Police have finally arrested a man alleged to have raped an already pregnant schoolgirl 10 times, subsequently forcing her to service men for money with which to procure her own abortion. He then spent the money in preparation for his upcoming exams.

The man, a 33-year-old civil servant working in the Korean capital of Seoul, somehow became acquainted with a pregnant middle school girl.

Upon hearing of the 15-year-old girl’s “plight,” in true gentlemanly fashion he offered to pay for an abortion (who the actual father was is not clear) if she would but meet him.

Luring her back to his home he is alleged to have sexually assaulted her 10 times, after which he told the then 6-months pregnant girl that she would have to earn the cash for her abortion herself.

He then began forcing her to sell her body; in total she is said to have done so 20 times, making some 2,000,000 won ($1,750) in the process. He reportedly used the money to buy revision books for his upcoming civil service exams.

The civil servant was recently arrested, although as he apparently committed the offences over 3 years ago the police reaction is a belated one.

Whether the girl ever received an abortion is not recorded.


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