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Japan to Fund North Korean Cult Schools


The Japanese government has announced it intends to pay for the dozens of North Korean schools operating in Japan; critics contend such “schools” are little more than brainwashing centres run by the North Korean government, teaching academically worthless anti-Japanese curricula and slavish obedience to the Dear Leader.

Prime Minister Hatoyama has made statements supporting the inclusion of the schools in the planned abolition of high school tuition fees. Previously they had been excluded from this and similar legislation for being beyond the pale even for Japan.

The schools (Chousen Gakkou / 朝鮮学校) are operated directly by the “Chongryon,” Japan’s North Korean residents’ group, itself directly operated and funded by the North Korean government. Members are part of the “Dear Leader” Stalinist personality cult centred on the Kim dynasty in North Korea.


“There’s nothing special about our school.”

Portraits of the Kims oversee the students at every turn, and anti-Japanese teachings are routine. Korean is the language of instruction and Japanese is taught only as a foreign language.

Over a third of the curriculum centres on “cultural studies,” which involves teaching the infallibility of the Dear Leader and the Juche ideology – critics contend that the standard of education is remedial by Japanese standards as a result, with graduates emerging unable to function in Japanese society.

Teachers possess no teaching qualifications save those given out by North Korean operated institutions, and students mostly find employment with Korean companies or further education at the North Korean operated “Korea University” in Kyushu.

The numbers attending these schools have plummeted over the years, from some 50,000 in the 1970s to a mere 10,000 today, though they still retain the same ideological fervour and outright hostility to Japan and America.


The Chongryon itself opposes Korean integration as Japanese citizens or otherwise, and is generally regarded as a political and economic tool of the North Korean state – in addition to propaganda organisations, it operates a variety of businesses, most notably many of the nation’s pachinko parlours. Critics say a key function is as a foreign currency earner for the Kims.

The schools at issue are exclusively North Korean and should not be confused as being involved with Korea proper – there are a few South Korean “international” schools in Japan, which are not associated with extreme teachings.

Most Koreans resident in Japan associate themselves with the south and maintain completely separate organisations from the North Korean affiliated residents – relations between the two sides are as icy as those on the peninsular.

The Democratic Party of Japan are generally reviled by right-wingers for being in the thrall of foreigners (specifically the Chinese and, especially, Japan’s large population of Koreans), a reputation which it does not seem will be leaving them any time soon.

Some arithmetic from a Japanese “Korean school” textbook:


“There were 10 Japanese but 5 were killed. How many wicked Japanese are currently fleeing?”

Soon to be courtesy of the Japanese government.

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  • WTF? YAH, help your enemies and train their future comrades?!
    The Democratic Party of Japan is really driving Japan to the ground. First with China, now NK. It ain’t even funny, it’s so stupid, I could cry.

    Things like this, I’m very disappointed in Japan for dragging down what used to be the envy of the world. Japan have such an amazing culture with rich history and traditions and customs. Even in the modern age, Japan spearheaded itself to be among the best nations in the world is so admirable.

    But recently, Japan been hit with all kinds of problems:

    1) An aging population
    2) less-determined and -driven youths, like the past when All of Japan wished and worked for a prosperous future, Lifting Japan from poverty and ruined during the post-WW2 period.
    3) passive, not aggressive enough, especially when dealing with the Bullies of East Asia, China, North and South Korea, in certain disputes.

    I always had such an admiration for Japan. Not just the great gadgets, electronics, the automobiles, and video games/anime/manga culture, like that of Sony, Sharp, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Dragon-ball, Slam Dunk, bleach, Naruto,etc. but Been a huge fan of it’s rich, cultivated history and culture: the samurais and ninja warriors, the martial arts, the bushido code, the buddhist temples and shinto shrines, the cuisine, the ikebana, the performing arts, the traditional clothing,etc. (you get my point).

    Also, I’d always been fond of the Japanese way of life and Japanese society.
    though I had heard otherwise, negative comments about it, but generally I still very much like it so.

    other than the technological aspects, Japan been a major player in almost all fields it partake. Especially it’s high quality products and craft.

    – Beginning in the early 1960’s(?), japan started manufacturing guitars, within a decade or so, it well known for it’s high quality @ cheap prices compared to American guitar manufacturers, even today.
    I.E. Ibanez, Takamine, ESP, Fernandes,etc.

    – Not just that, but in all fields in manufacturing, Japanese companies hold a spot, in some cases several, in the world best list.

    -in the rarer and less mentioned, Japan also manufactured well known, high quality firearms and weaponry. companies like Howa, Mitsuibishi, and sumitomo heavy industries, as well as Miroku and Minebea.
    until the 1978 weapons-export ban, Howa version of the AR-18, Miroku’s Browning replicas are well known for their high quality and reliability.
    Even during WW2, the Mitsubishi Zero fighter plane are feared and the Arisaka rifles are quite reliable.

    To sum it up, I loved Japan and Japanese ingenuity, it’s way of adapting and perfecting any imported ideas that came it’s way.

    Sad to see Japan in such a situation.
    And the way Japan been bullied by the world, US, Australia, China and The Koreas, kinda make u think if Imperial Japan still exist, would they keep quiet? If only samurai still exist…

  • I have read all of the posts so far and I am amazed at the wide range of insightful comments.

    I would add a few comments myself.

    If everyone in governments worldwide always held a view of “tit for tat” visa vie international relations there would never be any forward movement. There would never peace achieved.

    All individuals , everywhere, want the same things. Peace, freedoms [as far as they can be inagined in repressive regiems] a good job, family, enough to eat are wishes common to every culture.

    I look to Ghandi for leadership in this endeavor[his memory]. You cannot force freedom on someone who does not desire it. Like faith, you cannot get it from anyone. It must built from the inside.

    What one can do is Wear ones’ faith, freedom, rights, in a way that inspires others to want it too.

    North Korean government has not evolved into a force which cares for it’s residents. As a result they are living in dire poverty and fearful of everyone as near as I can tell.

    To facilitate growth one must have some contace but be wary as they will not treat international relationships any better than they treat their own people.

    Summary, good people led by bad government.



  • Kim Jong-il must pay those tuition instead of manufacturing crappy missiles.
    But then there's the fact that north korean school teaching anti japan thought should be considered as vestibule school for agent toward Japan.
    Consequently their school have to be not qualified to run their school for free. It's just wasting of severe tax.

  • Kim Jong-il must pay those tuition instead of manufacturing crappy missiles.
    But then there’s the fact that north korean school teaching anti japan thought should be considered as vestibule school for agent toward Japan.
    Consequently their school have to be not qualified to run their school for free. It’s just wasting of severe tax.

  • I am assuming all attendants of these schools are North Korean descendants?, otherwise I find it hard to fathom the idea of Japan [or any sovereign nation] allowing another nation that sees them as enemies to open up schools in their own territory to indoctrinate the Japanese youth [what little there is] into self inflicted slavery.

  • Hmmmm….

    Setting aside the North Korean
    brainwash^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H indoctrination^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H
    cultural school(s) involved,

    consider the effect on Japanese schools. The money previously supplied by the tuitions will have to come from elsewhere — presumably general taxes.

    I suspect this is a move to centralize power and control over the Japanese school system. The central government can blackmail the schools into doing what they demand; if the schools refuse, they can reduce or eliminate those tax funds.

    That’s what happened in the U.S. when the Federal 55-mile-per-hour speed limit was established. States which didn’t enforce the law (and there about ten or fifteen which did not) got their Federal road-building money withheld.

    “Gee, that’s a really nice school ya got there. It’d be a shame if the paperwork which is required for you to get your tax money had something *happen* to it…”

  • Recently, a former agent for Dear Leader opened up about the things he’d be sent out to buy in other countries and send back to him. American cars, airplanes, gold plated guns. I suppose this gives the students of those schools an unfair advantage of those learning at home. Or was it that before this they were being treated unfairly having to pay for tuition to learn in Japan the same thing they could be learning back home? I know war misplaced people, but it’s not like they can’t be given the opportunity to return to their precious motherland. I’m sure they’re missing all the comforts of home.

  • 5 die, 5 run, 1 reincarnates as a locust which fathers a brood that lays waste to all of north koreas agriculture leading to a death by starvation and forcing them to resort to cannibalism.

    • Way to take the comment literally moron. There are a fuckton of things you can’t do even in a “free” country. That and while governments nowadays have been more liberal then they ever have been in history, shit like this that is detrimental to national interests/security and detrimental to just about everyone with no intangible benefits is a no-go.

  • There are five north koreans, 3 are sucking on Dear Leader’s tiny cock, how long until they all die of starvation??

    Dear Leader:

    If Jigsaw existed, I’d see to it you’d get yours.

  • South Koreans don’t think that North Koreans are horrible people… We think their LEADERS are terrible people. The South Korean Government supports fleeing North Koreans and we treat them with respect.

    I met a North Korean guy in a “bath house” in Korea and we immediately knew he was North Korean by his accent. People talked to him and treated him nicely.

  • Don’t get it wrong – all governments brainwash their citizens through schools. It’s just that your government has reveled that their politically opposing countries do it. But from the other country’s point of view, it’s nothing but same.

  • If the next generation is brought up with hate for their own country, then said country will begin to eat away at itself until nothing is left but self-hate and ash.

    These schools should not be allowed to exist in Japan. They are cancerous tumors, and if not removed, Japan’s future will evolve into flesh and bone.

    • @ Anon 02:42 :

      You’re right, but perhaps not in the way you think.

      Whether you meant “your country” as Japan, or as North Korea doesn’t matter; you’re right.

      There’s a difference between a country and its government.

  • “There were 10 Japanese but 5 were killed. How many wicked Japanese are currently fleeing?”

    None.The rest are coming in for a kamikaze attack.We should fortify our defenses in preparation.


  • I think this makes sense.

    They start to publicly fund the schools, put in a japanese man in an oversight position, have him remove EVERY kim jung il humper, replace them with korean teachers who teach a proper history class and deprogram those poor kids.

  • I hate to admit it, but Japanese government is smarter than I am – I can’t see the the profit of their evil plan that’d be greater than this plan deceiving stupidity for the life of mine. What a gross feeling :-/

    • I would have loled so hard if my textbook had

      “10 terrorists were killed in a shock and awe campaign out of 20. How many remain?”

      Me being a smartass, I would have probably answered

      “None, they’re all civilians.”

      Class would be so much.

  • I assume there is some hidden ulterior motive for Japan to do this. But anyway, if the article is saying the truth, then what kind of idiot you need to be to join such a school? You gotta be a complete wuss if you want some “leader” telling you what is right and wrong, without asking your opinion.

    • There’s other parties that benefits from the funding of Chosen Soren schools: the pro-NK ‘Japanese Socialist Party’ and other mid-size Japanese businesses willing to trade with North Korea legally.

  • Dear Leader contends that imperial pigs of Japan need not show their worth towards the evil of capitalism and in hopes of unifying solidarity with our neighbors, we will rest Eternal President Kim il Sung’s ideology of juche on your minds that have been corrupted by the West by materialism and Jersey Shore.

  • Well, at least it’s dozens.
    In my country, the government funds HUNDREDS of Catholic private schools, teaching academically worthless anti-progress curricula and slavish obedience to God.

      • The Japanese are responsible because many of the Koreans living in Japan are there because they were forcibly move there during the Second World War. Whatever Korea has done to Japan, Japan has done to Korea 1000 times worse.

      • Japan is responsible to them because many of the Koreans living in Japan were moved there forcibly during the Second World War. Whatever Korea has done to Japan, Japan has done to Korea 1000 times worse. It’s a lot more complicated than the article makes it out to be.

        • People still complain about Japan because the current Japanese power structure still has people who praise Japanese colonialism up to this day.

          Of course, there will be people who criticize Japan because of this. Even an American like me understands this.

        • I was less making an excuse for the Korean Schools, and more commenting on the ‘they kidnapped Japanese people’. Which the Japanese can’t really play the victim card on, because the Japanese government did the same thing in much greater numbers. Especially since the DPRK has said sorry. In that case it was a Japanese interest group that refused to forget what happened a long time ago, sabotaging the normalization of relations with the DPRK.

          I think the Germans get off because most everyone agrees that Fascism is the worst thing ever. Japan on the other hand is different. The Japanese empire, while racist and genocidal, wasn’t any more racist and genocidal than other, European, empires. So people are less inclined to say sorry for it, and some Japanese are willing to bring up their empire and flaunt it in the face of the Chinese and Koreans by say, visiting Yasakuni as a government official. No German government official would ever pay respects to the Nazi wartime leaders. The Socialist Prime Minister did say sorry for the war, but that doesn’t hold much weight, as the Socialist Party has always been against war and against Imperialism.

          The problem is that both sides are not willing to forget and some Japanese want to play the victim when it is clearly not the case. Often it is Japanese who are often the ones in the way of reconciliation by refusing to leave behind the empire.

        • To Anon @1:25: Your comment makes sense when you look at the last 100 years. Unfortunately, history goes back a bit beyond that. The whining and complaining of what happened in WWII (65 years ago) is silly. The Japanese have moved on from the US burning and bombing hundreds of thousands of their women and children (Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki). We don’t hear people still blaming the Germans for their part, why do the Japanese deserve special scorn?

          And also, if you count all of history, the playing field is quite level between China, Korea, and Japan, as far as atrocities go. It’s just stylish for pseudo-intellectuals these days to blame Japan for everything that happened more than half a century ago (before most of these smart-ass kids were even born) and conveniently forget everything everyone else has done in at least that time span (*cough*Iraq*cough*).

        • Good point. All of the Japanese have to do is to kick out the American influence and make absolute amends with China and South Korea. Of course, Japan needs a good respect from Russia too.

  • By funding them, doesn’t japanese government now have the right to interfere on the teaching and curriculum?

    That could mean they will get rid of such undesirable “things” being taught to the children.

    • Indeed. My first thought was ‘How cán people be so stupid?’
      But we see exactly the same thing in the UK, the US and most of Europe, except that there some schools indoctrinate kids in orthodox Islam and various iffy Christian sects rather than North-Koreaism. Even in the Netherlands, which has a (imho flawed) reputation of being one of the more liberal countries in mainland Europe, you have state funded schools that are run by sects that want to turn that country into a theocracy.
      So it’s monumentally stupid, but nothing new.

    • I don’t get this either. Isn’t this counterproductive in the end? or indeed is the government just promoting xenophobia to show their citizens the evil ways of Koreans? (when they could be using that money for you know, something more practical)

    • You reap what you sow.

      1. It was the Japanese government that drafted large numbers of Koreans to Japan to work in the heavy industries/mines there.
      2. It was also the Japanese government who, xenophobic of their former colonial subjects (mainly Koreans/Taiwanese) that created the special status of “special permanent residents”- a term which allowed Koreans to enjoy semi-citizen rights w/o renouncing their Korean identity.

      Clear case of cause-effect, with much of the cause being the action/inaction of the Japanese government.

      And the PM is not really an idiot. Hes using this to gain public sympathy by championing a “just” liberal cause at little to no cost to himself, and to distract ppl from the floundering economy.

    • There’s 2 worse kind of idiots:

      1.- The one that allows it
      2.- The one that falls for it

      In other sad but real news:

      Japan gets what it allows (saddly) and until they not realize what’s going on and stop the “courtesy” and start some butt whooping, things will keep getting worse.