Japanese Outraged at Australian Cat Slaughter


Japanese are aghast at Australian plans to kill millions of stray cats, with many perplexed at how a nation which sanctimoniously lectures them at every opportunity about their whaling and tacitly supports eco-terrorism can simultaneously destroy millions of lovable felines.

Australia’s Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre is reportedly testing a system of poison traps designed to kill cats by “exploiting their natural curiosity.”

The trap uses light and sound to lure cats in to investigate, and once they have entered the trap a sensor attempts to determine whether they are a cat, and if so the trap delivers a dose of fatal poison. Cats are said to be uninterested in traditional traps, requiring a cat-specific lure playing upon their investigative nature.

In a macabre pun the system is dubbed “Curiosity.”

Australia is estimated to have a population of 18 million stray cats, which frequently prey upon Australia’s often times pathetically fragile native species.

Government efforts to control undesired non-native species have over the years seen countless millions of foxes, cats, dogs, pigs, rabbits, and fish destroyed by methods ranging from trapping and shooting to the introduction of viral agents, with mixed success.

Japanese hearing about the system were disgusted at the barbarous slaughter of so lovable a creature, particularly in light of their association of Australia with eco-pirate band Sea Shepherd and an unending stream of criticism about the (in Japan) uncontroversial issue of whaling:

“As expected of the Aussies. They fall over themselves to protect whales but abuse other species; this level of opportunism… it’s truly shameless.”

“Please don’t kill those lovable little cats! Cats are even more sensitive than whales. Please don’t kill them just for the sake of keeping their numbers down!”

“Australians are so crude!”

“What have Sea Shepherd to say about this? Nothing, because there’s no money in it for them?”

“I think Australia is justified in killing these cats, and Japan is also justified in killin whales. However, Australia has no right to be criticising Japan.”

“We’ve got to launch attacks on Australia to stop the slaughter of these poor cats!”

Whilst the ecological arguments for destroying an “invasive species” are generally considered sound, the ecological arguments against whaling are rather problematic – for example, the UN does not consider minke whales to be endangered and global populations are stable at several million, whilst Japan takes an annual catch of only 500.

Since Australian opposition to whaling is evidently based primarily on an irrational emotional and cultural attachment to whales, Japanese are naturally left wondering why their equally irrational emotional and cultural attachment to cats is any less significant.

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  • While I’m against killing the cats as well, as strays they are technically an invasive species that can wreak havoc on populations of the native species, many of which are endemic to Australia and nowhere else in the world. The whales are being slaughtered in their natural habitat. Plus, hopefully the Aussies won’t be eating the cats.

  • There’s a difference between these two arguments: a)Whales are not invasive species while b) cats are invasive species. If Japan’s argument about cats is based on “how cute” they are vs damaging the ecosystem, then the Japanese fail.

  • If you enjoy whaling feel free to do it in your own back yard (oh wait you do…), but when you start whaling near our waters in violation of international accords which Japan signed. (One or two whales of every species for study would suffice for scientific research) expect us to be slightly pissed.

    More to the point the people who brought up WWII should be ashamed don’t think Australia has forgotten what the Japanese did to our prisoners of war, The soldiers who made it back alive were mostly nothing but skin and bone those who aren’t buried by the side of the railways they were forced to build that is. Or even worse what the casual rape and murder of Women who were captured in Singapore and it surrounds. But I’m sorry I’m sure all of that was in the front of your mind when you were criticising Australian troops. Or the bombing of Civilian Darwin or the Notorious submarine attack on Sydney harbour when Japanese mini submarines torpedoed an again civilian ferry.

    But war crimes aside the best you could come up with is that we are killing feral cats? Please feel free to come and take our feral cats away if you would like them I’m very sure no one would object. Of course that would require you to actually care about anything outside of your own selfish interests but Japan is not exactly known for that is it, you can’t even take care of your own people with a ridiculous level of suicide, depression and personality disorder and a huge under reporting of Rape and corruption. Oh and you still enjoy state sponsored Murder also known as the death penalty nothing like a good execution to make the population feel better about themselves…

    Oh and before you respond let me point out that I actually think their are many beautiful parts to Japanese culture and many wonderful Japanese people, your lack of informed political discourse however and pandering to the lowest common denominator (by no means unique to Japan but you seem to have adopted it as policy in general)catering to the peoples base fears of xenophobia and in group out group racism is simply disgusting.

  • look i can sort of agree with what we aussies are doing, the feral cats are a major issue, if you don’t like it come on over and take a few with you, though i think you might change your mind when you see a *FERAL* cat is different then other cats with not being all cute and cuddly :3

  • Just another reason to scoff at the Japanese, not the Australians. Until I got to the part about the whales, I was just about to use whales as an EXAMPLE! The Japanese have no right to complain what some other country chooses to do with their DOMESTIC animals which have gotten out of control when they go out and kill PROTECTED animals in the WILD which are in HOMEOSTASIS with their ecology WITHOUT any HUMAN INTERFERENCE! And they actually are trying to turn it around and use that as an argument in their favor. Why? Because kitties are CUTE. Awwww! That makes it all right to kill the whales while those evil Aussies, they have to burn! Admit it people, that’s the best justification they could ever come up with for it. Of all countries on Earth, I think Australia and New Zealand are the only ones I don’t have a grudge against. And after this, it certainly remains that way.

  • fucking idiots i thought japs were smarts!, those cats are a plague that is killing the local fauna fuck they should kill dogs too and kept dingos as pets and if japs are so caring they should adopt those cats

  • WTF? Fucking Ass Australia (govt), criticizing one nation for hunting whales while they themselves kill innocent animals in their homeland.

    Australia would say that it’s a problem for them and other should mind their own business.
    Right back at them for the Whaling issue.
    Australia are fucking hypocrites and one of the most asshole nations on earth, up there with the Two Koreas and China.
    not that I hate all the people, maybe most or some of them, depending on the people…

  • … ?

    How are they comparing an animal that can pop out litters worth of kittens over a period of 10(plus) years, to a mammal that has 1 calf every 4 years?

    Get some damn sense Japan.

    I highly doubt they would be saying this if a bunch of feral non neutered cats decided to take over their region.

  • Whales and many other fishes are a dying breed and so are the native animals in australia. Cats aren’t. From an ecological fair standpoint, the australians are right this time, no matter what emotional standpoint they share. And who gives a fuck if these things loveable or not?

  • I’m Australian. That should interest you at least. I loved the ‘pathetically fragile native species’ line, like it was a personal offence against the writer that some animals lack in self-preservation. The point that Australian’s make is that cats are an introduced species, we don’t have any native cats in Australia, (That is a lie, we have something called the Quoll and here are some pictures of them, do you think they are cats? http://www.giveusahome.co.uk/australian/cat_pics.htm) Actually Australia obviously didn’t have very good scientists in the field of biology because the famous Tasmanian Tiger was a species of dog. Beyond that when they were captured by humans they would give up suddenly and many would simply die from the shock of the experience. And that was considered an alpha-predator… So you can see why cats are so destructive.

    Anyhow, many birds and animals have yet to develop defensive mechanisms for something that was introduced by the settlers 300 years ago. No one really expects the animal diversities to evolve defenses in that short period of time do they? It’s not a Pokemon world out here, (sadly).

    I live in Sydney, now this is important, so I have a city-life expectations on the preservation of all animals, people in the country have different expectations because they deal with animals and more importantly the environment on a daily basis, they have very matter-of-fact attitudes about species and the environment that are obviously central to their idea of what the ecology of Australia ought to involve, so they’d happily kill cats, many do, dogs as well, dogs are killed in enormous numbers as are Kangaroo’s. If you know Australian’s though you’ll know that at the very least when one does kill a cat they go down to the local Chinese Restaurant and offer it to them, I promise you that we’re not a cruel, ignorant and wasteful people, if we were then we wouldn’t be so kind to the Chinese Restaurants… 😀

    Oh and in Sydney a couple of years ago we killed a baby whale, we called him Colin. Here’s an article http://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews/World/Story/A1Story20080822-83683.html

    So, we aren’t just Cat killers, we’re Baby Whale Killers too, oh and Camels, Kangaroos, Dogs, Boars, Dingoes, Foxes, Rabbits, Brumbies (wild horses), Tasmanian Tigers,

    Did you know that we kill the horses from Helicopters? Aerial Culling they call it. I want to make a Lollercopter of death joke but it’s not coming to me, any suggestions?

    And we’re contemplating Crocodiles (wrestling them isn’t for all of us) and Sharks, because when we enter their natural habitat they sometimes bite us.

    Oh and there’s an Aussie company that is the sole buyer of Seal Furs, http://www.animalsaustralia.org/take_action/namibian-seal-slaughter/

    I’d like to eat some whale. I reckon it’d be interesting, Sea Mammal and all.


  • Australia is so full of this stupid “green” bureaucracy and global warming nonsensical hoopla mandates and policies. Look where its taking us, nothing less then a global economic disaster.

  • Fucking idiots…

    Feral cats are an INTRODUCED species that are wild and do the things that cats do like killing and eating anything they can catch. The Australians are trying to clean up their CONTINENT to restore it’s animal life to as close the way it was before man fucked it up as possible. They’re not going to other areas of the world and destroying the cats there.

    Whales roam the WORLD’s oceans and are a natural resource of the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD NOT JUST THE JAPANESE.

    Whales can take decades to centuries to repopulate to normal wild population levels. On the other hand a few cats can reproduce to the point of wiping out native species and everything else they can kill and eat within a few years…

    Do you people honestly not see a difference here?

    Do I like the slaughter of cats? No, but they have to be dealt with. Humanely killing them is much preferred to the decimation of an eco system and with that rampant disease killing the cats off slowly and painfully.

    • hey saski! i bet with that fake japanese name ur not eeven japanese! ur probably some white kid from california how really believes he was japanese in past life…am i right? yeah…im right…listen stupid or should i say baka baka baka! so u understand, me! feral cats are dangerous disease ridden creatures! they kill pets, native wild life, and attack small children! you compare killing feral cats which are over populated to whaling under the pretext of cuteness? are u stupid or just trying to be popular on the internet?

      • **More California hate!????** what the heck! why do idiots always have to think its a guy from California? When was the last time a feral cat killed a child, such a stupid concept right? And when was the last time a wild whale did anything good for you, never? Bottom line: Australia is caught with its hands red this time, obviously.

        • ur very dumb…why not assume facts and look them up while ur sing the INTERNET! stupid! god there are many cases of feral cats and dogs, and pigs attacking children and people! ur my fruit and nut californian are stupid as well!

  • u japanophiles really need to open your eyes ,this is different issue here.australia killing stray cats to protect their ecosystem and japan killing endangered whale for scientific purposes(food)
    seriously ppl

  • i believe that what their doing is for the better.
    since their killing all the kangaroos koalas and emus which are native animals to the country. id rather have them killed than have the kangaroos and koala’s extinct

  • Haha. Reading these comments.
    Seriously guys? Why don’t you all kill yourself for eating cute chickens?
    If you want, we can give you all our stray cats. Chances are you’ll then be complaining that we’re ‘attacking’ you guys by sending you FERAL (yes, please read again) cats.

    The problem with the Japanese whaling is that they claim to do it for scientific purposes with nothing to show for it. At least with the Australians they are doing it to stop the feral cats from destroying their ecosystem. I’m pretty sure most people would support whaling if the whales were overpopulated and eating up all the plankton, effectively killing off the entire fish ecosystem.

    Wait, why don’t we send in ship-loads of feral rabbits to Japan and see how you guys like it? (oh wait, you don’t have any vegetation in the first place).

  • I live in oz and this is the first time I heard about it. Eradicate them, as far as I’m concerned, only cats that are allowed to live should be domesticated ones, not ferals.

    Besides, animals are animals, it’s not like they can think so who cares honestly? If you do care, then fuck you, you should care more for the people who don’t have basic necessities to live instead of arguing among strangers behind your monitor and cushy chair about whether feral cat’s should live or not.

  • Well, this is certainly a heartless thing to do, and:

    >Australia’s often times pathetically fragile native species.

    Disregard what I said. If all cats in Australia die there are still cats all over the world. If all australian animals die, then they will be no more.

  • AnnaKuramoto says:

    Big difference between stray cats and whales, besides the Japanese are NOT just hunting the common minke whale.

    Simple solution: Round up the cats in an old tanker, sail it to a harbor in Japan, pull out a bullhorn and yell “We have a million cats on this tub, you like them so much? Well here you go. Enjoy!”, then leave.

    • THIS is what many people are missing.

      These are feral cats. Cats that are nothing more than pets that are actually killing many other animals in Australia. Not to mention that they are not cute a cuddly and are gigantic and horrifying.

      I would much rather have those invading cats dead than animals that can’t be seen anywhere in the world but Australia. There are still millions upon millions of cats in the world. We have reserves.

  • If you want more information on feral animals in Australia, you can go to the (boring but logical) government site http://www.environment.gov.au/biodiversity/invasive/ferals/index.html or the highly emotive & oppisite view http://www.animalliberation.org.au/feral.php .
    At the end of the day, it would be nice NOT to kill any animal unnecessarily, but it is not always practical. In Australia you have people for and against it. Stray cats (that’s the ones found in domestic areas) are caught & non-proffit groups neuter them & try to find them homes (same with dogs). Most people now are good enough to have their pets neutered or keep them from escaping into the wild. Once gone feral in the bush though, there is no turning back for these animals, they cannot be domesticated again & in a country as large as Australia, it is impossible to just go out and catch them like strays. I’ve seen a couple of feral cats when I lived on the outskirts of suburbia as a kid & they are huge & aggressive when cornered. The cute kittens on the front of this post look nothing like the feral cats here!

  • Oh I can imagine Australia taking the cats hostages:

    Australia: Leave the whales alone and we spare these cats

    Japan: No! please don’t hurt the. Ok, I leave the whales.

    A few years later

    Japan: So, Australia, you feel like developing a new fetish for overpopulated Japanese cat meat?

    Australina: only if you resume yours for overpopulated whale meat

    Both: Deal!

  • “…a nation which sanctimoniously lectures them at every opportunity about their whaling and tacitly supports eco-terrorism can simultaneously destroy millions of lovable felines…”

    Well, gee, maybe it’s because WHALES ARE ENDANGERED, and cats are domesticated animals that humans let get out of control ,it’s their duty to kill them off. stupid Nips.

  • Unless you’re a vegetarian (or better still vegan) you’re a hypocrite for bagging anyone for killing anything. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

    That being said, in Australia I look after dozens of wild animals and at least 1/3 of them were victims of cat attacks. Even domestic cats are natural hunters. It’s too late now but no country should ever introduce alien animals and no one should be allowed to have pets. Just leave all animals alone in their natural habitats and go eat your vegetables!

  • That’s about time if we want to save what’s unique about the continents.

    There’s no comparison in the ecosystem with what Japan and Australia do.

    The Whales are there and in a stabile way, the cats are breed and feed by humans and left to there own destroying the forign inhabitat of Australia.

    Don’t blame the people for killing the stray cats, blame the people that made for that many strays to happen.

    Why can’t people understand it’s not the same thing killing 20 Pigs as it is killing 20 Wild Boars -_-

      • Those Aussies who are trying to include and justify their battle against Japan by including the events of WWII: STOP!




        • @ 03:29

          Obviously you didn’t read my post clearly enough. I don’t mind if the Japanese kill Minke Whales, so as long as they don’t target Humpbacks, which are an endangered species. And I totally agree with you about the feral cats, we should have done something a long time ago to deal with the problem, but we didn’t and here we are today. If these cats really are “cute and cuddly” as the news post suggests then I can understand why many of you would have a problem with us killing them, BUT they are not. They are vicious animals who kill the native wildlife of Australia. As I said, we should’ve done something a long time ago about the problem that could have stopped alot of these cats being feral but as with any country there are a lot of igrorant people who only realise the magnitude once it has gotten out of hand, and now killing them is the only option. Unless you wish to sacrifice millions of other animals who are already endangered in favor of feral animals.

          As for the rabbits, you can’t sanely blame modern Australians for the actions of uninformed 18th century British colonists who didn’t know bringing a bunch of rabbits to a new, unknown country with the purpose of using them as game would unbalance the entire ecosystem.

          Now about my WWII post, I’m merely defending the sacrifices of many good Aussie men against the igrorance of 20:04, who said they made no contribution. I had no intention of bringing it into the arguement. I’m sure you would agree that if someone disrespectfully insulted the contributions of Japanese war heroes or any other nation for that matter many would jump to defend their contributions. Anyway as you rightly said, we shouldn’t bring it up into a debate of killing cats or not killing them and I’m sorry if it looked like I was bringing WWII into this debate.

          Erm my pets being killed isn’t my fault, unless you blame me for having to attend school and not being there every hour of the day for my pets. Anyhow I did learn my lesson and haven’t gotten any other pets since then. I’d like to think I took good care of my pets, and even humans need to get out of the house every so often.

          I’m all for advances in science! If you Mr or Ms Marine Biologist and any other scientist in Japan can learn from these animals and help their ecosystem do so! As for the advances in science thanks to human research I agree it has helped us now and Im sorry to hear that the Japanese research was stolen by the US, but there would be some arguing the ethical and moral implications of that research, however we must understand it was done during wartime, and we all know the capacity of war to turn men into monsters.

          In reality it boils down to the portayal by the media. We got people over here saying Japanese kill solely endangered whales for nothing but consumable purposes (which I know is a lie), and then we’ve got Japanese claiming we are murdering poor cute kitty cats (which I know is a lie too). Sometimes we have to filter the lies from the truth, do our own research. Yes I understand that we need to respect the rights of animals, but really at this point there’s not alot we can do.

        • @23:02

          Then what is the purpose of the other Aussies of this site brought up the WWII topic? And yes I do know that human experiments and rape are bad, more so because we DID benefit from those human experiments LATER on because most of the results and information were STOLEN by the U.S. since they themselves cannot carry those experiments by themselves, and were sold to some big names in the medicine industry during that time. In short, they have made money out of those experiments….

          And Japan paid for them…. Rightly so. I even think $10M per country at that time isn’t enough….

          That said, when we talk about bad leadership, do you mean then or right now? Because frankly the problems Asian countries faced RIGHT NOW never existed during the 1940’s. Back then U.S. and the British still have colonies there. And most countries there, with the exception of China, are fresh out of the colony era. Might I also remind you that Japan is technologically superior than the rest of Asia then? That attack during December 7 and 8 was also a suprise attack. They attack WITHOUT A DECLARATION! We really didn’t stand a chance. Australia, which is miles away won’t be attacked until a few weeks later. You guys could have prepared much at that time. With an efficient strategy you guys could have pushed them back earlier even without U.S. help. You just didn’t want to do anything with it until the Japs attack you. Heroes? No I think not. Opportunists? Better!~~ Just like the British and the Americans…

          And so is about your cat problem! Why just address the problem now? You idiots knew this has happened before(rabbits were the ones I think?), yet you didn’t prepared for it and took the easy way out! Lazy! You could have just shipped them out of the country! What the hell are taxes for anyway? Think about it. You guys reason out that 1) Feral cats are dangerous, 2) They are not endangered.

          We have already address #1, that’s what taxes are for. Or don’t tell me that the Aussies don’t pay taxes? If you guys know they will eventually become dangerous why didn’t you preempt the problem beforehand? And why choose a barbaric way of dealing on that problem now? JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE CATS? OK So let’s say JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE WHALES or JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE SHARKS.

          Number 2 MIGHT be right. Provided that we have the guts to wait for another animal go “endangered”.

          And for your pets being killed…. That’s your own responsibility and stupidity knocking at your front door. TAKE CARE OF YOUR PETS!

          SO if I were you I wouldn’t be pointing. You guys persecute the Japs for whaling, which is another Japanese thing other countries benefit from. Light-years better than experimenting on babies and pregnant women. Not only that they DO research a way for the population of whales, dolphins, tuna, sharks and eels to stabilize, they try to re-create their breeding environment. I AM such a researcher. And we are close on finding an answer.

          Only that stupid Sea Shepherd ship got in the way! Why? Just for the show and the ratings. The research, unreported, went on a lot slower pace!

          SO whether they be cats or whales, each one must be treated in a civil manner. They are both mammals and animals with intelligence too. I a marine biologist by profession. I am an otaku, history-buff and a fan-fiction writer by hobby. I am a cat lover too. And I never leave any work undone before I write and play. Well thanks to you guys I got some at least 4 hours more spare time….

          Gee. It’s getting long. So I end this one here. So go and kill those cats! Hypocrite!~

        • I take up your challenge sir,

          First of all, to say Australia did nothing in WWII is just an absolute insult. Not only did we do something, we actually halted the Japanese conquest of South East Asia, with nothing but a bunch of conscripts or
          “chocolate soldiers” who many thought would melt under the pressure of being up against Japanese regulars. Yet we didn’t. A bunch of our untrained, under equipped farmers defeated wave after wave of professionally trained Japanese troops. Stopping them from capturing Port Moresby. It was only after Australia got the situation under control that America decided to step in. Plus we have other achievements from WWII such as the battle of Tobruk. The Aussies held their ground for days against Italian and Nazi forces that well outnumbered them. I ask you get your facts straight before you bring WWII into a debate about the killing of feral cats vs whales.

          I hope you realise human experimentation and rape aren’t exactly good things? Why you would bring that up, let alone bring it up in a worthless pointless argument such as this is beyond me.

          Now back to the topic at hand, I feel that these feral cats are a menace having many of my previous pets mauled by them as well as being attacked by one myself. Yes I think we should kill them, but I also think we should impose legislation to prevent cats and other pets from being neglected and becoming feral. As with the whales. I don’t mind that the Japanese kill Minke Whales but I do have a problem with them illegally entering Australian waters to do so. Also I have a problem with them hunting Humpbacks which are an endangered species as well as claiming they’re killing them solely for medicinal purposes. Once again mabye our so-called leaders can get smart and form up some sort of overseas agreement to make sure the humpback population isn’t harmed as well.

          Finally your last point on the situation of many Asian countries. I blame that solely on bad leadership and poor economic planning. What else do you expect to happen when totalitarian, corrupt governments rule a country, using the guise of such a noble idea as equality among peoples while at the same time abusing and murdering their own citizens.

  • Furude_Rika says:

    seems I was late to post any comments.. due to the numbers of comments that others posted it within 4 hours..

    anyway I need to buy a cat(s)…why don’t they just exile/catapult all the stray cats to parts of different countries….of course, one on my doorstep too =D

  • for the uninformed, the reason for the killing of strays cats is because they become feral, and feral animals destroy everything they come across, which ends up being the wildlife an ecosystem (which is bad enough as cats tend to do that already, anything that actively plays with what it has just killed is evil)

    also, feral animals tend to carry nasty diseases such as rabies and so forth,

  • Japanese Kill Endangered Animals = Mmmm tasty science Whale..

    Australians Kill Introduced foreign animal to save native wildlife = OMG but they R cute and stuff..

    Yeh, nice try at an argument but you have just failed at an attemp at being clever by way of proving your own stupidity in the article..

  • JohnHayabusa says:

    I feel so sorry for Australia for being operated by a stupid and pathetic government.

    First, they banned porn featuring flat-chested women and now they wanna kill cats. The country has gone straight to hell.

    • child porn is bad…porn featuring people who are made to resemble children is bad…considering that japan has created loli, shoata and now toddlercon, austrailia is banning these…im a huge anime fan and i see no problem…

  • I love cats so dont get me wrong here but all these cats posting hate msg’s, srsly grow up, saying that this is slaughter is almost mind bogglingly retarded and comparing what we are planning to do with the whaling situation is intensely short sighted and expected from intellectuals scouring these comments sections. Back off from australia, why not have a look at some of our cute and cuddly local wild life and then you might change your mind, especially if you take a look at how cute they look after a cat has ripped it’s head off and torn a hole in its abdomen leaving a trail of intestines, fouling the air. We also gotta get rid off the bloody indian minors as well, if these feral cats actually caught one of the most irritating birds on earth then they could be forgiven for all the local fauna killing

  • Cats and whales aren’t comparable. Cats aren’t even close to become extinct, even less so in Australia where they are at the top of their respective food chain, with nobody but humans to stop their rapid reproduction.

    That can’t exactly be said about whales. But it’s so typical of the Japanese really, I am hardly surprised: for them if something’s kawaii enough you may not kill it! But if it’s a wahle oh gosh can’t cuddle with that, who cares if they go extinct?

  • It’s quite simple. Why don’t Australia spend more money on traps that capture the cats instead? That way they can airdrop the cats over Japan (who really seem to like them what with raging over their planned exterminatus). That way, everyone wins! (Unless Japan, to it’s horror, realises these cats weren’t cute.

  • MILLIONS of Minke Whale – and japan “Studies” only 500.

    Australia estimates they need to MURDER EIGHTEEN MILLION CATS.

    EIGHTEEN MILLION Cats > 500 Minke Whales.


  • being Australian its annoying seeing racist comments towards us
    1.our government is idiotic we know it they should be voted out and die this instant
    2.most Australians will be pissed at this. and if we had a choice most would say NO

    i personally think we should put them somewhere or fence them off from the “pathetically fragile native species” killing anything for being a annoyance would have a very empty world (and barely any of the Aussie government left)
    i think other places round the world should realize that Australia isent at fault for most things they think that we do “wrong” its the wannabe dictators that try and run everything we do.

  • How is it hypocritical? We’re not lying about the reasons why we’re killing them, hiding behind ‘science’ while selling the meat for consumption with our figurative middle finger pointed squarely at the rest of the world like Japan does with the whales.

  • yeh australia is full of hypocrits. Fuck whales, cats are at least nice, is it really so much of a problem that they need to die? They dont even do anything to harm humans so who the fuck cares.

  • Its easy for Japanese to talk shit, their country does not have 18 million feral cats. Personally I don’t care if the feral/stray cats kill a few bloody birs or lizards. But it is about balance, if we do nothing, some birds and lizards will not be here for future generations to see and enjoy. Sure they are not as cute as a blue Russian kitten but they are here.

    Australia is a large country with lots of creatures, somtimes populations get out of hand. I remember there was a Army base which had soldiers and personnel and their family’s living on base in a residential area. There was a massive population of Kangaroos. They would jump in to peoples yards and mess up the place. Some children got attacked by them too. It was a population imbalance. far too many Roo’s in that area eating all the plants. There was to be a kull, whether it happened, I Do not know.

    I would like to see what happens if there were 10million Kangaroo’s or Camels in the regional areas of Japan, all your rice and plants would be eaten. No natural predators to keep population down.

    Also the only scientific study of whales that Japan does is how tender and tasty the meat is.

  • “The trap uses light and sound to lure cats in to investigate, and once they have entered the trap a sensor attempts to determine whether they are a cat, and if so the trap delivers a dose of fatal poison.”


    Now, just modify the sensor to poison anything that comes near, but yourself, and you’ve got a nice massive bio-weapon.

  • Most of you who are bad mouthing Australia and nut hugging japan are idiots, full stop

    First they are STRAY cats and they end up killing NATIVE animals. Cat species are far from endangered, the exact opposite actually.
    So to sum up they are killing millions of unwanted , non-endangered animals to save and protect NATIVE animals some of which are endangered.

    Also the people who are fine with japanese people whaling (even in the article they say they are whaling, not doing scientific research) and outraged by Australians for trying to protect native animals are a bunch of hypocrites. Japan has no reason to be whaling and should be ashamed of themselves, bunch of pigs calling eating endangered species research.

    Also there are ways to research whales without killing them so no come backs

  • “Japanese are naturally left wondering why their equally irrational emotional and cultural attachment to cats is any less significant.”

    hahaha bullshit. Japan is happy to leave cats in the street to die. One of my friends tries to rescue these cats, because the japs love to leave boxes of kittens down by the river so they’ll drown.

    But then, Japan’s treatment of all animals is borderline abuse (ever been into a Japanese petstore?), so that’s to be expected really..

  • As much as I like cats, these are not the cute cuddly felines you find in peoples houses. these are mangy feral beasts living in the bush that kill native animals. They are literally large, vicious rats.
    If they were toads, no one would care. if they were rats, no one would care, if they were pigeons, no one would care. Why do you suddenly care when they are cats?

  • Aussies = TOTAL FAIL! Yet their fail is what makes them funny….

    And sick…. Remember the Filipino they killed because they thought he was Japanese? Indeed that island is an asylum for natural nutcases….

      • Yeah I have read about it! But where were you guys then? Fucking your Kangaroos and whales?

        Don’t tell me what happened to WWII. Half of my clan got wiped out then. the village where my great-grand dad got leveled down! Women raped and men killed. We got apologized for that some 30 years ago already! But WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS!?! YOU STAYED THERE LIKE A BUNCH OF COWARDS AND LET THE U.S. DO ALL THE FIGHTING! I BET YOUR GRANDPA WAS IN BED WHEN MY CLAN WAS FIGHTING LIKE GOD-LIKE HEROES THEN BESIDE THE AMERICANS AGAINST JAPANESE CONSCRIPTS.


  • Big difference here… Australians don’t claim they’re killing cats for research, and then truck them off as food. I’ve seen the whale meat for sale – cute whale meat mascots and all – at Tsukiji. Duplicitous shenanigans, I say.

  • This whole thing just shows how stupidity is international.
    There are often good arguments on both sides for a lot of environmental issues. Invasive species problems are not one of them. Every invasive species everywhere should be destroyed by whatever means necessary that doesn’t harm native species.

  • Some whales are endangered…they think. I love it when biologists go on and on about “how little is known about this majestic creature” then immediately pronounce it “endangered” (no matter how little they know, they always seem to know it’s endangered). Translation: “Give me a big-ass grant, and fast.”
    The biased pro-enviro groups say the minke is endangered, but they say everything is endangered, especially charismatic mega-fauna that they can get big donations for. Even the whale biologists admit there are probably more minke whales than there have ever been, since it has moved into ecological niches that were once filled by other types of whales that have not yet come back from the massive whale kills of the late 1800s.
    People get their shorts in a knot about whales simply because whales are “cool.” Rationality and reality have nothing to do with it, or they would just tell the Japanese “You have a whaling limit of 500 whales per year,” and both sides could quit being hypocrites.

  • aussies are dumb. they ridicule small boob women as loli, they crap about whales, kill filipinos on birthdays and now cats. God i hope the whole in the ozone goes bigger on top of australia.

  • Alright for all you stupid Wapanese< I hate using this word but there is no other way to describe some of you retards, check this out.

    Ideal – http://kecute.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/cute-cat-kitty.jpg

    Actuality – http://www.nt.gov.au/nreta/wildlife/programs/feral_cats/images/caughtferalcat.jpg

    Well it's not like that cause any harm – http://www.landmanager.org.au/search/images/feralcat.jpg


    Cats don't just kill for food they also kill for fun.
    And for everyone who are too fucking stupid to understand this, you cannot bring a wild animal into a house and expect it to just adapt. They also carry diseases.

    You want them japan? You can fucking have them, and when you call for mass extermination, it'll be fine with the Wapanese community because japan has never made a mistake. Fucking idiots.

  • Must be a slow news day in Japan.

    I love my Siamese cat, but even I’m appalled at what she does to the Asian House Geckos (another introduced, feral pest of Australia) she gets her paws on whenever possible. Death by torture for poor Mr. Gecko, but puss just thinks its great fun.

    Cats may seem cute and adorable, but they are actually merciless killers. As such, I keep my cat indoors to protect the native fauna of my area.

    But yeah, even though I love my cat, comparing her species to the majestic and probably sentient life of a whale is ridiculous. Leave whales alone you obese Japanese fucks.

  • UncommonOtaku says:

    Anonymous said:
    the aussies aren't going door to door with kitty hit squads. They're trying to take care of the feral cat problem. They are a huge nuisance.

    but what about the feral red-neck problem, isn't anyone going to do something about that too?

  • UncommonOtaku says:

    they (the nippon) are actually making progress in artifical cultivation of other wise wild food stuffs.
    now the real problem is their pirate tuna fleet, they're gonna ignore the moratorium for this year and next, for Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna.

  • UncommonOtaku says:

    prob with yanks are that the ones who have jobs are cat lovers and poochie lovers.
    the ones being obnoxious are those ungrateful welps who are living off of their mommas and daddies, until momma and daddy determines enough is enough and kicks their brats lazy crass fat asses, to the curb.

  • I love cats and support the killing of them when there population is in abundance but, I am against this because they shouldn’t be exploiting a cats natural curiosity because soon you will end up with cats evolving to not be curious.

  • Feral cats are terrible beasts. This should be done everywhere so that people will learn to fucking keep their own cats inside if they don’t want them dead.

    >Japanese are aghast at Australian plans to kill millions of stray cats

    Whales are endangered, while these stray cats are fucking shit up for the native species in Australia.

    Fucking stupid nips, this is a totally different situation.

    As soon as feral whales start roaming the countryside and attacking or displacing native species, then I’ll support whale hunting.

  • As an Australian, I would be quite happy to destroy every ferel pig, dog, goat, fox & cat in Australia. You Japanese who post here & think we are hypocrites have no idea at all! These were European animals imported into a country where the animals had no defenses to protect them against the invaders. A single fox can wipe out a population of critically endangered Marsupial species in less than a year. The biggest difference between this & the slaughter of whales by some Japanese is that these animals are on Australian soil & killed humainly – the whales are not Japanese by any distinction…you want to kill & eat an animal caught in Japan, then so be it, otherwise the comparison just shows your intellectual inferiority. Get the facts first!

  • i’m surprised no one mentioned camels

    lets face it people, there is only one viable option to save anything on this planet

    kill off the human race…

    lets face it all the problems we have now is only a problem because we think it is and the only reason we want to save(or kill off) anything is for ourselves and we are all by nature hyprocites… myseld included(goes off and reads another two pages of ‘1001 ridiculous ways to die’)

  • People do your fucking reasearch.

    first of all, i like cats.

    However. Feral cats in Australia Are not cute. not cuddly. in no way friendly. and kill fuck loads of idiginous wild life, which they dont eat. and they are at plague proportions at the moment. they are currently making alot of other animals here EXTINCT.

    sure, blah blah whales and blah blah hipocrites and for the record, i think the sea sheapards are fucking idiots. but if you cant see the obvious difference then you are blind..

    a feral cat here would sooner give you bite marks and attack you then actually purr and allow you to pat it.

    if they dont kill these pests, then what? make a cute little amusment park and shove them all in? perhaps call it “kawaii neko park”? screw that!

    and im sure if you are a cat lover, you have some bias to cats. but seriously. these cats are Nothing like your house cat and they are vicious.

    if anyone has a better idea then killing these cats i’d love to hear it. preferably a sustainable and logical solution. and not some fantasy “put them up for adoption” bs. because it cannot be done. seriously, if you saw these things. you would agree with me.

  • “The trap uses light and sound to lure cats in to investigate…”

    Is it like a neon sign depicting a cat and the arrow pointing to the box, while the speaker plays suggestive “meows”?

    Also, why not simply catch the cats and sell them to the Chinese at really cheap prices, or just give them for free? I’m sure the Chinese would think of something to do with all those stray cats… *cough*

  • This is a seriously lame rationalization on Japan’s part for its whaling. These “lovable” cats are strays, the vast majority of which wouldn’t be adopted even if they were able to capture all of them without killing them, and as stated in this article they’re an invasive species that is doing significant damage to the ecosystem of Australia. Unlike whales, cats aren’t anywhere near being an endangered species, and allowing millions of them to run around as strays and become feral is far crueler than euthanizing them as is being proposed.

    It’s not just Australia that opposes Japan’s whaling, and the opposition to whaling has nothing to do with an “irrational emotional and cultural attachment to whales” and everything to do with legitimate environmental concerns that are above the heads of most of the weeaboos here.

  • GOOD!

    Kill them all. I can’t stand all these filthy nasty smelly annoying creatures.

    On top of that PETA will finally shut the fuck up.

    All this cute bullshit will fucking stop.

    And all these nosy ass animal fanatics will quit tying up police lines snitching and bitching on their neighbors about tehir animals.

    Good fuicking riddance to a shit load of problems.

    Get the dogs while your at it. They are worse than cats.

  • There’s a difference between killing whiles that are an intelligent mammal, a threatened species and a natural part of the environment – than killing stray cats that are NOT a natural part of the environment and threaten species that have been there for millions of years.

    Cats are a plague around the world, but most people fall for their cuteness. They can’t be trained or made listen to their owners, they do whatever they want and only come home to eat.

    I know some cat owners, they totally lost it concerning nature. When i visit them there will be piles of feathers around their garden, and all they’ll say is that their little “pussy” has been naughty again. They kill for fun it’s their nature, they dont even eat the poor birds cause they’re fed from home.

  • To every fat fucking American weeaboo criticizing my great nation, fuck you,your pathetic, backwards, slum filled, white trash country hunts deer in ranches without an element of sport.

    To you Australian weeaboo apologists who are terrified that a japanese person might notlike you, you are even worse. Fuck feral cats, and fuck you.

  • Ok, now I oficially hate Australia.
    They may be racist, they may dislike flat chest so much what they banned it, and still I wouldn’t mind em at all, it’s their problem anyway.
    But to a massive animal slaughtering, It’s just unforgivable!

  • bag australia for killing feral cats who no one will care for and comparing it to killing a protected species for scientific/culinary purposes? go fuck yourself you fuckwits. they are not killing cute kittens as some would suggest, rikarika you’re a stupid fuck and anyone who agrees with you is one and the same as you.

  • This is bullshit. If they could take care of these cats they would, but numbering millions, there’s just far too many. Maybe Japan can adopt them :)?

    As for Sea Shepherd or whatever – They’re not Australia’s representative.

    On an unrelated note, Australia still sucks.

  • Gotta be honest that pic you posted of the cats did a good job making me hate on the cat killers.
    But a plague is a plague, I’m thinking though why not just catch them, get them to healthy status or whatever and then sell them to another country?
    sell > kill, bye bye nekos!!

  • regular cats are not natural habitants of australia unlike other species there which are endangered by their presence. get real ppl! 18 milion cat population! and this compared to whales?

    just eradicate damn pests to salvage australians unique species.
    cats, rats, mice, roaches = vermin

      • you seem smart so don’t play dumb. alien species that breed in the wild are a big problem in many parts of the world.
        Last time i heard about foxes somewhere that are just out of control as a population, just too many of them.
        if nothing is to be done cats will eat australia alive in no time as they will breed exponentially or close to that rate.
        protect the natural and reduce those introduced to the wild by human stupidity and lack of foresight.

        • You missed his point I think. Feral pests, and because of the animal rights nuts things can’t be done about all them because every time serious practical action is taken it gets criticised.

      • Feral cats can’t be turned back to being domesticated, genius. And do tell, who wants those 18 million surplus crazy cats? Oh yeah, why don’t Aussies just export it to China? The chance to piss on Japs and at the same time get rid of a problem sounds good to me.

        • No, from the comments it looks like the Japanese love cats. So why not send them all our feral cats?
          If Japan isn’t destroyed in one week after we deposit 18mil feral cats to ravage their country; then cats = fail.

          Then again, since the Japanese love cats so much chances are they’ll last – at best – 1 day.
          “Here kitty kitty” *scratch/bite/rip/claw* “GAAAHHHHH”

      • Well yeah – If we stopped sending iron and uranium (was it uranium?) to China they’d probably shut down their industries so you see we’re best mates… what do we get for supporting Japan? They whale in OUR waters – thus fucking over our tourism bussiness – and they still have enough gaul to disrespectfully tell us the pathetic lie that they’re “doing research” – Well fuck “Nipps aren’t very good scientists are they? Makes sense though – they don’t have much tech that isn’t based on what we ‘Barbarians’ gave them.” Maybe WE should do the research instead?

  • We wouldn’t mind quite so much if Japan didn’t conduct their whaling in our Antarctic EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone – a country’s territorial waters), then try to claim we have no EEZ there due to a treaty (Antarctic Treaty, 1959) that actually explicitly recognises prior territorial claims (which existed two decades before the treaty and are therefore valid).

    tl;dr We politely asked them to leave and take their “research” elsewhere, and Japan said “lol no”.

  • refer to Malcolm Douglas “Outback Adventures” series of some years ago …”shishka-pussy” is a native’s’ delicacy. The damage done by feral animals is second only to that caused by unthinking people!

  • Both the Japanese AND the Australians deserve to be criticized. Japan supports whaling and animal cruelty, and I believe that the Sea Shepherds are doing what is right. The Japanese are exploiting a loophole in the law, since whaling IS illegal. Research my ass.

    Australians are just as bad. For a country with such love for animals, they do this? It’s fucking disgusting. What about people who let their cats outside or that somehow escape? Bullshit.

    Don’t get be started on Canada’s seal hunting, which is worse than the first and second combined….

    • As someone who has taken in several stray cats I think we love our animals too much to destroy them, and look where that’s gotten us. Think about how many native birds and animals are killed down each DAY by 18 million cats that may be feral, rabid and disease ridden.

      We put the survival of dozens of species against population control of one.

      Letting a lot of native species die is the far more disgusting choice IMO.

  • Honestly, I do not see what’s wrong with this. If Australia is getting overrun with cats, it’s a logical step to kill those kitties. Besides, cats are an invasive species and they are known to contribute to extinction of native species in countries originally cat-free. Cats are one reason why dodos go the way of the dodos.

  • Schrodinger’s cat gone very very wrong….

    But seriously, what’s the Aussie government going to do when a curious toddler wanders into one and ends up accidentally euthanized? I guess they prevent this from happening by banning A cups from porn…..

    Idiot backwater offspring of felons, all of them.

    • Well, for one, stop expecting the government to protect your toddlers FOR YOU. If your toddler wanders off to some deadly cat trap and kills himself, then it’s the fault of the parents for not paying attention to whatever the toddler is doing.

  • Why is nobody mentioning that while the Japanese fleets have been eyeing the Humpback whale. While the humpback isn’t endangered, whale watching is a big part of Australia’s tourist economy. Start hunting whales in the south Pacific, whales become timid. It’s important to see where the interests lie.

    tl;dr For both the Japanese and the Australians, it’s all about the money.

    • Why would China and Korea combine with Japan who raped, tortured, humiliated and massacred their peoples?

      Why would China attack a key source of iron, coal and uranium?

      Why would China ally with Japan – at all?

      Why should China, Korea and Japan combine to attack Australia over them killing stray cats that kill their native population? Are those 3 countries so absolutely stupid that they cannot understand the culling of stray cats? Really? You aren’t serious are you?


    • so because whales aren’t fluffy and cute their life’s value is lower than a cat’s?

      you’re dumb as shit, cat lovers. your existence is more harmful than any cat or whale could ever be.

    • Obviously they can capture them. It’s much much more expensive to develop and build smart boxes to detect for cats and then poison them.

      They might as well just make said box with a closing gate and a notification system, as they would have to clear out corpses for every cat anyway. Or reduce the price even more by putting cat-nip in each one, rather than lights and sound. I’m sure Japan would take the cats.

      • Okay, so catnip, which would last a week at most is cheaper than a light which has warranty for at least a year… I guess you’re right, since all these boxes will be so close to human populations who can change this catnip, and it will all be done on foot, barefoot, by volunteers, without any uniform. This makes perfect sense, especially considering how notoriously small Australia is. Oh and picking up all those cats would be even easier, because they clearly don’t need to be handled by professionals like other feral species, or for that matter carried in any kind of box or anything, ‘cos they’re just cats. And you’re right, the dead cats would be such a difficult problem to sort out, as corpses aren’t made biodegradable in Australia if I hear correctly, and nothing is going to eat them, ‘cos the wilderness is so sterile. Your plan makes perfect sense and has no major crippling flaws what-so-ever; you should win the Nobel prize.

  • One big difference is that the Japanese whale for meat and other products. What will become of these cats? Something tells me there won’t be a sudden surge in cat meat sales.
    Well, not in Australia…

  • Australia is estimated to have a population of 22 million stray cats killers, which frequently prey upon Australia’s often times innocent cats…perhaps we should set traps for them…bastards.

    • Hahahaha. “innocent cats”. Hahahaha.
      Seriously now. Please reread your post after you sober up a bit (or at least I hope you were drunk when you posted that comment).
      Do maybe 5min of research. Type “feral cat” into Google.

      THEN post. Makes sense, no?

  • There’s a lot missing from this article.

    1. Housecats will kill and eat insects, rodents, and small mammals. What species are being (presumably) crowded out by this?

    2. How does it determine whether an animal in the trap is _REALLY_ a cat or not?! A magic “computerzied” gizmo with settings for “cat”, “bird”, “rabbit”, and “coyote”?

    For details on how well that is likely to work, check out “Operation: Rabbit”, Plan #4 at:


    This has “fiasco” written all over it.

    • Maybe because some of those “rodents & small mammals” plus a variety of lizards, amphibians and birds exist only in Australia and are in danger from extinction due to the cats hunting them? And we’re talking about feral cats here buddy. Second, there aren’t any coyotes in Aussieland, do you even know where Australia is? Third, rabbits are also an invasive species Down Under, so good riddance. Finally, it has been said that this trap is specifically designed for cats, so keep your criticisms to yourself until you see how it works out, could you?

  • Australian’s should teach their feral cats to swim, then chase them into the ocean.

    At that point they label them as moe chibi whales. Japanese who kill whales as an expression of their traditional rights (and for scientific purposes) can then hunt and kill the furry miniature whales without being subjected to unfair criticism.

    International amity is restored (mostly — everybody still hates the Chinese, as they should)(also the Jews), Australia solves their cat problem, and the Japanese may slaughter whales to their hearts content.

    This is a solution filled with win all around.

  • Put wheels on the ‘Sea Shepherd’ and have it go to the rescue, not that their method of terror wont kill a lot of cats too. Imagine all the people in other Asian countries that are outraged as well with all that good meat that they eat going to waste.

  • Why is it that everyone on this site automatically thinks that whatever news is posted here about a country is what the entire populous or even majority think? Most Australians probably haven’t even heard about this plan and most certainly wouldn’t approve.

    • Most Australians wouldn’t approve of culling feral animals that threaten the native ecosystem? This has been going on for years. Don’t act outraged about it just because it’s some cute cuddly animal this time, where were you during all the mass culls of rabbits?

      So many commentors on this article just don’t have the slightest fucking clue.

    • Agreed, I’m Australian and I wouldn’t have heard about any of their transgressions without sites like these (damn censorship) and frankly, I’m pissed as well.

      In any case, I hope you guys aren’t letting these few idiotic groups ruin your images of Australians. There are a lot of us Australians that (would) hate what these guys are doing.

    • because they’re nearly all japan-worshippers from america. So if a japanese person does something wrong it doesnt mean all of japan is bad (unless they’re a woman, then it just means that all japanese women are bad), and likewise with america, but if one person from one other counrty does something bad – particularly if it’s an asian country that isnt japan, well golly the whole lot of them must do the same thing.

  • ” Australia’s often times pathetically fragile native species.”


    Australia? Fragile animals?? Dude, everything in australia is born to kill you. From blue ringed octopusses and baby snatching dingos.

    • “How about mandatory spaying and neutering for pet owners? I suppose they didn’t stop to think of that more reasonable solution…”

      We do (now), for all apart from licensed pet breeders. Pet cats are also supposed to be microchipped so they can be kept track of (and returned to their owners if something does go missing). However, there are enough breeding ferals already in the ecosystem for this to be a case of closing the stable door after the horse has already bolted. (Although this doesn’t mean it isn’t worth keeping the other horses in the stable, you still need to recover the one that escaped.)

      This would be only a part of the solution, and if used at all will probably be used only in remote areas where pets wouldn’t have any business being anyway. Plenty of other solutions that have been raised are already being used, such as catch-and-sterilise programs and the like.

      On the bigger topic, I’m amused at the number of times Australia gets accused of hypocrisy by other nations trying to dodge criticism for their own activities. Now, I’m not saying Australia is perfect – it certainly isn’t, and it’s been a lot further from perfect in the past – but our own spotty record on the treatment on the indigenous population doesn’t mean, for example, that we have no right to be concerned about what’s been happening in Tibet. Likewise, as has already been mentioned, there is a difference between attempting to control a feral, non-indigenous population that presents an ecological problem in your own territory (gaining no direct economic benefit in the process) and fishing without permission in another country’s national waters. (Especially since I hear that a method has been invented that will provide the data that scientific whaling provides without killing the whales.)

      Finally, cats aren’t the only introduced species to be subjected to fairly draconian control methods here – anti-rabbit measures are significantly nastier, and there are plenty of introduced species that we’re trying (and largely failing) to control that are much less cute than either.

  • Australia: Embarrassment to the modern world

    If you take the fact that they’re all descendants of criminals to consideration, it doesn’t surprise me that they all suffer from bloodlust.

  • I’m australian and i can say for sure that there are a huge amount of australians that think this is a terrible idea, so i’m a bit pissed off by the opinions on the thread that just because the idea came from australia it somehow means every single australian wants to kill cats. It’d be like saying every single american is like Equality Now. Hopefully it’s just in planning stages and will NOT go ahead, because the australian RSPCA is pretty big and they wont stand for this.

    it’s true that australia has a problem with feral cats because they unbalance the ecosystem and can kill endangered animals as they’re not native themselves. However there has to be a better waay of controlling this, because these traps have no way of telling feral and pet cats apart. How many ‘curious’ pet cats could be killed from this? someone clearly didnt think this through. I’m a catlover so it pisses me off.

  • “Australia is estimated to have a population of 18 million stray cats, which frequently prey upon Australia’s often times pathetically fragile native species.”

    This is why I like reading news articles at Sankaku.

  • The other problem is that whalers are coming into australian waters to kill whales illegally then getting all pissy when we tell them to get out.

    If aussies started coming into Japan and killing their cats illegally then they’d have a right to complain.

  • I guess people fail to realize that cats are an invasive species. With no checks on their population they can cause serious harm to the environment. Dolphins and whales are not. That is the difference.

  • Ironic that Australians and Americans would rather kill stray cats but when a hungry Chinese wants to eat a stray cat? Barbarians!

    They’d rather poison them then let them be eaten.

  • Waiting for the day Australia will implode on a verge of silly laws and an orgy of empty-headed new-age-hipppies…

    In other fantastic news:
    Ah yes, it would be like Atlantis but this time people will forget about Australia on their own will and nobody would care to whatever happened to them.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Again, people go after the manifestation without going after the root of the problem.

    The problem isn’t the Cats, it’s the rabbits…

    Australia had cats long before rabbits. While they did some damage, they really couldn’t live out of range of a human settlement. The local ecosystem isn’t just delicate, it’s sparse.

    Then some “Brilliant” Jackaroo got the idea of importing bunnies and a few got loose…

    The rabbits spread like wildfire across Australia, eating massive amounts of vegetation. AND, simple bilology, anywhere a rabbit can live, 1/10 it’s weight in cats can also.

    So the cats spread to chase the rabbits. And domestic cats have been encouraged to be “Excessive” hunters. They kill for fun. They kill far more than they need to eat. So they became a worse destruction on the wildlife than the rabbits were.

    What’s needed is not to kill the cats, but the rabbits. Remove rabbits from the ecosystem, the numbers of wildcats will disappear very quickly and lots of native species will make a fairly rapid comeback…

    • You could try to kill off rabbits using an engineered virus though, after all wild rabbits wont encounter pet rabbits as you don’t let pet rabbits run loose.

      Cats however are outdoors most of the time and come in contact with feral cats, that way such a virus engineered to target cats would spread to pets.

      So it’s logical to kill cats with traps and rabbits with a virus… now what are they going to do about their wild dog problem though? Dingo’s might just go extinct due to interbreeding with wild dogs.
      Knowing the australians they’ll just kill off both wild dogs and dingo’s though.. since they prey on sheep.

      • CC, humans trying to do Mother Nature’s job have proven how hard it is to do.

        She’s had billions of years to perfect her work…. we’re trying to do an end run after only… what?…… 1-2 million years since coming down from the trees? Engineered viruses are engineered stupidity.

        Humans may have the necessary know-how, but we lack the necessary humility to do Nature’s (or God’s) Work.

        • No. They are not native because the dingos do not naturally exist in Australia. We brought dingos in. The rest were natives because when we got there, they were already there!

          Don’t go around playing with technicalities.

        • You could pretty much argue that there is no native anything, but the commonly held view is that when the aboriginals colonised Australia 40,000 years ago, they brought the dingoes with them. I think that might be long enough to be considered native. ^~

    • “So the cats spread to chase the rabbits.”

      ^ source?

      I keep a pet rabbit loose in my back yard. And despite being smaller than a cat, it regularly chases the neighbour’s cats when they enter the garden.

      Also, people seem to be missing the point. Cats aren’t being culled because there are just too many of them. They’re being culled because there’s too many of them AND they kill native wildlife. Feral cats probably kill more native birds/mammals than the number of cats that Australia will cull.

      As much as I find cats adorable, I like the native birds here more :p

      • Barbarian of Gor says:

        Not all cats are good mousers or chase rabbits. That’s almost a “Racial Stereotype”…

        However, I’m used to cats chasing rabbits.

        When I was a kid, some neighbors of mine had a Xmas incident where their cat dragged a rabbit into the kitchen and slaughtered it. It was a wild rabbit that was stealing their crops so despite the wife and daughter traumatized the dad and his sons just cleaned up the mess and went; “Good kitty! Good Kitty!” though the cat avoided killing them in the kitchen after that.

        Later, as a High School student, my neighbors had a cat that they’d found irresponsibly locked in a garage when they moved in. The cat was a persian cat, and had been de-clawed and it’s fangs blunted and it’s hair was such a mess it had to be shaved. But after some food, water and love it recovered. It regularly caught rabbits. One time it caught and dragged a rabbit that was bigger than it and still alive and screaming around the neighborhood. Cats came up to it, let it touch the top of their head, then ripped off a bit of it.

        My cat is an indoor cat, but basically an “AlleyCat” a shelter rescue… One time for a trip, I left the cat in the care of a friend with a farm. Lady Cat but fixed, she fell in love with their heavy tom cat and they were cuddling all the time despite sex not being an option. She out-“Moused” the “Mouser”. Didn’t touch her food, just ate mice until she was in a stupor. Gained weight. Don’t know about rabbits, but they didn’t have a problem with them.

        As far as Australia goes, I think they should spend more time going after the rabbits.

        Call me “old Fashioned” but cats are sacred animals and if you slay or do injury to one you invite the wrath of the Gawdz…mmmkay? We owe dogs for getting out of the stone age, but we owe cats for getting through the agrarian age, cats deserve a wide berth with us as do dogs.

        But, if you get rid of the rabbits, Ma Nature is a goddess and she has dominion to reduce the numbers of cats. Get rid of the rabbits, the cats will get rid of the mice then die back and thin out.

        But remove the cats, the rabbits and mice will eat what little they haven’t already, then futilely chew on what remains till they die.

    • This reminds me of that Simpsons episode where they had a pigeon problem so they released another species into the mix to get rid of them. Then they became a problem… until gorillas were involved. lol.

    • Tex_Arcana says:

      Food for thought.

      If memory serves, there were some efforts aimed at culling the rabbits in the past, but they failed rather epicly. Maybe this is just the government doing SOMETHING to look like it’s competent.

      In any case, I don’t think it’ll be significant. It going to cost the Aussies a fortune to kill a few cats, while it costs the cats nothing to create more.

        • There are no native rabbits to Australia, so that part of the response is irrelevant. Spreading to other species might be an issue, yes. The only issue is people’s pet rabbits catching them, which they only would if the owner’s slacked off on immunisations.

        • Um, Europe, that’s where they got the diseases from, the animal’s native environment.

          They didn’t invent them, the rabbits ran amock because the things in their native environment that kept them in check were absent in the “new” environment in which they were placed.

        • These viruses also obliterated wild populations in Europe and elsewhere – what kind of ecological impact could destroying one of the most populous European herbivores/prey items have?

          Using disease to destroy invasives has the incredible drawback that you destroy native populations once the disease gets out, to say nothing of the disease spreading to other species.

      • Barbarian of Gor says:

        Failed miserably.
        They’d even tried to work out (for mice also) a “Sterilization Virus” but it’d be borderline “Captain Trips” for a lot of reasons.

        As it is, right now the Cats are the best thing for Australia’s environment, or rather what’s left of it. Removing them would only ensure the rabbits and mice cause total damage. The rabbits are the worst destroyers followed (most of the time-1) by mice. Remove the rabbits, the cats will devour all the mice and slowly die off except around settlements.

        1-For a real thrill, YouTube “Australia Mice Famine” showing the exploding hordes of mice Australia gets. Used to be once every 10 years, but it’s increasing last I heard…

        • Provided the cats would go for the rabbits and mice all the time. In reality it’s not so simple: take the tale of the cane toad. It was supposed to take care of the beetle problem, but ended out eating every thing else.

  • Japan is juts upset that the only fauna they have around the suburbs are crows and pigeons, oh and those cicada things that pee on people in parks during summer.

    Lets just remember these are stray cats, they go feral and become a nuisence. Heck I have stray cats around my place and I wanna kill them since they attack my cat.

    Poison saves me from having to club them to death ;-p

  • “Since Australian opposition to whaling is evidently based primarily on an irrational emotional and cultural attachment to whales, Japanese are naturally left wondering why their equally irrational emotional and cultural attachment to cats is any less significant.”
    I’d take the cats’ side too.

  • ok now for a more serious comment.
    Population control needs to exist,because there isn’t always enough space for all the cats and enough food for them and then it becomes troublesome.

    If whales are endangered one shouldn’t hunt them so they don’t become extinct.Population control is different when it comes to stray cats and how many problems they can make,diseases and other problems.Cuteness and how much you like them is actually not a factor to protect them when they are that much populated.But the traps aren’t really that smart,i mean what if your own cat gets killed?

      • UN also doesn’t consider mass slaughter of specific human group as genocide as long as no government involved . I bet statistics are provided by the japanese themselves , there is no way in hell there are millions of whales out there .

        • How much of the world’s surface is covered in water? How much of this surface does one whale take up? How many whales could the planet sustain? I would think it could sustain more whales than people, and yet you think 1 million is too many? Oh dear!

      • then it’s fine for what the japanese do.Man one of the comments made me response like that.Wasn’t so carefully reading it as it seems.
        So technicly there is no problems with japan or australia in this matter,though homestay cats can also get poisoned as it seems,unless they make a system that detect cats collars??
        And ausies complaining should really shut up,they aren’t the smartest nation as it seems.

    • My guess would be that all the cats in highly urban areas are indoor cats anyway, but even then, cats are capable of escaping. Plus, what’ll happen to all the cats in non-urban areas.

      Probably the primary reason why this is such a bad idea.

    • Hmm, that’s true. I wonder how it’s able to detect if it’s a cat? Well, regardless – it seems like the solution would be to make it an indoor cat (assuming it wasn’t already.) Considering the cat overpopulation and the trouble they apparently cause, keeping it inside seems like the more responsible thing anyway.

      • Not something that’s impossible to get around, force pets to wear a collar with something magnetic and then you can tell them apart.

        Question is.. if you’re letting your cat run wild killing off endangered species, is it justified to not kill it? I’d say to save costs add a magnetic sensor only to the traps in urban areas, if it’s out in the wilderness.. too bad for mr.kitty but given how a single cat can kill off hundreds of endangered animals within its lifetime it’s justified.

        (Yes, I’m not much of a cat-fan.. prefer dogs, they’ll only hunt for food – not for pleasure)

        • Actually, dogs do hunt for pleasure. We were looking after a poodle that decided it was the world’s best fun to kill the domestic rabbits my mother raised. She’d never eat them, just kill them.

          And nothing like lumping a whole population together as if all Australian’s support this initiative, and the loli band. If that was the case, then all Americans are rabidly anti-loli and anti-nudity in their own home going by the arrests in Virginia.

        • You don’t need to be a cat hater to think that killing feral cats is justified. Screw Australia, all feral cats should be done away with: they’re nothing but trouble. The same goes for free-roaming domestic cats. No companion animals should be let to roam free and whaddya know, it’s something that companion animals other than cats are allowed to do anyway, despite cats not having any needs that are more special than other companion animals’. Cats are among the most adaptable pets we are able to keep, they can easily handle being indoors. This is coming from a person who’s had both indoor and outdoor cats and has cared for all of them deeply.

  • The difference is whales are endangered. If whales were a pest then by all means kill them.

    Aussies do the same thing with Kangaroos, kull them because they’re becoming too large and no one says boo.

    • err I’m from Australia, and please go to the ICUN to check the population of minke whales. There is MORE THAN ONE species of whale. Minke whales are in the millions, and japan is fishing at a lower rate than they’re breeding yearly.

      But yeah death to feral cats. Feral cats are never nice.

  • Can nothing good come from Australia these Days??!!

    This will be very popular until it starts killing pets, other animals, and possibly infants.

    I’m taking Australia off my list of possible vacation spots after all this bull. Here I come New Zealand!

      • We fucking kill them, that’s what. Along with stoats, ferrets, rats, and so on – what’s left of New Zealand’s native wildlife is always under threat from them. In Australia the possum is a protected species, in New Zealand it is a deadly pest.

        NZ being isolated from the world geographically developed a bird based ecosystem; when Maori settled, they disturbed it and killed off the Moas and Haast eagles. When English/Irish/Scottish etc settled, they pretty much killed off everything else either directly or indirectly. Kea’s were killed for attacking sheep, Wood Pigeons and Kiwi’s were eaten, and just about everything else killed off by the various rodents above.

        The best conservation efforts pretty much consist of wiping out all rodent populations on isolated islands which can them be monitored and contained. This combined with breeding programs hopefully means that our native birds will continue to exist.

  • So, japanese Moe is great, but I’m so pissed at this political pure pro-japan articles and comments on sankacon… People should let every animal alone, no matter if they are japanese or australien or whatever species they’re slaughtering. Have you ever seen how japanese fishermen drag bleeding dolphins all over the streets of the city to let them die from bleeding somewhere? And how they systematically seperate the whales from their pups and how sad they are crying?
    Ok, I’m a vegan treehuger, so what.
    Please, otaku, think for one second!
    Australia should think about a good system to neuter the cats, that is a good plan for every population problem with cats. Can’t understand why they have to be poisoned…
    Gosh, people are disgusting.

    • It’s not that I’m “pro japan”, I just like cats. I don’t wish 18 mil or anywhere near that number to be exterminated. If anything , this shows how people in Australia have failed to practice proper pet care. Mind you, I’m also against killing thousands of whales when their numbers are dwindling.

    • ok, i WILL think of 1 sec about the chicken i ate yesterday…


      and i don’t think they would “drag a bleeding animal across the street” even for the lolz. even the cavemen in my country doesn’t do that!

      • Well, I could post a video link, don’t know if it’s okay on this forum… Well, I typed in “dolphins japan” in the big search engine with the G and 2 o’s… Pictures and Videos they show there are quite self-explaining.
        Maybe “The Cove” is good to see, but haven’t seen it myself. “Earthlings” would be also good, a vegan classic, maybe you laugh, maybe you cry. Probably you don’t care at all.

    • Fur clothing is cruel- No Fur!
      Eating meat is unethical- No Meat!
      Cow dung contributes to global warming- No Shit.

      Sometimes liberals need to know when to stop. Problem is that many don’t.

      • Breathing contributes to global warming too, as does being on this website, they only pretend not to know when to stop so they can ponce on in a mightier-than-though tone; if you really want to save the world stop having children and kill babies; contributing to over population is more immoral than any meat or clothing.

    • Boozedimpulsegundam says:

      Wow, tell you what, convince every predatory species on this planet to stop killing and eating other animals. Law of the wilderness is simple enough, predators hunt and kill anything weaker than them. Humans due to our intelligence and cunning have put us at the top of the food chain.
      Personally i like a nice juicy steak, and if you took a poll of say 100 people maybe 10% would say they are vegan. That’s personal choice. Say our society ended tomorrow, people would kill and eat cats, hell we would kill anything we could get our hands on. Hell, i bet you would have peta members feeding on each other. I challenge you mister or miss anon to tell me you would rather starve to death, instead of eating a cat or any other animal.
      Give reasons , I wanna debate this with you.

      • In a society end situation I would definitely eat you lol

        Fact is: Our society is great! Of course it was a wonderful benefit for the human species to eat meat, milk etc. And for some people who live in the wilderness it still is important. I’m also not saying that a wildlife predator should stop eating meat. I’m not stupid you know.
        But the western population is just too greedy. If we all could eat less meat and all organic, maybe it would work. I’m wasn’t vegan all my life and I enjoyed meat and cheese before I realized in which dimensions we are talking these days. It’s just crazy. You should research only for 5 minutes about the resources livestock farming is using. Besides the outcome for your health and the methods of killing in the slaughterhouses.
        It’s a brutal machine rushing to serve too many people while other people are starving. They could eat the grain we are fatten the farm animals with.

        If you want to answer, please research and think for 15 minutes please…

      • Doesn’t anybody think it’s ironic how japan points their finger at the west over beef and other meats when the cultivation of certain kinds of japanese beef is profoundly cruel in comparison to Australian, American etc methods.

        • there’s also the issue of some of that hunting being done in Australian waters. It’s not like American farmers fly to Japan, steal entire cattle in the dark of night, and then fly back in some crazy scheme to obtain cheap and delicious kobe beef.

          Besides, many western countries have taken quite a few steps towards sustainable fishing, which is why, for example, we can fish for white seabass again in California, whilst twenty years ago they were a major rarity. Sure, they’re not as many steps as could be taken, but it’s a start.

        • Don’t you think its ironic that the West wags its finger at Japan for whales, when we’ve already fished pretty much every fish species we have to near extinction?
          And have you ever seen what these American methods do to cattle and battery chickens and the like?

          Seriously, just because a dolphins cuter than a cod, or a whale is more noticable than a tuna, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t both be protected.
          But I guess you wouldn’t want to miss out on your fish fingers now would you?

    • This is why I hate vegans, I have never met one who wasn’t a self-loathing, human-hating preacher.

      Shut the fuck up and let me eat my god damned chicken sandwich!

      Also, source please on Japanese dragging live dolphins through city streets, sounds like some made-up PETA bullshit to me.

    • We run into the problem that the cat population has already gotten this high and that they are a danger to other species which the habitat of is restricted to austraila. It can’t be helped. It would be worse to not do anything. A better solution might be develop a cultural practice of eating cats. Their not very meaty so they’ll have to catch alot of them.

      On a side note, whaling shouldn’t be related to dolphins. Putting them together is something like putting ero-manga and rape porn together. If their not suppose to kill dolphins, focus on that. Don’t try to push through whales while no one is looking.

      Lastly, it would be bad if they didn’t systematically separate parent and offspring. Do you want all the kids to die because their parents where eaten? Part of being a treehugger is considering how to deal with these things, not saying “everything should live”. Like with the cats, treehuggers are likely the ones building the traps.