Top 10 Ways of Looking Cool to Girls


Japanese asked about how best to look cool in front of the ladies yield up a list as bad if not worse than the equivalent list for females, albeit with a notable lack of agreement on anything beyond the basics.

The ranking:

1. Treat girls to things

2. Carry things which are too heavy for her

3. Make flashy plays in sports in front of girls

4. Treat your kouhai [subordinates, etc] to things

5. Sing a ballad at karaoke

6. Gaze off distantly

7. Store up miscellaneous knowledge and suddenly disclose it

8. Undo the top two buttons of your shirt

9. Make sure you have a slanting forelock/bang

10. Languidly loosen your necktie

The rest of the behaviours ranked tended towards clichéd movie scenes and petty displays of virility – offering a coat to a weeping girl or “paying a bill with one payment on your card [as opposed to installments].”

More interestingly, unlike the “how to look cute” ranking for women, agreement on the items amongst respondents to the “how to look cool” ranking petered out almost completely after number 4 – it seems nobody could agree on the meaning of “coolness” beyond a few items of magnanimity and masculine showboating.

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