Otaku Desperate to Get Hands in Yoshika’s Pockets


A ¥29,400 (approx. $320 USD) Strike Witches branded “Ground Crew Jacket” emblazoned with the 501st’s delightfully moesome Yoshika Miyafuji‘s name recently sold out in about 15 minutes after coming on sale, a sure sign of the emotions welling up during the long wait for the show’s upcoming second season.

The jacket comes via K-Supply, a producer of anime and military themed goods, certainly the perfect blend of seemingly erstwhile market segments given the Strike Witches brand.

Sales of the jacket began at 23:00 (or 11 PM) on the 17th, which was soon followed by 2ch threads started at approximately 20:49 by antagonized otaku complaining of the jacket selling out in about, according to one poster, 13 minutes after going on sale (!)

The actual number of the jackets produced and that were available for sale at K-Supply’s website are unknown, but given the amount of coverage given the jacket on the site it stands to reason more than just a handful were made.

Some promotional images from the K-Supply website:




Unfortunately, the website does not give much news on if or when more orders will again be available, only offering this update:

The First Shipment has been sold out.

Thank you very much for your orders.


K-Supply’s Japanese-only product page for the jacket is available here, but as with nearly all Japanese language webstores, only domestic orders seem to be accepted, so foreign Strike Witch fans will need to go through some troubles to acquire their own copies of Yoshika’s jacket.


An unrelated, yet alluring, image of the Witch in question, Yoshika, by way of compensation for not being able to rush out and order the jacket.

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