Husband Jailed for Ejaculating on Wife


A husband refused sex by his wife has been jailed for indecent assault after taking matters into his own hands and ejaculating on her whilst she slept.

The Taiwanese couple, both in their forties and with two children, began to have marital difficulties, though they still shared a bed.

The case began one night with the husband nuzzling his wife in bed and being told to cut it out. After being told not to touch her he made 5 or 6 similar advances but was rebuffed each time.

The wife later awoke to find semen on her inner thighs, and jumped up to find her husband sleeping beside with his nether regions uncovered.

The wife then berated her husband and wiped off the semen with some toilet paper; she subsequently made a complaint to police saying that she had been “coerced” into sex, presenting the semen encrusted toilet paper as evidence.

Despite being repeatedly admonished that this was a domestic issue by the court, the woman was having none of it and insisted criminal charges be filed.

The husband, apparently with the support of his children, told the court that he had simply had a nocturnal emission and then taken off his semen soaked underwear.

The court was not however convinced, as he could not explain how the semen ended up on his wife’s thighs and not the inside of his boxers.

He was found guilty of indecency, which in Taiwan carries a minimum sentence of 6 months, and a maximum of 5 years. He was subsequently given an 8 month prison sentence. His wife also initiated divorce proceedings.

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