Top 10 Reasons the Japanese Love Twitter


Japanese users of popular micro-blogging and inane banter platform Twitter share the reasons they find the service interesting in a recent survey, with the service seemingly viewed as a great way to stalk celebrities in addition to its more mundane uses as a way of sharing information sufficiently trifling as to fit in its miniscule character limit.

The ranking:

1. You can see celebrities unmasked, in a way never seen on their blogs

2. There’s a lot of information circulating on Twitter you can’t find elsewhere

3. There may be lots of Twittering users in the same neighbourhood

4. You don’t have to worry about “writing” like you do on an SNS or blog

5. You may receive a reply from a celebrity

6. People you don’t even know will offer advice on problems you might have

7. Your followers may share new ideas which never occurred to you

8. Thoughtless tweets can cause huge arguments with lots of people involved

9. Following or being followed is an interesting system with diverse uses

10. The flow of information is much faster than with news sites or TV

The Japanese Twitter using demographic is apparently at least as concerned with falling at the feet of celebrities as it is with sharing the usual crucial details of what they just ate.

With high profile figures like Square Enix’s CEO and the only slightly less important Prime Minister of Japan now using the service (or at least deigning to hire lackeys to use it on their behalf), Twitter seems to have become well ensconced in Japan.

Twitter users not already doing are encouraged to follow Sankaku Complex on Twitter if they so desire.

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