8-Year-Old Transsexual Shocks Japanese School


Japanese schools are struggling to accommodate skyrocketing diagnoses of “gender identity disorder,” which have seen boys as young as 8 attend school clad in skirts and said to be “girls.”

One Saitama school has admitted an 8-year-old boy as a girl after he expressed discomfort at being treated as a boy, and was subsequently diagnosed with gender identity disorder.

His parents had the school let him attend school in a skirt, still with his original name, taking PE with girls and using toilets and changing facilities intended for female staff.

The Saitama prefectural educational board reports it has previously allowed a female high school student to register as a male, but that this is the first time it has accommodated an elementary schooler in such a fashion.

With this serving as impetus, it since surveyed its schools and found dozens of potential cases in all years of school.

A Kagoshima school in similar fashion recently allowed a 13-year-old girl attend middle school as a boy, after she expressed feelings of sickness upon wearing the typical sailor outfit. A specialist helpfully diagnosed her as having gender identity disorder.

The school is considering whether to let her change her name and use male facilities.

A therapist specialising in the disorder insists the disorder must be accommodated by schools, saying that in addition to psychological counselling simply allowing affected children to change uniforms can ease their suffering; indeed, internationally there are already moves to ban gender specific school uniforms on just these grounds.

He explains that he expects many more such children to be “coming out” in future as the process is made easier.

However, not all Japanese doctors are so enthusiastic about creating infant transsexuals. Other specialists point out that even if the diagnosis is justifiable, there is no guarantee the disorder will persist into adulthood:

“Medically diagnosing children as having gender identity disorder is a dangerous thing. Children are still growing and they do change as a result. I do think any determination must wait until after puberty.”

Parents and schools are also concerned about the adverse effects such extreme treatment may have on the future of their children.

Similar cases of pre-pubescent children being diagnosed as having “the wrong gender” in the UK and elsewhere are also seeing ever younger diagnoses, with some as young as 12 or 9 – there too, many have questioned the wisdom of making drastically life altering decisions for children at such a young age.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I find this odd since in all but the most extreme cases anyone under the age of 18 cannot be diagnosed with ANY disorder whatsoever in most settings – there is just too much going on to know what will stick.

    Why not just drop the gender-specific uniforms and avoid forcing the choice on them so young? Make gender neutral toilets and lockers, as well, if it’s such a problem.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Medically diagnosing children as having gender identity disorder is a dangerous thing. Children are still growing and they do change as a result. I do think any determination must wait until after puberty.”

    ‘there they go again with the old “it’s just a phase and they’ll get over it’

    well i wanted to be a girl at 11 now that I’m 18 It wouldn’t have been hell during my schooling years if i attended school as a girl then, now I’m attending school as a girl i still carry the sheer horror of one’s body body turning on one self, o how i wished i could’ve put up with the latest fashions and style my hair back then, but now the only chance of me redeeming my girlhood is to beat the clock and bloom into the girl in my dreams-that-was really-me -not -some-illusion but an essence to fulfill my girlhood as well as my last piece of the puzzle.

  • The problem with waiting until after puberty is that the longer you wait, the less normal the person will look as the opposite gender.

    You can either run the risk of making the wrong call on whether to do the reassignment, or you can ensure that when it is done, it will turn the victim into a freak.

    It sucks, and it’s sad.

  • Anonymous says:

    This shouldn’t be seen as a disorder, it is out of the ordinary yes, but not a disorder in the least. If you feel unnatural being the sex you were born as then I’d say go for the alternative, no matter what people say. It pays to be true to yourself.

  • can often be signs or even children tell their parents at the age of 2-4. ussualy it’s overseen by the parents, and scoldes the child. Because of this, they ussualy come out later or kill temselves \o/

  • “I do think any determination must wait until after puberty.”

    This part disturbs me. They may, on one hand, have a point. On the other hand… after Puberty is too late. It’s like they’re hoping the problem will sort itself out, and if it doesn’t then the person is doomed to their body. Yes, you can have a sex change after puberty, but, no… it’s not the same. Your body will have already changed in many ways that can’t be wholly undone, whereas prior to puberty getting a sex change can result in a part more feminine result.

    They just want to throw it away because someone “might” change their minds later? Never mind that it has serious impact on someone’s life if they have to wait to make the change. The older you are the harder the change is.

    Sorry. I realize this isn’t necessarily about getting a sex change, but it certainly effects people, especially young people, that do want this.

    • “whereas prior to puberty getting a sex change can result in a part more feminine result.”

      That’s not true. You will become undistinguishable from a natural born female if you do it prior to puberty. The sexchange surgery could be postponed to a time after the legal age, so if you really change your mind you could stop taking the medicine and regain full manhood.

      Only the final surgery would have to wait until you turn 18 or maybe 16. And the future looks even better. It’s only a matter of time until we will see the first transplantation of a womb to a former male, therefore gaining fertility.

      You could create an artificial womb or maybe get a donation from a female familly member or even from a stranger. It would be even more difficult for a female to become a real male than the other way.

  • Anonymous says:

    If a family had a young boy who liked feminine things, they really shouldn’t be supporting the kid’s actions such as buying them clothing and feeding them this habit unless….

    That was their plan all along! :SHOCK:

    The parents MUST have a fetish for young MTF transsexuals because no-one cares about Reverse traps as much IRL.

    But really, if a family is actively encouraging their child’s future choice of gender, that would be messed up, wouldn’t it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Believe it or not, some parents just want their children to be happy. Why does everyone assume they’re pushing this kid into this? It’s entirely possible that they’ve thought this through and want to make this poor boy happy instead of forcing him to be miserable because of what other people think. If it was stated as fact that these parents were forcing him to dress and behave like a girl everyone would cry outrage. Where is the sympathy if they force him to dress and behave like a boy if it’s against how he truly feels?

  • Anonymous says:

    Here is a thought for those who think this is freaky.
    The industry is pollutting the environment with hormon disrupting chemicals that interfere with wild animals sexual development.
    Don’t you think you have some of those chemicals in your own blood stream?

    • Barbarian of Gor says:

      That’s probably a big factor behind things like this.

      Nowadays, food is plentiful most places and even where it’s not relief orgs usually get in now and again and give very rich vitamin injected food.

      But in the more “Developed” world there are tons of chemicals for medication that go through the body and get flushed into the water system, going through “Purification” like water through an organic sponge and right back into people or into animals.

      A notable chemical in the environment is “Estrogen” which works the same for most animals. It’s used in birth control, menopausal therapy, and a lot of other stuff. So the hormone disrupts other animals life cycles and imbalances things.

  • Anonymous says:

    i don’t see how accommodating the kids like the one in this article can be too big of a problem… unless other kids complain in mass… i mean come on, sure you can allow someone with a penis to enter a female restroom to accommodate “his” feeling, but what about those “real” females that use the same restroom? you can tell them to ‘be more accepting’ to ‘traps’, as from biological point of view, there should be a bottom line.

    or maybe in the future there will be public single-cell restroom labeled as “Gender: Hideyoshi” for real.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh my, Japan is becoming more and more like those in anime ? I thought they kinda despite the people who watch it especially the otaku but building a mech or mobile suit is fine though, as long they share it with the world and not going for world domination.

  • Anonymous says:

    Don’t feed the boy with adult idee’s that where conceived out of sick people’s minds and this would have never happend. There is nothing wrong with this boy he is still a boy, but childeren have a lot of imagination if they believe someting now that doesn’t mean they would grow up to be like that.

  • Anonymous says:

    Pre-teen gender identity disorder: it’s the new Attention Deficit Disorder!

    When I was six, my dad was freaked the hell out because I was wearing a bracelet. “What’sa matter, you think you’re a girl or somethin’?”

    No. I was wearing a bracelet because a female friend had given it to me, and that had made it important to me. But his attitude kinda pissed me off, so I didn’t give a detailed explanation.

    I’m glad he didn’t rush me to a hospital to have my dick chopped off!

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe the child already knows. I’ve felt characteristics of both genders all my life. I knew at 8 years old. It’s easy for outsiders to criticise the parents, and sometimes, sadly, physcologists push the issue. But in the end it’s how the individual feels about themself. 2000 years ago this wasn’t an issue in many societies. The rise of judaism/christianity/islam and the ways of thinking involved influenced societies. This is how words like “unnatural” and “disorder” came into use. People need to realise this is normal. This has always been. It’s just now coming back to the point where acceptance by society and the individual are ok again. And to those people that bash it: it’s none of your business, keep your fucking opinions to yourself you retarded assholes. Your stupid brainwashed upbringings were a waste and you have nothing to contribute to society but pointless hate.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am ok with the whole letting them cross dress. I am against any sort of treatment until after puberty. If after that time they still identify as the other sex then let them get treatment at that time. If it was just a phase and they out-grow it then they will probably be outcast at their school, so may have to move elsewhere to get them to fit back in.

    On a separate note I am heavily against the idea of them using the same changing room. Think about it this way….would you want something with a penis changing next to YOUR daughter, regardless of how ‘it’ identifies? I would forbid such a thing. Clothes are fine, but give them their own little room, or change with the boys.

    Also another thing I am strongly against is if they do get the surgery to the other gender there should be some way to identify that. Treated as a the gender they became sure. But being able to hide that fact — definitely not. Last thing many(generalization I know) want is to be 6 months into a relationship to find that the person they are courting is not the gender they appear. My personal opinion is that anything with a Y chromosome is ruled out. But short of ordering a DNA test this may become difficult to find out.

    • No I wouldn’t have a problem with it but other young girls or boys would not understand as many parents I’m sure haven’t talked to or explained what “transgender disorder” is. My kids are 15, 10 and have been made aware of many things so that they are accepting of all people who are just trying to fit in and live as normal of a life as possible when they feel they aren’t accepted. No one should be bullied, especially a child. We have to always put ourselves in that persons shoes exactl. What would you do if…. Is the main question I ask myself in all situations when trying to understand someone else’s feelings

    • Anonymous says:

      On top of having a penis, one out of every two homosexuals are not genetically inclined.
      This means that out of every two, one case is caused by molestation. Victims of sexual abuse often seek to reenact these traumas (subconsciously). I wouldn’t trust somebody who believes they “should be a girl” at 8-13 around my children (naked, I’m okay with supervised interaction). This has nothing to do with intolerance, it’s just a risky endeavour.
      And, identifying as a homosexual doesn’t mean that one so young (and sexually confused) will not feel compulsions towards females. Sex offenders who were made into unics, as punishment, have been known to re-offend by sexually torturing others instead of flat out rape. Combine everything, and it’s a risk I’m not comfortable with (however low it may be).

      • Anonymous says:

        What a load of horse shit. If that were true then all those people trying to “cure” homosexuals would be alot more successful and the rates of backsliding into the behaviour wouldn’t be so high. Where do you get your “facts” from?

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s annoying to feel pressured by the PC Police to go along with every unicorns and rainbows shit they come up with. Kids can’t even legally have sex until they are 18, but I’m a transgenderhomophobe because I believe they ought to hold a back a little on letting an 8-year-old decide what he wants be be, sexually? Seems to me you can’t have it both ways.
    That said, I’m probably one of the very few posting here who really, actually knows a transgendered person. I’ve known and worked with her for over 20 years. I had a chance to see the process and it was, frankly, more rational than I expected. The clinic at Stanford required, as part of the process, that she show psychological sincerity by dressing and living as a woman for 18 months (I think it’s a year, now). She told me there was an almost 80% drop out at that stage–a very thought-provoking statistic.
    During that process, she was, to be honest, rather hard to get along with. She saw homophobes and “strange looks” around every corner, even though she was, IMHO, a very convincing woman (hell, the first time I met her, when she was still living as Jim, I thought she WAS a woman at first!). One day she was bitching at me about how hard it was and how much society sucked and blah blah blah and I finally snapped and told her it was hard on her FRIENDS, too. I know we’re supposed to be all supportive and agreeable but here she was whining about how hard it was for her without thinking it might be hard for others, too. These days I’d be called a homophobe for even talking back to her–how dare I!
    Anyway, she got it done, and has had a great life since then, including working in Japan!! (I don’t think they ever knew.) And Janelle is a much, much happier person than Jim ever was.
    But she only felt vague discomfort with her sexual identity until she was about 24. She was actually married with a kid before that.
    She’s been horrified by these recent stories out of the UK and Japan and firmly believes this sort of thing isn’t a very good idea. 8 and 12 and such is just too young. A person’s brain doesn’t even stop developing until they are 23 or 24.

    • Hypersleep says:

      Well said. Today’s world thrives on ever-increasing lunacy. Children don’t know anything about the world around them and most people don’t know themselves until well into adulthood, yet we’re supposed to bend a knee and accept every random combination of random gibberish that comes from the screeching hordes of perpetually aggrieved because questioning them on any level automatically makes you the worst bigot on Earth? Fuck that.

      If it’s a “legitimate” medical issue, deal with it and move on. However this recent explosion of gender issues reeks of anything but legitimacy.

  • DustyBlue says:

    Let people be who they want to be. The less gender-affiliated barriers in this world, the better.

    Besides, they’re kids, so it’s probably just a phase. And if it isn’t, what harm is done?

    • You don’t find anything wrong with the thought that , if what your saying stuck, people could simply “change their mind” about gender like they do about clothes? Being STUCK the way you are is part of what keeps us individual don’t you think?

      • And then their are people like me who dream of looking something like a blue skinned female body builder with tentacles coming out of our backs.

        what I mean is, the world is a vast place. Maybe some of the transsexuals and actually more individual than non ones. It all depends on the person really.

  • Anonymous says:

    Let people be who they want to be. The less gender-affiliated barriers in this world, the better.

    Besides, they’re kids, so it’s probably just a phase. And if it isn’t, what harm is done?

  • Anonymous says:

    Let people be who they want to be. The less gender-affiliated barriers in this world, the better.

    Besides, the kids are probably just going through a phase. Even if it isn’t a phase, what harm is done?

  • Anonymous says:

    Some people seem to not consider how supressing your feeling that you should be a girl even tho you were born boy could so some very serious damage. It has ruined my entire young life, BECAUSE people said it was too early for me to decide on such a thing.

    Now I’m 18 and have missed everything that a “normal” teenage girl should have done because I’ve spent my entire young life in my room being depressed. I have no education cause I had no will to make a life with the wrong gender, and I’m too cowardly to kill myself…

    Kids should get to do what they feel like when it comes to gender identity, if they like pants they like pants… Leave them be. And going about saying this and that kid is a transgender because she/he likes those clothes is too narrow minded. Give them some time to experiment with life.

    • This line of thinking is far more dangerous than you seem to realize. The whole reason people shouldn’t simply “lay down and accept” everything, is because, for every person like you, there could be two or more who are simply confused, or acting on impulse. Kids are KIDS, thus why you don’t let them freely make life changing decisions like gender re-assignment.

      Also: i’ve known gay kids who stayed in the closet most of their lives, that didn’t keep them from participating in school, or “missing out” on things in life. Sure they weren’t the happiest, but they still managed to find -some- happiness until they DID come out. Maybe they were just stronger than you…(no offense. Seriously).

  • Anonymous says:

    If someone is mentally female and physically male, nobody has any right to harass her or try to bully her into pretending to be male.

    If you are transgendered and surrounded by gobshits who refuse to acknowledge you exist and try to label you as mentally ill or an aberration, you simply have to fight the shitheads off.

    And it’s your body. You have every right to start hormone treatments early so that it will grow the way you want it to.

    Also, girls can play with dumptrucks if they goddamn please.

    Just fight off the shitheads who try to control your life. : >

  • notanother4non says:

    perhaps it has something to do with the culture, things on tv that kids get exposed to.
    and that japanese young men dont have to serve in the army(need confirmation).
    and lack of strong male(father) figures in their youth.
    or maybe it’s just a curious phase that some boys go through.

  • Ya know, every time I see something like this, I don't react negatively to the individual with gender issues, nor the parents for being flustered not knowing what to do.

    Nope, I am more than willing to spit on who has it coming to them, the fucking field of psychiatry and their fucking pathetic excuse for pseudo science.

    Gender identity disorder? No that's a fucking ctrock of shit concept only a fucked in the head shrink could invent. Ranks right up there with the obsession with attention disorders.

    If you have a cock you are a boy. If you have a cunt you are a girl.
    If you like boys and you are one, you are homosexual.
    If you are a girl and you like girls, you are a homosexual (lesbian by the way is just another way of saying homosexual, just as gay is not a male only term).

    If you reeeeeeally don't wish to be a male, lose the cock.
    Same for the girls not wanting to be girls. You need a cock to be a male.

    But considering how utterly messed up teens are to begin with, making radical choices before a person even reaches their teens is likely ill advised.

    It's not the end of the world to like male or female things even if you are the opposite gender. It was society to tells us only boys can play with trucks and girls should stick to dolls.
    But dressing up a boy as a girl and a girl as a boy is even worse than telling a girl she should stick to dolls and boys can only play with trucks.

  • Anonymous says:

    They said Japan never or had the one of the least minority of gays, but not anymore! they’re now even competing that GAYNESS RULESS! GO JAPAN! next time, you’ll see manga/hentai where cute boys slaps their dicks to one another like laser swords! haha!

  • Anonymous says:

    Lol I love this stupid modern diseases, if people just ignored it, in a couple of years he would become a normal male and laugh at the past.

    But alas the therapist must find ways to earn more money and prestige -_-

  • Anonymous says:

    Why does this have to be a disorder? Is there some list rules on how people have to act? Some list we have to abide by or be labeled as freaks? What sort of fucked up dictatorship are we living in anyway?

  • Anonymous says:

    There’s only one thing to do when they are this young: Ignore them. When they notice that their little antics aren’t getting them any attention any longer they’ll start trading pokemon cards or playing bakugan (sp?) like all the other little shits. There’s no psychological disorder here, just the perfectly normal need for some attention.

  • drunkspiderman667 says:

    as a guy who growing up wanted to be a girl i say more power too them. people get too mixed over this crap. so what the kid either goes through a phase and grows out of it or get to truly mold there body to what they want.

    SRS is so advanced nowadays that if i was around 6-10 now i would have been very adamant about a sex change. its not that im not happy i just date lesbians lol.

    theres not that great of a difference between guys and girls and the sooner people realize this the better. imo the main sex holding this back is weak stupid women who have no clue how to fuck properly and are so insanely lazy that they want the man to do all the work. learn to use your pussy muscles you lazy worthless turds. also women are obsessed with the ideal a of a manly man even though they gain nothing from it.

    • Money is never really wasted you know. In this case it’s going to the doctors and their hospital, so indirectly it’s probably a good thing.

      For all you know the money a transsexual paid for their surgery could even be used to buy medical equipment that saves your life one day.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope other countries will get better at working with and accepting people with gender identity disorder. Where I’m from there is no chance you’d be able to be your self felt gender before 18. I’ve been fighting the healthcare system for half my life, and only now do I actually get somewhere with the assholes.

    8 I agree is too early. They need a little more time. But in a society that accepts, understands and gives you the space and time to decide that will also work. In most societies today there is girl or not girl, if you chose wrong to bad for you! 12-13 is a good age to decide, you’ll still not be too late to still look like a very pretty, convincing and real girl.

    18, like me, and you have hell to work trough>>. I’m sure it goes for FtoMs too, having to remove their now fully grown breasts… You have no idea how much I shave every day>> My boyfriend loves me tho^^

  • Anonymous says:

    I sure do believe its bull, just an effort for the parents to get prescription drugs and money from their government. Every one is mixed up till they are age 30 or 32 so give it time, don’t matter what country you are from or how you were raised. The best part of the deal here is, whispers … they remove themselves from the gene pool after the DR and Hospital make their big bucks from doing the surgery on them so there will be no more of them. Problem is Solved and the family line is dead. Congratulations parents you killed your family line.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s time someone comes up with methods for real sex changes already. We know enough about genetics, it MUST be doable somehow. If not today then at least start research in that area so it becomes possible in 20 years. Problems like this would cease to exist if everyone gets to choose should he/she feel so inclined.

  • Maybe when it becomes less and less sufferable to be a boy/man, you see a shift in more who choose to be girls instead. They see who the system favors, and do the next logical thing…

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Well, this’ll create some interesting friendships…

    I’m tempted to go on a rave about “Modern women who want to destroy men trying to turn men into girls and girls into men…” but oh, well…

    However, this young it should be treated as a “Mental Illness” and reasonable attempts to correct it should be undertaken. IMO, the most of it comes from very little human interaction or outdoor play in nature. A sterile, artificial enviornment with no chance for the body to interact with or produce the right hormones… A lifestyle that enforces calmness, crushes aggression and activity. Turns all but the mildest of moods/enthusiasm into “disorders” and counteracts with drugs since talking to the root of the problem is too hard and the “Solution” (go on a hunting trip, get in a few mild fights, run in the woods every week) might be impossible… Also, all “Culture” being replaced by fiction that is little more than ‘entertainment’.

    However, if they do decide they want to “Change”, why suppress the “Male” part? Why not go “Rebis” on everyone and work on being both?

    I’m actually “Cool” with this…
    You see, just as if you cut off the balls of a boy, he’s not a man anymore so that “as you lie with women” thing doesn’t apply, likewise, something that’s “Rebis” (the hermaphrodite, merger of opposites) is both and neither, and so an exception. Furthermore, a “Chimera human/animal hybrid” bypasses the “with beasts” rule since it has Human in it too.

  • Anonymous says:

    i have known quite a few people like this but grew up to be normal, have a relationship, etc….
    i agree with the other specialist that you need to wait after puberty to diagnose a patient with this…

  • Anonymous says:

    Japan has brought this to themselves. Just because its anime it doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for kids. Their minds are messed up from an early age from watching too much anime that is meant for older teens.

  • Remember Urusei Yatsura and Ryuunosuke’s father who made Fujinami dress as a boy? And than all those trap and reverse-trap anime following. Never thought they took this out of reality, though. Or did reality copy anime?

  • Anonymous says:

    Mad props to these kids. To come up with the idea of saying you really want to be a girl in order to get to look at all their classmates naked in the changing rooms. Genius! I wish i had thought of that!

    • Actually this isn’t. It’s just that many individuals think those kind of things qualify as “fucked up”. Boy are they wrong. Imagination of some sick fucks is.

      What’s wrong withs (Reverse)Traps?

    • Yeah, the lack of any religious doctrine condemning homosexuality has certainly helped the gay rights movement in Asia, where Christianity is nowhere near as dominating as it is in the West. Of course Christianity makes no condemnation whatsoever of transgenderism (in fact the Bible even says that eunuchs will receive greater glory in Heaven than either men or women), but that doesn’t seem to stop the extremists from lumping transgenderism in with homosexuality and taking the words of a book meant to promote peace and twisting it to fuel their own hatred and discrimination.

  • For god sake, “gender identity disorder”?, kid uses skirt because he feels more comfy with it, but because people inmediately realtes skirts to girls he can’t think other thing but he is one, it’s no disorder, its social stupidness.

    In other foreign news:
    If this happens in Scotland, it wouldn’t be much of a mess and the kid won’t be saying he’s a girl nor treated as one isn’t it?.
    I simply can’t understand why clothing is SO gender defined, I still think it’s kind of dumb.

    • Anonymous says:

      You do know that there is a magazine in Japan for boys who dress like girls, don’t you.(Creepiest thing I ever saw) Japanese society is encouraging and possibly creating the very disorder that they are diagnosing. Herbivore men, anyone? Social stupidness indeed.

        • Honestly, I don’t think it’s possible to find the “root cause” of transgenderism. Heck, scientists still can’t agree on what causes homosexuality, and there are so many different theories flying around that it’s impossible to make sense of anything. Really, I think we should just stop worrying about it so much and just be respectful towards other people, even if they’re different. If a little boy feels like he needs to be a girl in order to be happy, then more power to him – er – her.

          Too many people get caught up in trying to find differences in other people. Why can’t we start looking for ways in which we’re the same? Why can’t we all just get along?

        • Then this is far more complex. For this phenomena to happen there has to be a main reason for it and it’s obviously targeted to kids. The cloths change is merely a consequence rather than the problem and the “gender identity disorder” is an excuse while the real reasons may be covered. Any ideas why would this happen?, I would like to say something more informative or give reasons but the fact I don’t live in Japan puts me out of circunstance. I guess the only ones that could figure it out are the same japanese since they are involved in the whole mess but it also makes them highly suceptable to arbitrary reasoning; guess it’s just a never ending problem until someone decides to spot what they’re doing wrong and NOT get stoned to death for it.

    • You may prefer the 1930s, Germany or would you enjoy being born as a black slave in the 19th century? Bitching about your problems is stupid, rather make wishes. They are more positive and someone who may decide to help you will know how.

      Like “I’m searching for good Futa-porn” and not “Oh shit, I totally hate all my porn, what to do, what to do?!”

      • wow, didn’t know my few words could spark such strong emotions. perchance I have a career as an author ahead of me.

        and no, what I would prefer would be to be about 10-15 years younger and living in Japan right about now, together with all these potential traps. 😉

        Oh, and I invoke goodwin’s law upon you.

        • It’s a little naive to assume you would get hot trapsex under those conditions. The japanese schoolsystem is pretty harsh, … If you want hot trapsex, just wish for it. Don’t wish for conditions you think will help you in that matter.

  • I’m all for giving the kids some choice and helping them. But isn’t there a point where the parents should know best and that the kids just might be going through a phase. Maybe let them do it when they’re older, but at this age, they might not know the repercussions and might regret it in the future.

  • Honestly, at a young age, I don’t see the harm in just letting the kid wear the different uniform. If it is just a stage, then there’s really no harm done in the end.
    I remember watching a documentary where the parents noticed symptoms of this in their child as young as a year.

    • The issue is more with the child being told they have a condition/identity, and then coming to identify with that status to the extent that their behaviour and social relations are substantially altered by the very diagnosis.

      There may be no going back.

      • That made me think.

        and I have to say I agree. if it is/was just a phase… making a great deal out of it like this may make it set in stone.
        and if after they’ve lived and been treated as the opposite gender for a while, they realize that it was just a phase… because he or she has basically come out of the closet, everyone at school and prolly in the community too will know about it, so going back could cause quite a bit of strife.. and even bullying.

        sort of like a geek (of my generation) trying to hang with the cool crowd. it just wouldn’t work because what stereotype he belongs to has already been decided.

  • Got to say, I’m game for a good trap, but this needs to be reigned in a bit. It’s hard to believe that many of these cases won’t just give us really-ugly-girls-who-are-not-really-girls.

    • Different people don’t always agree. Thus why I don’t believe you should dress a boy as a girl and send them to school, and the parent can do so -anyway-, despite my opinion of it.

      Welcome to the world of free speech.

      • Darkrockslizer says:

        Technically, it all IS in the mind. There is no connection with homo/transsexuality being connected to physical body (unlike Freud and many others initially thought.)

        However, I disagree with calling it “disorder” as well, i.e., so labeling it as unnatural or wrong.
        Homosexuality is uncommon but widespread phenomenon in nature – same as you can’t cure from being paranoid or hysterical, you can only learn to adapt that.

        As for gender roles, well… imagine all kids had choice to become either male, female or dinosaur until they would become 18. Dinosaurs are coolest so most kids would probably choose that.

  • Anonymous says:

    this is a hard. Being open minded, I’m welling to except that kid that young can view themselves has the opposite sex. At the same time I’ve seen more then a few ‘gay’ kids grow out of it. So, I’m stumped. Also, when did being Transsexual become a mental disorder?

  • Anonymous says:

    Another fail in Japan,now comes the problem with gender(???),there is the risk of a many problems that may crop up from having these youngsters registering as the opposite sex,with troubles that involves more than just mingling with the other students.

    Here’s a solution
    While it may be too troublesome to have proper action (sex change,providing special needs,etc) taken in such an abrupt time frame,the option to register these youngsters into all girl or all boy schools that can tolerate this oddities amongst their peers might be taken,or in other extremes,they may be allowed to register into co ed schools where their needs (toilet,for example) may be shared with the more adult staff of the school (teachers) therefore erasing these inconveniences all together.

  • just think when the girls will start touching him there and riding him,just like in some hentai mangas.You know one trap in a girls locker room
    But i do wonder if the girls can hold themselfs back.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kids brought up in a healthy environment will never think of being of the other sex. But kids suck everything to them they are influenced by TV, their surroundings, parents. I never heard of anything like this when I was growing up.

      • Alright, *sigh* I’ve lost it.



        Damn it. I REALLY WISH I TOLD MY MOTHER EARLY ON. I’m trapped in a 20 year old male body now and I despise it with the raw burning passion of a thousand suns.

        Do I sound HAPPY to anyone right now?!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah because you know what used to happen? Transsexualism was treated by electro shock therapy. Transsexuals have been around a LONG time, just because you didn’t notice them doesn’t mean they weren’t there.

        • Anonymous says:

          So because SRS/GRS didn’t exist, trans people didn’t exist? lol

          There is no known cure or course of treatment which reverses the transgendered person’s manifestation of the characteristics and behaviors of another gender. Transgendered people have at times been subjected to electric shock therapy, aversion therapy (applying physical pain to condition response), drug therapy and other procedures. None of these “cures” have succeeded. Many such “cures” have been painful and dehumanizing for the victims.

          BTW Gender and sexuality are two different things.

        • Anonymous says:

          Bull. They weren’t “treated” because the surgical techniques didn’t exist. I think you mean gender dysphoria but it doesn’t help your argument that you don’t know the right term.

          And for some people gender dysphoria IS a condition that needs to be treated, just as OCD or schizophrenia often need to be treated and not just treated a part of the “glorious rainbow of sexual identity.”

    • Anonymous says:

      i have known quite a few people like this but grew up to be normal, have a relationship, etc….
      i agree with the other specialist that you need to wait after puberty to diagnose a patient with this, after all they are still growing up…

    • Ghost Dog says:

      This is a bad idea. These kids aren’t even teens yet, and their parents are letting them make decisions that could turn them into social outcasts.

      Boy: I think I’d like to wear pants again.
      Parent: Too late, your peers won’t accept you now.

        • I probably made my first drawing of myself as a woman back when I was 9-10, and I still would like to be female. I would probably be one already if I wasn’t afraid that I’d look like Frankenstein’s monster.

          Point being, if the kid is really serious then it might good idea to take him seriously before he ends up old and masculine looking like me.

        • Anonymous says:

          Exactly. And all the pushing and shoving these poor kids get by over-enthusiastic people on BOTH sides of the issue is a serious problem. These days, a shrink who says “No, the kid shouldn’t get the whole treatment until they’ve grown up a bit” is a lot more likely to catch flack than one who jumps on the PC bandwagon.

      • loli_freakshow says:

        And why would anyone want to suffer in silence until they’re 18 and makes a choice for themselves?
        What in the world makes you think they will be able to endure it?

        I don’t see anything wrong being done here , if the boys want to dress like girls then just let them be .
        If they’re friends can’t accept his choices then they aren’t much of a friends .

        • Anonymous says:

          “I don’t see anything wrong being done here , if the boys want to dress like girls then just let them be .”

          You are aware of this thing out there called “society,” right? And “culture”…? To you think these massive, thousand-year-old institutions are going to change because you say it ought to be so? A transsexual Japanese kid is going to get atomic bomb level ijime,and will pretty much be 100% assured of never working at a normal job. 2-chome only has room for so many girly-boys. And don’t give me the “but other people should be more tolerant!” Yes, and my boss should give me a 10,000% raise. But it ain’t gonna happen. Before flippantly saying hell yeah, let the kid dress up, you need to do a reality check.

        • Anonymous says:

          This is the real problem, liking “girly” things does not equate to I should be a girl. This “disorder” is what should be a nonexistent issue but thanks to societal pressures is becoming more and more common.

        • On what grounds? Human psychology as well as the actual structure of the human brain (etc etc) determine the correct characteristics of a person and intended well being. A mental disorder can be minute or severe…but it’s still a mental disorder. It’s not like you’re saying “hey I want to have chocolate muffins for breakfast instead of blueberry”, it’s saying you’re compelled or feel an urge to be another sex altogether that doesn’t even coincide with having a choice. If you observe a group of mice traversing a maze, and only one is trying to eat it’s feet…you wouldn’t really think that was his choice to…you’d consider it a broken sample >_>

        • Suffer in silence? Everyone suffers. Those that rush into rash, life changing, decisions at a very early age are liable to suffer even more. Sure ’18’ Could be an age limit, but I fail to see where there should be exceptions for those ‘mature’ enough early(no special treatment). There should be an age where this is acceptable, 18 is a good age to fuck your life up (looool) and it should be a blanket law that addresses everyone in the same unbiased manner.

          I also find it unbelievable that a SCHOOL is having to change it’s policies for a select few. This is fucking ridiculous. I am not thin, and I sure as hell wasn’t exempt in wearing a different uniform just because I hated tucking in shirts (even in high school, when they didn’t need to be the polo type, they STILL needed to be tucked in (pointless to wear anything with a logo at that point…so still no freedom)). There were a few lactose intolerant students I think…milk wasn’t taken off the menu for them. There were people with disabilities…the school felt it was tough shit if you didn’t make it to class on time….But that’s high school…here we’re talking about elementary students…..changing sexes? Really? Like honestly…really? Before your balls even drop you know if you want to have tits instead? The human race is becoming more absurd at an increasing rate.

          Elementary school wasn’t boot camp…but it sure wasn’t coddling each and every person as an individual. And people wonder why Japanese men revert to hikkikomori lifestyles and such…it’s probably related to things like this making life easy with no sensible objections etc etc yadda yadda.

          I dislike living in America…but living in Japan doesn’t really seem that much better…not with this and it taking 50+ days to get to sex (c wut I did thar?)

          All I know is if there are aliens out there in the universe, with a society as queer (used as ‘weird’ for those that don’t know) as our’s, it’s no surprise we haven’t ‘made contact’.


      • Yeah, I was thinking the same. It’s just hard to make rational decisions so early on in life. I’ve personally experienced and realised that I am far more capable of taking good decisions now that I am older.

        Even though I’m completely pro legal transgender surgeries and stuff, it might be dangerous to let young children decide to take steps towards this themselves.

        • Anonymous says:

          An “accredited professional” in gender issues is going to look for WHAT in a sexually confused kid? Might it be…gender issues? I’d be very suspicious of axes being ground.
          And yes, sometimes plain old people can be better diagnosticians than doctors in specific cases. A parent who spends a hundred hours a week in close interaction with a kid might have better insight than a doctor who see him for a hour a week while the kid puts on an act.
          What they are suggesting be done about these conditions puts them square in the “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” camp. When someone is just feeling down you don’t clamp them into the electroshock machine. If they are a blank-eyed zombie who is 30% underweight and lying in their own feces because they don’t care, THEN you hook ’em up.

        • I am well aware that doctors are not as neutral as they should be and are of course fallible as human beings, but I’m much more prone to believe in accredited professionals before some random people who think an illness is a fabrication with only bigotry and/or religion to back up their statements.
          People with depression, are they just whiny bitches? people with social anxiety are worthless cowards?… the list goes on and on, maybe psychology is an useless POS and mental illnesses are a fabrication of doctors who are just promoting their “views”? these “ill” people should stfu and start behaving, right?
          Just because you lack enough empathy to understand mental conditions does not mean their are fictional. If you can’t understand, at least step aside and don’t be a bother.
          As for doctors against this with actual arguments, that’s something the medical community has to solve within itself, paying careful attention to base decisions solely on medical, legal and ethical grounds, not on tradition/moral codes/religion.

        • Darkrockslizer says:

          I gave +vote to Artefact for relevant information …I wonder if that changes anything..? ^^;
          I mean he’s the admin, nobody can tell what’s his status from those mysterious mood levels.

        • Except that the mental health professionals diagnosing these conditions and telling schools and parents about it aren’t just neutral actors but promoters of a particular view of gender identity.

          When healers participate in the creation of an illness, it is called iatrogenesis – there are many cases of mental illnesses thought to be entirely the creation of those treating the patient.


          The fact that these subtleties are lost on people who only see that the doctor says their child is “ill” or who come to believe “they are a man trapped in a woman’s body” through “therapy” is an indication that great care is required in accepting or acting on a diagnosis.

        • But if they don’t do it early, they won’t look good, and will have to waste all their youth hating themselves.
          I’m pretty sure you can’t change at that age at will; you must get diagnosed “gender identity disorder” first by a medical professional, so it’s not like the children made a decision; it’s the parents making the decision, as the only ones legally capable of it, when confronted with the fact that their child has a mental health condition.

        • those doctors should lose their liscense the harry benjim society and its similiar society for international has recognized that children transsexual arnt a phase. why isnt the japenese goverment not firing and throwing these doctors in jail for mental abuse to these children. an american transsexual.

        • Something I’ve noticed a few people failing to recognize is the difference between sexual identity and sexual preference. Just because a boy wants to be a girl, that doesn’t necessarily mean s/he’s sexually attracted to boys. It’s entirely possible for an MtF transsexual to still feel sexually attracted to other females. Sort of a unique type of lesbian, so to speak.

          I understand people’s concern about misdiagnosis, but at the same time we need to take into consideration the fact that if a child truly is transgendered, waiting until AFTER puberty to begin any sort of hormone treatment will pretty much eliminate any possibility for them to ever look completely like their target gender.

          A misdiagnosis of G.I.D. isn’t nearly as harmful as people seem to think. Certainly it’s nowhere near as harmful as NOT giving proper treatment to a child that actually DOES have G.I.D.

          And as Pandemonia pointed out, if the child decides in their early-to-mid teens that it was just a phase, then they can simply stop taking hormones and just let their natural puberty take over. And before anyone asks, “Well what if they get to their 20s or 30s and THEN decide it was just a phase?” Let me say this: if it actually lasts that long, then it wasn’t a phase. If a person commits themselves to gender transition for a whole decade or more, chances are they’re not going to change their mind.

        • “(There was a little boy who had a botched circumcision, so his parents had him go through surgery to change what was left of his penis into a vagina. They pumped him full of female hormones and raised him as a girl. He had always felt that something was wrong, that he didn’t feel right as a girl. When he was around 20ish, his parent told him the truth. He had surgery to change his mangina back into a penis, but his balls never developed properly thanks to the hormones, so he was sterile. He married, adopted a couple kids, and a few years later killed himself.)”

          That’s not true. The surgery included castration. His testicles were removed and that is why he was sterile.

          I don’t see a problem with just hormones. You can regain fertility as long as your testicles are still there. If those kids chose a gender reasignment surgery on their own, later on, I don’t see any problem. They can get the hormones and become fully female or stop taking them and regain manly bodies.

          It would just mean the ultimate choice is postponed to a later date, if they are not sure which gender they feel comfortable with.

        • Anonymous says:

          The biggest problem I see with diagnosing gender identity disorder before puberty is due to hormone treatment. If you’re a guy and it’s around the time you’re supposed to become fertile, if you’re pumped full of female hormones you’ll never be able to have kids. You just won’t develop the way you’re supposed to.

          It’s one thing to interact with someone as if they’re another sex, it’s another thing entirely to medically interject when there’s a possibility that it’s just a phase. People have committed suicide over similar issues.

          (There was a little boy who had a botched circumcision, so his parents had him go through surgery to change what was left of his penis into a vagina. They pumped him full of female hormones and raised him as a girl. He had always felt that something was wrong, that he didn’t feel right as a girl. When he was around 20ish, his parent told him the truth. He had surgery to change his mangina back into a penis, but his balls never developed properly thanks to the hormones, so he was sterile. He married, adopted a couple kids, and a few years later killed himself.)

        • starting too late can have adverse effects too. after puberty, much of the sexual development is already fixed, so it will be too late unless you start applying severe therapies.

          on the other hand, as was mentioned before, severe treatment can have negative sideeffects later on. just stopping taking hormone supplements might not be enough to reverse effects.

          for now, i guess the best we can do is let the kids decide what they want to wear to school. opening gender-specific facilites to the affected is a bit more delicate, but allowable if the affected agree. i wonder if that really works out in practice…

        • Anonymous says:

          I think it would be more effective to just eliminate the gender specific clothing and locations. The problem is that there is a divide between the genders and, at least for now, they don’t want to be on one side. What they are doing here is throwing members of one side onto the other. There is still a divided.

          I’ll say this. What they are uncomfortable with is the things that are culturally associated with their gender, not their gender itself.

        • Anonymous says:

          Kids experiment. One of the problems with this sort of stuff is that once the kid is done experimenting, as is their wont, suddenly there will be a pile of adults with axes to grind descending on the poor kid trying to convince him that he “doesn’t need to change” and he’s “fine the way he is.” The idea that someone may want to STOP being a cross-dresser or not really have gender dysphoria once the hormones quit bouncing around doesn’t seem to be acceptable to a lot of folks who have a horse in the race. They are the flip side of those who deny such conditions exist.

        • Anonymous says:

          you won’t have to use drugs,i have known quite a few people like this but grew up to be normal, have a relationship, etc….
          i agree with the other specialist that you need to wait after puberty to diagnose a patient with this…

        • Anonymous says:

          I believe it would be pretty easy to be wrong about anything sexual when you’re yet to hit puberty. You do know that hardly any guys have big interest in girls before they hit puberty.

          Does that make them gay?

          No, because the body is yet to fully develop. If you start to mess it up with hormones because the kid for whatever reason is obsessed with the clothes of the other sex then you are messing up the future of a child.

          Furthermore, HOW do you think the kid got said clothes? Bought it themselves? How many kids do you see that run around and buy their clothes themselves. Hardly any. Which would mean that the parents are involved.

          There are cases of radical parents that decided to try giving guys girly toys and vice versa. In an attempt to prove that guys are guys because they were raised to be guys.

          On the other hand, having a kid run around in clothes of the other sex doesn’t mean there is a gender disorder running. I have a friend that wore a dress when he was a kid. Guess what; he’s still a guy. Not any different from any other guys.
          Chances are, if he was diagnosed to have gender disorder, then he would’ve been an outcast today.

          Kids DO mature and will most likely change opinions about the other sex as they go torugh puberty. Even homosexual people will change from puberty.

          Blame the parents and school uniforms.
          – Ironically enough, I’m a fan of school uniforms. Especially girls in the female one.

        • @Kyon Theorist

          Then he stops taking the drugs and he’ll just be more attractive to girls who like more feminine looking guys until male puberty takes over, when it could go any way really.

          Taking them during puberty would be the make-or break time.

        • Kyon Theorist says:


          Problem isn’t having it diagnosed early as much as it is having it “misdiagnosed” early. Especially if they start receiving hormone replacements. When the kids 12 and realizes that he really does like girls and that dressing himself in skirts is just a phase in his life what does he do then?

        • actually… the earlier they’re diagnosed the more chance they have of looking good as a girl, if they can get hormone replacement drugs before puberty all the better… then gender reallignment sergery eventually

          they’d be as close to female as is possible without being born it… best traps evar

  • Anonymous says:

    You know they can now block all sex hormones chemically – giving people additional time to decide what they really think/feel. Sometimes I think I am a transsexual because I love bi yuri shojo and hate my body hair. Solution for me = Go to extreme and costly measures to remove body hair…. wait I can’t because I am sickly and have no money – and my parents are fucking cg christian fundies.

    I think it would actually be a good idea to delay sexual development until after high school. That way you can actually focus on your studies rather than always fucking thinking about sex and how you look. In fact THIS IS THE FUTURE. Hehehehehehe