Father Killed Daughter’s Boyfriend – Judge “Sympathises”


A judge has said he “sympathised” with the father he found guilty of murdering his 16-year-old daughter’s unemployed boyfriend, handing him an exceptionally light 8 year sentence after the prosecution asked for 12.

The case began with a 38-year-old unemployed Kumamoto prefecture man dating a 16-year-old girl he met on a “deai-kei” BBS.

The father of the girl found out about this, and had the man to meet him at his home. An argument ensued, and the father took a kitchen knife he happened to have to hand and stabbed his daughter’s boyfriend three times in the gut, killing him.

The father soon faced murder charges, which he denied, saying “in the end he may have died, but I had no intention of killing him.”

The prosecution argued the murder was a clear and unjustifiable act of homicide, saying “this was a vicious crime in which the accused took a deadly kitchen knife and very deliberately and repeatedly stabbed a man in the abdomen with clear intent to kill,” and asked for a 12 year sentence.

Meanwhile the defence apparently took the position that the victim was at fault for being the path of the blade in what was an “act of excessive self-defence”: “There was a scuffle and in the heat of self-defence he happened to thrust out the knife.”

This version of events is backed up by the exceedingly light sentence they requested – 3 years in prison and a 5 year suspended sentence.

The judge conceded that the father deliberately murdered his daughter’s boyfriend, but expressed sympathy for the killer and ordered a reduced sentence:

“I can understand your parental desire to stop this relationship. There is much about which we can sympathise in this case, and a sentence of over 10 years is certainly excessive.”

In the end the defendant was ordered to serve 8 years for the murder.

The defence still plans to take the verdict to a court of appeal.

The case is the first of its kind in Kumamoto to use the lay judge system (a quasi-jury); one of the lay judges in fact comments that “I have a daughter the same age, so there is certainly some overlap,” fuelling the suspicion of some that the case was judged by the equivalent of a panel of over-protective fathers.

Leaving aside the issue of what many have condemned as a light sentence for a crime which can never be justified, some have pondered what it says about the father that he raised his daughter to date such a man and then decided to kill him.

Still others have wondered whether the murderer might have gotten off completely had it been the mother at fault.

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  • RunttheCosmic says:

    “The father soon faced murder charges, which he denied, saying “in the end he may have died, but I had no intention of killing him.” <— Oh man, cuz three stabs in the gut was totally something you expect everyone to survive. "RAAAAH! *STAB* …Oh my god I think one stab is en-*STABSTAB*MY ARM MOVES ON ITS OWN! D: D: *STABSTABSTABSTAB*"

    Man, Japanese legal system is…. Different.

  • Moral fags are a blight on the US.
    They also are often extremely raciest and responsible most of the lame duck drug laws.
    The so called war on drugs has cause prisons to be over crowded with non violent offenders and forced the early release of dangerous criminals who need to stay locked up until reformed.

    The laws on marijuana for example where made by raciest groups and the cotton industry.

    If I had my way every moral fag in the US would be shipped to an island and that island can be the holiest country on earth until it gets a colony or nuke dropped on it.

  • What’s with Japan and these light sentences for things like murder and rape?
    I’d consider this a third degree murder in the US or second in other countries such as Canada which usually carries a sentence of 8 to 16 years minimum with a max of 20 to 40 depending on how heinous it was and their behavior in prison.

    It seems Japanese Judges have lost their balls or we simply do not know the whole story.
    But considering the earlier story of the couple who baked their little boy I say the former.
    I would have thrown the book at those two.

    Of course if said boyfriend was assaulting said daughter then even in the US they’d go easy on him or at least he could use temporary insanity as a defense.

    Oddly enough if someone breaks into your home in most states in the US you can kill them if you catch them in the act.
    Your also allowed to use deadly force if rape is involved this would be a defense of life and property situation.

    • This is a light sentence? You’ve obviously never been to prison.

      The purpouse of prison is to keep society safer, not to suck up funds. I’m fairly sure that after serving his sentence, that father would be very reluctant to go back in. Reluctant enough to control his temper.

      And this is the point. He is not sent to prison for revenge or to be made example of. He is sent there to keep him from killing other people in blind rage. The message is clear: if you kill without a very good reason, your life is over. When that guy comes out, he will be 50, he will be hopelessly out of touch with technology, without a job or property, and he will be unable to retire at the proper age. Not to mention that his family (or at least his daughter) will have a very cold attitude towards him at best.

      Even without a prison sentence, this is a pretty grim fate.

  • The fact that the boyfriend willingly met with the father says a lot. He knowingly went into a dangerous situation because of this girl. It’s only natural to assume he went to plead his case to the girl’s father. This shows that he at least had has some decency. Sadly, there is no one to tell his side of the story now and a murderer gets off with a light sentence.

    Also if the father thought dating a 38 year old loser was bad for his daughter; he should have thought about her grow up with a dad in jail… and which would be worse. Finally, you don’t “accidentally” stab someone THREE times.

    • The victim was not so truly in love with the daughter. He demanded money to 16 year old girl and even took some of her naked picture and blackmailed her. (this was said in the japanese local TV news)

      And he beated her grandfather(murderer’s dad), before the father grabbed the knife and stabbed him.

      Maybe the father should have educated his daufhter not to use “deaikei BBS”, and it’s excessive self-difence to stab three times. But understandable somehow.

      • If that’s the case this may not even carried much of a sentence at all in the US.
        He’d might have gotten off on temporary insanity.

        It may even be considered a defense of life and property case which would carry no criminal sentence at all in most states in the US.

        In that case the judge and jury probably did the best they could within the laws Japan has on the subject since they supposedly don’t have high rates of assault and thus not many DLP cases.

  • On the day of the murder happened, this father found out his daughter meeting that man again, even though he had already asked the man to break up with her. And there was an argument bitween them, it got pretty tense so father took him to police to persuade him. That was 4 hours ago the murder.

    But shortly after they went back home, argument occured and the murder happened.

    I remember the tv news saying this victim was once married, had children but devorced, and unemployed.

    So, judge may feel the sympathy.

  • This could be one the contributions to Japan’s falling birthrate. Old men preying on young girls, young girls trying to be mature that’s why they don’t date boys around their age (the young generation suppose to be the future for Japan. How can they create a new generation when the girls of the young generation are with old men who are old enough to be their father? Those old men don’t really love you, you idiots. Its just lust.), arranged marriages, NEETs, otaku extremists, prostitution, schools and companies controlling everyone’s personal life, suicides. Shit, it feels like there will be no more Japan in 100 years.

  • With the cellphones and open prostitution Japan is doing it seems the little ‘anti loli’ items on the table this month are not even the tip of the iceberg. Did the girls father ever us those dating cellphone websites to pick up very young girls as well? I would ‘want’ to kill any one ten years older than my daughter as well if they were doing her. Doesn’t mean I would.
    This guy was old enough to be her father and then some. Japan is different I don’t know what a Japan prison is like but still to kill someone who isn’t in the process of killing you that seems like a very light sentence.

  • ah yes this will probably leave a scar on the girls personality towards any man now.Great way of dealing with things father she will probably forever have problems to be with a man and will maybe end up alone for the rest of her life.

  • I await for the day for most of the people who abhor the father’s actions to one day become fathers themselves(as unlikely as this may be).

    While we scoff at parents who are unable to take care of their children, my parents were unable to deal with my generation because they simply couldn’t transition towards the digital age, and I personally feel for them because of the difficulties they must have had trying to understand why I was addicted to the net. It’s not easy, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult.

    And if I steal from someone who left their door open, am I any more or less morally wrong? Manipulating minors is an easy task, doesn’t make it right.

    • We are not talking about children here. An 16 years old human has already developed an adult level intelligence.

      The law’s definition of “minor” is very arbitrary and has no scientific grounds to back it up. I am not inclined to believe that someone is far more resistant to manipulation on his/her 18th birthday than the day before.

      There is very subtle difference in intelligence between the two age groups and next to no difference in experience.

      The girl is not slaying dragons. It’s just a relationship. Even if she were to go ahead and get pregnant, she can always have an abort. Now if she gets pregnant and decides to carry the child, that would be a poor decision. But then again, if she is that stupid, I doubt 2 or 4 or even 10 years are going to make a difference.

      I hope you don’t get to be in the same situation. Not only will you ruin your life, but you will also scar your daughter for life (not to mention deny someone else their life). I can only imagine how difficult it would be for the girl to form another relationship after something like this.
      Instead of putting yourself in the father’s shoes, try picturing yourself in hers. Maybe the different perspective will give you something to think about.

      • Actuakky, according to science, we don’t fully develop our brains until we’re 25. That would explain the masses of idiotic tweens.

        As an 18-year old teenager, and looking and my lapses in judgement when I consider myself a fairly mature and balanced individual I would say that no, a 16 year-old HASN’T developed “an adult level intelligence” and I kind of symmpathise with the dad also.

  • i have no sympathysing for this father who killed a man.If it was illegal or something then he could deal it with the police.If it’s not illegal then his jealousy is showing that a 38y man was capable of getting his girl and not some younger guy what he probably expected more.
    Do you know getting a girl requires to have something that a girl will like you.
    He was capable of getting her at the legal age of consent,you see others were imcapable.
    The father should be punished much more harsher.

    • That’s just stupid.

      Jealousy? How the hell does jealousy come into the picture. It’s his daughter, a father wants what’s best for his daughter. A 16yo may be legal, but it’s still a kid in puberty.

      Even if the boyfriend didn’t do anything wrong by law, that doesn’t mean the father has to sit idly by and do nothing while in his eyes his kid is in trouble.

      What if the boyfriend was right age but a drug addict, or a homeless guy, or a muslim telling the girl to wear a burqa, or a convicted sex offender, then it would still legally be the same situation.

      • It would also be the same situation if her boyfriend was a perfectly normal guy, rock star, a 90yo geezer, a girl, a transman, etc…

        It’s quite possible to feel jealousy for a family member. “Jealousy” is the fear of loosing something to a 3rd party. It’s not unusual (or rare) for parents to be jealous when a child enters a relationship.
        It’s no different from when a child feels jealousy over a younger sibling. You get less and less attention, and you can see that someone else is taking that place.

      • nothing but excuses,16 is not a child anymore and the age of consent is legal.
        And women don’t change when they are 18 and on in relationships if you know a little more why they like men mostly.
        Puberty is there with a meaning at 16 it is already ok to be together with him.She choose him also.Guess the father went crazy when he learned the true nature of what women like about men and how she was with him(sex will be a small part,but also a very important one which was maybe the part that he was killed).
        Father killed him because he wasn’t prepared to see the true nature of his little girl and how all women are when a woman finds a man that is attractive to her for several reasons.
        More like jealousy of a man with authoirthy because of his age.

  • IMHO, it’s pretty sick for a person of 38 to take advantage of a 16 year old and his death doesn’t bother me in the slightest (but I’m pretty lenient when it comes to the death of sickos or lowlifes).

    That being said in order to keep society in check the father should have been punished far more severely if not just for the fact that he has obviously psychologically abused his daughter by not bringing her up to be smart enough to know what she was doing was retarded.

    Funny though how a dude gets killed for doing it in Japan when in Arab/Muslim countries its a free-for-all when it comes to oldies courting kids.

      • So you’re saying that a 6 yo child that gets into a conversation with a pedophile on a chat site is not being “exploited”. The only difference between a 6 yo and a 16 yo is the level of ignorance. A 16 yo is still ignorant, just to a lesser degree.

        • “Little Girl” activates “kyaaaaa!”.
          “Little Girl” hits “House cockroach” for 6 blunt damage (+3 critical).
          “House cockroach” dies (1 point overkill).
          “Little Girl” gains 5XP.
          Congratulations! You are now level 2.
          You gain +2 charm, +1 wit, +1 intellect, -1 innocence, +2cm bust size, +4cm height.
          You now have one extra ability point to spend.
          “Little Girl” drops “Newspaper”.
          “Little Girl” has learned “Basic Manipulation Resistance (+5)”.

        • Are you seriously comparing a 16-year old and a 6-year old? If the only difference is the level of ignorance, what’s the difference between 16 and 18?

          So they suddenly gain enough experience to not be “exploited” in 2 years? Real life is not an RPG.

    • IMHO it’s pretty sick to make wild assumptions from reading a few hundred words. Or did I miss the place where it’s mentioned that the girl was being exploited in some way. Many young girls are into 40+ men. There is nothing unusual in it.

      Furthermore, how do you figgure that bad parenting makes people retarded? From my personal observations, I can assure you that it’s very possible to have very good parents and still grow up to be dumb shit that doesn’t know better than to keep it’s head out of the lion’s mouth.

      • You learn in basic sociology that what people become depends on their life experiences. Parents play the pivotal role in this. If they were not around or they were abusive or they had extreme views about morality, this will have adverse effects on a person as they grow.

        Unfortunately, there are many misguided parents that think they’re doing the right thing by their child when in fact they’re screwing them up. Take parents who try/tried to “cure” their gay son (poor parenting). Also, overprotecting a child is poor parenting. Poor parenting is a form of abuse.

      • You think “many” 16 yo girls are into 40+ men? Probably right if including the entire world’s population of 16 yo girls. But realistically it’s nothing more than your sick fantasy that little girls are into you (I presume you are 40+ because you seem a bit sensitive to the topic, if I’m mistaken then GTFO).

        I don’t know a single 16 yo dating a 40+ yo in this country. It’s near totally unacceptable in western culture.

        • I assume this from a few conversations I overheard from my classmates when I was in high school. Maybe it was just that many girls in my class were into old men. Maybe there were not being totally honest. Maybe I didn’t hear the full story. Regardless, I’m sure at least one of them was dating some old guy, so there is some truth behind my words.

          Anyway, nice dodging the subject and going directly into a personal attack. A classic ad hominem if I’ve ever seen one.
          It’s a pity you missed your mark by a long shot. I’m half that age. But even if I were 40+, dismissing my arguments just because I’m part of the equation is a very low tactic. Bring real arguments or GTFO.

          Socially unacceptable does not make something any less desirable. It just makes people hide it better. You know, like lolicon manga or the dreaded CP.

          BTW, 16 is not “little girls”.

      • Many 40yo men dating 16yo girls? In which country? Afghanistan? There aren’t many such relationships in the west therefore it IS unusual. You must live in some whacky religious compound.

        Parents are the most significant influence in a child’s life. The style they use to rear a child is what primarily guides them through their crucial years. Just cause they think (or you think) they were “good parents” does not make them so. The fact that the girl was on a dating site picking up guys > x2 her age confirms this.

        • how about my fellow classmate ,she was 19 and dated someone who is 39.Reason,he had expirience and could take care of her.
          What ever all she found attractive,what i mentioned was part of it.
          I didn’t think it was normal,but they are still together after 5 years.

  • That wasn’t a spur of the moment crime of passion or rage. It was basically a trap for the guy, though the age differences were HUGE between him and the girl there are actual civil ways to go about this. Its not like there was any rape involved that could force you to go overboard. Yay anger issues!

  • It’s not even worth it to discuss on this article… It gives us no information about what actually happened. It just gives us bits and pieces of information to make the article biased and should not be taken seriously.

  • I wouldn’t kill him, but I would sure as hell beat the shit out of this sick fuck.

    Then again, he could have always kicked the daughter out of his house for whoring herself out with older men.

  • “What is my precious angel doing with this scum of a man. It can’t be, not my perfect daughter… She’s better than this, she must have been forced or something!”

    *stabs clueless 38 year old NEET*

    Well, I hate to break it to you…dad…but your precious little angel is a cock mongering whore – one of many these days. The world would be a better place if some parents came to terms with that, but ofcourse silly me, it’s easier to stick your head in the sand.

  • I can totally understand the father.

    In general (no offence to people her age) a 16 year old may be ready for a relationship, but isn’t and doesn’t act as an adult yet.
    (obviously because she has her current life (in a protecting environment) as a reference to life, and hasn’t had the experiences someone older than her have had, like unemployment, getting a job, working, drivers license and saving money, …).

    a 38yo man is a big age difference, if she was older, like 18 or 19, it wouldn’t be a problem, altough age isn’t really a good indicator of adulthood, but we can assume a 16yo to be mentally too young and inexperienced for a 38yo.

    If we look at how we think and act now, and how we thought and acted when we were 16, it is usually clear that we matured since then. The younger people will certainly understand in a few years.

    • Barbarian of Gor says:

      I agree with you, and I’ve made my own post on the issue.

      This is some place where the “Old School” should apply. He is the father, the master of his house. All kids, boys and girls, go through a ‘rebellious’ stage and the first person the girl likes is almost always someone the parent’s would not choose for her.

      Yet, in today’s “Enlightened” day and age the “First date” can impregnate her than not support the child cause he’ll never get a non “Work Release” job who’s wages can be garnished. So she’ll stay at home and mess up her chances in no small part because of that and make your grandchild a “Bastard”.

      But to oppose this is to be “Oppressive and sexist”? Or, dare I say “Barbaric”?

      • In this day and age, we have wonderful things like condoms, contraceptives and even abortion procedures. Combined, these methods make it nearly impossible (save for some outrageously rare situations) to have an unwanted child.

        In today’s enlightened society, any woman who decides to bear a child without having a solid foothold that will ensure she can live comfortably with it is deserving of whatever comes to her.

        Being burdened by nature is no excuse when medical science gives so many viable alternatives.

    • Oh, and she would be ready at 18? Does some magical change occur once you hit that age? I must have missed it, because I didn’t feel any different on my 18th birthday than the day before.

      As far as I can judge, 30 year old adults can act just as dumb as they do on 15. Should we also keep them locked up as well?

      Age is overrated. What causes transcend into the so called “adulthood” is experience. Experience they are not going to gain if they are being told they are children and not allowed to make their own choices. One must make mistakes in order to learn from them. The longer you shield children from reality, the slower they will mature. You can’t cuddle them until your death bed. And even if you do, you would achieve nothing.

        • he obviously means with highway to give her the freedom to do as she pleases. The analogy is fitting.

          A friend’s girlfriend (we were 18, she 15) didn’t get any response from her mother after sneaking out to party every week. Now 5 years later, my friend had to dump her because she refused to grow up, now she’s a high school dropout cleaning toilets, because her mother gave her so much freedom nobody deemed her ready for instead of drawing and enforcing a line.

        • And what would be the “highway” in your analogy? I fail to see the danger in dating someone twice your age. Lack of good taste? Yes. But not any more dangerous than dating someone her age.

          The article doesn’t give us much details, but her boyfriend probably wasn’t a member of Hell’s angels.

      • quote: “age isn’t really a good indicator of adulthood, but we can assume a 16yo to be mentally too young and inexperienced for a 38yo.”

        If you’re planning to bash a comment, at least read it properly. The anon of the comment has a point, I’m 22 and I have a hard time imagining myself acting the way I did when I was 18 right now, let alone the kid without real worries when I was 16.
        you’re right about not shielding too much, but you don’t just throw a kid in harm’s way. You make sure it has the minimal experience required to survive.

        • In his comment he claims that 16 is too young to have a sound judgement but 18 is not. In my comment, I claim that’s bullshit. What’s wrong with my bashing?

          You are one person. Do you know the statistical chance of error from a sample of 1? It’s 50%. Just as good as flipping a coin.

          What’s so harmful in having a relationship with someone twice her anyway age? Is it any more harmful in having a relationship with someone her age?
          And when is it ok to stab the boyfriend to death?

    • Hell yeah, two years totally makes all the difference! As a comment above says, I find it hilarious that most of the people here blather on about “moralfags”, but then reveal themselves to be the same breed when presented with an issue like this.

      • It is partly true, when I see kids in puberty right now I think “damn, did I really act so childish”. I know we all did back then, but me nor my friends would act like that right now.

        I would say if the 2 years makes the difference of being a child in puberty and a young adult who has made his share of mistakes, it would make a difference in decisionmaking.

    • Fuck , w/e if you offend people her age.. people her age wouldn’t be here to fucking read it anyways – or rather AIN’T SUPPOSE TO BE, but noooo were not throwing a shitfit about that lol

      so stop being a prune, and dont be sorry.

  • Their jury selection system must be pretty loose if they let a juror (even a quasi one) even hint at possible sympathy while he’s on record. That’s pretty much asking for an appeal by the prosecutors.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:


    It should be legal for him to kill the man. It’s his daughter and IMO if she’s dating a much older man he’d better be a “Sugar Daddy” who’s willing to make a reasonable commitment like signing over a generous amount of money for a marriage contract.

    IMO, one of the worst things done in the modern world is to take away the authority of a man to be the “Law” in his own household and over it.

    The fornicator was at fault here. He should have gone to whores or just masturbated and worked at getting a job and making sure he could support himself. Then, if he had limited means find a homeless girl/woman to take in if he feels he wouldn’t be seen as an acceptable mate for a girl with a father who can protect her.

    • Displeased that you are not given special privileges just because you are a man? Or are you just trolling?

      Where is the harm in letting girls have sex with whoever they want? Last I checked, they all have a head on their shoulders. The girl in question was old enough to make decisions herself. If her father is a control freak that refuses to keep his nose out of her most personal matters, than it is he that has the biggest issues.

      There is never a good enough reason to stab people to death. “Law” is a set of rules that prevent crime. What you describe is not law, but revenge.
      You’ve missed the middle ages by a thousand years. If you don’t like it, then start working on a time machine.

      • Barbarian of Gor says:

        I was being dead serious.

        Forget “More rights” as a man, how ’bout ANY rights?

        Is the cost of letting women vote and support themselves if they can’t get along with men, to have them have more rights than men? Is the cost of treating all men as brothers, of not enslaving the black man and randomly beating one to death, burning his skin with a blowtorch and hanging him for fun to be that he gets more rights than white men, that white men are hindered because some of them were bigots? (none of my kin, btw, no slaves, etc.) Is the cost of not making queers choke on dick, namely their own after cutting it off of them, to be that men who think the idea is a “Pain in the Ass” to be treated like bigots for a mere “Uh, ain’t my thang, but I’m live and let live.”?

        What if you kill robbers entering your home, even if they are going to kill you and your family just for the fun of it? The pigs will try to charge you as a murderer. Oh, let’s say you were gone so the thieves just ransacked the house… The pigs will do everything possible to let the thieves escape, because they just might fight back. But, oh are the pigs heroic and aggressive to write tickets or call in the SWAT team when a “White Male” goes nuts, like just starts yelling at a fast food clerk or flight attendant.

        And, boy can women fornicate. And look who they tend to choose of their own free will. As in all classic cases, the daughter’s first choice of date is almost always someone her father hates. Except now he impregnates her and leaves her to rely on her father’s shelter to raise his bastard.

        Yet, does the “Fornication” work both ways? No, it does not.

        These “Hyenas in Petticoats”, these “Modern women who seek to destroy men” plan to make all “Sex Tours” a “Sex Crime” and they go out of their way to try to ruin any relationship with a “Mail order/Torist” bride, just to hurt men and create one more woman who marries men for alimony. I’m not talking kids, I’m talking just getting adult women for fun and for partners from other countries. This is, btw, on the agenda of “Equality Now” as much as banning “Virtual CP”…

        But you are just as sexist to say “No Fault divorce = no responsibility” so that if a woman decides the marriage is only for alimony, to deprive her of it. Who cares that she can get almost any job she’s remotely qualified for and get ahead in it by threatening “Sexual Harassment”, she’s a “Defensless woman” who needs to at a drop of a hat leave her husband and take the bulk of his labors and the kids while rutting with any non-producing male catches her fancy…

        Why do you support a society? Oh, no I don’t think you do. I think you just demand what you can from it but would burn it all down for a dollar and frankly at this point I wouldn’t really argue with you.

        I say Rome’s laws should have been kept. That a man was lord in his house. That he did “Own” (technically) the women and men under him in it. That fucking his daughter without his permission was a crime indeed that while the authorities could try to prevent a “Blood Feud” by turning it into a “Fine/jail” issue death was a possible outcome.

        • Barbarian of Gor says:

          I’m actually of “Barbarian” stock;-)

          Irish/Celtic mix and my ken mostly came way before the “Potato Famine” more to escape “Persecution” from the British maggot parasites. And went far west even before it was popular as mountain men, mixing with Indians.

          If it wasn’t for the “Empire Builders” overrunning us, we’d have been at home in the wild.

  • I am sorry, but NO ONE should sympathize with this father…. if anyone should sympathize with anyone, it should be the man who was murdered for basically no reason whatsoever by this father.

  • This kind of parental love and the sympathy for women and children is really dangerous for society.

    I fear families/friends more than criminals. Don’t you dare insult a member of someone’s family, even though he/she is clearly in fault. They will defend their beloved ones beyond logic and reason.

    His daughter was obviously a fucking whore, who cares about her, but oh wait, the father thinks that HIS daughter is something special, HIS daughter is better than that.

    Fucking disgusting. Stay away from families and close friends, they are scary and dangerous.

  • The judge and jury were not impartial….. they should’ve been able to see the case from more than just the protective father position.

    That, and a person was murdered….. premeditated, if that handy kitchen knife is anything to go by.

    The case should be retried…. and a heavier sentence given. Sympathetic or not, the father did intend to kill that NEET.

    • Yeah, not funny in the slightest, and this man was NOWHERE NEAR being a ‘predator’ (which is just a bullshit designation made up by people who hate pedosexuals) in the slightest.

      • Pedophilia is not a sexual orientation, it’s a fetish.

        It is also morally unjustifiable, since people who have not yet reached puberty are not mentally or physically ready to have sex and cannot understand all of the ramifications.

        • “Pedophilia” is attraction to girls/boys who are bellow the age of puberty. Anything above 13 it is healthy sexual attraction, even if not socially acceptable.

          Of course, that’s ignoring the legal systems in some overly moralistic countries who would brand any relation bellow and above 18 “pehophilia”, even if the subjects in question have less than 1 month difference in age.

        • We’re talking about the same article, right?
          You do realize the girl was 16, right? You do realize puberty usually starts at around 12-13, right? You do realize than age of majority and age of consent above the physical maturity threshhold is arbitrary bs, right?

    • Here! Here! The guy might had just lost his job recently and was looking for another, or quit to start his own business. Or had money in the bank and didn’t need to work. It doesn’t mean he was a worthless.

      As about age. Well you people cry moralfags and conservatives to others about loli manga and staff you like but in other matters you are the same fags as them. Yeah he was older but if she was happy and he was good to her who the fuck are you to judge? She can date who ever the fuck she wants. Her dad is free to not approve and give his opinion but he has no right to use violence against him.

      • Since when does it involve a right? More like the ability to literally stab the shit out of you. It’s a give or take situation. blood for blood, obviously you deflower my child whom I am silly enough to still believe she’s a virgin. And each of those droplets of blood equate to about a gallon of blood each from you.

        One person can’t help the fact that the other dumbfuck decided to chase around his “what I consider” underage daughter, AND on top of it all, ignorant enough to chase after the light at the end of the fuckin tunnel..


  • The act can never be justified but I can understand why the judge lowered the sentence. An argument beforehand can easily escalate, especially if it concern your daughter.

    If my 16year old daughter (if I ever get any)was dating some 38old good-for-nothing I wouldn’t be too happy either.

  • It’s understandable that the father wouldn’t want his daughter dating that man but murder is still murder. He should get the same sentencing that other murderers get (unless he can prove that it was actually in self-defense, which doesn’t seem likely).

      • Not quite so. The principle of “presumption of innocence” only applies when establishing weather the prosecuted party has indeed committed the crime they are accused of. It’s not the prosecution’s job to prove what did not occur. It’s the defence that claims self-defence and it is they who must provide proof for their claims.
        Otherwise, what stops the defence from making outrageous claims which the prosecution has no chance of disproving? Should the prosecution be required to prove false every claim of demonic possession, black magic, alien intervention and/or spacetime error? Such things cannot even be reasonably undermined, let alone proven false.
        The judge/jury cannot assume anything the defence says is true. They are only to assume that the defendant’s plea of innocence is true without sufficient evidence of the opposite.

        IANAL, TINLA

        • snakeofoctober says:

          For further proof: Once the question of self-defense is put in issue, the onus is on the prosecution to disprove at least one of these elements beyond reasonable doubt. If the prosecution fail to disprove at least one of these elements the accused will be entitled to an acquittal. Taken from http://www.criminal-lawyers.com.au/web/page/self_defence

          But again this case has nothing to do with self defense. It is about intent. Which judging by the guilty verdict I assume the prosecution was able to establish. The fact that the judge passed on a lighter sentence is due to the fact that it is his right to pass a sentence that he deems fit.

        • snakeofoctober says:

          No wrong, the burden of proving intent also rests on the prosecution. Intent can make the difference between murder and manslaughter. I have served on a jury for a murder trial and my father is a lawyer. Trust me, I have a very good understanding of the legal system (at least in the US) Also, your argument about alien abduction is absurd. This is the very reason for the phrase “beyond a reasonable doubt” reasonable being the key word here. To clarify I was not stating any opinion on the aforementioned case, just the ignorance of H-Ero.

      • The judge accepted that the act was murder. He simply gave smaller sentence because he sympathized. That’s stupid. He basically let him get of easily because he shares similar opinions.

    • The victim was probably a scum bag, but people who sympathise with murderers are completely sick in their head, no matter the circumstances. That judge should be removed from office.

      • not douchebag,only to you and society having problems with his age difference.If he managed to get this girl with such an age difference and it was legal then he very well deserves having this girl for being so capable of getting her,for what ever quality he had that she choose him.Others didn’t he was first.

        Then see if she will leave him latter or forever stay together.

      • celcius_01 says:

        What? He couldn’t say “back off from my kid!” first? Or “get a job, boy!”?
        Somebody teach that dad how to reason, and that judge how to judge.
        Is it really that OK to just go out there and kill people? What a wonderful world we live in today.

      • So let me get this. The guy should be killed because he was older than her?
        So what if he was 38 and she was 16? She chose him didn’t she? It’s her right if she doesn’t want a young man. The guy did nothing wrong.
        Her father is a cold bloody murderer and that’s all there is do it. Even if he doesn’t like the relationship, is not an excuse for taking a mans life.

      • Well that just means that you’d be a bad parent. Over protective parenting is whats leading the children of the world to ruin. When you oppress your kids then they act out more when they become adults and do things like dating people twice their age, punks, drug dealers, ect.

        They are also more prone to being ignorant of the way the world works. You need to let kids make their own decisions and mistakes, give them the opportunity and responsibility to stand on their own two feet.

        Otherwise they will never grow, now yes they may become something that you don’t approve of or not fit your mold; but you know what they are their own person. You didn’t turn out like your parents wanted and neither will your kids.

        But on the topic at hand, if I did have a daughter who was dating and old lowlife I wouldn’t like it. But then again I don’t have to like it. However it’s her life so I’m not going to interfere in it. She’ll figure out he’s worthless in her own time and dump him anyway.

      • The judge most likely just saw it from the killers eyes.

        Honestly it is the daughters fault for going out with a 38 year old. I mean dating older men is not something a father talks daily about.

        Hell if you blame the father then I guess it is all the parents fault for kids that tried pot as teens when they told them not to. Is it the parents fault? If you think so you are a fucking idiot. Kids fully know what trouble smoking pot can do if they get caught.

        Don’t blame the father for the daughters actions. And yes what the father did was fucking wrong all together. And taking a life is never something good. I just can’t stand it when people blame the father for the daughters actions.

        I mean for fuck sake. I guess it is the parents fault if a kid ever picks up smoking, beats up someone, gets someone pregers, buys a bunch of junk food.

        Kids know what is bad and good. We tell them that, and kids know what is normal. It is their choice to decide to make those choices. So don’t blame the father for his daughters dumbass choices.

        It is the fucking kids fault for dating an older man not the fucking father.

        • @Artefact:

          Maybe the father called the guy over for dinner.

          Father: “So I heard you’re dating my underage daughter. Why don’t you have a seat over there.”

          Man: “Uhhhh, okay.”

          Father: “While we’re talking, let’s eat dinner. I cooked. I’m really good at cooking, you know.”

          Man: *takes a bite* “GAHH THIS IS DISGUSTING!”

          Father: “What… did… you… say?!?!?!?”

          *stab stab stab*

        • TehBoringOne says:

          I dunno, there’s too much that is not specified in the article. The way it’s worded raises several questions:

          How did the boyfriend sustain himself? All it says was that he was unemployed. There is a large room for speculation here.

          What kind of discussion erupted?

          Where did the discussion take place, that was so easy to have a knife handy for the father to “sheath” inside his daughter’s boyfriend three times?

          How did the boyfriend act towards the father?

          I can’t say if I consider the sentence was too light or a good one on what little is said.

          For all I know, the so called boyfriend could have been a leech, trying to get some teenage ass and cruise until he got a job… Maybe he was trying to act as a decent boyfriend and then sell the daughter to prostitution, while disappearing from the eyes of the father… Or maybe he was an honest, unemployed 38 years old man… I don’t know, and speculating like this is no good most of the time.

        • Most murderers are not serial killers who enjoy killing a bunch of people. I’m sure you could release most murders from prison and they would be no danger to society. I’m not saying that murderers shouldn’t be punished, but in cases like these, life imprisonment just isn’t reasonable in my opinion. A murderer would better serve society by getting back out to work and paying taxes instead of using your tax money to pay for his life in prison.

        • I wonder where the conversation took place. In the kitchen, living room, study room, dining room. He must have other blunt objects to use before he could run to the kitchen, golf club, bat, frying pan.

          Also lol defense, it’s your fault for standing in the path of a drunk driver.

        • “Being angry, stressed, distraught, etc does not excuse someone from obeying the law.”

          No, but it can make a hell of a defense. If you come home and find that someone has killed your wife and kids, and catch him in the kitchen having a sandwich…and grab a knife and stab him to death, the court is likely to cut you some slack (and maybe even a high-five if you live in Texas). However, what this guy didn’t doesn’t rise to that level. There doesn’t seem to be evidence he planned the murder, but simply snapped at the time, probably because he was telling the guy to stay the hell away from his daughter and he refused. So he grabbed a knife and sushied him. The sentence seems pretty reasonable, IMHO.

        • Should be a 20 year sentence or life imprisonment. Taking another person’s life should only be allowed for defending from a lethal attack.

          This case most probably was a planned murder.

        • I can’t see it being premeditated by just reading this article. Obviously his daughter is dating a much older man, so he wants to meet the man fucking his daughter – so he’s already on edge. He just need one more excuse, as if that bombshell wasn’t enough – just to stick w/object was closest to impale the fuck with.
          I’m sure he probably appreciated a sharp knife instead of being pummeled to death with a bat or what have you.

          Although I don’t know what the legal age there is anyways, so what I say could be nulled anyways. Whether it’s legal there, can’t say I would agree with it anyways

        • I’d stab my own daughter if she was 16 and dating a 38 year old guy, actually, i’d stab myself, it’d probably be my fault for not educating her.

          Parents are usually at fault in this situation, I can’t blame the 38 year old that fell in love with a whore youngster, the girl and the dad are the ones at fault in my opinion.

        • The way you wrote it sounds like it could have been a crime of passion. The guy invited him to his house to try and talk to him to stay away from his daughter, they had an argument, the dude grabs a knife from the kitchen and stabs him.

          Do you not have knives in your house Artefact?

        • Ah, my mistake. I must say though I still don’t think he should be fully accountable for the murder, the shock must have affected his mental state, is it not PC to care about such things in modern times. Not saying he shouldn’t have been punished though.

  • If I had a daughter dating some old guy I would go berserk on him as well. Although I wouldn’t murder the guy even if in my mind I have the desire to kill him, I would just severely injure and instill fear into him.

    Who cares if 16 is legal to marry, those girls are still kids and naive. They’re not fully adults and don’t know much, but should still be hold responsible for the faults they have caused. You’re not an adult until you’re 20+, have a job and living on your own.