2ch Exposes Lolicon Middle School Headmaster


2ch has identified the head teacher of a middle school as being a wicked child pornography hoarding lolicon software pirate, after his personal details were leaked through a Winny induced viral infection. 2ch is currently attempting to ruin him based on this information.

The incident began with a computer being infected with a virus, allowing public access to the machine; its details were soon posted on a 2ch thread intended for use in harassing infected victims found to have warez on their HDD.


However, inspection of the victim’s drives revealed a series of personal and official documents which pinpointed the user as being the headmaster of a school, as well as having a large amount of underage pornography and pirated software on his computer, two of the great staples of Winny users.

Documents relating to his position as headmaster of a Nagasaki middle school are clearly visible (here using a sanitised version):



But on the same computer reside such files as:



Works by famed lolicon photographer Yasushi Rikitake (legally published underage nudes were the focus of his works until new laws forced him to simply use girls who looked underage – he was eventually arrested)

“Lolita – elementary school manko closeup.jpg”

“Uncensored – stretched to its limit.jpg”

Pirated software and serial numbers, including Norton Antivirus


Some crossreferencing of these details with publically available information on the school seems to confirm his identity as headmaster. The teacher in question was also due for promotion to the prefectural board of education in the near future, according to a local rag.

Eager 2ch stalkers also dug out his (fortunately adult) daughter’s personal details – she is likely already getting unexpected new friends by way of her Mixi profile.

2ch seems convinced of his guilt, but it should of course be noted that there is the possibility of someone else using the computer and leaving their taste in lolicon files spread all over it, although there has been no evidence he has a convenient son to shift the blame onto.

There is also the slightly strained possibility of his being framed, but otherwise the evidence presented is damning.

The homepage of the school in question (widely posted on 2ch) has already been shutdown “temporarily due to excessive load,” indicating the ripples have long since spread.


An explanation of the situation on Japanese P2P networks and their relationship to 2ch might be in order. Most of these networks, in particular Winny, are seething with viruses masquerading as desirable files.

Whereas comparable infections in other nations might just conscript the victim’s computer into a botnet, these viruses are exquisitely sadistic – usually they specialise in throwing open the victims entire system to the network in question, private files and all, and will frequently upload system data and screenshots to underground sites for voyeurs to play with.

Personal details, government secrets, adulterous liaisons, even incestuous child abuse have all been laid bare in countless scandalous leaks of documents, pictures and videos, which remain in circulation in near perpetuity due to the anonymous and decentralised nature of the networks in question.

Many a career or even life has been ruined by such a leak, not that computer illiterates trying to download illegal files whilst having their computers filled with incriminating evidence of their own frequently less than saintly activities are necessarily deserving of sympathy.

2ch’s substantial population of creepy stalkers and timid Internet vigilantes will in particularly galling cases of criminality or stupidity (or better yet, criminal stupidity) become highly excited at the prospect of ruining someone’s life and thereby making their own miserable existences seem more bearable.

These moments of excitement are known as “matsuri,” festivals, and will see tens of thousands of posts generated over mere hours as 2ch’s stalker element uncovers the victim’s personal details in full (and usually their families and friends as well) and begins harassing them, and in particular making calls to their place of work or education, and if appropriate the police.

Such a frenzy usually peters out after a day or two, occasionally generating a news story or similar in the process. Examples are visible in past articles.

In this case, whilst lolicon teachers are common enough and often escape serious punishment, his senior position as headteacher is probably enough to ensure serious attention from the relevant authorities, who have likely been made well aware of the situation by now.

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