Australia “Recognises New Sex”


The Australian government now recognises that humans come in three sexes, not two as in lesser nations.

The government of New South Wales responded to recent recommendations by the Australian Human Rights Commission in dealing with the case of “Norrie” by issuing an unprecedented legal ruling.

Norrie, a 48-year-old transsexual of Scottish extraction living in Sydney, was born male but wanted to become a woman, and at age 23 embarked on a program of hormonal and surgical modification to this end.

However, even resembling a woman Norrie was not happy, so it instead opted to adopt a “gender neutral” third gender identity.

Official documents required a male/female specification, making Norrie uncomfortable.

Officials were initially sceptical of its request for an entirely new gender category, but after doctors obligingly claimed they were unable to determine Norrie’s gender due to a lack of gonads and ambiguous levels of hormones, and Norrie declining to identify with either sex, they accepted a “gender neutral” identity as being most appropriate.

As a result of all this wrangling, Norrie received a ‘Sex Not Specified’ Recognised Details Certificate in place of a traditional birth certificate, officially making it a new gender.

Norrie, describing itself as an “androgynous anarchist deeply committed to humanity and this planet’s ecosystems, and therefore opposed to purely profit driven corporations and governmental bullying and terrorism,” seems to be happy to get the best of both worlds whatever others may think:

“Whether I am seen as a man or as a woman or both or neither is different for many people. I don’t see myself as absolutely one or the other; although I may use the ladies loos for convenience, I use the men’s change rooms at the pool if I am with gay male friends.”

A transsexual pressure group, SAGE, claims this precedent will be of particular help to hermaphrodites:

“This decision now has fundamental ramifications for neuter and intersex identified individuals in that they no longer have to be forced to live as male or female.

Furthermore it is an enormous legal breakthrough for the rights of intersex children whose doctors and parents are confused about their sex at births and that they could be registered as ‘Sex Not Specified’ until they decide what sex would be right for them.”

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