Yui Moonlights as Hiroshima Carp Mascot


This recent photograph taken by one of 2ch’s many resident otaku appears to show K-ON!’s lead vocalist, Yui Hirasawa (or perhaps her equally adorable body double-cum-sister, Ui) helping to promote Hiroshima’s baseball team, the Hiroshima Toyo Carp, a team as useless as it is badly named.

The amount of chibi proportioning given to the character might make recognition take longer than it should, until Yui’s Gibson Les Paul Standard is spotted in place of a baseball bat, which more than makes for a positive identification.

The girl on the right is a bit harder to give a name to, but not by much – given the red hair, bandanna, and what appears to be a Pokéball on a stick,  it must be Pokémon’s Haruka, also known as May in English localized versions.

The usual Hiroshima Toyo Carp mascot logo, in its official and much less moe form:


Those who happen to be in the vicinity of Hiroshima that would like to catch a glimpse of the poster should look for a “convenience store at the South exit of Hiroshima Station.” The official status of this relationship is not clear.

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