Wii Blamed in Little Girl’s Death: “Controller Looks Like Gun”


A 3-year-old girl has accidentally shot and killed herself after allegedly mistaking a loaded pistol for a Wii controller.

The girl’s stepfather reportedly he went out to investigate what he thought to be a trespasser on his Tennessee property, taking with him his semi-automatic pistol. Another version of events has him going out to scare away dogs.

When he returned, he claims he left the loaded gun on a living room table. His step-daughter is said to have subsequently mistook the weapon for a Wii controller and accidentally shot herself in the abdomen. The wound proved fatal and she was pronounced dead at hospital.

Media reports stress that “the game’s controller was shaped like a gun that looked very similar to the real handgun.”

Police are said to be investigating but have not filed any charges as a result of the incident.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this case is how easily mentioning video games in conjunction with a child’s death apparently deflects all media attention away from the stepfather’s decision to leave a loaded pistol within reach of an unsupervised 3-year-old child.

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  • It was a false flag operation, Obama snuck into the house and switched out the Wii controller for a real handgun. All part of his sinister conspiracy to TAEK ARE GUNZ in his second term.

  • isn’t it possible that the gun was still on the table pointing at the girl, and when the girl wanted to take the the gun she pulled the trigger?

    Blame the stephfather:
    -Children from 3 don’t have to play shooter games, but disney games or something simular were they can learn from.
    -Store the gun SAFE out of reach for children.
    -When he wanted to scare away the dogs or whatever, isn’t he supposed to take the gun with him?
    -Only buy official stuff and no rip-offs

  • There is no WII GUN that looks like that. The father must have modded his Controller to look that way. You can google Wii Guns right now and you will not find one gun that looks like that unless the owner modded it himself. Therefore the father should be arrested for leaving a loaded hand gun on the LIVING room table NEXT to a play gun. His fault.

  • Uhm….What kinda fucking WII GUN looks like that? You can google it all you want and you’ll only find MODS that make the Wii Guns look like Guns. I think the father actually shot the child for being a stupid kid or something. If any charges are made against Nintendo for making their controllers look “realistic” That’s such BS cause no WII GUN looks like that.

  • It really is a tragic case of inbreeding. I was watching the headline on TV looked over to my father and said I bet they live in a trailer, and I look back to the television to see… lo and behold… A TRAILER!!! Its ignorant garbage like these “people” that cant accept the fact it was their own damn fault that their child is dead. I quite literally KNOW individuals in prison that are FAR better suited to raise children than these prawns. Yes, I used that derogatory term from District 9.

  • It’s simple. Parent(s) played the stupid card, left a real gun out. Daughter didn’t know which was real or not, played with it and shot her self. Then parent(s) along with a lawyer try to milk whatever they possibly can out of/for their own stupidity/carelessness by blaming video games/toy.

  • The father’s different stories raise a red flag immediately. He probably shot his daughter.

    Even if he didn’t he’s the one that left a loaded pistol out around a child. He is responsible either way.

    Maybe the article is alluding the the “Wii Zapper” which is more weapon shaped. Even then I highly doubt any child would confuse a white object for a black one, but who knows. Here’s hoping the real truth comes out.

  • I do not understand. They claim that she learned how to use the gun from playing a Wii game. In that case, should she not have shot the screen, rather than herself when playing with the weapon? That is how you would point the Wiimote is it not?

  • “Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this case is how easily mentioning video games in conjunction with a child’s death apparently deflects all media attention away from the stepfather’s decision to leave a loaded pistol within reach of an unsupervised 3-year-old child.”

    Actually the sheriff Terry Ashe said: “The big message we’re trying to tell parents is if you’ve got a gun, put it up, especially if you have children.” Which is basically what you are complaining of. Seriously, what’s up with this unlimited wish for Sankaku to try to create unecessary polemics by crippling the news until it fits your biased opinion?

    By the way, just one of the multiple sources you could have searched for to find this:

  • I just have to know, what parent lets their child play a Wii game that something that “looks” so much like a real gun? Whatever it is, it can’t be rated “E – For Everyone”

  • “Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this case is how easily mentioning video games in conjunction with a child’s death apparently deflects all media attention away from the stepfather’s decision to leave a loaded pistol within reach of an unsupervised 3-year-old child.”

    As true as it is said, what’s next waterguns being confused with guns?

    • Is it just me, or are stepfathers (or “mom’s boyfriends”) just about the biggest threat to children out there? If they’re not leaving loaded firearms lying around for children to find, they’re either physically or sexually abusing them…

  • That thing looks like a flare gun, not a .380 handgun. All at fault is the step-dad for his negligence.

    I guess this is why American light guns are either clear or a color not associated with a real gun (white, orange, other odd color) and generally has a orange barrel or a orange tip on the barrel.

  • Did anyone stop to ask how a 3-year old could generate the torque necessary to pull the trigger on a double-action automatic pistol WHILE pointing it at your abdomen?

    Not saying that it’s impossible, but at the very best, it’s unlikely.

    Possibly, the step-father had fired the pistol before leaving it on the table, hammer up, safety off, and round chambered. Given this, the child may have been able to shoot herself.

    The more important question is: did they autopsy the victim and confirm cordite was present on her hand(s)?

    From my perspective, it looks a bit more like manslaughter/murder than a firearms accident.

  • this is really stupid and typical of southerners who can’t think about anything else than a gun. He clearly left the gun ON A LIVING ROOM TABLE where anyone could reach. If he’s looking to blame something, he should blame himself for putting a gun in an area where kids are running around

  • No.

    This man should be charged with negligence at the least. He left a loaded fucking gun on his table. What if his daughter had had a cap gun? Does that make the death the cap gun manufacturer’s fault?

    No, it belongs to the stupid fuck who left a loaded handgun where a three-year-old girl could get to it with absurd ease. This is not the gaming industry’s fault, nor the gun manufacturer’s fault.

    It’s the stepfathers. The fact he hasn’t killed himself or turned himself into police and is instead trying to pass things off as the Wii’s fault speaks volumes about his character.

  • One of the worst daddy right there,it’s clearly his fault why the girl died, and he blame an instrument for family entertainment. (Which why someone mistook it for a gun is beyond my comprehension,maybe i’m a retard, so i don’t know.)

  • too many of you are deciding, probably without ever having handled very many guns, if at all, that it’s “impossible” for a child that age to pull the trigger. If it was a 1911 or a Star BM (both fairly heavy pistols) I could see where a child would have a hard time pulling the trigger. But the image above shows a small, compact pocket pistol, meant specifically for self defense. A gun of this type not only has little to no safety mechanisms, but they have hair triggers.

    The trigger can be pulled easily and quickly, giving the user the ability to quickly dispatch his attacker.

    Plain and simple, it is, in fact, possible for a small child to fire even the largest of rifles, and especially a small pistol like the one in the photo.

  • anybody find it strange that the girl was shot in the abdomen. last i checked, theres no game out there thats required you to shoot yourself. i mean i could understand if through the head cuz many kids do that as pretend or maybe shooting something else. but her abdomen area?… hmm…..

  • …Tragic
    (Opening bomb bay doors)

    What the F does he think he is doing leaving his F’ing gun laying on the F’ing table so then his three year (Censered) can pick it up and F’ing off herself. didn’t you hear of F’ing gun locks!?!?!

    (F bombs dropped. closeing bomb bay doors and returning to base)

  • Most kids at that age can’t tell the diffrence between a toy gun and a real gun. I do agree that was the parents fault for puting a gun in a place where a 3 year old can reach it.

    I do feel sorry for the man’s lost of his child.

  • I heard about this and was wondering how was the controller mistaken for a gun, now I see that it’s a third party gun accessory that actually looks like a actual gun. The accessory comes from a company called HAIHONGCHANG Electronics Company Limited. If anyone is getting in trouble it could be the step father.

  • FAIL
    What I can’t believe is that everyone seems to so easily credit the girl with being so unimaginably stupid as to shoot herself in the abdomen with a Wii remote to begin with. Mistaking a gun for a remote is not too bright, either, but I guess since she’s three that’s on the borderline of credibility.
    But yeah, the dude probably shot her. Morons, all of those people.

  • The controller was painted black and it looks like it was modified a little to resemble a real handgun. I cannot believe people actually blame Nintendo for this. Even a 3 year old has the ability to differentiate between objects. Even I had to take a second look.

  • Puhleeease.

    a 3 year old won’t even be able to hold, aim and shoot a gun.

    EVEN IF SHE WERE able to.

    Why would she confuse it with a Wii remote? What the hell is the father doing letting his kid play with gun games before she can even make correct sentences?

    Sounds Fishy to me, but of course, videogame bashing at its best.

    So much for Free Press.

    From Argentina,Cheers;

  • in america toy guns are prohibited from being made to look like real guns (i.e. black). the fact that they had this means that they probably got it from some chinese web site or other such thing.
    this is why nerf guns are yellow.
    also because if cops saw a kid with that black wiimote they’d have to shoot the kid. shame on the parents for:
    A) zero gun safety! lock up your guns!
    B) zero toy safety. don’t buy things that look like guns!

  • Wait what?

    First, what is a 3 year old girl doing unsupervised.

    2nd, Why would she have a Wii Gun controler? She’s barely 3 years old and the father already bought her resident evil or some such?

    3rd, Why would the father leave a handgun in front of his daughter?

    4th, Why would she aim at herself with a gun? even a toy gun?

    5th, What the FAWK has the father to say about all this?

    6th, Not-Amazingly, everyone will now bash Wii for this.

    7th, A 3 year old girl, will not even be able of aiming a gun at itself. It should weigh too much in my opinion, She wouldn’t even be able to aim and shoot it.

    8th, All in all, God bless America.

    From Argentina, Cheers;

  • While I do not disagree that the Wii controller looks like a gun, but he only has himself to blame. Because who the heck leaves a loaded gun with toddler around? He even leaves it where the toddler can have easy access to it. He is probably just one of those looking for compensation for own mistakes.

  • Azure Xuchilbara says:

    Blame not the Wii…Blame the father’s idiocy for leaving dangerous weapons within a child’s reach…

    Then again, the media and ignorant people won’t listen to this since they cannot face the reality of things…

  • I feel so bad for the innocent little girl. Screw the noise about the gun looking like a controller. This is all about her father. Growing up, we always had guns in the house with four kids. But they were very strictly controlled and only came out for target practice. They were NEVER left out or stored where they could be accessed by kids, much less left out loaded with live ammo. I was taught gun safety and started shooting at 12 years old – but there was never one second when I was unsupervised and understood from the beginning that shooting was a very serious matter. Obviously, this was not the case with this irresponsible moron, who shouldn’t be allowed to have children or a gun.

  • My Question Again As With Every Time This Sort Of Thing Happens Is: Why the f*** is it still possible to have guns just lying around? loaded or not, hand guns SHOULD be banned, and hunting rifles etc. should have to be kept in a locked gun cupboard seperate from the bolt. if that was the case, almost all school shootings and things like this could be avoided, and street shooting or deaths during robberies would be reduced, even if only slightly. God bless America and her archaic gun laws………

  • The Wii is not to blame here instead poor gun safety is to blame.

    He should have never set the weapon down where a child could reach it while it was cocked and the safety was off as well.
    Before setting it down the safety should have been set or better yet the clip removed and any chambered ammunition removed.

    The gun manufacture also should make sure the trigger requires too much force for a young child to easily fire.

    Also why use a real gun to chase off dogs a BB gun or even some fireworks often will do the job just fine.

    • Tex_Arcana says:

      Except that people use handguns (albeit not lightweight pocket pistols) for target matches where low trigger weight is almost mandatory.

      I agree with your point about the dogs, however, but it’s obvious this man is not the most creative or cautious individual.

      • You do have a point there a heavy trigger would be an issue for target matches but may not be for a home defense weapon.

        As for the dogs I can speak from personal experience there I once chased off an several aggressive animals with a BB gun.

        No I was not being cruel as they were known biters but the animal control officer was not doing his job.
        I did consider using a .223 varmint rifle but decided to op for less then lethal.

  • who leaves a loaded gun on the table without the safty on? First thing i learned in the army was if your not going to shot have your safe on so u don’t shot someone your not suppose to…

  • Oh, she was 3 years old.

    Well, I still think she was a bit slow. Not her of course, and I’d say it’s 50/50 whether it’s the father, forgetting something for a moment happens to important things as well (of course I’m IQ 145 so I probably have too high expectations of 3-5 year olds).

    The media definitely sux though, blaming it partly at least on videogames.

    • Oh, a 3-year old… Well, still a pretty slow 3-year old. Then again I’m 145 IQ and had common sense when I was 3.

      Anyway it’s definitely the father’s fault, but 50/50 says he was just a bit forgetful.

      The media sux of course, blaming videogames again.

  • Let me guess…they’re going to make a law that forces nintendo to redesign controllers and not pass a law that takes guns away from dumb rednecks, forces them to use gunlocks and guncases, and completely ignore how this idiot left his pistol out.

  • First, what kind of person just leaves a loaded gun out in the open where a child can reach it?

    Yes, maybe it did LOOK like a Wii controller, but a video game controller isn’t a deadly weapon. A gun is. And when you leave a gun within reach of a child nothing good can come out of that.

    Stuff like this has been happening before video games and it will keep happening until people learn to stop blaming videogames/toys/movies/WHATEVER smarten the fuck up.

    (How many 3-year olds play video games? HOW MANY THREE YEAR OLDS ARE ALLOWED TO PLAY SHOOTERS?!)

  • pretty sure no games that have a gun controller wud have age consent of 3 or lower… bad parents try to blame gaming industry… its obvious… how about not leaving ur loaded gun on the table?

  • It’s
    1) Not any official nintendo approved accessory.
    2) Not up to US Toy Safety standards. It doesn’t even have an orange tip.
    3) I hate to be the idiot selling these on e-bay if they are US based.
    4) If they are US based some idiot leaving a loaded gun in reach of a 3 year old just put you out of business.

  • AppleIIGuy says:

    The problem is the Father left a loaded gun where his child could get at it. He probably also most likely didn’t teach his child proper gun safety. another thing I am confused about is most gun toys are a lot lighter than a loaded gun. So why did he not-notice the gun he grabbed was way lighter than his regular gun?

  • From the linked-to article in the linked-to article:

    “NORENE, Tenn. — A mix-up between a Wii game and a .380 caliber pistol led a 3-year-old to pluck the real gun from an end table and shoot herself in the abdomen, ending her life, Wilson County Sheriff Terry Ashe said.”

    Presuming the reporter correctly quoted, and attributed the quote, Wilson County Sheriff Terry Ashe is a DUMBASS.

    It’s apparently okay in his mind to leave a _REAL_ gun in reach of a three year-old. WTF?!

    From an old Eagles song: “I knew the gun was loaded, but I didn’t think it’d kill.”

  • “God, it’s boring today”
    “We should report some news”
    “But Tiger Woods isn’t doing anything”
    “And politics are at an ebb until next week”
    “Then I guess we’ll have to go with logical fallacies!”
    “Yeah, there’s always an audience for logical fallacy!”
    “People eat that shit up!”
    “Right! Get out there and make some entertaining accusations! Doesn’t matter if it sticks so long as it gets people watching!”
    “Man, I can’t wait to exploit the short attention spans of some loud, ignorant viewers!”

  • just to say, its take A LOT of strength to actually cock one of these things. The fact that its cocked and ready to fire when the kid played with it just shows how careless the step-dad was.

    secondly, i had some sort of home-made guns as well as bb / paintball guns pointed at me before. Needless to say, the experience was rather terrifying even though the one pointing it is a friend. You can literally feel the ‘pain’ is just an inch away from your friend’s finger. Any careless squeeze of the trigger will mean an entire shitload of pain being dumped on you.

    Put this into context of a real gun and just imagine the terror/fear that someone will feel.

    • ” A LOT of strength to actually cock one of these things.”

      I disagree, pistol springs isn’t that hard to cock…

      BB pistols and and Real Guns doesn’t have the same spring strength.

      In BB pistols, the spring should be hard enough to create immediate air pressure to the piston and cylinder to effectively discharge the BB when released.

      Where as in a Real gun, the spring is generally made to hammer the primer, and it doesn’t take too much force to blast compared to a BB spring. And usually, soft springs can easily be cocked back by the recoil thus making it semi-automatic.

  • same story all over again, stupid parent does stupid shit, unneducated child does stupid thing, blame games, games get bad fame, parent gets a pat in the back.

    and we say that we are evolved, or that today’s children are bad. not even the “adults” have balls to admit guilt, how can a child raised in this enviroment know how?!

  • Anonymous says:

    On top of everything others have said: name me one Wii game aside from Link’s Crossbow Training that benefits from gun-like add-ons that is appropriate for a 3 year old.

    Did he have her sat on his knee plugging away at House of the Dead: Overkill?

  • Anonymous says:

    Im more surprised by the fact that her armas and fingers was strong enough to lift the gun and pull the trigger.

    Also darwinism IS in action, i remember when i was 3 i got a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) with a gun for duckhunt but that dont mean i will be so idiot to shot the tv or myself with my mom Beretta .22 revolver that have almost the same shape.

  • Anonymous says:

    banning children would reduce all the unneded troubles of the world,because some things happens in the name to protect the children when it shouldn’t and that word was meaningles.

  • It was a 3 year old, you people seem to be attaching a lot of skill common sense and awareness to a very small child. You all sound as dumb as the parents.

    No idea if the parents are criminally negligent, articles like this rarely give the full story, too busy entertaining sensationalism.

    No charge they can level will equal the loss of a child if the parents truly cared for the child.

    But it's a good reason why my having grown up in a no guns permitted home wasn't a bad thing.

  • Media reports stress that “the game’s controller was shaped like a gun that looked very similar to the real handgun.”

    This happens everyday here in China.
    Everytime teenagers do somethng miserable, the goverment and media blame video games for it.
    When a teenager muder happens, the media blame WOW because in WOW u can “kill anybody whenever u want to”.

    Afterall, how can a father left a loaded gun on the living room table!?

  • Anonymous says:

    Last I checked all guns have had to have the orange tip panted on the gun, or not look like a gun at all. It has been that was since the 80’s over here. He clearly painted the Wii gun accessory full black after purchasing it, or altered it in some way. This has nothing to do with video games. Just someone breaking lots of proper safety procedures.

  • “the game’s controller was shaped like a gun that looked very similar to the real handgun.”

    There have been plenty of times that I accidentally brought my wii remote hunting with me.

  • Anonymous says:

    “When he returned, he claims he left the loaded gun on a living room table.”
    He left a loaded gun(!) on a living room table, in the reach of EVERYONE.
    How can you be so stupid?

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m surprised that there’s no suspicion falling onto the father in the comments for more than just negligence. I, for one, find it a more reasonable explanation that he shot his step-daughter than that a 3-year-old managed to shoot themselves with a loaded pistol conveniently left within reach, and that said toddler thought it was a wii-mote.

    At the very least the possibility of murder isn’t something I discount based on the claims of the suspect.

  • Anonymous says:

    If the trigger on handguns is as difficult to pull as in rifles ( the ones I’ve tried ), then no way could 3-y old pulled it. Anyways, don’t blame Wii for your lack of supervision.

  • Anonymous says:

    I could imagine the things that went on in the guy’s head: Oh no my step daught just shot herself with my gun! I know! To avoid charges I’ll blame wii for having a controller similiar to a gun! Yeah that’ll get media to take my side!

  • Anonymous says:

    I didn’t know there were Wii controllers that looked like guns. The ones I usually see look like a white remote and not a gun. If you look at it closly it looks like it was modified to look like a gun and there is black tape on it.

    • Anonymous says:

      the “controller” in question is just an adapter the the Wii remote slips into, and some internal mechanism that when you pull the trigger it presses on the button on the bottom of the controller

    • When are people going to relize; no one forces you to drink, smoke buy guns, ect. Just say no. I you say yes, drink responsibly, don’t smoke to many and try not to shoot yourself in the foot. Oh, and use a condom.

  • Anonymous says:

    i thoguht america usually have all things that looks likes gun to be made into “laser gun”????

    they did that to Yugioh and why not the controllers

    stupid censorship they have.

  • Silentium says:

    I guess because it’s painted black, it looks like a gun. If it was any other color it would not. I hate this kind of bull crap it ruins it for the rest of us, they’ll have to recall it now and paint it a different color to avoid a suit.
    Maybe the father did shoot his daughter and decided to blame it on Wii for painting something black…

  • Anonymous says:

    wait wut?

    how is a wii remote (note how it’s white and does not have a trigger etc.) is like a gun (just slightly heavier, is black and has a trigger etc.

    i have even less belief in humanity now

  • actualy read the source,should have clicked the stress but the sankaku tricked me and didn’t check that it’s go to,the other comment isn’t showing up when i asked for source which is already given

  • Anonymous says:

    Never had toy guns. But after a friend pointed a potato shooter at me, I always felt very uneasy about how guns should be held.

    It’s always video-games to blame. It’s never personal responsibility or parents lacking conscious effort.

  • … apparently he´s the Idiot for putting that gun on the table.. LOADED and ready for everyone to pull the trigger.
    Its sad, that no one told that Kid not to touch it.
    It would have been better, if he stored that gun away after using it.
    I think you get the point what im trying to say here.

    • Kid was 3 years old – even if you told her not to touch it, she’d probably play with it anyway. Kids at that age don’t have a long memory…

      But yeah, guy’s an idiot. Basic firearms safety requires that you *only* load a gun if you intend to use it, and remove the munitions when it’s not in use. You always treat a gun as if it’s loaded as well, so even if the gun was empty you’d never leave it on a table.

      I don’t know what TN’s laws are on this, but if you need a license in TN he’ll lose that at the very least – and in some places he’d be facing charges.

  • Anonymous says:

    Its a 3y old girl what morals are you talking about? The stepdad is fully responsible for the death I feel sorry for the family, but how the hell he could leave a gun unnatended? I wouldnt be suprised if this happened in america…

  • Anonymous says:

    This is bullshit, even a child could tell the difference between the heft of a wiimote and the heft of a gun and notice it’s not the same, also, if a parent owns a gun they shouldn’t leave them lying around AND shouldn’t let a child go uneducated about whats safe and what’s not, aka A GUN.

    • also, what about how she got the gun itself? generally, you pull the trigger away from where teh bullet comes out. if the weight triggered it, it would hav shot her in the foot, in she fired while pulling it off the table, it would have shot a wall, and in general, 3 year olds aren’t strong enough to point it at themselves, then pull the trigger, unless they were trying to, and as said in an earlier post, they would need 2 thumbs… yeah, the step dad did it.

    • also, what about how she got the gun itself? generally, you pull the trigger away from where it comes out. if the weight triggered it, it would hav shot her in the foot, in she fired while pulling it off the table, it would have shot a wall, and in general, 3 year olds aren’t strong enough to point it at themselves, then pull the trigger, unless they were trying to, and as said in an earlier post, they would need 2 thumbs… yeah, the step dad did it.

    • i could think that she grabbed the gun and couldn’t hold it and somehow got herself shot.Or maybe she pulled the trigger first when it was pointing at her.Must have been a very unlucky thing.
      But it’s other peoples fault to leave things at places that allow mistakes if they didn’t wanr them.

  • So much for what counts for being ‘an adult’ these days. And the young are supposed to trust these ‘adults’ who make fools of themselves and shift blame whenever possible?

    Laughable, yet a little pitiful.

  • Sad truth:

    “Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this case is how easily mentioning video games in conjunction with a child’s death apparently deflects all media attention away from the stepfather’s decision to leave a loaded pistol in reach of a 3-year-old child.”

    When I was still little, my parents scold me when I point a toy gun at people or animals even how safe it is. I’m allowed to shoot people or things in games but even so, in my conscience pointing a gun or a gun like object to people in real life is immoral.

    So now that I’m old enough and I’ve held BB guns and even Real Steel Guns. For BB guns of course I shoot people, but that’s inside the sport’s field and discipline, but outside I don’t. Well, as for real guns, I never-ever point at people even without a magazine…

    Anyway, the parents are clearly the blame for this…

    • Anonymous says:

      i honestly think he made an excuse, i think he murdered his daughter.

      1: there are two versions of why he had his gun out

      2: he clearly stated that he “left it on the table”

      3: who shoots themselves in the abdomen? really, i don’t get it.

    • I agree with you sir.

      I remember seeing a kid with a toy gun in my favorite diner, and his parents, being total tards, let him run all over the place.

      He seemed to be playing “cops and robbers” by himself, and he was a robber, I guess, because He kept pointing the gun at me. I asked him several times to stop aiming at me, and he kept on. I asked his parents to stop, and they just gave him a verbal reprimand.

      Five minutes later, he was back at my table, aiming his little pistol at me. I told him to listen to his parents and stop aiming at people, and the little brat got a chair, stood on it and put the damn thing to my head.

      I lost it. I grabbed his shoulder, took his faux gun and took it to the brat’s folks. I promptly slammed the thing onto the table and as stated calmly “Next time he points this thing at me, I’m Breaking it.”

      The owner of the diner sided with me on this case, and I have never seen that family again. If the kid had been 10-11 years of age, I would have slammed him to the floor.

    • As much as common sense agrees with what you all are saying, the public at large will conclude it’s the fault of the game. This way when something goes wrong with their own children thanks to shitty parenting, they can use the same excuse.

      Consequently, because of popular opinions like that, the parent will most likely get a reduced sentence.

      • My question.

        Why on earth would the kid point a gun at her abdomen and shoot? Even if she thought it was a toy gun, it doesn’t make sense. The worst I can see happening for a mistaken controller is a broken TV.

        • 3 year old…

          I don’t think she pointed it intentionally…

          (since the article is low on the details of the incident, I’m going to make my own deduction)

          As how I imagine it, the gun was at the table that is low enough for a kid to go over.

          I’m speculating that the girl leaned in front of the table and reached the gun with it’s barrel pointing on her abdomen. I also don’t think she carried the gun since it’s a little heavy, how could a 3 year old carry a relatively heavy gun pointing at herself while other fingers are on the trigger.

          I’m betting that while she pulled the gun from the table nearer to her (while leaning on the table), she played with the trigger and shot herself on the abdomen (because the plane of the table which where the gun is located is aligned with her abdomen). She could pull the trigger easily since the gun is resting on the table not on her hand, and that means she has enough strength to pull it the trigger.

          Here, I made a picture…


        • “Why on earth would the kid point a gun at her abdomen and shoot?”

          Kids are stupid. They don’t have the same understanding that adults have about those kind of things which is why it’s their parents duty to make sure they don’t hurt themselves. She probably wanted to act like an adult by playing around with the gun but her parents most likely never taught her how dangerous that is.

    • Tex_Arcana says:

      I’m inclined to agree.

      For all the inevitable blaming of both videogames and guns, it’s far more simple. Her father is a moron.

      Also note that the pistol in the photo does not have an external safety switch of any kind.

        • It doesn’t really stink. I can easily see a child holding a gun towards his or her self to push the trigger with both thumbs. And don’t forget that we’re talking about a 3yr old toddler here. Do you remember any of the retarded things you probably did at that age? I know I was still trying to get down the fundamentals of not crapping myself then. She wasn’t playing video games, she was just playing with the controller. Kids copy what adults do. The very fact that it was heavier than the controller probably lead to her being even more curious about it.

          Stop trying to make more of a story than there is.

        • I think it’s simple. The stepfather did it and merely wanted to use the wii as a coverstory to get a lot of people off his back – like the stupid media whores who try to blame everything on videogames. It’s doubtful that there’s any such game on the Wii that would require the holder to shoot towards themselves. Even if there was, the child would probably have some problem pulling the trigger from that angle. By then shouldn’t the father have at least noticed something amiss? Like a gun that he happened to not be carrying anymore? Which also raises the question of why he didn’t simply bring the gun with himself to “ward off his intruders.” Why pull the gun out in the first place if you weren’t going to use it for the purpose you originally got it for?
          In any case, it’s still the father’s fault and the wii is serving as nothing more than a scapegoat.

          It’s truly that simple.

        • “Did you never spin the controller around?” Yes. I doubt I would have, if I was three and the controller weighed a couple of pounds.
          This whole thing stinks. And while she might–MIGHT–have been able to pull the trigger (assuming it wasn’t cocked and off safety) I’d sure like to know how she did it while pointing the gun at herself, thereby losing a lot of leverage.
          I repeat–this stinks. Look for the guy to be arrested soon on murder charges.

        • To reply to that: She was 3 years old. When you were three years old, did you never spin the controller around?
          Secondly, Perhaps she needed the controller for something else than that, I don’t have a wii, but if my memory serves me right those controllers are just a “shell” which one put the controller into.

          As for the stepfather being a retard, I totally agree.

        • I completely agree on this, for there are many factors that question the blame.
          1: A 3 year old child DOES NOT play shooting games on the Wii.

          2: If she has, there are NO games in existence that require the holder of the controller to shoot themselves.

          3: Who the hell would leave a loaded gun in his living room knowing that there is a child there?

          4: Are they sure this isn’t just another damn controversy to take down Nintendo?

          There are many factors against the father in this case, but as usual, the media blame the big company to get a ‘good’ story. It’s either that or the stepfather just wanted to mooch off some cash from his mistake.

          All I can say is, FUCK YOU YOU DAMN MORON!!

        • In all seriousness, what video game for the Wii requires the player to point it at themselves?

          No doubt the father is completely the one at fault in this case, but what developer got a game where you point the gun at yourself on the Wii?

      • For the rest of you guys who don’t know anything about guns; yet, can’t stop yourself from commenting, the safety is on the front face of the gun.


        Here’s the problem -> Safeties aren’t and never were intended to stop 3 year olds. That’s what parents are for. Guns are meant to be handled by adults, not kids. Gun makers are trying to make weapons, not family friendly toys. They don’t sit around and wonder how to stop 3 year olds.

        • >Yes, they were MEANT to stop the gun firing. Obviously, it didn’t do that.

          Integrated firing pin block safeties and grip safeties are made to prevent a firearm from accidentally discharging in case the firearm falls or (in the case of a grip safety) the trigger gets snagged or accidentally depressed. NO gun safety is made to idiot-proof a firearm. If someone picks up a handgun like the one pictured and there is a round in the chamber, it is not difficult to shoot it. Weapons manufacturers do this because in self-defense circumstances, people have been known to freeze up or panic and will forget a safety is on or screw it up in any other way.

    • yup same was with me,never point a toy gun at people,or at least test it first into a safe area.
      Oh well idiots need to blame other things,instead of themselfs for how they failed!
      This is the whole problem of the world and why there are so many misunderstandings with our entertainments.

        • thats actually not true. some guns require several pounds of pressure to pull while others require only one or two. a three or four year old could easily pull the trigger of a compact pistol like the one pictured above.

        • AsakuraZero says:

          02:24 anon have a really good point

          triggers are hard to press, only if the trigger was pulled by both thumbs of the infant i could have enough strength.

          but still, its the parent fault and lack of common sense, maybe he even wanted the step-daughter dead (there is a lot of people like that)

          and why blame video games? because many ignorants dislike video games.

          ignorance is a bliss… maybe not

        • Ah, that was good. Seriously, how was the child of 3 years of age even able to pull the trigger. I got my nephew a nerf gun when he was 5 and he had trouble shooting it because he was barely strong enough to pull the trigger. But yeah, totally the pops fault, any gun owner know if you GONNA leave your gun out in the open, at least empty the clip and the chamber before hand.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t believe there are any toy gun bans in many European countries. They are often required to have a red cork at the exit of the gun to show it is a toy though.

          In the US some areas have a ban to toys resembling real guns, like New York for example. But if you make the gun orange it is ok.

        • Anonymous says:

          There isn’t any ban to gun shaped toys in the United States? As far I know gun shaped toys are forbidden in all the countries of Europe and some of Latin America. Isn’t USA suppoused to be a ‘first world’ country?

        • yes,but this still won’t stop the media blaming other things then the main person who is at faulth for this.
          One thing is raising awarness,but blaming shit like this,when it could have happened in another way is just stupid.

      • This is the result of companies developing more and more realistic game controllers, while at the same time, having the right to buy, carry and defend yourself with guns.

        And leaving them around for kids to pick them up…

        God bless America, and the little girl…

        • 1 – Guns have been known to go off unintentionally. Some triggers are very light, which is usually a specially designed feature to prevent the force of your own finger to throw off your aim, and some guns have been known to fire due to being dropped etc.
          2 – Or with the safety on for that matter. Flipping a safety isn’t hard and kids are inquisitive and don’t always fully realise what they are doing. (Neither do adults in many circumstances for that matter, but as a rule they should be safe from accidentally shooting themselves.)
          3 – Picking it up, looking at it, … You name it. There’s an interval between picking something up and starting to use it where the orientation of the object doesn’t matter. Unless it’s a loaded gun of course.
          4 – See above. She wasn’t actually pointing it at anything in particular when the accident happened.
          So, is there a safety protocol that gun owners currently have to follow? If not, why not? If yes, how did this happen?

        • This is horrible, but a lot of stuff does not seem right.

          1 – I understand some guns have a hair trigger but that gun sure seems like you would have to pull a bit hard for a 3 year old to do it.

          2 – What kind of idiot would leave a loaded gun with the safety off.

          3 – Why was a child holding the thing isn such a strange way, seriously backwards?

          4 – How can a child end up shooting herself in the abdomen, child curiosity is looking at things. If anything she would have been looking down the barrel of the gun.

          Too much wrong here if you ask me.

        • ok, this is really stupid, first, how do they know she mistook it for a controller and didn’t just take it out of curiosity? second, that guy just doesn’t want to admit the accident is his own fault.

        • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

          The idea of a three year old girl firing a handgun into her body is possible, but I must stress how freaking hard it is to pull on a trigger without cocking the damn thing!

          The father was an absolute fucking moron if he did indeed left a cocked gun on that table and be the readings, I believe that fucktard did so. Even a child could fire a handgun if it was already cocked.

          The man should have his nuts cut off to insure his genes doesn’t further pollute the pool for this.

        • “God bless America, and the little girl…”

          My eyes skipped everything and insta-read this sentence. I raged uncontrollably for a second, then realized, “America”, lol!

          Either it’s scarcasm, or you’ve as much sense as a brick wall. :3

        • I agree with patokite91. This story sounds weird. I’ve never shot with a gun but it seems difficult to do it for a three year old little girl. Besides she pointed it at her abdomen… I don’t think it makes sense…

        • You can set glock’s semi-auto switch on middle position and it won’t/shouldn’t fire. Though it’s not manufacturer supported safety, so don’t try putting gun to your head and testing it.

        • Nintendo didn’t leave a loaded gun on a table where a little girl could reach it. This is entirely her father’s fault, or perhaps her mother’s fault for mating with an idiot.

          Maybe we need basic common sence tests for people to get a gun license.

        • patokite91 says:

          is it possible for a 3 years old girl be able to press the trigger???

          isn’t she not enough strong???

          can be his father the killer and he comes out with this story to save himself???

        • Depends on the gun, really. Glocks and XD’s, for example, do not have manual safeties.

          My XD will fire so long as 1, it’s loaded (chamber indicator will be raised), 2, it’s cocked (striker pin indicator is out), 3 I am gripping it (grip safety is pushed down) and 4, I pull the trigger (trigger safety is disengaged)

          I don’t have to flip a level or anything.

        • Anonymous says:

          Um, no.

          Even if you had a game controller identical to a real gun, aside from bullets and actually firing, then it would still be uite hard for a 3 year old to kill oneself if the gun was loaded, but safe. And Why would he not have brought the gun with him instead of possibly arming the “bad guy” (which obviously was him)