Wikipedia: “We’re Stuck With a Bunch of Creepy Otaku”


Japanese Wikipedophiles publically lament the fact that the Japanese Wikipedia has become almost solely a clearing house for the latest minutiae on One Piece, Bleach and seiyuu, with serious articles about serious things practically shunned.

The Japanese edition’s 63 staff (the English version has 1700) are worried that the encyclopaedia’s credibility in Japan is mortally affected by an intense focus on otaku and celebrity related topics – in Japan 80% of its page views are concentrated on “pop culture” articles, compared to 40% on the English Wikipedia and a mere 20% on the French edition.

Whereas articles about science, history and culture are Wikipedia’s international mainstay, in Japan the top three most popular articles are One Piece, Arashi (a boy band) and Jin (a TV drama), with the top articles mirroring the kind of activity seen on sites like 2ch.

Editors complain that Japanese users don’t take editing seriously, and more than half decline to register and contribute anonymously, compared to 30% in the English version.

Other complaints are numerous, with a high proportion of mischievous or outright malign users.

Via Asahi.

A circa 2007 comparison of article popularity:



1. George Bush

2. Wikipedia

3. USA

4. Christ

5. 2006 Isreal-Lebanon conflict


1. Characters appearing in One Piece

2. Mai Hime

3. Bleach

4. Gintama

5. Code Geass

Number 8 is a list of Japanese porn stars.

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