Wives Demand “Ideal” ¥6,000,000 Salary from Husbands


The latest data on that most fraught of Japanese economic institutions, marriage, indicates a woman’s preferred salary for their husband is in the region of at least ¥6,000,000 annually, even though actual husbands generally earned as little as half that.

Firstly, women asked what the current income of their husband was reported modest salaries, the most common being:

1. ¥3,000,000-4,000,000

2. ¥4,000,000-5,000,000

3. Under ¥3,000,000

14% reported being happy with their husband’s income, as opposed to 30% reporting dissatisfaction. Some of their reasons ran as follows:

“My goal is for him to have an income sufficient for me to become a housewife. It’d be hard with what he has now.” (28-year-old wife with ¥3,000,000-4,000,000)

“If we have children we’d need even more!” (24-year-old wife with ¥4,000,000-5,000,000)

The next question was “Frankly, what is the salary you want from your ideal husband?”:

1. ¥5,000,000-6,000,000

2. ¥6,000,000-7,000,000

3. ¥10,000,000-11,000,000

A variety of reasons were offered:

“I can only afford to eat out once a month, so if there was more I could eat better.”

“With ¥6,000,000 I could go on holiday once or twice a year!”

“We can get by on ¥3,000,000. I’m grateful to him for working hard for me!”

Previous surveys along similar lines yield similar results, and the tight control Japanese wives exert over their husband’s earnings is already legendary.

2ch’s take:

“Earn your own money you damn parasites!”

“If a man earns ¥5,000,000 annually and a woman ¥1,000,000, she will marry him.

But if a man earns ¥3,000,000 and a woman ¥3,000,000 as well, she won’t marry him.

This is why we should abolish equal pay for the sexes.”

“There’s probably only 5% of men of marriageable age with a ¥6,000,000 income.”

“My ideal bride has a ¥6,000,000 income.

But there aren’t many making that.

I wonder why? Damn women should give it some thought.”

“It’s amusing how their ideal income is gradually coming down. In 2007, it was 8,000,0000.”

“They’re just adjusting to the economic climate.”

“Damn whores should just marry an ATM.”

“If the sexes were equal women would need a ¥6,000,000 income to marry a guy who makes that much.”

“I made ¥5,000,000 at 25 and I still make ¥5,000,000 at 40, what am I supposed to do…”

“Japan’s real winners are the civil servants then…”

“I make ¥6,000,000 but she still turned me down. I want to die.”

“If you want that kind of money, please try earning it yourself. This is why so many men are marrying the partner in their hearts.”

“Who, Louise?”

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  • Anonymous says:

    What I find funny is even if the women marry an ATM like in that comment… They still won’t get any money out of it! The ATM will be locked about as tight as their legs are, assuming that it takes money to open their legs.


  • Its not the amount thats bad..
    its how money-grubbing they are…

    really..i got a friend who hooked up with a half chinese half filipino..
    (he’s a good friend i met in a forum while he was in Japan)

    he said that he had the worst time in japan..his wife was soo annoying that he divorced her and moved out..
    then he recomended me where in the Phillipines its good to have a livig..told him Manila..

    and he found a girl there(this is like 5 years ago).
    they have 1 or 2 kids?a big house..and both are happy 😀

    3d Chinese>>3d Japanese XD

  • That works out to 72,000 AUD, is that really that much? In Australia if you join the Police Force after 3 months training you start on a salary of 50,000 with benefits and ‘SuperAnnuation of 12%’ after 3 years of your full training you go to 60 and it climbs from there every couple of years. The Army, Navy and Airforce are even better in terms of salary. These are the basic amounts too, christ even Teachers in Australia start on 60k.

    Although, what age are they marrying at I wonder? I suppose it could be considered a bit mad to try and find a 20year old on 70k.

  • 5,000,000-6,000,000 is about 60k-72kAUD which doesn’t seem like an unrealistic amount.

    You can pull that sort of money working in the public service here, before tax of course 😉

    I reckon this would be the ideal amount if you had a one income family with one child providing your wife isn’t spending all your money on hand bags instead of the mortgage.

    Edit: Though the situation seems a bit different in Japan 😐

  • No wonder more people are marrying Dakimakuras…. ^^

    I concur with that. They should go marry those Automated Teller Machines ^^

    That’s why i hate 3D girls. So demanding, sapping your wallet and commanding you to quit your anime hobby for their own satisfaction yey 😀

  • Honestly, wouldn’t all of us prefer having more money? Who wouldn’t love making a lot of money, or having a spouse that has a good paycheck?

    Note the word IDEAL in the title of this article. Just because they’d like to be rich doesn’t mean they won’t settle for anything less.

  • It’s amazing that some people strive for unrealistic goals, although there are some women in japan who is happy with their husbands income at the least.

    I still remember that my parents has good income, but nowhere near the salary when changing USD to Yen, and they’ve been married for 22 years and they are still happy together. It’s sad some people marriage don’t last long because of somebody’s low income.

  • WTF?! With an undergraduate degree anyone can make that money right out of college in the US…. I know it must suck for ppl in japan unless they’re doctors, dentists, green engineers and professors b/c that’s what’s “in” right now for $60k +. YEAH! GHEY I KNOW! My dream of living in japan is shattered! Who tha fuck is gonna live off an average of $30k of the majority of careers in japan. IT’S NOT WORTH IT! FACK!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hahaha, you must not know anything about the real world. You can only really get paid that much money with an undergraduate degree if you major in either engineering or computer science, and even then the average is a bit lower and not everyone is able to find work.

      Not to mention the state of the economy…I graduated from an elite finance school a couple years ago with internships at a MIT lab and a major insurance company under my belt, and was still jobless for an entire year before finding my current job as a programmer making just over 30k a year (with great benefits, though). And that’s only because I was smart enough to diversify my skillset while in college. I consider myself extremely lucky to have my current job, because the only people I know with well paying jobs now were also born into wealthy families.

  • Despite all the womens’ lib in America, much of this still holds truth. There are still many women who go to college just for their MRS. degree.

    The average college graduate (bachelors) makes about $48,000 here, which is acceptable in their eyes if you can get such a job in this economy. I graduated in fall and I’m still waiting in line for a salary position.

    In Japan, the eldest son usually gets cherished by the parents and is able to stay under their support longer (until around age 30). The thing is a woman who is this picky will less likely have their parents’ support that long. It comes down to either going with being a career-woman or trying to whore out themselves. Hard to believe, but most people choose the path that’s easiest to them.

    If that sounded sexist, please open your eyes and take a look at the world you closed minded persons.

  • I’d be seriously interested in detailed, yet compact information/comparisons regarding ‘typical’ monthly expenditures (food, rent, insurance, taxes) between Japan and other countries.
    Do you know suitable references? ^^;

    • They don’t want to be “housewives”, they want to be “lazy” and sit around all day. That way they can watch TV, spend their husbands money, and cheat on him with some asshole.

  • $67,000 if you work <40 hr a week takes around $37/hr.

    If you work <60 hr a week takes around $26/hr

    But if you work more hr like 60 the wife spends more time with your hard earn money then you do with your wife. open them up to cheating + gold digger.

      • Most comments are talking about they think or know a very few people that can make it none in the comment said the commenter was making it. If they are why are they interested in 2D when they can have 3D easy like the article says?

        I know many managers who don’t make that much. I know programmers who don’t make that much. Need I go on?

        I do know a CEO that makes Millions gee. How is that helping?

  • I don’t know why so many complain about women not wanting to work.

    I find that absolutely reasonable, seeing that biologically they are far inferior to men, so the job they would do would be shittier compared than to the work a man would do, thus resulting in a worse world for everyone.

    In an ideal world, men would work and make money and women would stay at home, take care of the house and children, because that’s what they are suited for best, biologically.

    • In the case of these japanese women, I don’t think they’re going to “stay at home, take care of house and children”. I think they’ll lay about doing nothing, and spend your money while cheating.

      • I’m not asking for it. Equality is a flawed concept based on faith, not supported by any scientific, statistic, historic or anecdotal evidence.

        As long as the masses are uneducated religion and equality will keep degenerating this world. Can’t help it.

        • I really respect female. They’re just one of the greatest creation by God. But i do share the same head with you in this one. Equality “in work” just wont work (no pun intended).
          Females had their own given surplus point that men didn’t have and vice versa. That’a why we complete each other nicely. ^^

          I see some people here say how easy it is to earn a 60k USD a year.And talking like we all should able to achieve and follow the success like they did.Well… im not gonna told them to see the real world (since we all are wth?). But i want them to read news for the least.

          This world do not only consist of your neighborhood and the country where you live…
          60k USD? Try going here in Indonesia. Where people literally kick (or kill for that matter) anyone else in the face just for a mere 10 bucks.
          Ooooo-Waaaaw So your country’s rich and the people are well payed and easy to get a job. yeah, good for you mr. longnose

          A fresh graduated payed for a 50k a year? LoL.
          Here the nebies are getting their ass whipped and work like machine just to STAY employed. For there are like around 1 million more people ready to take his/her position at any chance.

          Im a lecturer here in Indonesia for about 3 years. And guess what? i only make a roughly 12k USD per year. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. i dont care. You guys dont know how it feel looking for a job in here. One of the reason?
          Yes. Equality. Back then my dad doesn’t need to worry about a hundred thousand or million women trying to occupy men’s job. (There’s more women than men in Jakarta) The guy could work at a job that he’s really into, thus making him a fully efficient and good worker. While the women take care of the home and their FAMILY’S RELATIONSHIP with everyone else (Yes, that’s the most forgotten role from a housewife nowadays)

          But now? Lol divorce is like a plague and we see women faces in like every job/bussiness avaiable.(Especially entertainment) While the men busy stomping at each other to get a decent work that doesn’t involve breaking the law.All the glamour an bling bling are just for mere % of people in here. While the rest are just trying to stay alive… let alone make a “good” family.

        • And the only reason we have equality in the west now is because the U.S. realized that, during WWII, they could double the workforce by making all housewives work while the men fought.

          Double the workforce meant more people making money, hence they experienced a substantial economic growth back then.

          Every other country realized this after the U.S. did it and began drumming up the media under the “women deserve equal rights” farce.

        • Sure, evidence is all around you. I suppose you don’t study anything?

          First off, purely biologically speaking, women have a smaller body mass to brain mass ratio than men. They can’t produce enough testosterone to build muscles or be aggressive/skilled enough at anything, because testes are the biggest testosterone producer, and women got only ovaries, which produce minimal amounts of testosterone which are necessary for life. Women’s brains are based on white matter while men’s is on gray matter, the former responsible for information processing and the latter for connections between processing centers.

          That are just a few examples of established biological facts about women’s inferiority to men. Everything I wrote is on http://en.wikipedia.org, look it up if you’re really uneducated.

          Secondly, through history, women have never contributed anything significant to mankind and its progress. But ok, feminists will tell you women were oppressed because they were physically weaker, like men didn’t allow women to study because they were afraid to unleash hidden potential! My ass, they just didn’t want to waste time on educating women because it’s useless. But ok, that’s all anecdotal evidence.

          And lastly, statistics. In both the 1999 and 2004 Richard Lynn’s unbiased statistics, men had more mean I.Q.

          I’m not saying women are useless, they are useful in their own ways, like taking care of children and being supporters, but they should stay the fuck out of both mental and physical work, if we want a better world.

        • Does equality really even exist as a societal state? In my opinion people are never really equal…there’s always something edging for or against you, not to mention how value can be very subjective.

  • There is a simple solution. To earn as much as possible, even 10,000,000 yen annually and avoid sex, marriage, etc, etc. The view of the women’s crowd trying to “catch a fish” around is priceles. And it should teach something those women.

  • Fucking parasites.

    Look, if my girlfriend wanted to stay at home for a couple years while our theoretical child was in the very early years of their life? Honestly, I’d approve. Girl deserves three or four years of being a housewife after spending nine months hauling around the thing and then giving birth to it. Hell, beyond that she should be getting a part-time job that allows her to contribute to the household.

    But if my girlfriend told me she wanted to stay at home to be a housewife so that I could support her for no reason, I’d show her ass the door. I will not work extra hours to justify her lazy ass sitting on the couch watching TV or playing video games.

    I work my ass off at my job so that sometimes I can play video games in my free time. There is literally no woman on Earth who is awesome enough to convince me that the opportunity to sleep with her, even nightly, is worth the effort of supporting her hobbies with the money left over from paying all of our bills.

    • that is your culture. it isn’t like this in Japan. Most women are ‘expected’ by their in-laws/their parents, heck even they themselves, to get out of the workforce once they get married. Its also to show that your husband can work and earn enough for both of you.

      in that sense, its more like a status symbol which somehow everyone is supposed to follow or you are an outcast. In japanese society, being an outcast can literally drive someone to suicide. If you are a female above 30 years old or so and still working, assumptions are

      1) you are an old maid and can’t get married
      2) there’s something wrong with you so no one wants you
      3) your husband is a useless idiot
      4) you are disrespecting your in-laws by going to work, thus bringing shame upon the family

      you get the point?

      • I get the point, but it doesn’t change the fact that some women in japan are following an ideal that some men won’t be able to match up to. And I feel that something is wrong with the very concept of it all. Sure, I still want to go to japan someday and I still do like asian females, although it would just feel weird if any women I date would clearly be after me for money and would live off of me if married. I do like to see some kind of independence that some women in this world have. And even if I do have the salary that will support both me and the wife in the future, doesn’t change the fact of these two thoughts.

        1) That my future wife will divorce me if I’m even 10% down from the recommended income that she expects.

        2) I would divorce her if she’s a lazy housewife that does nothing.

        It’s too bad that some women rely on men too much, only for some to leave them if their salary sucks. The concept of getting out of the workforce once married might be conforting for some women, but bothersome for others. In this case, it feels like maintaining love and marriage depends on the very depths of my salary….and love usually isn’t seen like that.

        • Which is why I keep considering this as another way for both men and women to keep messing around like this and hurting each other somehow. USA and Japan’s economy is taking blows that already puts them into a recession already, how can anybody still make stupid unrealistic goals and expect people to still make that much money when circumstances won’t allow them to at times? Call me immature, but even though I know some women are whores and asking for too much, there’s got to be some indepedent women out there that is doing just as well as other people.

        • The real issue is that women are very much like cats. Even if you feed them every day, take care of them, and clean their shit, it’s no guarantee they won’t just waltz off with some alley cat in a “flight of whimsy”, and think it’s okay. If a woman wants to sit in the background like these women seem to desire, I’d expect them to cater to their husband like a king, and be of the utmost support to him.

          But that isn’t very likely is it?

  • I like it how all the people who comment “60k $ is not that much, I graduated from college and started with >insert amount here<" conveniently forget that the economy greatly differs across the world and that their country is not the centre of the universe.

    In some countries you will NOT see higher salaries than 30k $ a year, and even that is considered high end – even if you're in bloody lucrative fields like engineering, IT and so on with years of work experience and extra certificates. While the average person would make 15k $ a year or under. That's some food for thought there.

  • Crazy for them to ask for such an amount, and not everybody is going to come up with that kind of salary for different careers they are in. It’s obvious that both husband and wife find both jobs for each other and find some time to do things when they are not working, like having sex and etc.

  • 6.000.000¥ is completely OK, and you should remember that in Japan taxes are already comprised, so when you’re offered 6M¥, it’s 6M¥ in your pocket.

    The problem is NOT how much money it represents, it’s that whorish gold-digging attitude of those women.

    They want money ? They EARN it, period.

  • I like it how all the people who comment “60k $$$ is not that much, I graduated from college and started with >insert amount here<" conveniently forget that the economy greatly differs across the world and that their country is not the centre of the universe.

    In some countries you will NOT see higher salaries than 30k $ a year, and even that is considered high end – even if you're in bloody lucrative fields like engineering, IT and so on with years of work experience and extra certificates. While the average person would make 15k $ a year or under. That's some food for thought there.

    • I have to agree with you for example in my country middle -Hig class gets max 30k$ salary with engeenery degree i got per year myself (i’m 22 ) 13k$ at max well I’m after higSchool XD but soo i’ll make technikian so it will gets upp by around 25k$(it”s with work expiriences)

  • they should stop being lazy and work themselves.

    women in japan should really stop going after guys with money. what ever happened to, y’know, love? =P

    really… money is the root of all evil.

    and since girls requires time and money,

    girls = evil

    well, UNTIL they work their ass off to make some money.

    i love an independent woman…. which japan DOESN’T have.

  • “I can only afford to eat out once a month, so if there was more I could eat better.”
    Solution:fast food

    “We can get by on ¥3,000,000. I’m grateful to him for working hard for me!”
    Please marry me.:’D

  • Proves that women have very unrealistic goals when it comes to income…

    Now I can see why many men (especially in Japan) are going to alternative types of 2D and 3D women…

    Hate to say, the red-light district is cheaper…lol..

  • This makes me sad.
    I’m married to a guy who makes $30,000 a year and I make about $35,000. Needless to say we’re middle-class, but i think that I’d be less happy if I was rich. Money corrupts people, and money doesn’t matter to me. Hell, my wedding ring was turqoise since diamonds are expensive and foolish to buy.

    • Having money allows options; what you do with those options is up to you. Generally I say people who suddenly come into money tend to get corrupted, those who are bought up on said corruption tend to be corrupted, but those that work that money up from the ground know it’s worth, and use it for good reasons, so if you worked your way up to the money slowly you probably would enjoy it, though I doubt marrying into it will make it anywhere near as enjoyable as these Japanese women might think. Also good call on the ring, Diamond finishes are nice, and still fairly cheep (and easy to make), but using diamond as the main stone is foolish, and to be honest lazy; choose a stone that has sentimental value in some way, or if you want to waste some cash design/make the ring yourself, it’ll be a lot more impressive than some big diamond.

  • “my man must work so i can sit down and nearly do nothing”

    i mean japanese appartments are so small real cleaning isnt so much of work.she must cook soor so why not dor 2-3 people. Well the clothes washing is more.

    i wonder how my mother manages that while being a manager itself (in a company).

    long story short japanese woman = creedy lazy bitches

  • They do have some unrealistic expectations.

    The average GDP per capital in Japan translates to about 32,600 USD which I ripped from the CIA factbook and not many jobs seem to pay 6 million yen a year.
    They sure do shaft teachers and engineers pretty hard there.

    Whats funny even in the USA which has higher average pay and lower costs of living two incomes are usually required unless someone is a doctor and or they are very frugal or clever with their money.

    The truth is they’ll have to get a job themselves as well.

    But even in upper class families in the US the wife usually has her own career.

  • the funny thing is they want that much income from a man just to stay home and goof off etc etc
    but what happend to the women you fought for Women Freedom’s?
    so thre demanded womens rights so they can just go back and live freely in there homes?

  • Wow that does not seem like much money to me for an industrialized society … I guess that shows the value of an education because that was about my starting salary coming out of graduate school. Now At 29 I make wayyyy more than that.

    I make about twice as much as my friends who only got bachelor degrees. As for my friends who got no degree at all … I make more money than their combined household income (my friend’s income plus their wives salaries)

    The moral of the story? Stay in school kiddies …

  • I think the women want a man with that much income only too stay home and do basically nothing other than just clean the house and cook
    but i think ¥5,000,000 is more than enough
    the extra ¥1,000,000 is more or less just for them to goof off with

  • It is shown here clearly how to fix this situation. All men must marry ATM machines and we (men) can have as many 2-D wifus as we want forever. Paper ones, cloth ones – pillow cases sheets towels, figurines small and large to life sized with fully functional little boxes from that one company. No need to have a 3-D wifu any more, we shall marry the ATMs before they do.

  • There is a word for that…

    Oh yeah.


    Just that they live with you, have your credit card and don’t give you sex when you want it.

    What do THEY bring to the table? If they are HOT, they’ll nab a guy with more money. But a smarter guy with money would want more… not just a leech.


    • And why would a foreign young model marry you if you make ~60k a year? Can you even support a foreign young model with ~60k a year?

      60k a year isn’t really that much. It’s pretty average for a college/university graduate. Maybe you start off at 50k a year.

  • “Earn your own money you damn parasites!”

    Made my day.

    “Wives Demand “Ideal” ¥6,000,000 Salary from Husbands”

    And I demand equally “ideal” ¥6,000,000 salary from my wife. Don’t have it? Then feel free to GTFO.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    In principle I’d go; “Uh, isn’t Japan quite rich enough to have anyone with college earning that salary?”

    But, IMO, the only “Labor Union” is probably the local Yakuza chapter who are so bad-arse they probably live off these women waiting to marry a upper-middle class husband and get them while they still look good.

    I’m just curious, tho-
    Is Japan a culture so racist they can’t just look to nearby shores? I mean, Korea, the Philippines, Cambodia, India..? Get some lady from an area where US$300 a year (27000Yen by currency conversion off Google) is a good salary. Where ladies tend to be treated like shit for real, not just bitch they only can choose outlaws, overworked people, people with Otaku toys or people who marry a pillow instead of them?

    That, IMO, is why “Equality Now” and the other “Hyenas in Petticoats” the “Modern Women who seek to destroy men” and the “Nucking Futz Fundies” are trying to stop AmeriKKKan and EurAsian men going on “Eastern Sex Tours”. They don’t mind so much the ones that use ’em as cum dumpsters, but they fear the ones that marry ’em. Competition for the Hyenas and a threat of “KKKultural Pollution” to the Fundiez.

    • I thought about something similar (I don’t understand your last part btw) And I’m seriously considering getting a Korean girlfriend instead of a Japanese one. However, how I’m I supposed to find a Korean girlfriend in Japan?

      • The last part relates to ongoing discussions I’ve had over “Equality Now” – the main “Crusading Feminist” group trying to get most/all “Hentai” stuff banned, starting with of course “Lolicon” then “Rape Simulators” but their agenda is obviously all pornography. That’s the notice that gets that group discussed here, but I make a connection with other groups and their other activities which center around trying to close down “Sex Tourism”.

        Case in point, their ongoing jihad against “Big Apple Oriental Tours”: http://www.equalitynow.org/english/actions/action_1204-2702_en.html

        This is a company that just specializes in selling men fun tours where they can get smothered in cute oriental ladies, mainly Filipino women! And they don’t cater to “Pedarists”, the adult women there are cute enough for gawdz sake! Just some nice sexpatriates out for some Piece and Luv!

        But, if you are in Japan, shouldn’t it be easier to take a trip to Korea or the Philippines, Cambodia, etc? And there’s the net, of course, not to mention others who’ve made trips.

        A buddy of mine did that. He’s a simple man, though he’s quite functional and a good musician and co-runs a business. Well, he got sick of rejection and the attitudes of women and just went to the Philippines. Didn’t even have to go to any “Working Girls”, just found a really nice lady who’d lost her husband and married her and took her son with him too. Yep, a Phillippino MILF:-) Now they are really happy and he’s putting another bun in her oven for him, but her son’s calling him “Dad” also.

        Note also:

        “Hyenas in Petticoats” – that’s from the great H.G. Wells, the writer of such old school steampunk goodness as “War of the Worlds”. He was all for “Free Love”, “Women’s Suffrage” (the right to Vote) anti colonialist, all sorts of progressive stuff. However, he was a true intellectual and recognized “Militant man-hater Feminists” for what they were.

        “Modern women who seek to destroy men” – from the “Great One”, John Norman’s writings describing the feminists and their real agendas in the 70s/80s.

        “AmeriKKKa, KKKultural” etc. It’s a 60s term. Not that old, but formative years on a “Commune” so I’m used to using such terms. America’s less racist now, but more brutal and ignorant and bigoted (esp against Muslims) so I use that term.

  • “We can get by on ¥3,000,000. I’m grateful to him for working hard for me!”

    Nice lady :3

    I guess it’s fine to [i]want[/i] a husband with a higher income. Everyone wants more money. But when they let that desire affect what they have in real life, then it starts to become a problem.

    • Dude. As someone who makes quite a lot now, I still started at $42k out of college. In a tech job, with a CS degree. I worked my ass off to get promotions and raises. Changing jobs is almost a necessity to pull it off too (that and a masters degree).

      I sincerely hope you are some bright eyed college student thinking you’re gonna make all the big bucks so you can get your dose of reality splashed in your face right off the bat. Maybe then you’ll come back down to earth sooner than later.

  • The men on 2chan are telling the women to make more money, but the honest truth is women just CAN’T make that much money in japan because they don’t get equal pay for equal work. They simply just can’t make that much money themselves because of the very sexist work standards in Japan.

      • Then you start wondering, do they stop working because they know they have a low chance of getting promoted OR do they have a low chance of getting promoted because most women quit once they get married?

        It’s like the chicken and egg scenario.

        • Paying women the same as men would only aggravate the problem if said women do not change their expectations.

          Some other survey found out women would never marry a man that did not make considerably more than them.

          This would only reduce the husband material available even further

        • Doesn’t really matter what it is, it’s something that needs to be dealt with, because in this day and age having only half your adult workforce working and the other half sitting at their asses watching crappy daytime tv is a recipe for economic disaster.

  • “Damn whores should just marry an ATM.”
    I LOLed, hard!

    Btw, the average salary be4 tax in Canada is, i believe $60k~ Canadian.

    But honestly, i would be happy with $40k. I can afford myself a car, 1 big trip and 1 small trip each year, and finance a livable $195k shitbox.
    The hell with wife (or wives), i’m too young (23) to worry about getting married or even getting a girlfriend. My hands are still in working condition!

  • Japanese women really want men to make that type of money then why don’t you all start a mob protest and demand that your future husband to be payed this amount or else no children will be created in Japan.

  • Captain Obvious says:

    Thought this to be relevant, it’s about some guy on ebay who is selling his daughter’s Nissan 370z Roadster. I took the interesting bit from the description:

    “The car was bought new in Oregon late last year by a young man that thought he could influence my daughter’s affections by giving it to her as a gift.

    The only problem was, my daughter is not influenced by material things and she has way too many friends to be happy with a two seater. She is also not a fool and decided the boy was (far too wealthy) and she could use the money.

    So she told me (Dad) to sell it so she could use the money more wisely. The young man liked the looks of the 2010 Nismo front spoiler so he had a body shop install it on the car.”

    She practically had it made, now I don’t know what to think about women. To feel better I’ll just bid for the lulz and ask for pics of his daughter.

  • Well, if you ask someone what their ideal is, it’s going to be pretty fucking high. Unless they have ridiculously low standards. Some people confuse ideals with the possible/probable, but most of us are content to dream.

    If you ask a man if he wished he/his wife made more money, don’t you think they would say “yes”? If you asked them what their own/their wife’s ideal salary was, don’t you think it would be higher than the average salary? Who the fuck has their ideal reality set to average? I know I don’t. That shit would be depressing.

    “I just want to graduate High School, marry a dude I kind of like, have 2.5 children of average intellect and prospects, divorce amid a nasty legal battle, be overweight/overworked, and die of a heart attack/cancer.”


    • Yeah, it seems so. Since Japanese marry less and don’t make babies, there won’t be sufficient renewal of generations and at some point there won’t be enough workforce in Japan (and no money to pay elderly people’s pensions by the way…) Japanese society seems to go from bad to worse. I just don’t get it, why their government doesn’t do damn thing!!! It appears to me that someday, Japanese society is going to collapse.

    • English teachers in private schools in Japan can expect a yearly income of somewhere between 3,100,000 and 3,800,000. I would think University teachers can expect more than 4M and public school teachers under 3M.

      Teachers from all levels don’t usually earn a lot, but they certainly aren’t even close to the bottom of the ranking. That spot is for animators and seiyuu, I believe.

  • “My goal is for him to have an income sufficient for me to become a housewife.”. You mean sit on your ass all day whilst your husband works to please you so that you can show off all your bling to your friends.

    • “If I was a wife demanding an actual, **ideal** salary, it would be somewhere within the neighborhood of infinity dollars.”

      I can understand that they want more money (who doesn’t?) but it’s wrong that they expect their husbands to earn that much on their own. If they really want more money then they should work for it themselves.

    • Not really. Both my mother and father make $250,000+ a year each.

      I don’t think $60,000 is too much.

      Oh well, I could care less. At least I don’t need to worry about money in my future relationships. I will be financially independent of any husband I get, and I will have a job in addition to my inheritance.

      • This is the internet, so I cannot tell if you’re lying, but I do know that that kind of salary is pretty exceptional. Most women, Japanese or otherwise, will have to settle for a lot less.

      • That may be so, but don’t forget that housewives don’t have a job. Hence, the reason why so many women want to ‘settle down’ (read: be free from responsibility yet reap the benefits while the man takes the flak, and that’s a lot of flak, and that’s terrible).

    • Since we’re doing currency conversions anyway, it amounts to circa €4000 a month. If you’re thinking about getting married, you’re probably looking for a starter, since the guys who already have built up a career are already taken or they simply don’t want to get married. For people with a degree, that amounts to about €1000 to €2000 a month after tax deduction. In other words, Japanese women are setting themselves up for a huge disappointment, which will affect their love life, their happiness and that of their poor husbands.

    • To be completely fair, Tokyo and Osaka ranked number 1 and 2 according to Mercer’s Cost of Living index. Using New York City as a base of 100%, Tokyo’s cost of living was +41% and Osaka’s +19%. Los Angeles ranked 23rd at -12.4% and San Francisco 34th at -17.5%.

      Taking those numbers into account, if you made a $40,000 salary in San Francisco, to live in Tokyo, Japan you would need to make 58.5% which puts your new target salary at $63,400. If you think about it this way, it’s not thaaat far-fetched if those surveyed lived in the most expensive cities in the world.

      Mercer’s Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2009

    • I wouldn’t consider ¥6,000,000 a year a ridiculous asking salary. I only have 4 years of college (at a vocational school. Not a highly regarded university). Yet, my starting salary right out of college was around ¥4,800,000 if I remember correctly. I’ve been working at the same company for 6 years and i’m now making a little over ¥7,500,000. What i’m saying is, take the steps to climb the corporate ladder a little. Apply yourselves and tough out the bullshit of office politics, and you CAN increase your salary. Of couse salary shouldn’t be the measure of a man by any means. It saddens me when a woman says she wants her husband to have a higher salary so she can have more. I guess relationships are always more ME than WE. I could understand if it was to provide for children (not that the japanese really have those much anymore) or to retire or simply so they can have a better life together but so she can eat out more?! Fuck you.

    • it really isn’t that much but seriously if a woman marries you because of your money and you let her control the money you are an idiot. It is fine to be taken advatage of as long as you are getting something in return. A prenup would also be a must.

    • UncommonOtaku says:

      What WHAT -W U T ??!!!

      it translates to 600K in USD?

      dang!,… no wonder they want to be house wives (NAAHT), or shall I say they rather have the desire to “help” in spending it while their “husbands are at work”.

      Waht a bunch of lazy beeetcheese – muthua of gawd! Jus Wot iZ dis world Cumming ??!!!

      • i wanted to rep this quote so il write it here again

        “Damn whores should just marry an ATM.”

        epic – problem solved, but still low population… i think thats where we come in ( – . ^ )/

        • Depends on where you are in the US, and what kind of work you do.

          Average salary in the US for non-government jobs is currently $41K. Average salary for government jobs is $74K. So, in the US, be a beauracrat!

          Remember, there are more OUT OF WORK engineers in American then employed ones. Most engineers are busy working as taxi drivers or waiters or something other then they studied in college— and still have to pay the college loans.

        • And THEY say that otaku or otaku-like males are disgusting? They should be ashamed!
          Let’s start masqulinity organisation fellow males – we want equal rights cause now we are considered the worst while they only see us as our salary.
          They want us to see more than bodies? What right they have to tell us something like that while they see only our earnings?
          Lets fight for our rights, fight for justice, fight for FREEDOM!

          And now seariously: I am speachless.

        • My friend makes around 140000USD a year and he just graduated, they even gave him a place to stay in

          In our country salaries are a bit higher which is not always a good thing because prices are higher as well…

        • 66k isn’t unreasonable, especially for someone who’s SEVERAL years into their career.

          Several years into their career in Japan = Already married, or unmarriable.

          The cutoff for marriage in Japan, culturally speaking, is late 20’s at most, if you’re not married by the time you’re 27-29, your chances of marriage are slim at best.

        • 60k gross… that’s roughly 45k after taxes if you’re single…
          Also haven’t you heard of a loan?
          Everyone is in debt from the day they are born till the day they’re dead. If you really want to deny this statement then find me a single person not in debt to anyone? *PROTIP: money is not the only kind of debt*

          With this stated… you can still fund college/retirement *lol do you know what you’re even talking about?*/mortage’s *I highly doubt you do anon 16:58*

          With this I bid you adieu.

        • The average salary for the US federal employee is 71k, according to the US office of personnel management. Should be similar in other countries. And in the private sector, usually as long as you’ve majored in the hard sciences or certain other high-demand, low-saturation fields, more than 66k is expected.

          So Nakki’s right that every college graduate isn’t going to get this much, but that’s because most choose majors that require next to no knowledge of physics or higher math. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of guys who do.

        • Should have chosen a non-shitty major then.

          Entry level jobs for engineers with only a bachelors range from $50-60k with benefits.

          It’s also only enough for single person in the places in the US with a high cost of living, where you’d need 2 people with $100,000 a year salaries to have enough money for a mortgage, college funds, and retirement.

        • 60k a year seems pretty easy to make. i mean hell, a 20$ and hour entry job can get you that, and i was offered that out of high school.

          sadly with the economy my place of employment downsized me.

          but just working the baseline, i made 41k a year. getting over time, that was an extra 7800 and than there was the the working off days every other week which pulled in 8320$ and the 6 holiday days i worked was another 2880$

          and again this was an out of high school job, if i had worked 5 years, id have been making close to 30$ an hour, and if i worked 10 id have been closer to 40 an hour and couldn’t have let me go in the lay offs.

          basically if you are not picky about your job and go for what makes the most money fastest you will win at life.

          after the lay off, i started working on my own, make double the pay, but work half the hours, its a plus and a minus. wish i could work more and pad my bank account.

        • “66k isn’t unreasonable, especially for someone who’s SEVERAL years into their career.”

          How many careers do you find with this pay? enough for every collage graduate? Nice try.

          Welcome to the real world Anon 11:58

        • If you can’t make that much coming out of college with an engineering or business degree, you should just go die.

          66k isn’t unreasonable, especially for someone who’s SEVERAL years into their career.

          Losers need to go kill themselves if they can’t even manage that much.

        • @ Tepiz:
          That’s £45,000 a year. Most middle-high class British persons make between £29k-£36k.
          It’s even worse if you put it in terms of USD purely because the average salary in America is about 3-6$ (an hour)less then the British counterpart.