Koreans Vow New Attacks on 2ch as FBI Begins Hunt


Korean cyber-terrorists have announced their intent to launch a second wave of attacks aimed at forcing 2ch offline again, for reasons nobody is quite sure of, even as the FBI has begun investigating the previous incident as a criminal attack on a US enterprise.

The original “Just Terrorism Alliance” community which orchestrated the original attack gathered 110,000 members, but was eventually disbanded by Naver (after the attack).

However, Korean users simply restarted the community elsewhere under the marginally less threatening title of “The League of Patriots,” and immediately began plotting a new wave of attacks – this second assault is reportedly set to begin on the 6th of March.

The California-based hosting company subjected to the attack, BIG-server.com, is said to be cooperating with the FBI as its investigation gets underway.

Staff at BIG-server.com pointedly mention the 2008 case of a German accused of perpetrating attacks on an American enterprise – reportedly he was held for 2 years: “If criminal charges result from this, we might expect jail sentences in line with previous similar cases.”

With damages estimated at $2,500,000, they would undoubtedly be well within their rights to prosecute any attackers. Disruption to US government servers is also no laughing matter.

Koreans are predictably outraged at not being able to get away with forcing one of the largest sites in Japan offline:

“What the hell is up with us getting prosecuted by the US? Why are their servers in the US!?”

“Why does the FBI suddenly have to get involved?”

“There were said to be 30,000 people involved in the F5 attack. They can’t arrest us all!”

“The FBI won’t really do anything anyway.”

“They’re making it up!”

2ch is absolutely delighted at this whole turn of events

“The investigation’s already begun, nobody’s making anything up!”

“Serves you right, fools!”

“An ‘advanced IT nation’ which can’t even lookup an IP address…”

“Vowing to do it again in this situation, how stupid can you get?”

“They’ll be making up some conspiracy theory blaming this on a Japanese plot soon enough.”

“If they do it again I’d hope the FBI really goes after them hard.”

“Maybe the US would put up with this from China because of the trade connection, but not from some wretched little country.”

“Korea again!”

“‘30,000 people involved in the F5 attack’ – I laughed.”

“Declaring a terrorist attack on the USA on 3/6 are they?”

An extradition treaty between the USA and Korea is in effect, meaning attack perpetrators could potentially face extradition to the US to face charges relating to “cyberterrorism” and computer crime.

A similar treaty is in effect between Korea and Japan, but given Japan’s pathetically supine approach to defending its interests few would expect Japan to actually do anything.

Korean media also speculates at the possibility of charges being brought domestically – attempting to hack Japanese sites is a crime even in Korea.

Small wonder then that the “patriotic” Korean cyber-criminals determined to suppress freedom of speech in neighbouring countries are now wondering if they may not have disastrously bitten off more than they can chew.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Yep they did attack
      However, the PIE dudes were ready this time around with their defense wall made of adamantium with nintendonium alloy.

      Thus the attack was nothing but some noticeable spikes

      However, the dubai server remains dead

      RIP dubai server

  • Anonymous says:

        ■■                  ■■
        iiiiiii                    iiiiiii
        iiii     __        __    iii
        ii    /               \   ii
       |                        |
       |                         |
       |      \          /      |
      /   _ _                   _ _  \
      |                           |
      |                           |
      |            |  |           |
      \                           /
       |   __/   ●  ●   \__   |
       |        ______        |
       |         \    /         |     Korean
        |            \/          |

    • Anonymous says:

          ■■                  ■■
          iiiiiii                    iiiiiii
          iiii     __        __    iii
          ii    /               \   ii
         |                        |
         |                         |
         |      \          /      |
        /   _ _                   _ _  \
        |                           |
        |                           |
        |            |  |           |
        \                           /
         |   __/   ●  ●   \__   |
         |        ______        |
         |         \    /         |     JAPS
          |            \/          |

  • RinTohsaka says:

    stupid korean attacking on one of there own “japan is asian to you know” instead of realizing the fucking enemy here is american “with there so called white supremacy attitude and a group of asian cowardly traitor white wannabe”

  • RinTohsaka says:

    stupid fucking korean attacking one of there own “japan is also asian you know” they should at least be smarter and realize american is the fucking enemy here “with there white supremacy and stupid asian white wannabe traitor group grow up and learn your enemy korean!

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok I already know I’m going to get smashed to death with all the Korean insults towards me, so I’ll just put this simple. Can’t we just stop the fighting of comments? I believe this isn’t helping either side and it just continues. hell it took me about 30 minutes just to scroll and read the comments. Lets just go back to reading new news on Sankaku complex?

  • Anonymous says:

    Dear Customers and Users of PIE.us,

    Today on March 4th at 9:30am PST, PIE.us staff visited FBI San Francisco to provide records of attacks on 2/28/2010 and 3/3/2010 to their “Cyber Crime Specialists”.

    PIE.us has also contacted FBI office in Tokyo and Seoul over the phone to express our sincere concerns on possible future attacks against U.S. corporation.

    We have included not only a list of IP addresses but also patterns of attacks, what portal(s) it was led by, different protocols used to attack multiple servers on PIE.us network with automated scripts.

    Also, there are many blogs written in Japanese and Korean stating the involvement of an attack.
    We have documented many blogs to help specify whom some attackers are.

    We cannot comment further about this ongoing investigation and what method we are using to detect these criminals.
    If more technical issues arise that affect our network services, you will be notified.

    At last, we would like to ask everyone who has attacked, and/or is planning to attack tomorrow to halt all actions.
    PIE.us will be on “code red” which is the highest alert level along with our partners from Asia and the U.S. to focus on defending our network.

    The sole reason for PIE.us reporting to FBI is not for a revenge, nor wishing anyone to be arrested.
    We are just wishing these types of hate activities to stop around the world.

    Also, we just want to sleep in peace.

    Pacific Internet Exchange
    Ryan Iwasaka

  • Anonymous says:

    Vulnerability of the United States server.
    The one to have taught new method of attack to power that hated US such Al Qaeda.
    It will be controlled to arrest the criminal,and to do compensation claim.

  • Anonymous says:

    Everyone outside of this website knows that the main reason the Koreans hacked the site was because russians were posting celebratory remarks for the murder of that korean student in Moscow. The koreans have every right to stop that kind of hate speech.

    The second lesser reason is some japanese posters claimed the vancouver judges were bribed by Korea to give Kim Yuna the gold.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bullshit. They have no right to do anything even for that. Hate speech is still protected under the basic freedom of speech and expression in any democratic society. You may disagreed with what was said, you can try to debate, or you can even fire back with your flames. But when you made the attempt to cause actual damages in retaliation, in this case crashing the server and interrupt the services. You’ve cross the line and needs to pay the consiquences. The day when people have to watch what they say just because physical retaliations would be justified, our society is no longer civilized.

  • Anonymous says:

    Koreans should stop raging at everything said about them. If they want to make a better impression, stop being so sensitive.

    Its time to get the old World War 2 grudge go.

    Look at Japan we Americans Nuke their asses to the Stone Age and turned Tokyo into a fiery pit. And Guess what they’re our best friends and allies now.

    Japan respects and loves the USA, the Atomic Bombs have be forgiven and forgotten.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s naive to think that ALL the Japanese absolutely love the USA. Getting nuked twice between a couple of days and lose two major cities wouldn’t be considered a passing memory.

      Why would Koreans worry about WWII?
      If anything the Japanese had to pull out of Korea because they were losing WWII. The tensions between the two countries go way before that.

      Your comment really needs to get cleaned up…

  • Anonymous says:

    As a Korean, I denounce this behavior.

    Just because someone bashes a person from your country does not give you a right to crash their server for it.

    What they say is their business. It changes nothing.

    Surely my fellow Koreans, you should know better. And I’m quite sure you have much more productive things to do.

    To those from 2ch I apologize for this rude behavior, I am quite sure this will be dealt with.

    Do not let these losers convince you that we are all like this.

  • Anonymous says:

    Now imagine if they all used what 4Chan usually uses (LOIC, BWRaep, etc.) in their raids instead of just F5. They already blew the server up by just refreshing; it would probably nuke itself if this happened.

  • Anonymous says:

    Let me explain how things seem to work in the US.
    Big money company has a complaint, turns out the complaint stems from people in another country and it cost them some big coin.
    They use the new trendy war on terrorism thing to tell the F.B.I. they want charges filed.
    Some guy at the F.B.I. looking for a promotion tracks down Koreans.
    Even though the Koreans thought they were attacking 2ch (the Japanese) someone gets to look important if they can some how make it look like the attack was made on America on purpose.
    Supporting evidence is pulled from a place usually reserved for wiping with toilet paper.
    America threatens the Koreans to turn over all those involved.
    They are extradited to the US, convicted (obviously) and hidden some where that no satellite can find and deeper then any burrowing animal can dig never to be seen again except for when they turn in all the people they know as terrorists due to friendly “persuasion”

    And Japan chuckles.

    I think thats about right.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve got some simple equations:

    Nationalistic Korean “hacker” = ignorant racist Sankaku Complex weeaboo.


    Mildly “colorful” Sankaku Complex article about Korea + ignorant racist Sankaku Complex weeaboo = pathetic bandwagon clusterfuck.

    Honestly, it’s not like this attack was a nation-wide effort that was endorsed or funded by the South Korean government. For all we know, these “hackers” are just a bunch of computer-obsessed people that have too much time on their hands, no different than Japanese 2ch-ers (GASP!). Oh, the majority 2ch-ers are respectable people who have good jobs, happy families and hobbies/morals that enrich their way of life, right?
    Got another equation:

    Nationalistic Korean = Nationalistic Japanese

    The truth is, it’s the majority of the Koreans that are shaking their heads to this situation and thinking, “Stupid dumbass kids, get a goddamn life and get laid.” Generalizing that ALL Koreans are guilty for this is pretty ignorant and only makes you look like uneducated hick.

    Oh wait, most of the people on Sankaku Complex are 7th grade weeaboos. I guess my simple equations and reasoning can’t penetrate into the thick skulls of the japanophiliac keyboard warriors skulking around this site.
    My bad.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why the hell would the FBI share their servers with 2ch anyway?? What did they expect?? Shouldn’t they have their own domain controllers and not be dependent on a company like that in order to keep their information secure??

    If I were them I’d start looking for another place to my website data, then again they’re probably too damn cheap and stupid to do that anyway.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. FBI sharing servers with 2ch sounds like a hell of a Japanese bullshit. I mean, it’s FBI, not just a small campus police. I thought all the government agencies have their own servers and maintain them on their own? It just doesn’t make sense that such a government agency as FBI share a server that can be shutdown easily by a F5 attack. I mean they had to deal not just with criminals but also KBG back in cold war era.

      • Anonymous says:

        If that’s true then the FBI would be lying in their cause for investigations, since the story is clearly stating that the servers that were under attack also effected government servers.

        If THIS is true, then why the hell are government servers even in the same damn forest as 2chan servers? From what’s being told it seems that the forest root server was attacked, causing a ton of other servers to go down.

        What it is is just lying for a reason to go after them otherwise, if the true case is that the FBI’s servers weren’t effected, then everyone in the US would be bitching because this would be a major waste of money on their part. Not that that’s a GOOD thing either.. but then again, it leads to a shitload of other questions, like why is a server that is suppose to be only providing services to japan, in the US, etc, etc..

  • Anonymous says:

    Whether you’re Korean or not shouldn’t matter. Nationalists from any country that get easily butthurt are usually idiots. There’s loving your country, and then there’s being totally ignorant about it and trying to ruin other countries’ “something-or-other” to make themselves feel good.

    I do wish that people would get off Korea’s back because of a small fraction of its population ruining it for everyone, but obvious there will be no mercy considering how tarnished America’s reputation has become the last few decades.

    • Anonymous says:

      But the Japanese 2channers shouldn’t hack the Korean government website. I’m half Japanese myself and Japanese are the people who often go overboard without noticing themselves.

      But you’ll be so surprised that a significant chunk of Japanese wants to get rid of 2ch for years of promoting bad internet habits and shady deals. Korea at least have common rules to outcast someone in the internet if allowed. Then again, 2ch is always lurked by unproductive social outcasts, insecure freeters, NEETs and sociopaths.

  • Anonymous says:

    LOL all these butthurt japanophiles. hilarious, it’s like watching a bunch of retarded over optimistic-protesters outside a courtroom screaming for justice only to be disappointed by nothing being resolved. say what you want, you are all butthurt and can only get through life by thinking you have some kind of power in your comments on these threads 😀 say what you will, i see your butthurt

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess they regard failing at hacking Japanese site as a crime

      but if they success it…

      tells you what kind of faggotry mentality these fucktards posses huh

      After all, koreas national sports is raep for nothing

  • Anonymous says:

    Well at most what’s gonna happen is that the FBI is gonna have the Korean pay the company back the $2,500,000 that was lost during the attack. I don’t think any of the people who did this is actually going to pay for what they did.

  • Talk about biting off more than they can chew. Now the big scary Americans with black suits and sunglasses are after them! They don’t even need to arrest all of them, they just need to like randomly pick three of them and haul their ass to the States for prosecution. It’ll scare away most of the rest. Let’s see how their “patriotism” measures up against “justice”.

  • Anonymous says:

    30,000 spammed F5 for hours to kill 2ch after emo-raging how people were criticizing our skater?


    As a Korean, I must question their Judgment.

    Koreans should not be surprised by the comments directed at them, especially from Japan.

    Behaviors like this warrant a good reason to bash Koreans.

  • Anonymous says:

    There is bullshit on all sides of this event.

    1. It wasn’t “cyberterrorism”. It was trespass, breaking and entering, and criminal mischief, just the same as if they’d gone to their neighbor’s house, broken into that neighbor’s garage, and then smashed up that neighbor’s expensive sports car with a sledgehammer.

    “Cyberterrorism” is when someone cracks a army’s command-and-control network, sends commands so that a destroyer’s Tomahawk missiles are targetted at a city, launches those missiles (causing the city to be damaged), and then issues demands for certain prisoners to be released, money to be paid to them, certain government actions be taken, etc., or else the crackers will attack another city.

    2. The U.S. government is itching to get some convictions under the “cyberterrorism” laws, so they can feel big and important, so they can look like they’re “doing something about the bad guys”, so they can gather more power, and so they can make U.S. citizens afraid of the government.

    3. The FBI has certain minimum criteria a computer crime has to meet before it will investigate:

    (a) a “national security” issue (this incident is not),

    (b) theft or destruction of X-or-more-dollars, or,

    (c) “important people” ordering them to investigate.

    4. U.S. businesses claiming computer-cracking-related damages have overstated the dollar amounts of their losses in the past; the victim company in this incident might also be doing so (“our *estimate* is…”), both for civil-suit purposes, and to get the FBI involved (see item 3b, above).

    5. (Joke) Korea has introduced a new sports car. It’s very fast, and is called the “F5”. The only problem is you have to keep restarting it…

    • Anonymous says:

      [2. The U.S. government is itching to get some convictions under the “cyberterrorism” laws, so they can feel big and important, so they can look like they’re “doing something about the bad guys”, so they can gather more power, and so they can make U.S. citizens afraid of the government.]

      FBI, you fascist bastard.

    • Anonymous says:


      1) Most East and North East Asian nations aren’t friendly

      2) Japan is way to egoistic and perverted…

      3) China is so uptight. Like a certain 30-yr old virgin female teacher that guards a dormitory in an Academy City…

      4) Koreans don’t understand english. So much so that they had to migrate to the Philippines just to study the subject…

      5) If you ever know Touhou, think Prismriver Sisters

      Er… Add that each one is under US Imperialism…

      We really need Lelouch right now….

    • Anonymous says:

      In case you haven’t figured it out yet. China and USA are closet fags who are tsundere for each other. Yes, they have some what different ideologies and seem to purposly stepping over each other’s toes whenever they could. But the fact their economies are so closely intertwined together. It’s pretty much next to impossible to see the two nations actually having any real military conflict in our life time.

    • Yeah right. China isn’t goning to risk losing their biggest trade partner, Japan is too docile, South Korea is too indebted, and while North Korea might be willing, they’re too disorganized to wage a war across the ocean and win.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m offended.
    I’m Korean myself, but I don’t think highly of these immature asses that have to act so ridiculously, like hacking.
    But although these dumb (wrongside) nationalists may have their faults, I find it disgusting to see that some people lump all Koreans alongside like that.

    That’s basically saying the same as as if there’s one dirty Chinese guy, all Chinese are dirty – or saying that all Japanese are evil because in WW2 some fags had to go and do experiments on humans, etc etc.

    Seriously, why are so many people so ridiculously unreasonable. It makes me sad.

    • Anonymous says:

      1. i’m not american
      2. dumbtards is not a word, which leads me to believe that your just plain stupid. (jewvies isn’t a word either.)
      3. you’re right about nothing happening to north korea. the country itself wasn’t involved, individual citizens were.

      hopefully some punishment will befall the individuals involved in the attack, though i doubt it’s possible on such a large scale. one can hope, though, right?

  • Anonymous says:

    I think both DDOS attacker and 2CH are playing who can come up with best BS…

    I found no info about FBI looking into this attack or plans for another attack… (ignore both Korea or Japan news website/BBS. They are full of BS too)

    both of them are retards…
    some retards in 2ch – Stop provoking Korean and others… Do something better with your free time…

    DDOS attakers – Ignore those retards in 2ch and do something more useful…

  • Anonymous says:

    Korean here.

    Here’s a bloody truth of this crazy Korean nationalism: It is a well-crafted psych-op to undermine functional civil activity during the dictatorship era of South Korea (look up Park Cheonghee in Google).

    Majority of Koreans question the nature of their nationalism, few would devotionally worship Korean nationalism.

  • Anonymous says:

    So the japanese go and insult korea and then go crying to the US when they realize people usually fight back when they’re insulted deeply? I personally see both groups being wrong here: 2ch for thinking you can just fuck around with other countries and korea for not retaliating in a more legal way.

    Feel free to vote me down because I’m not a japan-loving fanatic, by the way.

    • Anonymous says:

      You got it wrong GIT~!

      2ch is originally US property! The Japs just went and invited themselves in. US, being paid for, has the obligation to protect them from the start….

      Imperial US isn’t so bad… Once you grasp the structure and is able to move freely and with a hefty profit….

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s more like…

      A family (japan) talking some crap about someone (korea) at their apartment and that someone eavesdropped on them, and they didn’t like what they heard. So they (korea) decided to torch the place up, and while in confusion decided to torch other places as well (google)

      It happens that apartments owner was and is US and A
      Therefor, the owner has every right to prosecute the vandal

      In other news, you are korean and about to be extradited to US, make sure to drop soap in shower to have some buttsecks fun!

      • Anonymous says:

        I never said Korea wasn’t at fault. :3 What I was saying is that you can’t expect to insult someone, then have nothing happen to you.

        This wasn’t like what you said about the apartment and eavesdropping, either. Saying that it’s like an apartment implies that 2ch is a private board and allows the people on it privacy. It’s more like a bar, where two people are talking shit about (as an example) Scotland, and a group of Scots sitting at the table next to them overhear them, get angry, throw their chairs and beat up the two guys. One of the chairs flies in between the two guys and coincidentally hits an American sitting behind the people insulting Scotland. The two guys then run over to the American and complain that the Scotsmen attacked them.

        BTW, I’m half-Taiwanese and half-White, not Korean.

    • Anonymous says:

      how did they “fucked” around with korean when 2chan only talked shit about 1 freaking person? (the skater)…that just doesnt make sense. I bet you have talked shit about a person online before, so does that mean ur attacking that person’s race/country? 2chan didnt do anything wrong here, korean are just stupid and cant take negative comment like an elementary school kid. That is why EVERYONE hate that fucking “fucked” up country

      • Anonymous says:

        Would you feel angry if someone said that Neil Armstrong was a filthy liar and deserves to be beaten in prison because he obviously lied about landing on the moon? Many Americans would feel as though you insulted their country directly and would not take that lightly.
        Insulting a national figure/hero makes people of that nation very angry. Not saying that the Koreans did the right thing, but again, you can’t expect a generous response when you do something like that.

    • Anonymous says:

      I see what you’re saying, but I don’t think you see the problem with what happened. You can’t just go DDoSing websites because some people on there didn’t like your country’s figure skater.

      In this case, it’s like some Jap tourists sitting at a table at Golden Corral talks shit about Korean figure skating, so a mob of Koreans blocks off half the shithole. Golden Corral would have every right to call the cops and the mob would have every right to a free beat down.

  • Anonymous says:

    The extradition treaty between the US and Korea is still in effect now that’s a big surprise?
    I thought the US government lost all international respect under the GWB administration and it’s lies?

  • Anonymous says:

    “There were said to be 30,000 people involved in the F5 attack. They can’t arrest us all!”

    I have a funny feeling that person^ may have joined in on that little f5 attack lol

    • Marine-RX179 says:

      For those nationalists, it’s either that or try to brain-wash everyone else in the nation with false facts/history like “everything that are good in the world are designed and created by their country- others just copy them”.

  • “Korean media also speculates at the possibility of charges being brought domestically – attempting to hack Japanese sites is a crime even in Korea.”

    says it all.

    These Koreans truly do make the rest look negative; mob mentality always does though.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am korean.

    I don’t care what you say about those stupid hecker, because I believe that they are the worst!

    But to people who here judge every korean as fucker.
    I have one word for you “FUCK YOU!”

    And somebody here keep on saying “NUKE ALL THE KOREAN, KOREAN ARE LIKE CANCER IN THIS PLANET”
    Just Shut up all of you war-freak!
    You think this will cause war? no it’s you guy who keep on saying “war,war” who will make it to real WAR, and if it really happen will you take responsibilty?
    CANCER in this planet? Prove it! and most of all, NUKE is not a toy which can be used for satisfaction