Portal Fans Hunger for Cake in Sequel


A series of subtle changes discretely introduced to Valve’s acclaimed behavioral enrichment simulator Portal, including a new ending, have ignited a frenzy of speculation about what the changes might mean.

Fans speculate the clues unlocked in the new so-called “transmission received” achievement quests point to information on a possible sequel to their beloved game.

Fans confronted with the cryptic patch note “Changed radio transmission frequency to comply with federal and state spectrum management regulations” soon began to investigate, finding a new achievement had been added along with a series of in-game radio transmissions.


These were subsequently revealed to be encoded images…


Some of the clues, appearing to be nothing more than odd camera images and poor radio transmissions, seemed like red herrings, but eventually a phone number was discovered with an active modem and a mysterious (and passworded) BBS…


Those who frequently play games by Valve may be familiar with the elaborate viral marketing campaigns used in place of traditional product announcements.

Some believe this to be a sure sign something big is coming to the world of Portal.

Additionally a reworked ending sequence has been uncovered (obviously including spoilers):

Update: In an unsurprising revelation, the announcement has been revealed to be none other than Portal 2.

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