MikuMiku Shinkansen Named “Hatsune”



Japan’s latest high speed train looks set to be called “Hatsune” after Miku fans noticed it shared a colour-scheme with the virtual idol and flooded an online competition to select a name for the train.

The train tself, the latest “E5” class of shinkansen with a top speed of 300kph, is due to service lines in Tohoku. The choice of colour scheme appears to be coincidence.

Fans noticing the similarity immediately began a campaign on Mixi and Twitter in order to flood the polls with their choice of “Hatsune.”

The voting itself remains open until the end of the month, but with no other organised efforts to name the train it seems unlikely anything can stop Miku fans, short of disqualification.

On the other hand, normals and even some Miku fans are not happy:


Doesn’t your crotch get hot knowing our Miku-chan is now something train otaku fap over?

They do look a bit alike somehow.

It’s an exceedingly ugly Miku-chan…

They’ll be guys who splatter themselves on the train you know.

Stop that, creepy otaku.

Won’t they be happy that they can “get inside” Miku?

It’s absolutely disgusting that you’d come up with that…

Don’t name an ugly vehicle like this after Miku-chan you damn idiots!

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