not her assertion that “it’s nice if he offers”, but the statement that “it’s rude if he doesn’t”. If the date is going well? That’s one thing. If the date is going poorly? Oh no. She’s going to think I’m rude when she thinks about the bad date she had with the guy she’s never going to see again.

          By the way… It’s kinda hard for a girl to get pissed off about big bad feminists in the first place. Or am I not allowed to be pissed off with stone-age level behavior from my own gender?

  • 2, 4, 7, 8, 9 are considered universally bad on a date regardless of sex, but whatever.

    1 just shows that japanese women put first and foremost money on top of their priorities, as always.

  • Strawberry Suicide says:

    Actually there are some points that could pass as bad habits for both gender :
    2, 3, 4, 6, 9
    These aren’t only specific for men, in my opnion…

    Btw, if men and women are so in fight with eachother in Japan they should go ghey instead…*kukuku*
    Cute girls should date me, and cute boys should let me film them making out XD

  • Wow. Here I thought it’d be a bunch of nerd things and I’d be 10 for 10. Instead, not one applies – except if I’m not on a date or at work, I wear some pretty worn clothes. Still, I’m no idiot – I clean up to see girls, lol

  • Didn’t see anything saying women want you to spend all your money on them. This isn’t want all women think but a collected view of what different women want. All this list is telling you is women don’t want smelly guys who walk around in dirty clothes and only think of them selves and doesn’t know how to loosen up and have fun. That’s not asking for much. If you think it is then you really need to work on your social skills and hygiene. Both women and men are idiots who play stupid little games and you just gotta take the time to find the people who don’t

  • Only ONE of these is about money!
    And it doesn’t even say “wants to split dinner” It says “down to the yen”
    So if you pay for dinner, and ask her to pay for the movie, then you still aren’t a loser.
    Sounds very reasonable to me…

  • Tallgeese_VI says:

    Wow…..I’m guilty of 1,2,7,8 & 9…..Thats half already….

    whatever the hell is……Most girls are only in love with the money regardless of the guy who they are….Money solves most of things !

    Clearly can be seen from the list that:-

    1) Girls wants you to pay the most for food.
    2) Girls wants your attention as much as they can.
    3) Girls does not like to be looked down by the guys.

    It’s all just about ego.

  • OK #1 is straight bullshit! We live in a time where men and women are equal! Even tho they want everything tha same! They still want it like tha old days where guys are suppose to pay for tha ladies! THAT FUCKING BULLSHIT! LADIES! SPLIT THA BILL DAMMIT! It’s tha 21th century for fucks sake!3

    P.S. #2-#10 should be avoided during a date tho and #1 is still bullshit!

    P.S.S. #1 is Bos Taurus Feces!

  • I don’t mind 7, because its cute when they’re shy and untalkative, or 1 because splitting the cost is fair and I’m not too picky on the whole man pays for woman thing only if he does it more than once but that goes for anybody, or 5 (only if he looks drastically unpresentable then I’ll reconsider).

  • Usually at least one of these items on the “you fail at life” lists apply to me, but none in this case. Not that it’s helped me much in the states, but during my time in Japan I was pretty popular.

  • >7. He doesn’t actively converse, instead just waiting for questions from others

    so I’m a loser, heh ?

    sorry if I’m not very talkative.

    But yeah, I guess I’m wrong : the thing is that no matter how much I try I just can’t bring myself to get any interest in other people’s life, unlike most of women who just need to know everything about everybody so they can gossip afterwards.

    Still, I’m a polite person (I believe), so when I’m asked a question, I answer it.

    so according to this, I guess I must work more at faking to have interest in other people’s life, and that will make me win at life… right ?

    • yeah it sucks for us, the people who LISTEN instead of talk all the time. I guess it might be some conspiracy that if your not talking, your plotting something terrible…or cheating on her…cause silence is guilt!

      I’d rather respond to questions then talk learn a hell of a lot more than just random chatter. As for the other ones..#1 can go both ways. In one way it shows hes a penny pincher. In another it shows that hes for equal opportunities and the girl has to pay some. #2 i can see, #3 if you have to spit, you have to spit, but you shouldn’t make a habit of it, the rest aside from #7 i can see.

  • About ranking #1, there are some women that would think they don’t have independence if they totally rely on the guy they are dating…lol…

    Well, the way that the Japanese males and females think of each other, the government will likely have to lift their restrictive immigration policies to survive…

  • What about girls? Will there be a followup list? -is one-

    When I go to cafes/restaurants with my male friends…I’m guilty of #1. It doesn’t seem fair otherwise. But he never lets me and always tries to ninja-pay.

    So if there was a guy who would be willing to split costs down to the last yen with me I’d see that as a positive, not a turn-off. :C the fact that it’s on the list makes me sad.

  • “6. He throws his cigarette butts away in any old place”

    This one has me baffled, just what makes this one in particular a loser? Should the individual toss the cigarette at a newly constructed location then? Is it really relevant to categorize/label someone a loser. I mean really… :\

  • En ese caso, no hay nada que hacer. Mejor que lo dejas.

    In that case, there’s nothing to do. Better to leave him.


    As for how the meal should be paid, I usually go Dutch and make that very clear beforehand. Unless I WANT to treat her, why should I pay for her simply because she’s a woman? Nonsense.

  • 1. My girlfriend doesn’t let me do otherwise; if I want to treat her in any way I have to do it sneakily…
    2. Only when I’m feeling negative, if a girl isn’t willing to read that a guy’s going through a tough patch then they’re not worth dating.
    3. Okay this one’s pretty sick, I’ll accept this.
    4. My girlfriend complains that I never talk about myself…
    5. If we look too smart then it’s like we’re on a business excursion not a date, or do you want your bodies to be nothing more than an asset for trade?
    6. I would think smoking at all is loser-ish, but Japan is always behind on that kind of thing I guess…
    7. I’m quiet, and if I have nothing to say about something going on I’ll let the conversation go on without me, if I have something to add I’ll get involved: one to one I’m always asking the questions, if I do answer it’s almost always a counter-question… so I guess that’s a good thing.
    8. I’m British, it’s what we do….
    9. People always assume I do know everything, but it’s just that I’m not about to say ‘you know, I have nothing of interest to say about this because I’m entirely ignorant of the topic, but please do carry on,’ because I have good general knowledge does not mean I’m trying to show it off.
    10. I portion up and let other people decide which plate they want, saves the hassle; if my girlfriend is on a diet I can’t be accused of fattening her up, and if she’s eating again I can’t be accused of being greedy; win all year round.

  • I’m proud to say I don’t possess any of these traits *victory dance*


    It surprises me that nothing is said about “he feeds anime-characters on his computer screen with cake” or something likewise, ’cause imho, that’s far more of a loser-sign than most of the ones in the list above but meh! That’s just me talking, if they don’t find that that bothers them, then who am I to disagree? x3

    • Lol… It is so hard to look kept when your fracking body hair grows so f-in fast that you have a nasty neck beard, and you have some fracking sinus problem so you have snot either poring out or giving you a migraine. Damn things are just stacked against me. I hate my body. Hopefully science will advance to the point I can exist as an avatar AI intelligence or transplant my brain into a cloned super hot model.

  • Me preocupa más el hecho de que se olvide mi cumpleaños pero festeje el de sus personajes favoritos…

    I’m more worried about if he forgets my birthday, but buy a cake for an anime character/singer….

    11- He hugs its dakimakura even when you are there

    • Well, there’s a small difference between being a “gentleman” or whatever and offering to pay for her meal once or twice, and having to cover her expenses.

      I wouldn’t mind paying every now and then, but hey, if you can’t even let go of a buck or two then GTFO.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yup. If you get the same rights as a male, we stop working on this horseshit, medieval chivalry garbage assuming women are inferior to men and have to be cared for like children.

        Pay for your own shit, or put out, gold digger. Or, we can go back to pre-50’s values where men always pay the tab, but get to beat the shit out of their girlfriends and wives when they get pissed, keep them barefoot, pregnant, and locked in the living room during the day.

        You can’t pick in choose. One or the other. ^.^