English Teacher Rape Fiend Violates 40 Schoolgirls


An American teaching English in Japan has been arrested for sexually assaulting at least 40 schoolgirls, videotaping himself abusing them in over 600 tapes. He admits to raping one elementary school girl because she “pestered” him, and explains his indecent filming as “creating a record of their transition to adulthood for them.”

The 69-year-old English teacher, an American long term resident of Fukuoka prefecture, was reportedly initially arrested in January on suspicion of indecently assaulting an elementary schooler whom he had been teaching in a classroom he operated at his home.

Police launched an investigation in response, soon uncovering evidence that he had assaulted another pupil some years ago, charges he admitted, saying “she was pestering me so I did her.”

Police searched his residence, finding over 600 videotapes. Analysing the contents of the confiscated tapes, they found evidence that the teacher had assaulted at least 40 schoolgirls over a 10 year period, most of whom appeared to be in elementary school.

He explained to police that he was “creating a record of their transition from childhood to adulthood to show to them later.”

His modus operandi was to call the girls to his home on some pretext, such as holding a “study session,” and then contrive to film them there. He secured their silence by telling them “Keep this a secret or your parents and teacher will be arrested.”

Police found no evidence he had been selling the tapes, suggesting they were for personal use.

He faces charges of rape, indecent assault and manufacturing child pornography. Police investigations continue.

English teachers in Japan, generally unqualified and completely unregulated, have a reputation for being scurrilous womanisers who substitute the colour of their skin for actual teaching qualifications, although cases of them actually molesting schoolgirls are rare, especially compared to the blighted state of the Japanese teaching profession.

Their already dubious reputation seems unlikely to improve in light of this incident, however.

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