LDP: “Japan Must Introduce Conscription!”


The LDP is said to be plotting to introduce conscription to Japan, along with the necessary constitutional amendments to allow it.

The LDP is reportedly considering introducing general conscription to Japan based on a “civic duty” rubric, as used in Germany and elsewhere:

“It is necessary to further consider the matter of the people’s connection to the army and the meaning of obligating military service in a democratic nation.”

Direct mention of conscription is avoided in favour of opaque euphemism.

Japan’s military is massively constrained by the US authored pacifist constitution the nation has had since being crushed in World War II; indeed the nation technically has no army at all.

A constitutional amendment would be required to introduce conscription, which requires a national referendum amongst other legal and legislative hurdles – the LDP has long been interested in passing such an amendment, and apparently intends to announce an amendment plan in May.

Leaving aside the illiberal nature of a government enforcing military service, or how profoundly unpopular such a policy would be, the practical aspects of such a policy seem ill thought out at best – modern militaries demand highly trained and motivated specialists, usually associated with professional career soldiers.

Additionally, flooding Japan’s tiny military with school leavers would likely do nothing but exacerbate the pension time bomb Japan is singularly failing to defuse – spending money to delay young people’s entry into the labour market through unproductive trench digging and further disrupting their ability to form families with banishment to barracks seem unlikely to help.

Such questions are however academic – it seems actually getting such an amendment past the Japanese public in a vote would be challenging at the very least, and the chances of a party actually getting into power with such a policy seems even more remote.

2ch is unsparing:


You’ll never get that kind of thing through!

What’s the point of this? It’ll cost a fortune.

You’ll never get back into office with that.

This is insanity. If this got through I’d seriously consider emigrating.

The LDP are crazy too. I can hear jackboots.

There isn’t even an army so what’re they thinking of doing with all those militiamen?

The LDP’s turned into a cult.

They not got enough SDF recruits?

I recall there were several times more applicants than places…

The US wouldn’t stand by and let them go through with that.

The US’d welcome the extra pawns.

This is right. Hurry up and put the unemployed in the army.

The LDP have gone absolutely insane.

I’m a NEET but I’m the eldest son so they’d let me off, right?

I’m ill so I can’t go.

My eyesight is really bad, I can’t go either.

Why are they making something requiring specialist technical knowledge into a ‘duty’? The global trend is away from conscription…

Those worthless old people are just yammering “young people today don’t have any guts” again.

This is no good. Even if they really want to pass it, announcing it like this is crazy.

They sound as if they want to have us fight another Asian nation…

Marvellous – finally I can fight and die magnificently for the sake of our great nation – my heart burns!

You dirty otaku needn’t worry as you’d be rejected for having bad eyesight.

Get lost! I’d sooner die than serve! You can be sure the children of the rich and powerful will get out of it or be given easy work.

If they don’t brainwash people from childhood, how do they expect this to work? They think the youth of Japan would obey after all these years?

Idiots – human wave tactics in this day and age. Quality over quantity, and huge amounts of money are required, you fools.

Rearmament plans are in, now hurry up with the nuclear arsenal already!

As expected they take no notice of public opinion, they’re digging their own graves.

Just who are the LDP fighting?

You guys needn’t worry, it’s the elementary schoolers who are going to get shafted.

They should conscript the old guys too – make sure sending those crazy old fool politicians to the front lines is the number one priority.

This is probably how they intend to fix their shortage of caregivers for old people.

Stop it. You’ll only increase suicides even more.

Impossible. This’d just be like being told to die by America. No different from that messed up Empire we had.

This country’s had it. I never imagined we’d end up with politicians this stupid.

The LDP are a bunch of geriatrics you know. Wherever you are, war is just the elderly sending the young to the battlefield.

Update: The politician quoted has hurriedly denied the LDP plans any conscription, saying that “we were only interested in looking at the situation in other countries, and have no plans to implement it here.”

This of course leaves open the question of why they would want to be considering such systems if they had no plans of implementing it…

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  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah! Everyone prepare for World War 3… The whole world wants to do military training. What for war?

    Instead of conscription they should give jobs and job training.

    Humans… They are marching to their doom.

  • Anonymous says:

    The more Japan is flooded by neets, hikikomori and otaku, the more it is restrained on a military level.
    I’m all thumbs up for Japan to finally establish a military force and show the US corps to the exit.
    But of course, I don’t want that to affect my precious Anime T-T
    However, obviously Anime Nation != Military Nation, but maybe they’ll be able to find a compromise

  • The LDP will take the unemployed and give them a job in the army, they’d be paid and taxed and at the same time relieve the welfare programs. Of course those conscripts would opt out at the end of their term and become eligible for the programs again. They may choose to stay as reserves and get tax benefits.

  • Shippoyasha says:

    Conscription sucks. If those people are well protected by alliances, then good for them.

    Forcing military into citizens should not be humanly allowed unless there is a direct and present danger to the nation.

  • Anonymous says:

    Singapore has compulsory conscription and we have the shittiest army in the world. No one gives a crap about doing their job and it takes us 2 hours to unlock the gate.

    Compulsory military service doesn’t work dumbnuts.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well finally, Japan is finally getting with the program with it’s East Asian brothers. Personally, I think they should start with the NEET 25-30 year olds, and have them serve a minimum 1-2 years, while everyone 18 and under 25 should do a required 2-3 years like in Korea or China.

  • Anonymous says:

    All in all, this would be an excellent idea given certain social problems they are facing. A mandatory period of social interaction that focuses on teamwork could be a substantial benefit for there country.

  • There is an economical side to this.. they take the unemployed (there are some employed hikkos) and conscript them, they’d need to be paid which the LDP will find some way to tax and at the same time relieve the social programs (if Japan has one).

    But then again after their service terms they’d become eligible for years of social benefits again.

  • Shirokawa says:

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the consideration of closing the US marine airbase in Okinawa. Removal of some of the US military presence in Japan has them worried? I dare say they shouldn’t with a fairly strong Naval presence even as a Defense Force and plenty of US bases still active.

    Plus I like this response:
    “I’m a NEET but I’m the eldest son so they’d let me off, right?”

  • Anonymous says:

    Imagine an all otaku army.

    They’d wipe themselves out over who gets to be what character.

    General Take…
    I told you to adress me by my rank
    Sir General of the Godhand Griffiths?
    That’s better.

    Alright…Sir General of the Godhand Griffiths, Lieutenant Ya…

    If you don’t call him Lieutenant Char Aznable the Red Comet, I will have you spanked

    I thought the usual punishment was…

    Soldier 1: It sucks that our generals a crazy fucking otaku, why’d they let them into the army anyway?

    Soldier 2: They offered every otaku a loli or a shota trap

    Soldier 1: Seriously?

    Soldier 2: General t…Griffiths slew over 500 men with his bare hands in order to get his harem of traps, Char took an entire city on his own in cardboard armor shouting “I’m a mobile suit, I’m a mobile suit, Red makes me go faster!” Those crazy fucks are the backbone of our army!

  • Anonymous says:


    • I did some reading up on the LDP they ruled pretty much unopposed for 54 years and I feel the party is highly corrupted and no longer acts in their people’s best interest.

      Conscripts are less relevant in a modern military then they were in WWII.
      A modern military depends far more on technology and skilled individuals then sheer man power.

      Conscription would reduce the over all quality of JDF forces even though it would increase their numbers over the JDF would be much weaker as a result.

      Worst case institute a selective service for times of emergency.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Not a good idea for Japan. Though, in polite response to one of the 2ch comments, it’s “Rich and Powerful” would likely be one of the few countries left to force them into military service, like England where the remaining nobility are technically “Knights”.

    But, not a good idea… The only real ‘enemies’ Japan might face that’d threaten it in it’s own borders are N. Korea and a more remote possibility of China. N. Korea isn’t a threat as long as the USA is there to wipe them out if they go all out war on the south. In any case, such an action would burn itself out on S. Korea, likely creating a “Cambodia”. China would wipe them off the map, no contest. But, as long as they always vocalize their displeasure when some (equivalent to USA Neo Nazi) creep makes a “Pro Nanking assault” Manga, no real danger.

    So, they are better off just finding a technical solution. Have “Technological Defense” funding where some of their science guys work on maybe making the “Energy Shield” go from Sci-Fi to RL instead of the “Sea Angel Egg” project;-) That way they are protected in case N. Korea makes a 1/2 Hiroshima powered nuke and launches it at the USA in an act of lunacy, and the missile breaks apart and drops over Japan. Also, I bet they could work out some very neat “Powered Armor” suits!

    • Conscription might increase the size of the standing army but it also would greatly reduce the over all quality of individual units.

      A modern military depends far more on technology and skilled individuals then sheer manpower.

      You can’t have a good military with only 1 year service terms it takes a year just to get properly trained on equipment and be taught tactics.

      If they are paranoid they could be caught under manned in a time of national emergency then institute selective service.
      If an emergency happens you go round up the names of every abled bodied man aged 18 to 25 and put them in a big fish bowel and draw random names.

      The oldest will be placed in the lottery first such as 25,24,23,22,21 in that order.

  • It seems the members of the LDP have flunked remedial political science and psychology 101.

    Want more recruits then get some slick advertisements like be all you can be etc etc and offer an Army college fund like the US GI education bill.

    Also offer services with less chicken shit which is the official term for the type of discipline stereotyped in Full Metal Jacket.

  • Anonymous says:

    If Japan reveal those secret Gundams and Mobile Suits they been developing in those secret bases, Hell, I’ll join in a heartbeat.
    Doesn’t have to be gundam or mobile suits, either. Those Arm Slaves from FMP, or those Ingram and other labors from Patlabor just to name a few. Though Ingram is more suited for police anyway.

    Personally, I’d like to pilot those MVF-M11C Murasame of Orb from Gundam Seed Destiny, or those MBF-M1 Astray.

    Btw, is it possible for an American to enlist in the JSDF? if not, then I have to become a naturalized Japanese citizen somehow…

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m all for it! I’m also all for the Americans pulling out of many areas of the world. Why should it be looked at to defend others when it is so despised. After the dust settles from the petty wars of a world wide American pull out, it will actually be easier to have diplomacy with the ten or so super nations that have taken over the rest.

    • Anonymous says:

      America (coming from a born citizen of said country) is only despised because they seem to think that they have the right to interfere in foreign countries business and overthrow their governing systems if they don’t like it.

      And, while doing that, killing the loved ones and family members of the people we are supposedly trying to ‘free’….

      Wouldn’t you be quite a little bit fucking ducking PISSED OFF at the Americans for doing that?

      I see things from the foreigners point of view…. they like their system of government…. not everything the religioloonies push on them (such as beating women to death for being raped), but by and large they like their governing system…. and it’s worked for them!

      • Anonymous says:

        Speak for yourself Anon. There are many of us who don’t despise the USA at all but love it. I’m Australian and proud every time we go to war with America (WW2, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan) and if America were actually invaded, we’d be the first country to send help. Regimes like Saddam’s and the Taliban have no business existing in the modern world and I’m glad America fought them. I don’t even care about the WMD lie, it’s the rest of the world who forced them into that lie because they’re too spineless to stand up and remove evil people. The UN should have removed Hussein but they wouldn’t…so the Americans did. I’m totally fine with that. Same goes for the Taliban.

        • Anonymous says:

          I hate to tell you this, but you are in the minority around the world right now. Never said that the ENTIRETY of EVERY country in the world hates the United States, but the MAJORITY do… and it’s because of our own actions around the world.

          As I said: killing the family members and friends of people who we are supposed to be ‘saving’, etc.

  • Anonymous says:

    If something like this would happened, I’d for-see that there would be a lot more “freak outs” at military bases, probably involving guns or swords of some kind. It’s nice to see though that not everyone in Japan is a superpatroit nutball, HA! I WAS right..!The world would be a much nicer place if everyone refused to serve in the army everywhere.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do u really think that not joining the army would be better? Sure MAYBE the world if the world didnt have armies, but the fact is we do. Fact is, armies have been around since the begin of civilization. Fact is, without your countries army u’d be in deep shit with any county with an army. it’d be a simple attack and conquer your country. united nation, can’t and won’t do anythig with an entire country as a hostage.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not if every country in the world doesn’t have an army. Fact is, the computer was invented in the 20th century, and hasn’t been around before that time, not to mention people using leeches to cure common illnesses, etc. A no army earth is just another step forward in humanity’s evolution for peace.

        But like the other anon. said, 50% of the human race are dirty bastards, hopefully those 50% will die off from killing each other in pointless wars.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, it would be nice, up until that one country decided it could get a leg up by being a military power in a world full demilitarization.

      Human nature is at least 50% dirty bastard.

  • Anonymous says:

    Japan should just revise the constitution to allow a full scale standing army. Forget conscription, there will always be volunteers for the army if the benefits and infrastructure to support it are good enough.

    The only thing Japan needs to ensure is that they don’t have any of that ridiculous hazing that occurs in armies like Russia’s. Conscription in Russia has been a fact of life for centuries now and there’s an entire internal tradition involved with it. Every unit has a sort of paternal grandfather figure who may not have the rank necessary to command but is still the guy who’s really in charge of everything. Then there’s the hazing. They’ll do things like electrocute you, beat you to death. Your own people will kill you before you die in any war.

    Somehow I have a feeling there’s a lot of old school corporal punishment and hazing practices going on in the Japanese army of today. The Imperial Japanese Army was a pretty fucked up institution as far as I remember. Anyway if Japan can rationally use it’s army and hold the well being of her soldiers into consideration, then they should just have a full scale defense ministry + standing army. Despite jokes about high asian populations, Japan is a nation with a low population compared to her neighbors, every life needs to be taken care of especially with the decline in youths.

  • Anonymous says:

    South Korea already had conscription for a very long time.

    How is this relevant? Well, consider Japan’s relationship with Korea. If they’re aware of Korea’s situation, then they can be the “better man” and not stoop to their level.

      • An Otakus Opiate says:

        Somebody hasn’t been paying attention to American politics for the past year or so. Have you been missing all of the cries of “socialism” from Teabaggers and their ilk whenever Obama & Co. suggest anything remotely nationalized or governmentally controlled? FDR’s New Deal programs would never fly in this country in this day and age.

  • Anonymous says:

    I know of a great way to agree to the conscription… just put a bunch of hot female officers at the camp, and maybe add some high school girls serving their lunch at the canteens…they’ll love it…
    But seriously… i dun see the problem with the conscription… it’ll just be like school, minus the girls the games…. but hey, at least there aren’t any teachers nagging at you right?

  • Anonymous says:

    here in germany this will be gone sooner or later
    and now japan i beginning with this shit.
    what use does it have?
    Here in Germany it is called

    I personaly hope that I won´t have to make this shity civic duty any more, it will just get into my way when I want to study
    In times of peace, no military is needed!

  • Kinny Riddle says:

    I always thought the political leaning of the 2ch denizens (and by extension, niconico denizens) to be a bit on the right, considering how they’ve been extremely hostile to the ruling DPJ’s rather liberal policies, like allowing foreign residents to vote, sorting out the WW2 baggage, etc.

    And then of course, there’s 2ch’s favourite past time – Korean-bashing. (With Chinese-bashing a distant second, followed by the usual bashing of “criminal foreigners” and their lot of scum and villainy. )

    From the way they’ve been despairing at the DPJ’s landslide election win and constantly plotting their ultimate demise in niconico, I always thought they would be more comfortable with the LDP.

    Which is why I find their near unanimous repulsion of this LDP suggestion quite amusing. They want to act all patriotic, but only as long as it is not at their own expense.

  • Anonymous says:

    Article 9 of Japan’s Constitution

    第九条 日本国民は、正義と秩序を基調とする国際平和を誠実に希求し、国権の発動たる戦争と、武力による威嚇又は武力の行使は、国際紛争を解決する手段としては、永久にこれを放棄する。

    二 前項の目的を達するため、陸海空軍その他の戦力は、これを保持しない。国の交戦権は、これを認めない。

    Taking a class on International Relations that focuses on East Asia and that would just make China goddamned paranoid as hell. Taking this as a threat and no matter how much that Japan have shifted its focus as an identity, China will just point back to the history of Hirohito, Japanese military aggression in Asia and WWII and say, “In no way I am allowing you to do this.”
    Just a constructivist theory mindset that’s all.

  • Anonymous says:

    maybe Japan is using VR training so that they know war=game and someone some person called Jack will be the top soldier and will have its gene use to crreate 3 clones and the project is called Les Enfants Terribles???

  • Anonymous says:

    Haha, I’ve long thought this actually. Japanese young people are so spoiled, lazy, and don’t know anything but peace, which is called “heiwa-boke” (becoming stupid from too much peace). Of course it ain’t happening so it doesn’t matter.

  • Anonymous says:

    In Singapore(I’m Singaporean), EVERY male that reached the age of 18 will have to be trained in the army for 2years. Its called National Service here. This has been in place since 1967 and till now no one like it.

  • Anonymous says:

    There’s similar thing in my country where men are forced to choose between 6-12months of military training or 12 months of civil service.

    I went trough the 6 month military training or conscription (whatever its called in English) and at the beginning it was quite huge cultural shock (they are pretty much taking most of your freedom for 6 months) but in the end it was a really good experience, I did and experienced many things that most people in the world will ever get the chance to.

    Personally I think its a good thing that our country has conscription, but making the conscription period too long (more than 12 months) is too much for many.
    It would certainly get those lazy ass hikikkomories to get dragged in to conscription/civil service by the Police ( or commit suicide).

    • One of the arguments against conscription vs long term soldiers is the fact a guy with only 6 months training will probably end up dead very quickly if he ever found himself on a battle field.

      Seen the US make short work of them in Iraq total defeat in just weeks.

      • Heh, it follows the laws of supply and demand…

        Most conscript armies are “cheap” due to their massive numbers, and their low skill levels. Thus they devalue the lives and skills of all the soldiers operating within a theater.

        So their existence makes it easier for governments and the brass to throw more lives away during a war.

  • For the otakus and hikikos, I doubt it. As most of them have weak bodies. They’re just gonna get in the way, if ever, lol.

    Now regarding the whole thing: I think it’s good to get prepared and ready. Since Japan is the home for all our “happiness”, it should be well protected.

    • They could be ideal for piloting a drone since they’re already used to sitting on their asses staring at a screen all day.

      No need to whip them in shape or anything even.
      Just teach them hygiene and discipline.
      Really more of them need to learn about hygiene.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually there are plenty of jobs in the army for many kind of people. Not all of them require you to run around with a gun. Things related to weather, office work, messaging, mathematics, repair etc.

      Here the people incabeable for normal military training are just assigned to jobs fitting for them.

    • Anonymous says:

      of course their body is weak, they never go out of their own room, never train, never sweats either (except summer though. try that for a month and you’ll be weak too xD

      but IMO, I believe ideas of conscription is not a bad idea, especially for Japan where most of the young generation are too spoiled and prefer suicide rather than facing the hard fact of life.

  • Anonymous says:

    Actually a year of military service could put hikkimori and die hard otaku in place … heck, they could even get friends in the army. After a year of service, everything else seems half bad to boot.

    Though its funny … “I ll suicide cause something doesnt go my way” seems rather spoiled, like the whining of a little kid “I ll hold my breath till you change your mind”.

  • I think all people should serve in the military from age 18 on your birthday and be let out on your 21st birthday regardless of your deployment.

    If you choose to stay fine if not no harm no foul because there will always a plethora of new soldiers coming in and leaving.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then they lack military discipline. My country recently abolished mandatory military service, but I’m old enough to remember the recruitment policy. If you don’t show up when the notice arrives, you will literally be dragged out of your home and forced to pay hefty fine.

      • Anonymous says:

        And that is totally against the right of someone to say that they do not want to fight and die for wars that they do not agree with.

        I’m a total pacifist…. if someone is not trying to harm me from 10 feet away at that very moment…. LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE! Or arrest the fuckers!


        What we do need to do? ONE WORLD NATION! Yeah, socialist, I know…. but it’s simply time to go that route…. if the Muslims don’t like that the one world nation is secular…. FUCK ‘EM!

        It’s past time to get rid of religion TOTALLY anyway!

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah, ‘service’….. another word for slave labor. The fact is that NO ONE should be forced to do ‘service’ for their country if they already have jobs… heck, even if they DON’T have jobs, no one should be forced to work for someone else.

        • NakkiNyan says:

          @Anon 4:37

          “I’m a total pacifist…. if someone is not trying to harm me from 10 feet away at that very moment”

          You can stay a pacifist, look at all the relief you can provide to disaster areas, not all service requires you to hold a gun.

        • AJ12Gamer says:

          Well since not everybody agrees with one world nation…. How would you do it? WAR! Durrrr! And who wants to be the country that’s the capital of the world nation? EVERYONE! How are you gonna solve that? WAR! Every nation knows this!

  • mandatory military serivce?
    if you do it, then please do it right, for once.

    1. everyone will be enlisted. no exceptions based on sex, ideology, religion, handicaps, etc.
    2. a wide range of jobs is offered, from disaster relief to the more traditional army duty. lack of physical fitness must be taken into consideration.
    3. there must be special programmes for persons with handicaps.

    most of this could even be integrated into school courses… is conscription really that neccessary?

    • I think this conscription should pass.

      Why? To get the otaku and NEET out of their goddamn rooms. They’d suddenly have (more) disposable income, buy things and stimulate the economy.

    • Anonymous says:

      most east european countries have conscription, deciding based on what i see here – its very necessary indeed. not so much from the national defense point of view but from educational point of view, the experience teaches many things a young man would never learn in civilian life.
      on another note we all know that one of these days, there is going to be a war again. thinking that just because there has been few decades of peace its here to stay is shortsighted. better to be prepared should war come, for when it does, you will have no say in it

      • Anonymous says:

        you realize there hasnt actually been peace since the cold war ended. there have been quite a few conflicts they just never really reach japan. (on a sidenote, America is one of the most prominent ´interventionists´so there pretty much isnt any conflict that it hasnt been a part of directly or indirectly)

        • Anonymous says:

          America has never had peace.

          It’s always something, either Anarchists are going to get you, foreigners, fascists, reds, communists, hippies, drugs, terrorism.

          It feels like every decade in american history has either had a shooting war, buildup to war, or the government keeping a militarist mindset against in country political groups, economic groups, religious groups, or racial groups they want to demonize.

          It’s always some fucking big ominous dark cloud of evil breathing over your shoulder which is why we can’t return your civil liberties just yet, if we did then the terrorist communist socialist anarchist chinese black mexican druggy hippy boogeyman will git ya!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, right……. learn things like how to murder civilians on orders, kill people when they have no real way to fight back from 30K feet, etc.?

        To be blunt: ARMIES NOT NECESSARY! Our nuclear weapons are MORE than enough for any country to keep another country from attacking them…. out of the fear of “M.A.D.”

        The best thing that we could do….. SCRAP our armies, go to drones (which are the only things we need really to combat terrorists) and STOP INTERFERING IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES!

        If they don’t want democracy? Fine, leave them the fuck alone!

        • M.A.D. is a flawed strategic development as it is on the basis that neither side will be willing to sacrifice the lives of millions for the prestige of intiating first strike. You get military generals and other high ranking officers instead of civilians in charge of the button; boom all nukes launched and first strike begins!

          Conventional fighting is actually much more limited than the potential of unconventional weapons/uses.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, conscription isn’t that bad. We have National Service in Singapore (where all male of age 18 will join the army for 2 years, and will return for a month every year under paid leave for retraining) and there isn’t much issues thus far. Hell, because of this, we are able to respond that quickly to the tsunami incident in Acheh.

          Then again, Singapore does have a rather low population, and having a standing civilian army is actually beneficial in offsetting the lack of professional career soldiers.

        • Anonymous says:

          A modern standing army cost a bomb to maintain. Even if its one with “militia” status. With Japan’s high standards of education, it is easy for them to use sophisticated technology. In which their neighbors have trouble integrating.

          They maybe shorted sighted but with technology they can see their enemies first. That is the shape of modern warfare.

        • TehBoringOne says:

          There’s another one. Standing armies are often used by governments against its own population. I remember that in Spain, the army was used (in few numbers, yes) to disperse protesting students.

        • Anonymous says:

          For good reason… 1. Standing armies give too much temptation to idiots who think that they have the right to force their views on the rest of the world.
          2. They don’t want people in the Army who don’t want to be in it, they are security leaks and risks.

          Need I keep going on?

      • Gogetters says:

        “But from educational point of view, the experience teaches many things a young man would never learn in civilian life.”

        Uh… I am pretty sure if they wanted to learn things like that they would have joined the army….

      • Anonymous says:

        But armies everywhere have cool vehicles like tanks, jet fighters, etc.
        A Mech may seem exotic by comparison, but if you don’t want to pilot the existing vehicles, chances are your reasons for that would still hold you back from piloting a Gundam.

    • Chances are that they’ll be stuck with BALLS for the first few years of being enlisted.

      And after the first few ‘required’ years, if they don’t choose military as a career path, chances are that they won’t get their Gundam because the economy can’t afford a second working one yet.

      That, or be stuck in deathtraps with severe overheating issues.

        • Anonymous says:

          Decrease in population is not due to laziness or otaku, that’s all you hear about, but it’s hardly true. Is more due to the fact that women have only recently become empowered in Japan, and would much rather focus on their careers than having children, no different than the US, except we had a bunch of religious crackpots who had tons of kids, so our population didn’t dip too much when women were more accepted in the workplace.

        • Ghost Dog says:

          I highly doubt the Japanese Government would just suddenly start or join an armed conflict with a brand new inexperienced army. They don’t have the resources to train any significant forces. With that in mind, this could just be a buildup of forces to show off like China and North Korea.(which would cost a metric F*** ton of money)

          This seems like a bad idea no matter how I look at it. However, I’ll still support it if we start getting Gundam pilots in Afghanistan.

        • Anonymous says:

          Get a bunch of hikkis, otakus and NEETs together in front of a Drill Sergent Nasty to forcibly make them “integrate” into “military society” [probably one half more terrible than “normal society”] and watch Japan’s suicide and “misfire” cases skyrocket.

          Especially since There Are No Therapists, family members [lol] and friends [none, lol] are supposed to take care of a person’s mental health.

          It’s gonna be a lol-filled ride.

        • Anonymous says:

          Same here in Mexico.

          You need to get enlisted, but only a small fraction of them do community service. Is not like we’re going on war at 18.

          It’s also a requisite in all jobs that use fire weapons.

        • Anonymous says:

          Here in Germany we have conscription too.
          For those that are Physically able but don’t want to serve the 9 Months in the Military there is 9 Months of community service, both are paid by the way.

          Personally I think that is a good thing, I learned quite a few things and values there.
          Honestly looking at some of the Kids the days in Germany those could use a few Months of Military drill, might make them less stupid.
          Unfortunately it’s really easy to get out of it.

        • We have obligatory enlistment here in Brazil, it’s not as bad as it sounds, in fact only a small portion of the people that actually “apply” get called to join the army.

          People that are usually working or in college are spared.

          Seeing as Japan is currently going through a Hikikomori crisis, I can really see this helping.

          I think it’s a great idea 🙂

        • Heh, army enlistment is obligatory here in Brazil but that doesn’t mean everyone has to serve.

          I don’t really see why that’d be a bad thing, in fact, it could get rid (partially) of the hikikomori issue.

          I think that’s a pretty clever move.