Square Enix Fury at TV MMORPG Lies


Square Enix looks to be furious at faked TV reports about fanatical players of MMORPGs (Final Fantsay XI being a case in point).

Hiromichi Tanaka, lead developer for Final Fantasy XI and Senior Vice President of Software Development, tweeted thus:

“The other day we had enquiries from that station about a piece on ‘introducing online gaming’ –it was pretty suspect and we refused to participate, which seems to have been the right thing to do.

As expected the contents were completely different to what they said it would be and were totally negative.

Just what the hell were they playing at?”

At issue was a previously introduced TBS programme showing MMORPG fanatics as maniacs with no life whatsoever. A follow-up was aired showing how wretched the life of a (presumed) Final Fantasy XI player was:


2ch’s notorious detective abilities soon spotted that the date displayed on the clock was actually from December, not February as was claimed in the show.

The individual featured also made certain suspect appearances previously on the station, not at all consistent with the tragic tale given in the show itself, here as a “pro-wrestler”:


With TV stations evidently happy to manufacture reports of otaku deviance it seems little wonder they remain so despised in Japan.

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