30 Years for Teacher who Raped Pupils 95 Times


A teacher convicted of 95 counts of raping his pupils, aged 9-12, has been handed the maximum sentence possible, 30 years.

The 44-year-old Hiroshima teacher is said have played with his elementary school pupils as though they were his own personal sex toys, raping them at will and filming himself in the act.

He faced 95 charges relating to crimes against 10 victims from 2001-2006.

The judge threw out some of the charges against him due to a lack of evidence of actual violence, but enough remained to ensure this made little difference.

In total, he was convicted of 46 counts of rape, 11 counts of attempted rape, 25 counts of indecent assault and 13 counts of child abuse.

The judge handed down the maximum possible sentence, 30 years, condemning the teacher in no uncertain terms:

“You took advantage of your young victims, playing with them however you pleased, and your continued crimes utterly betrayed the trust placed in the teaching profession, for which you deserve the harshest censure.

Your absurd defence only shows how meagre your willingness to repent is – there is no other option than to hand down the maximum sentence possible.”

He was also ordered to pay ¥115,500,000 in compensation to victims, parents and prefecture.

Those wondering why Japanese maniacs so often plead guilty and admit all their crimes in full need look no further – many judges clearly do not look at all kindly upon a guilty party failing to express remorse and instead attempting to deny the charges, and over 99% of defendants sent before court are judged guilty.

Once again the question of how he avoided detection for so long, or even became a teacher in the first place, is one few in Japan seem prepared to ask.

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  • I think pedophiles deserve to lose a limb. It doesn’t matter what, as long as its an entire limb. I’m all for human rights and what fucking not, but when you fuck up a kid you’re supposed to be teaching how to live in this hellish world, there’s no degree of punishment suitable to a priceless sin. Maybe fear of losing an entire arm or leg will put these fuckers at rest. Fucked up punishment for a fucked up crime.

  • あずにゃん大好き says:

    Wut? What happened to the usual SC crowd that makes jokes (@ least I think it`s jokes) about this kinda stuff?

    If it`s just all moralfags agreeing on the guy`s punishment it`s no fun!

    I demand some sick statements about this or my image of SC will be shattered forever >_<

  • Always when I read about such cases I remember a concept of punishment my middle school teacher told me once ( He was probably most cool guy I’ve ever met. ) It’s called “livelong execution”. Basically you take an air-soft gun ( The stronger ones, that can actually cause harm. ) and shoot person in butt cheek. Then you have doctor remove bullet and sew up the wound. Next day you target the other part of his bottom so wounds have time to heal. Repeat until prisoner dies of old age. ( Just remember to feed him/her well, also make sure he/she don’t commit suicide. )

    I think few cases of such punishment would make crime rates drop significantly.

    • because in the middle east not only does Islam condone it but many of the perpetrators also get away with it precisely because it is condoned

      whereas in this article the guy got sentenced for his crimes



  • Well, if that is the maximum sentence, the compensation money amount will probably at least put a small dent in that jailbird’s pocket.

    I did here that Japanese prisons are not that hospitable. Can anyone confirm that?

    • About 15 years ago I read a book by this yakuza guy who was in jail for 3 years. He said the cells are bare, 6-tatami rooms. You are allowed no personal items. The lights came on at 6am and you were expected to get up, fold your futon, and sit inside a small painted square in the center of the cell until lunch. After lunch, back to the square until dinner. After dinner, back to the square. No books, no TV, no computers, no nothing. Also, the cells have no heat or air-conditioning, year round.
      There were times the prisoners were allowed out, but I don’t remember the details. They must have had to shower but I just can’t remember. But at such times they were closely supervised by guards (as in “all prisoners constantly within eyesight of a guard”) and zero fraternization with other prisoners was allowed. No basketball courts, weight-lifting equipment, nothing like that.
      (There is, as you can see, no ACLU in Japan to whine about “cruel and unusual punishment”.)
      All in all, it struck me as being pretty well designed to discourage recidivism and doubtless pretty effective in preventing the formation of prison gangs, etc.
      Near the end of his sentence, this guy did somehow work a deal where he got to go out and do gardening work on the grounds for a few hours a couple of days a week, but I can’t remember how he managed it.

  • you stupid peoples !!!!
    castration doesn’t help for stopping those rapes ??
    lets say his own toy is not active anymore but he/she can still use other device to rape those kids ???

    only solution is kill all the peoples on this world will only stop this disease !!!!

  • Yet another article about someone sexually assaulting others and insane amount of times. *sigh* Starting to wonder if anything on here is true..Not to mention the insane about of repetitiveness on this site. Nothing I haven’t seen here before.

  • AFadingDreamAFadingMemory says:

    Once again the question of how he avoided detection for so long, or even became a teacher in the first place, is one few in Japan seem prepared to ask.

    No one noticed anything was amiss because Japan is a nation of pedos.

  • What’s wrong with Japan ? He raped children 95 times and no one noticed ? Do children talk with parents in Japan or what ? Or the parents think it’s a joke when the child says it was abused ?
    How cannot anyone notice ?
    It seems they have much bigger problems than to ban 2D lolis 🙁
    It’s not only the fault of such lolicon teachers it’s the fault of the victims (children) and parents too that they don’t talk and do something against it.

    • Has nothing to do with Japan. In Germany (and many other European countries it seems) there’s a nationwide scandal going on right now, with hundreds (possibly thousands) of very similar events having taken place in religious and secular schools all over the country.

  • I hate to say it, and certainly he deserves what he got and more, but I’m still kind of weirdly impressed. How the hell did he get away with it for so long? The guy obviously missed his calling. He should have been, I dunno, a spy or something. Or one of those bank robbers who spends years planning a heist, tunnels into a bank and walks away with $30 million or rips off a super-secure art museum for a dozen Picassos.

    • After leaving a bunch of recordings in his home as an evidence without even bothering to encrypt?
      He got away through being lucky, intimidation and gullibility of his subjects.

      I’m guessing that he only got caught by the accusation of one of his former victims who is now old enough to see things in perspective.

  • Only 30 years isn’t nearly enough, even if it’s the maximum sentence. This guy should just be shot dead on the spot after being found guilty. Or better yet, tie him down and let each of those children and their parents takes turns hitting him with spiked bats.

        • Making an example works when the punishment can be perceived as incredibly severe. The perp or potential perp must feel seriously horrified at the thought of his punishment. How can you make an example of someone who raped 46 kids by sending him to jail? Wow… Make him beg for death and even the insane and the mentally challenged will think twice before doing whatever. Since when did the rights of the criminal become more important than the rights of the victim anyway?

        • Afaik “making an example of” isn’t working, doesn’t work, and hasn’t worked. It might possibly work at some point, but at that point is the point at which the punishment far exceeds the crime and at that point the system becomes swingy.

        • Exactly,

          There are 2 extremes to the perpetrators.

          Those that have a sense of reason and will be put off sexual assault in the fear of extreme punishment.

          The ones who for whatever reason will not be put off from committing sex crimes regardless of the punishment. These should be removed from society permanently and made an example of.

      • Perhaps, but someone obviously guilty beyond all doubt (massive video evidence) should never be allowed to be near innocent people again. If that’s the case then executing him would save the country a huge amount of money.

        Also, if more brutal acts of punishment will appease the families of the victims (some may be up for it) then have at him!

  • Of course, the OTHER reason so many accused in Japan confess to their crimes is because in Japan once you’re arrested you have no rights. You have no right to a lawyer for 4 weeks after your arrest and although the cops won’t torture you, they will subject you to sleep deprivation and other similar interrogation techniques. They prefer getting confessions out of people, it saves them having to actually do much work.

    Apropos of nothing of course, I’m not suggesting he’s innocent, just making a point about the second last paragraph. I hope this evil fucker suffers for the rest of his damned life.

  • is it just me or is it only the onces that film themselvs that get caught? how many others are geting away couse they are content with just remebering their crimes and dont need a recording?

      • Too many people call for his death. If he were to be executed, it would be pretty easy. I agree with Blkant.

        Death is not much of a punishment, and at most, should only be used when a convict is so dangerous, that there is no way to keep them in a prison.

  • Oh the bleeding heart commenters who wanted things like castration and shit out of the law…

    Some countries also put other variants like caning and stuff outside death penalties. Never the less, prison is built and criminals are sent there for a reason: Once you demand extreme shit as punishment, you become no better than the very retards you hate.

    The guy got exactly what he deserved from the judge and the applicable laws used against him. Considering his age, 30 years is a lifetime, and if he lives as long, or longer, it will only mean that his suffering will go on. The sick freak’s also already being judged by court of opinion, which means IF he does get past the prison time, everyone’s gonna isolate him like a plague.

    Just be happy that he’s caught, and that less pedos are roaming on the streets.

    • That guy deserves the max.

      I know a couple rape/abuse victims. One, my age, ended up checking herself into a mental institution for a while. The other, in now in her 60s, still has random bouts of crying and depression.

      It appears one just doesn’t “get over” that shit.

      Both those women are more forgiving than I.

      If it had been me on the “bad end”, the perp would have ended up in an alley, dead of blunt instrument trauma.

      • I also have a very close friend who was sexually abused by a mentally ill person. After I let my emotions take me for a ride I realize that the best thing is to just remove sexual predators from society permanently. Unlike normal criminals, most of these types never get better and once released, far too many of them re-offend.

    • “The guy got exactly what he deserved from the judge and the applicable laws used against him.”

      No he didn’t. 30 years isn’t nearly enough. 300 years would be a more fitting punishment but unfortunately humans don’t live that long.

    • It’s not exactly bleeding heart. Japan just seems to have some of the most lenient laws for heinous crimes and a 30 year LIMIT? That is just nonsensical for a clear and present danger to society.

      And getting rid of a dangerous element through death penalty is not an outrageous idea. It’s just incredibly pragmatic. I’d rather actually have a dangerous element taken care of instead of all these TRUE bleeding heart reaction by saying prison is the only answer. Sounds nice, but that is only one option out of many. And most definitely not the be-all answer. For me though, a definite life term sentence would fit. And if they choose something like the death penalty, then whatever. Not of my concern, but that of the rapist for getting that kind of attention upon himself.

      • Death penalty is not practical. Once life is lost, you can’t retrieve it.

        There are tons of falsely accused prisoners that one day make it out (like a decade later…) when new evidence arises (DNA evidence usually).

    • An emotional response has no place in criminal cases.

      Death sentence is the worst possible thing that you can do to someone save for torture and painful prolonged death. I fail to see how committing atrocities that are as bad, or worse than the crimes committed makes things better.

      • The punishment must fit the crime, it’s the only just and infallible punishment system, provided you can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that this guy is maliciously guilty beyond redemption. Thing is a) you generally can’t be that sure in many cases, and b) the only punishments available are imprisonment and fines, so clearly, the system is such that this rule doesn’t apply. That leaves us with substituting the ideal punishment with a punishment of equal magnitude. Now I believe that 46 counts of children rspr alones does warrant a death sentence, and even that isn’t really ideal. I’d go with the painful prolonged death, since I can’t get him buttraped by those fat old men.

      • Tell that to the little girls who have to deal with being raped for the rest of their lives. Maybe if it was only one girl whos life was messed up death wouldn’t be equal, but he fucked up alot of different girl’s lives.

        The compounded total should get him somewhere round death by my estimates.

    • I still don’t believe in executions. Sure it’s fine because you know this guy is guilty for sure, but in other cases, if they get sentenced to execution and turn out to be innocent later, well… yeah. You’re going to feel like quite the asshole.

    • In japan, being accused means police got absolute evidence or confidence. In other word, police hesitates to catch the criminal or suspicious man, and sometimes causes the case unsolved…

      There is always an argument that sentence is too light. Even killing 1 or 2 people will not always charged death penalty or life sentence…

      But it could also mean criminal given a death penalty is 100% evil guy never regret what he/she did.

      • Yeah, i’ll back that with my laughable knowledge of international justice systems. A lot of countries courts work on the “guilty untill proven innocent” logic, which is basically; It’s upto the defence to make a case as to why they shouldn’t be found guilty (hard to do when the state (police) is the prosecution). The prosecution only needs to state a case. The “innocent untill proven guilty” logic places the weight on the prosecution to make a case, while the defence just has to disprove part of it. (Much easier to do)

        By the sounds of it, Japan runs the “guilty untill proven innocent” logic. Its not nessecarially a bad thing, just means you would probably need QC grade representation to get off a charge… Assuming the police do their job properly.

        30years is ridiculous. Why they set maximum sentences i’ll never know. People will always find ways to make the existing max sentences look like a holiday… Humans are sadistic like that.

  • Shippoyasha says:

    30 years is laughable. This type of mass criminal should be put away for the rest of his life. And while they’re at it, chemically castrate him. Or just kill him. Useless piece of flesh.