“What’s Wrong With Having Sex With Your Teacher?”


Sex in school and with teachers is a fact of life, say schoolgirls, who happily share the details of their intimate encounters as though they were recalling what happened in class.

An experienced 14-year-old girl, beguilingly conservative looking with undyed hair and a low hem, is blunt in conversation with an Asahi Weekly reporter:

“What’s wrong with loving your teacher? At the moment, I’m dating mine.”

She speaks proudly of her precocious conquest of a teacher in his thirties, who she describes as “cool”:

“I finally did it with my teacher a while back. On Valentine’s, we met at night, and I told him ‘take me instead of the chocolate’ – we had sex in the car then and there. He was actually my second but I told him he was my first.”

She describes how teachers and students often exchange mails, and that this actually led to her own relationship:

“That evening I got a reply – ‘is it ok to start a relationship we can never tell anyone about?’ Of course I immediately replied ‘OK.’

It seems he had other pupils, but he stopped it with them. He said ‘I liked you from first glance.’ Delightful. Having this secret together really gets my heart racing.”

Daring encounters in school itself were not uncommon; she recalls proudly how after class the couple would kiss in school, and even touch in class itself at times.

“I was breathless and my chest was tight in those wonderful moments.”

One middle-school teacher speaks candidly of his trials in the face of the budding womanhood of his charges:

“Middle school girls these days are really mature. Of course it varies with the individual, but when I was a schoolboy there were 1-2 sexy girls in the whole year. Now there are 10 ‘womanly’ girls in each class. They’ll innocently ask ‘when did sir first do it?’ and ‘when was your first kiss?’ Honestly, it’s hard to maintain control.”

Another girl, 15, speaks of her activities with fellow students, again coordinated by mail:

“My boyfriend asks me so we do it every day at school. Usually in the morning. Last night I had a mail asking ‘shall we do it tomorrow morning?’ I said sure, we went to school early and did it on the classroom veranda. Sometimes I get mails asking to do it after school when I’m still in class.”

She says of all this that:

“H is proof of how much you love each other. He likes me too, so he wants to do it all the time too.”

Such love is common – she estimates a quarter of her classmates are sexually active.

Yet another girl, 14, explains how she is happy to help out her boyfriend:

“He’s in the same school as me. When the chime goes off he seems to get hard, so when he can’t stand it we go off to the toilets at break and I get him off.”

Far from having to put up with this, she happily takes the lead and actively invites to the toilets, she says.

Tales of schoolgirl sex are usually presented as “a sign of the times,” with the insinuation that youthful sex is in some way unnatural or undesirable,  but in fact statistics seem to show the proportion of sexually active schoolgirls has been stable for some time.

One official with a sex education foundation does however explain that high rates of mobile phone ownership amongst such schoolgirls are thought to be making it easier for girls to maintain intimate (or indeed, commercial) relationships, due to the ease and privacy of such communication.

Similarly, though middle and elementary schools teach about pregnancy but not sex, where schools are silent the Internet speaks volumes.

Indeed, under such circumstances it is perhaps more surprising that sexual activity amongst the youth of Japan has remained so stable.

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  • Anonymous says:

    as a teacher myself, my students also try to flirt with me to a point i started to give her more attention than others..but I still keep in mind that i am a teacher and she is a student…
    but still, she’s a women and i a man…

  • God damn it! This is the only thing that makes me wish I were a teenager again. I went at a school where the girls were so tightassed that I’m pretty sure they didn’t let out a fart in school grounds =(

  • man not that many girls at my school in UK where that sexual active obviously more than what their parents probably knew but teacher relationships was pretty low, a lot of students find teachers annoying and if they like them they dont want to have sex with them when I was at school.

  • Bakamoichigei says:

    So I was born in the wrong country AND 10-15 years too early?! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUU–!!!

    I sadly missed out on such escapades in my formative years. ;(

    I guess that’s why the occasional non-weird story in Comic Tenma or the like about friends or classmates hooking up really turns me on. <_<;

    On a similar note, why the hell does all the weird crap in eromanga mags greatly outnumber the 'happy sex' stories? :E

    I think there's a market for a monthly that caters to people who just want some good clean ero. ;<

  • Let’s just be Great Teacher Onizukas. My friends already accomplished this feature a few years back. Yes you can get intimate with your students if you’re a college or highschool teacher as long it’s a secret until graduation.

  • In the Us this would never fly i mean the whole teacher student thing but u never really hear about like schoolboys having sex with hot women teachers in japan i mean i am sure it has happened but u only see shit like that in Hentai and i have never really heard about it either though

  • Anonymous says:

    Hmm when I was in school I got a crackpot sex ed lesson. came home with questions that didn’t get answered so I went to the interwebz and discovered porn… best find of my life, the greatest find was hentai XD

  • triniking1234 says:

    For Fuck’s Sake.
    Where were these eager chicks when I was in secondary school? -_-

    Anyway. I wonder how this topic would be from the views of male students. When this situation happens with men, we treat them like heroes but we treat the female students as bitches and whores.

  • Anonymous says:

    “What’s Wrong With Having Sex With Your Teacher?”
    none if ur old enought to understand what that implies. i dont beleave the 18yrs old should b of any importance if u look legaly 17 its against the law and 18 not, but who the hell can tell me what will change in a year? even if its not a yeard shes 17 today 18 next week and today,for example, she posts her naked pics its still considered child pornography to the eyes of the cops, but nothing changes in a week when she goes 18. isnt the 18yrs old law supposed to mean that she mentaly ready to understand what all the action implies and their consequences? then i must say cops r as dumb as they look, cuz i dont beleave something snaps inside that girls head in just a week (using the last example) that will make her know “what the hell have i done with posting those pics.” now if if u say that girl(boy) was 12 maybe less ye she(he) doesnt know what she(he)’s doing.

  • There are plenty of things wrong with teacher-student sexual relationships, however, none of those things is specifically related to the act of sex. The real problem is the prospect of someone in that relationship being victim of blackmailing, indoctrination and other similar stuff.

    If the teacher and student are certain about wanting a relationship, the wisest choice would be to wait until the student graduates from school.

  • The real question we should be asking is “What is wrong with having sex with anyone (regardless of their age) as long as the other person wishes to have sex with you?”

    The answer is, of course, NOTHING…. no such thing in reality as ‘child molestation’, no such thing as ‘statutory rape’, etc.

    And I find it hard to believe that even an extremely violent sexual encounter (which I had happen to me when I was 12, and which was done by other boys my same age and YOUNGER than me) would ‘ruin’ someone’s life!

    It’s a load of BULLCRAP when someone says that ‘ruined their life’… no, they ALLOWED it to ‘ruin’ their life.

    They aren’t like myself, a pedosexual who has to stay mostly underground (except with my friends and family) because I could be KILLED if I expose my sexuality!

  • No, children don’t understand sex. Any psychologist and sexologist will tell you the same.

    It comes down to the fact that children are literally born with functional sex organs (erections at birth and vaginal lubrication) but that doesn’t mean they have sex – no! (This also does NOT mean puberty – different hormones are involved in that!)

    There needs to be more education on masturbation – that it can make you feel good too. And that love without (or very little) sex has been reported as more emotionally satisfying because love isn’t just sex, as children seem to grasp it.

    There are ‘mature’ children out there – and thank goodness for that – but mindset takes a long time to actually encompass sex.

    • I partially agree with you Anon 12:31, cognition development is connected to biological age, however, you should also consider: are children ignorant because they are children? or are they ignorant because I treat them like ignorants?

      Also, 14 years old can hardly be considered ‘children’ for the purpose of cognition development. A 20 year old is not any more mathematically logical than a 14 year old, provided they both have the same level of knowledge about the matter being assessed, of course.

    • BULL! Yes, they CAN have sex (I was at the age of 3, and I mean full on intercourse).

      It’s time to STOP putting YOUR value judgments on those children and saying ‘THEIR MINDSET IS WRONG!’

      Again, VALUE JUDGMENT WHICH YOU CAN SHOVE UP YOUR ASS! (booming this out at 200 decibels)

      We simply need to realize that children are sexual creatures from birth, enjoy sex UNTIL they are brainwashed with the idea that ANYONE who is having sex with them is ‘taking advantage’ of them, and move on!

  • Japan should get rid of condoms, abortions, and birth control pills. It might raise their birth rate and lower their youthful sex crisis if it was no longer possible to have irresponsible safe sex (ie. if you have sex, you’re either getting pregnant, getting std’s, or you’re not going to have it at all). If people had to think about that, maybe they wouldn’t jump on the screwy sex bandwagon. Kids have better things to do than be screwing each other like animals in heat all day.

  • Age of consent is not the issue. It’s Conflict of Interest.

    If teachers are allowed to sleep with students in his class. The educational grading system will be completely tainted.

    And from what I gather, this sounds like a girl who craves attention and a thrill from getting caught. If love is there, she will never jeopardized a love one’s position for an interview. It doesn’t take much to narrow down to which teacher she’s sleeping with and get everyone in trouble. It’s the same reason she mentioned about sex in the public places.

    This article is all about this schoolgirl craving attention and the angle is written to incite outrage.

  • This website is full of sick sick fucks. I know most of you have never touched a woman, but please don’t advocate going for little girls just because you are all sad pathetic fuks.

  • hearing a young girl talk like that makes me really sad, with all the j porn, magazines and h manga, no wonder poor little girls who should be enjoying the more innocent and childlike things in life is so naive to think this shit will make her mature.
    parents fail.
    girl fail.
    media fail.
    country fucked up.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if it was entirely made up, but from my own school experiences although I can remember no student-teacher relationships I do remember many student-student ones. most of my peers were having sex the moment puberty hit, and I’m sure this hasn’t changed.

  • google image: map age of sexual consent. Though there are some exception laws in the US from state to state such as 16 is ok as long as the partner is within three years of age of them. I apparently broke this by one year and got away with it. “Hey, she came on to me officer.” Apparently I have the gift, but I don’t want to be a douchebag and use women. Yet some people say I should go for it since they’ll end up being a completely clueless bitch anyway, which is what she ended up being. I’m on the fence about it. Just don’t want the her to do something that’ll screw me over (kill me after developing an obsession, land me in jail, sex offender registration etc.). Even women know how messed up women are, but they’ll never admit it up front.

  • Conclusion, 2-part:

    1) We all have the wrong job or in the wrong school.

    2) If we have the right job and right school, we are in the wrong place.

    It’s sad how the sexual fantasies of ours never get realized.

  • I understand the concern of student-teacher dating. No one wants a bias for or against certain students but love knows no bounds. This isn’t something you can just stop. I bet this subject is older than anyone knows.

    • I sort of doubt that it has anything to do with love. Its more of lust and desperation on the teachers’ part. For the schoolgirls its more of wanting to be more mature since they think dating a much older man makes them more mature and experience when they’re not. They have a very naive mentality. It makes them easy targets and easy to manipulate.

  • All I see is desperate old guys who can’t get a woman around their own age and go for the easiest targets, preying on young naive teenage girls. It’s easy to capture them since they don’t have much experience about the world. So if you want a teenage girl come to Japan! It’s easy!

    • All I see is desperate old guys who can’t get a woman around their own age and go for the easiest targets, preying on young naive teenage girls

      I think you need glasses, or contact lenses to correct that failing eye sight.

      Most of these guys talk the talk, but probably won’t walk the walk.

      Plus, if I wanted a teenage sex partner, I’d kidnap one. But, much like with actual relationships with women my age, there’s too much hassle involved. So…. no trip to Japan for underage sex… no dates with overreaching, flanderized women.

      I’ll wait until they actually finish production of the first reyveitals, tyvm.

  • I am sure some boys would wish to have a sexual relationship with there female teacher.I get hit on when I was young by older women it doesn’t mean tap them bang unless they buy me Dinner frist.

  • Sexual activity was entirely common in middle and high school. I had a pregnant classmate in the 7th grade, and several more in high school.

    In my second year of high school (1st by Japanese standards) a classmate was having an affair with our English teacher. Everyone knew, but nobody said anything. Incidentally, she also went to my middle school, so I wonder if she was seeing any teachers then…

    As for me, I’m the one who posts about my moe NEET lover from time to time – when we were in high school, he was actually my cool senpai! We didn’t become sexually active until after he graduated and entered his current NEET lifestyle. I regret nothing!

  • damn, I wonder if this applies to college folks and FEMALE teachers as well. If that were the case, i’d never miss a day of class. I swear, college proffs get younger and younger. At least in the art department at my college….

  • Fuck this! Virgin Mary coming to punish all the nasty sluts…..no marriage = no sex point and simple. Losing virginity before marriage = to death sentence….these will be new rules..refuse them and die…..don’t care if 90% of you will there will be less of you on earth and more to repopulate with better people…idiots!

      • Oho? Who cares it will be made once my Lord comes in 2012 dumb faggot that and Islam rest of them religion idiot will not exist get that into your head and oppose a higher race and you will be erased with no body to mourn to…..

        • Okay, I’ll give you that, you ARE a Babylonian/Sumerian Fool. The whole “world ends in 2012” nonsense is based on the Mayan calendar ending in that year, so why you’ve selected THAT as Armageddon-time instead of something more Babylonian is a mystery.

          Well, hey, I’m patient, I can wait two years. If the apocalypse happens, then you win, and I’ll be dead, and you can laugh all you want at my tombstone. But if the apocalypse doesn’t happen in 2012, I’ll be able to laugh right in your living face (at least until you commit suicide in shame for being so gullible).

      • Not sure where Christianity comes to play with this obviously unforgiving humand-hating fanatic dumb loser. The thing with religions is there are too many of those and too few of the nice guys.

        • Well too bad but what you do comes back to you and that includes after death so before you fuck a 15 year old or any girl with no marriage intended remember to watch your soul for I will make sure it goes to hell or slave out for its punishment for I AM SLAYER545-SAMA MASTER PROPHET AND LORD ENKI’S SERVANT! MASTER OF THIS UNIVERSE! You are his creation dummy BTW whether you believe it or not!

  • The thing is that schoolgirls probably do not consider this immoral or the ramifications of such actions since they are at an age where they would openly defy any possible authority.

    Also at the same time, the Japanese population is in a deficit and requires a higher birth rate. The question for the Japanese government is whether they care more about morals or fixing a declining population to keep their social nets sustainable in the long-term.

    Teenagers were only defined primarily within the past 50-60 years. Before that (pre-20th century), it was going from being a kid to an adult. The moralities in the justice system related to teenagers were only added in the past century for most part.

  • Not sure there’s really an issue…

    Though I admit if there was some kind of benefit to sleeping with a teacher/professor I would simply because I’m greedy for personal power.

    If it works for both of them, fine.

  • The age of consent is largely a social thing, and you’ll find that it will vary depending on the country’s laws and social mores and will always change over time.

    Depending on where and when you are it can be anywhere from 11 to 21.

    But the one thing you can be certain of is that whatever the age of consent happens to be at the time underage girls or boys will have sex with adult men or women, and you can be certain that if they were doing it enough for it to be depicted on ancient Greek pottery, then they’ve doing it since forever.

  • lol, i was fucking my students till certain point and then i asked myself – what happens when she gets bored, or pissed off, or anything – and decides to fuck you up 😉
    14yo bitch vs. early 30 sensei = ur fucked

    saw on my fiends example, banged chick, she bragged, pissed off exboy who turned out to be fuckin picture taking stalker and guy was properly fucked xD

  • The Teacher has to think about the consequences. At some point the teen is going to tell or somebody is going to find out. When that happens that teacher can kiss his/her life goodbye.

    • Ya, and that’s the issue, if no one finds out then nothing happens but if someone does find out the older of the two gets totally screwed over and the kids life gets fucked due to social bullshit. So, situation 1, no one is hurt, situation 2, two people have there lives ruined, cause that makes sense.

    • BlkPhoenix says:

      yea i agree with anon on this one…. and yet even with this gross misunderstanding of love and sex, Japan still happens to be above the world in like…..everything. And like Chriselric says it works itself out. Yet in the Americas sex in teen groups is so obvious but the contries are going downhill. What are they doing over there that makes it a success????

  • chriselric says:

    Hm. I’m not gonna say anything bad about the whole thing, cause I mean, in the end everything seems to work out. The Japanese have a very different idea of sex. Might be a good thing.

  • if such a thing is prevalent in japan, then how come their population is still declining?

    damn, japan’s government should just ban contraceptives and abortion or something…just until their population catches up again! XD LMAO

  • come gather ’round people wherever you roam
    and admit that the waters around you have grown
    and accept it that soon you’ll be drenched to the bone

    if your time to you is worth savin’
    then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone
    for the times they are a-changin’

  • Two unfortunate truths.

    1. My cock is capable of working just fine regardless of the age of the cunt it's put into.

    2. Just because her cunt works, doesn't mean her brain is ready.

    It's wrong to take advantage of a girl that isn't properly ready intellectually just because her cunt feels as good as a 20 something's.

    You can't blame the girls, they don't know better. The adults though should be immediately fired and banned from employ that involves teens.

    Sure all older guys day dream about being approached by a teenaged girl. It's still wrong.

    • sukunai , you a true man . Just because those girls are easy ,as a teach and adult you have responsibility . Teenagers are particularly vulnerable because of the hormones related to puberty .

    • I know many adults who aren’t ready to have sex, but they still do it. However, they make it seem like they’re ready, so no one can know they aren’t ready for it. In this case scenario, what should be done? Should sex be banned completely?

      Therefore, sex between two sexually mature (usually at least 12-13 years old) should not be regulated at all. Age of consent should work dynamically, based on the sexual maturity of the people involved.

      If not, the age of consent should be about 13.

      • The point is maturity. Just because some 25 year old never developed sexualy how they are expected to doesn’t mean they aren’t mature enough to make decisions about the consequences of sex.

        Stick to 2D girls if you feel the need to touch them. Real girls don’t need you taking advantage of them because they think they know what they want at 13.

  • why is it always japan that gets all the schoolgirls?when i was in high school this sorta of thing never happened.now that i’m teaching this doesnt happen as well.times are changing my ass

  • Being a teacher myself I can say that there is truth in most of what is exposed here. I’ve seen 8-years old girls already talking about having boyfriends, kissing and the like. It would not be weird to think that most girls aged 14 and up are already having sexual relationships (also, taking into account they all have boyfriends in or outside the school).

    ‘Till now I haven’s seen any of the girls interested in me, but they do make sure that you look at them and realize how “grown up” they are.

    • Remembering my own school years of nearly thirty years ago, most of my peers had lost their virginity by 12 or 13, though none of them had had sex with their teachers.

      The moral crusader types may deny underage sex but it is happening whether they choose to notice it or not.

  • Is this anything new? It’s always been like this, it’s just that, particularly in the west, people make up their own fantasies about pure kids, while instead kids have always been interested in sex. The point is that forced sex should be condemned, not when it’s consensual, regardless of age.

    • You obviously are still too juvenile to think that a 13 year old girl wouldn’t make stupid decisions about sex. Young kids have sex with young kids, that shit happens. They are both young and often don’t properly judge the consequences.

      When someone is old enough to know better, then you have someone taking advantage of young ignorance to get their dick wet.

  • seriously though, I wouldn’t be a teacher just to take advantage of those students. Of course, they wouldn’t see it that way and one can always be tempted to do such things but at the end of the day, I feel its morally wrong.

    Old-school principles though which I don’t seriously think many people will prescribe to. Most people will just take the “play ball when there’s grass on the field” approach and its up to them seriously to live their life. I’m not one to judge them based on their values but its just not the way I want to live mine.

    Those young students can make you sorely tempted to ‘teach’ them though. Back to 2D loli then, at least in this case 2D > 3D

  • o yay. school girls 14 and under, cant get enough sex. what is the % of men over 30 who have never fucked again? that number is disturbingly high.

    so what do these girls do, fuck the same guys without each other knowing?

    got to feel sorry for the older virgins. its illegal to touch the younger kids, but the younger kids are the only ones who will do them without caring about how much money they make.

  • There’s nothing wrong if both consent. The problem is the teacher holds a position of power and has more experience, thus he can manipulate his pupils with ease to have them “consent” when they actually don’t want to.
    That’s why I think AOC laws here in my country are the best. 13-15 can have sex if it’s not with someone who holds a position of power over them like a teacher, a doctor etc.. or manipulated them somehow, or else it’ll be statutory rape. 16 and upwards can freely have sex with anyone, but must be 18 to do porn.
    18 for everything is retarded, high schoolers are the prettiest and are craving for sex, don’t torture them!

    • ‘There’s nothing wrong if both consent. ‘

      Of course, teachers function best when objective and impartial.

      Sex pretty much prevents that.

      One of the basic ethical requirements of teaching is to avoid conflicts of interest.

      Sex with a student is a conflict of interest.

    • @rikarika 23:45 :

      Your first paragraph hits it on the money, but doesn’t go far enough.

      The main problem is that _ALL_ adults, to some degree, hold positions of authority over children (not just their own). This is because there is a natural inclination to look to adults for knowlege, wisdom, etc. Add to that cultures which include automatic-respect-required for older people, and it gets worse.

      While there’s nothing magic about the numbers “16” and “18”, we have to pick _some_ number, if we’re going to have a law that is clear to everyone.

      • The problem with that logic is that, ultimately, no matter how much we pretend otherwise, there’s always going to be some difference in power or influence between two people, some inequity of some sort. It may be small or negligible in some cases, but no two people being the same, it’ll always be there. Do we then have to compensate for every sexual relationship where power is not equal?

        An employer ought not to use his/her influence to coerce an employee to sleep with them, for example – but what about someone who is merely rich, and attracts people who may think they may benefit from that person’s generosity? Or those considered very attractive, who may sway others on the basis of looks alone? Charismatic rock stars? At what point does one’s undue influence become outweighed by the other’s personal responsibility?

        That said – I have no problem with there being an arbitrary date for consent, but it does concern me how that line has become some sort of an all-or-nothing trigger with the anti-kiddie-abuse crowd – “Yeah, go ahead and look at those naked 18-year-olds, but if you even THINK about that 16-year-old you are a MONSTER”.

  • Telekinesis says:

    It’s incredible that this sort of thing happens, But as long as the Schoolgirls are comfortable with what they do (and not having to sell there body for mobile phone accessories…) and are having fun consentual sex there really isn’t a lot you can do, or indeed should do.

    • ‘there really isn’t a lot you can do’

      Correction – there isn’t any way to persuade the young whores.

      There are plenty of ways to alter their behavior – e.g. STD testing with public results, no privacy for abortion.

  • seeing that the source is one of those women magazines, I highly doubt the veracity of these accounts. They do anything to sell issues and that includes making up ‘interviews’ and stories just to sensationalise issues and get those office-age ladies (usually their target audience) all riled up/aghast

  • It’s fucking wrong because you’re having sex with those old geezers instead of having sex with us, your male classmates.

    Oh fuck it. When we finish school, we’ll become teachers!

    • It isn’t the age that worries me though. (Most of the girls I’ve known lost their virginity around the age of 11 or 12 or so.)
      What worries me the asymmetry of the relationship as well as the blending of an educational with an emotional relationship. But maybe this simply cannot be helped and the problem is better mitigated by making sure that teachers aren’t correcting their “lover”‘s exams and such.

    • The usual response of The Powers The Be to this sort of thing is to RAISE the age of consent. At least, that’s been so in the past when there has been any sort of “sexual revolution.” Plenty of states had “marriage consent” ages of as low as 12 back into the 80s and even 90s. And at that time the girl had the full right of personal consent at 14 in a lot of states and 16 in most of the rest. So…now that kids are better educated about sex and are maturing faster and faster, the states have raised the effective age of consent to 18 in most places (the laws may say 16 but there are so many restrictions you’re probably going to jail anyway). “Marriage consent” is seldom as low as 16. Canada raised it from 14 to 16 just a few years ago for no good reason except political grandstanding, and the restrictions on the new 16 age are extremely complex–meaning, you’re probably going to jail.
      This doesn’t make a damn bit of sense but it’s the way it is.
      At least in Japan you’re pretty unlikely to get any jail time unless the kid is like, 9 or something. Good luck finding another decent job, though. No more screwing in toilets–you’ll be cleaning them.

    • fucking skanks this is my favorite though

      ”My boyfriend asks me so we do it every day at school. Usually in the morning. Last night I had a mail asking ‘shall we do it tomorrow morning?’ I said sure, we went to school early and did it on the classroom veranda. Sometimes I get mails asking to do it after school when I’m still in class.”


      “He’s in the same school as me. When the chime goes off he seems to get hard, so when he can’t stand it we go off to the toilets at break and I get him off.”

    • People shouldn’t be judged by age, 18 doesn’t automatically mean you understand consequences, just as below 18 doesn’t make you young and stupid.

      I’ve met lots of people on gaia who were around 13 and they seemed pretty intelligentl, not like groundbreaking or anything but younger kids today seem to have an upper hand on the previous generations.

      But I’m not saying their all like that, another reason age of consent is a stupid law, it really needs to be fixed, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

      • Sex and teachers, Teachers are older then the boys in your class, girls mature faster then boys, fact. Seeing someone mature other then the silly boys in your class. Someone who helps out and are friendly, strong, smart, will trigger your fantasy hero” Girls is not any smarter then the boys just of that.
        As the grown up you will/must take responsibility for your actions and tell them stupid school-crush-girls. “but i love you” “if you really love me, come back in 7 years, if you still love me, i will take you on a date. Lets take it from there”

        Claims, the fact is that they are not. Stupid chatter about intelligence because of modern age, if only they could take their hands away from their dicks/pussies, stop camming and do some real “work” Idle hand is the devils playground.

        Even though its hard to keep them bussy occupied with something the whole day. Maybe the summer and the saturdays is for this parts, and ofcourse its not possible to change the nature of how we react, but the media in all its flaws, internet, tv/commercials, magazines and celebrities.

        Most of you know this.

        Say you lived in 1932, what would you do for fun, there’s nothing on the tv and your playstation/xbox hasent been invented. Perhaps you would go to the library, interact in a sporting game, or have idle hands and do something idiotic. But when you got back home and they knew it was you, you would gonna get a spanking for you acts. And would think twice about doing them again.

        Not like nowadays you do something and “go to your room!” um okey. i got my computer, and i got my internet” not bad being in my room all day, camming and playing”

        With a little luck they took all your techs and you would stay in there thinking about what the hell did i just do.
        In the end we’re just cavemen with technology. some higher evolved then other.

      • AznCorruptionCCV says:

        You’re so right.

        My teacher told me once that he was over at his cousins’ house. Their kid is like 5 years old, and the T.V. was on. There was a man and a woman kissing, the kid saw it,turned to his father and said: “Daddy, why is my peepee hard?”

        So apparently, kids are hitting puberty, and/or understanding certain things at a younger age. Not that it’s a bad thing, it just gets you thinking.

    • lol! Indeed it has. This doesn’t surprise me though. My girlfriend in highschool had lost her virginity when she was 12-13. As young people become more informed, and lines of communication become easier (texting and such), this trend will continue. Got to admit though, I’m surprised these girls are hunting their teachers. Lucky (or perhaps unlucky in some cases) bastards.

      • Honestly I 100% bet most kids know what they are doing. And they know about the risk of getting preggers or an STD.

        And like all kids……they know, but they don’t give a shit

        “Old enough to know better, horny enough to not give a shit”

        • Agreed.

          For me, the biggest problem with kids just coming out of puberty having sex is just the attitude about sex in general. Since it’s supposed to be special, many girls regret giving their first up in a horny escapade with someone that turned out to be an ass when they were young. If people had the same attitude about sex as they do about guys masturbating, there’d really be no issue about consensual sex

          In any case, I still think it should be statutory rape to have sex with someone who hasn’t gone through puberty yet. I mean, biologically speaking…

        • I have the right job too, but in the wrong place.

          Female students do go after teachers here [not sure about males], but I’m not risking my job for the sake of lust, and I certainly don’t like any of them enough to want a relationship, so these girls are just a nuisance.

          The day a female student that I find attractive displays interest in courting me, I’m going to be in trouble. But I sleep soundly at night because I find 95% of women around here to be unattractive and non-endearing.

        • @23:17 Anon. Did it ever occur to you the possibility of educating the ‘girls’ so they are not ignorant about the topic and can take responsibility for their own decisions about it?

          Remember yourself at age 14, were you as ignorant about sex as you seem to think these girls are? of course you were not, unless you were living chained in a cave

          Tell me one thing, would you carry your child all the way home from school or would you let him/her walk by him/herself?, maybe helping him/her carry the backpack if it’s too heavy.

          Do you make your child live as you see fit to make yourself feel good? or do you let your child live its own life with your support?

        • But Artefact, you know too many of the commenters are as concerned about whether or not “their” precious 14-year-olds are virgins or slut. They’re even outraged at non-virgin 2D girls who look like they’re still kids in spite of being hundreds and hundreds of years old (e.g. Nagi-sama). Double standards indeed, but nothing unexpected.

        • the teenagers are old enough to know the consequences, they have all the information they need, having sex is ok, no matter if you are a stupid 12 years old maggot or 18 years old bastard, if you do it with responsability

        • “How about males are only interested in sleeping with you.”

          You are clearly thinking of females even if you otherwise use non-specific language.

          I put it to you that a tremendous double standard is in place here – if the article dealt with male pupils and female teachers, I can guarantee 95% of comments would be cheering them on and 5% would be worried over how attractive the teachers were.

          It seems inequitable for precocious sex to be praised by virtually all with boys but condemned by some as harlotry or child abuse with girls.

        • The reason why 13 year olds shouldn’t drive isn’t due to lessons but rather maturity. How many kids would drive at high speeds to impress their friends or some girl( sadly happens enough at 18)? Teenagers rarely know their limits and the younger you get, the worse off(especially on the male side). Again it’s not true in all cases but I can see the above being the rule moreso than the exception.

          In regards to sex, a similar attitude does apply. I’m not only taking about pregnancy but STDs, ruined relationships, as well as life in general. What do you think sleeping with a teacher will tell a student about life? If times are hard, go sleep with your boss? How about males are only interested in sleeping with you.

          So again, are there 14year olds ready to have sex? Sure but none of them were in this article. If you’re stupid enough to talk about having sex with a teacher, even anonymously, then you shouldn’t be having it in the first place.

        • Darkrockslizer says:

          India is a living example about car driving, indeed.

          However you have to admit that premature pregnancy in Japan is scarce – unlike 3rd world countries.

          Japanese kids have all kinds of media to teach about pregnancy and sex. Same way, with proper lessons and skills even 13yo could probably drive safely.

        • @Darkrockslizer
          No I’m not. I’m saying it REDUCES the amount of idiots. What would happen if we reduced the driving age to 13? The number of car crashes would skyrocket. Are there responsible 13 year olds that could drive safely? Sure but they are in no way the majority. Same with sex except it can fuck up even more lives.

        • Darkrockslizer says:

          anon 04:50

          You’re exactly the kind of person who’s behind these witch hunts.

          You are basing ALL your criticism on one single assumption – that by reaching the age of 18, any human MAGICALLY BECOMES REASONABLE.

          Yeah right.

          I say consensual sex is consensual. Simple as that.

        • TehBoringOne says:

          The problem exists because of the amount of hormonated kids wanting a quick fuck. and little to no established sexual education, with loads of misinformation.

          Just take a look at Japan… Theirs is by far the most inventive sex video industry most of us know, what with AVs, animated pr0n and even eroge… Do you think they teach one bit about ANTYTHING worthwhile? That’s not to say it should be banned, but some carefully organized sex ed should be present. But it’s not.

          And so, kids arrive at their sexually functional age with a deformed perception of what sex is and what are the many consequences.

          Not only Japan. Most of the world is retarded in that respect.

        • Sex should always be fun first. There’s too much fear around it. Condoms and protection need to be used, but if we start trying to take the fun out of sex because of them, then we’re on our way out.

          I will never blame them for wanting to have fun sex. Honestly the teacher will be responsible enough to make sure they protect themselves, if for no other reason than being afraid of the consequences 🙂

        • Maturity is not age-related, it is earned through experience. It really is education that is necessary, because maturity can easily be defined as how one grows from their mistakes. If you have yet to make a mistake in a relationship, then why should you fear it? Everyone wants to think of sex as a sacred act, and while it should be, sex and love are not interconnected.

          I personally say that if they want sex without love, let them, it’s a simple act of pleasure with consequences that they can focus on. Pretending that sex is love is just as bad as disrespecting sex. But pretending sex is something that should be feared is one of the greatest mistakes in human history.

          Education is the only real way to get the point across, because as I said, maturity is earned, and not through time, but through experience. And they are experiencing this. They will actually gain the maturity you want them to through how these relationships conclude, and really the only people who will tell them it’s wrong are their parents, and now it’s too late, because obviously they’ve proven to themselves there isn’t anything wrong with it, just a perceived wrongness that people tell them.

          Are they being hurt? No. Are they being forced? Nope. In America being a teacher used to mean something, we treated our teachers badly for wasting our time since most of them suck, but that’s because it’s a thankless job and a constant spiraling down of quality. In Japan, being a teacher is culturally still a job of respect and admiration. As such, it is also a job that gives off a vibe of security and intellect, which turns a girl on.

          I just hope this type of thing starts re-opening people to discussing sex objectively, realizing that it just isn’t a bad thing. Pubescent girls and guys seek it. In ancient times, Initiatrix Priestesses would perform sacred rites of sex as an initiation for men, because it was a rite of passage to experience it.

        • @Mikoru74
          However the adult knows better. They should know the consequences if something should happen as it’s their JOB as a teacher to educate the kids instead of thinking where their going to put their dicks.

          The students obviously need to hold off on intercourse if they are thinking love equals sex. I didn’t see one quote in there that showed they knew the risks of what they were doing but rather just thought “Oh hey this looks fun”. That’s why there needs to be an age limit just like with driving. To restrict the amount of retards doing things they have no business doing. I’m all for kids having sex if they have some comprehension level but it’s apparent none of the above do.

        • Some people are so stupid they rather pretend the girls are grown up enough to do this kind of thing.

          Even if an adult is as educated as a 13 year old on sex that is their own damn fault. They are grown ass adults and can read a g-damn book or take a class.

          Even if a 14 year old knows ALL they need to know about sex, they still make stupid immature decisions. Maturity is the real issue.

          How is it a good idea to fuck your teacher (no matter how many of you WANT that to be the case)? It’s stupid and the educated adult knows better. This is rape.

        • Anon 00:33 has his/her head in the sand about sex education, apparently.

          Plus, didn’t you notice that many of the girls interviewed, a good number of them actually went after their teachers?

          Can’t blame the girls if the teacher is young, unmarried, and/or available. They’re just doing what nature gave them to do: nail that poor (lucky) bastard’s foot to the floor while they can! ^^

        • anon 0:33

          I dont condone this activity but many adults dont understand the consequences of physical love. So many of my friends still equate emotional love with physical love.

          Age makes no difference, its how they view relationships in regard to sex. They also have unprotected sex and are unconcerned with STDs.

          Age is not necessarily the culprit but prude Victorian era approaches to sex in education

        • Anon 00:33

          What you’ve said applies to many “adults”, too. Honestly, the line between a 13-year-old and an adult is very thin, whether you believe it or not.

          It’s all about how these people are educated. If they’re badly educated, they’ll make bad decisions no matter what their age is. But in reality even 6-year-olds will understand responsibility if their parents do a great job at teaching it. Why wouldn’t an adolescent?

        • Actually this pretty much confirms that there should be age of consent. How many of these girls used protection? Do they know what to do if they got pregnant(other than abortion)? Do they have income to provide for a child? How well do they know about STDs?

          Seriously if you’re saying,“H is proof of how much you love each other. He likes me too, so he wants to do it all the time too.” Then you have no right to be having sex until you better understand the consequences. We’ve just seen what can be the results of stupid parents.

        • They’ll just try to ignore it, and when that fails, they’ll blame movies, games, internet, for all the “immoral” behavior. All the while trying wildly swinging the blunt object laws called “statutory rape” , and “sex offender” at every person they can.

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  • Dont blame the schoolgirls for they’re unaware of their actions (even though they claim to be mature) since all they want is to look mature by doing this and that (influenced by TV love comedies???).

    But blame those fucking teachers who are proud of their actions,and explaining “why” he is doing this.

    Damn,imagine yourself having sex with a 14-15 years old girl…(not 2d but 3d..) you feel like a dumb pedophilia who is just about to do the worst thing that he is going to do in his entire life (..or not?)

    Anyway….i hardly believe those stupid quotes.

    • All was going well till that last paragraph.
      Mother nature is generally not interested in cultural age consent faggotry. ”If there’s grass on the field, play ball”. Now whether that falls under the “is it good/mature/the right thing to do” is up to the individual. At 14-15 though, nature boldly states that you’re free to rock, as far as physical maturity goes.

      • That, and as far as emotional maturity is concerned, that’s affected by the parents also. These whiny mouthy people who complain about ‘making their children safer’ are (for the most part) unaware that their kids are leaving them in the dust…. so to speak.

        Parents don’t seem to realize that they’re the ones stunting the emotional growth of their children by treating them as children. Maybe a more hands-off approach to parenting is needed? Because the soccer mom and baseball dad days are over and they’re not coming back.

        As for the question about morality? You’ll get no universal consensus there, no matter where you go in the world. Far as I’m concerned, God sat back and washed His hands of the matter and said, ‘Fine…. you want to decide things for yourself? Go right ahead. We’ll see how that works out’.

        With all the wars and other man-made disasters that’ve been going on for millenia? I’d say we all get a failing grade so far.