PlayStation Move “Laggy Wiimote Rip Off”


Sony’s PS3 motion controller, officially dubbed PlayStation Move, is to be available this autumn for about $100.

Previously it has garnered much attention both for its sex toy styling and its obvious similarity to the Wiimote, but alpha play-testing now reveals it also possesses the rather more dubious distinction of being “discernibly inferior” to the Wii in terms of lag and accuracy.



Sony’s spiel:

The controller in action:

Reportedly Sony has 36 companies signed up to produce compatible games.

A number of titles have already been announced:


From a media hands-on:

• We hate to say this about “pre-alpha” software, but we’re feeling lag. An on-rails shooter we tried out, dubbed The Shoot, was discernibly inferior to shooting experiences we’ve had on the Wii, both in precision and refresh rate of the aiming cursor.

• The gladiator game is about as fun as it looks.

Unfortunately, while it’s less of a defined experience than something like the sword game on Wii Sports Resort, you’re still working through a library of sensed, pre-defined actions instead of a true 1:1 fighting game with simulated physics.

Not that it isn’t possible with PlayStation Move, just that it’s not this.

• The lightness of the controllers means we might be feeling less of that Wiimote fatigue, always a good thing! There’s an aspect of the controller that feels a little cheap, but at the same time we wouldn’t call it fragile.

• As far as we can tell, the control scheme for Socom 4 is quite similar to dual-controller shooter setups on the Wii, with the camera moving based on your aiming cursor hitting the edge. It’s hard to see this as the preferred hardcore setup, but we’re told it’s configurable, so we’ll try and see what else is on offer.

For Sony to announce its new product with such flaws so evident seems an almost improbably elementary marketing blunder.

Nintendo copies Sony:


Sony returns the favour?


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