Top 5 Places in Japan with the Fastest Date to Sex Time


A survey of 8,178 Japanese men and women reveals the parts of Japan in which the all important progression from first date to sex takes the least amount of time.

The rankings:

Top 5 places where time from date to sex is shortest, women reporting:

1. Aomori Prefecture – 55 days

2. Mie Prefecture – 53 days

3. Tochigi Prefecture – 58 days

4. Fukuoka Prefecture – 66 days

5. Ibaraki Prefecture – 67 days

Top 5 places where time from date to sex is shortest, men reporting:

1. Fukuoka Prefecture – 57 days

2. Gunma Prefecture – 59 days

3. Hyogo Prefecture – 70 days

4. Ibaraki Prefecture – 84 days

5. Tokyo Metropolis – 88 days

Tokyo it seems is actually one of the harsher dating environments, although there are 42 other prefectures which are even harsher (or possibly just more discerning or less desperate).

A helpful map in case anyone needs to know where to go:


Some devastatingly honest comments from those surveyed in the faster areas:

[A Fukuoka man who answered “before we date”]
“I check out their bodies before we start dating.”

[A Fukuoka man who answered “within one day”]
“Anyway I just want to do it.”

[A Fukuoka woman who answered “within one day”]
“We did it on the day he confessed to me… I just couldn’t hold out!”

[A Tochigi man who answered “before we date”]
“I confirm we are bodily compatible prior to dating.”

[A Tochigi woman who answered “before we date”]
“The physical compatibility is important, so if you have a go you can check out his wood beforehand.”

[A Tochigi woman who answered “before we date”]
“If you don’t sample before starting you won’t know the taste.”

The earlier ranking of Japanese areas thought to have the most beautiful women might also be worth scrutinising for any possible overlap.

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