Top 10 Worst Things to Find in a Guy’s Room


Japanese asked what they consider the most unpleasant and shocking things to find in single man’s room deliver an unambiguous verdict: anything anime-related or girly is sure to reduce a man to pariah status.

The ranking, which it should be noted was based on an evenly divided sample of both men and women:

1. Moe anime goods or DVDs

2. Idol posters

3. Nekomimi/usamimi (cat or rabbit-eared characters)

4. Lacy or florally patterned decorations

5. Sewing/knitting kit

6. Dolls (western or Japanese)

7. Framed photos of himself

8. Women’s magazines

9. Children’s anime goods or DVDs

10. Big stuffed toys

The horrendous prejudice of the Japanese to the creepy otaku they are forced to share an archipelago with once again arises, with 3D women in general unable to countenance their 2D rivals.

The same survey taken in 2008 saw similar results, though with pet clothes and gambling literature edging into the top 10, and with figures, sewing gear and smoking supplies appearing around the bottom of the ranking.

Owners of any of the above items are advised to stow them away in the unlikely event they have any normal visitors, Japanese or otherwise.

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