Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Already Leaked to Pirates


The Xbox 360 port of Final Fantasy XIII has been leaked to pirates a week in advance of its international release date, and is now being downloaded the Internet over in a literal free-for-all.

With the Xbox version thought to have noticeably inferior graphics to the PS3 version, and coming on 3 DVDs with half as much data, the early release to pirates is probably amongst the last things anyone at Microsoft or Square Enix wanted to befall the release.

Meanwhile the PS3 remains possibly the most unpirated console of all time… Just how sales of the two versions compare will be interesting to behold. Will piracy and degradation offset the Xbox 360’s lead in installed systems?

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  • Anonymous says:

    the most un pirated console hahah make me laugth the game cube was the same when its was pirated its only a matter of time the craks it done now it time to make the move any console or system is unpirateable and this shity web page ist always attacks the American things

      • ChaosAngelZero says:

        I don’t think he’s being fanboyish, there’s every reason to think that that’s just the case with series like Final Fantasy and Tekken.

        The thing is, there aren’t many 3D versus fighters to, let’s say, broaden the demographic on other systems (save for licensed shounen animu games), while there were a load of JRPGs released exclusively for… the Xbox 360 for the past three years. Hell, even from the get-go the 360 launched with stuff like [eM] -eNCHANT arM-, while the PS3 had almost no JRPGs to speak of. There’s been some laaaaate porting of old 360 titles recently (and many of those are Japan-only), but the fact is that there now is a pretty good demographic of JRPG players on the 360 in America.

        So yeah, there’s no way to tell… although FF XIII is a pretty special case, it’s been promoted forever as a mainly PS3 title, coupled with the superior quality FMV sequences… I assume most American players will be inclined towards that version, but who knows.

  • Anonymous says:

    You’ll never know its up if you don’t use torrnts. Also due to the release of info that the game is so linear they may have done it to increase sales and increase sales of Xbox360s since the retail game will have a code in it showing its not bootleg. MS will ban – brick- Xbox360s that have run the bootleg one as well. Its a win win situation for SquareEnix USA and MS world wide.

  • Anonymous says:

    The inferior graphics bit has been debunked a long time ago ffs. The video was captured from an SD source which explains the 576 (PAL) resolution.

    360 version runs at same resolution and frame rate as the GheyStation 3 version.

  • Anonymous says:

    If I were a developer I would be happy that people who can’t afford my games pirate them and play them too. :3
    Also people who aren’t generally interested in such games are gonna try them out too. Isn’t that kinda nice? ^__^
    Long live piracy! :3

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      The problem is with people who can afford it, but don’t.

      There’d be no point to be made about “having the chance of trying out the game before buying or even renting it” if they released a demo on both Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store, rather than just stupid trailers…

  • Anonymous says:

    Gotta keep in mind when it comes to the 360. most of the userbase are achivement whores. can’t get achivements from downloaded games. Microsoft will wipe your gamertag and delete them.

    • what are you talking about? the majority of gamers are achievement whores, just as many on psn hunting their platinum trophies as there are people grinding for points on xbox live and steam as well. the same even goes for world of warcraft.

      in order to get theirs higher they buy more games and it keeps a cycle up for subscriptions. people just fucking love these things.

  • Anonymous says:

    i bet sales of the ps3 version will be higher then sales of the 360 version. or maybe not i wonder how many like me bought the ps3 version last year and dont plan on buying the us release?

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      If the PS3 version you bought last year is written in Japanese only, you can rest assured that many, many people will get the American one. You know, because most Final Fantasy fans (or even fans of most anything else, too) don’t understand moonspeak and everything?

      Oh, and according to a survey over at MyVoucherCodes, the Xbox 360 version’s sales will surpass the PlayStation 3’s by two to one, based on the fact that the site registered 250,000 searches for the 360 version, against only 120,000 for the PS3 one. This, coupled with the company’s director commentary that Xbox 360 software sales during last Christmas surpassed the PS3’s by a three-fold margin.

    • alot of people did buy a ps3 because final fantasy was an exclusive title. i was kind of annoyed when i heard it would be multi-platform because i had a 360 since it’s release day as well.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      Uh, I think it was some kind of confusion about the fact that SE staff declared that they developed the game so that it could be instantly run on the dev’s PC in order to quickly debug code, or something like that.

      They aren’t considering a PC port right now, AFAIK.

  • Anonymous said:
    Let's assume the following:
    1 DVD costs about $1.
    If the console breaks down, it costs you $200.
    Then downloading 5 games makes it worthwhile if we disregard bandwidth/burner costs.

    Lets assume you live in a shitty country. In Canada a blank dvd is over priced when it costs more than 25 cents a disc. Spindles of 100 discs routinely sell for 25 bucks.
    And bandwidth is a non issue if you live in North America. 200 gigs a months costs me 40 bucks. Thus I have no justification for limiting how much I download.
    Looking at an average newsindexer service, the truth is there is no game that isn't on the download scene (including crappy games which always amuses me). So the fact the the X-Box 360 FF13 is on the download scene isn't even worth mention. Of course it is.
    Currently the real reason PS3 games are not being downloaded, is blueray burners and blueray blanks are so expensive it's not ideally worth the effort.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s cute how people think that just because they can get two hundred gigabytes a month for forty bucks, so can the rest of the continent.

      Due to where I live, my options are very limited: dial-up, or satellite Internet. My residence is stuck with the latter, so for about eighty bucks a month we get 425 MB a day, with an uncapped download period between one and six AM every day. During that uncapped download time, under optimal conditions, I wager I could download about three and a half gigabytes. More often than not, I don’t do better than two.

      (Satellite Internet is also worse than dial-up, if such a thing could be possible, for online gaming, and I hear from my console-owning friends with the same provider that downloading games through XBLA/PSN/VC/WiiWare rarely works. Good thing I don’t own any current-gen consoles or play a lot of multiplayer games, and the few I do play aren’t really affected by the insane lag.)

      Point is, not everyone has broadband, and it’s not a matter of choice for a lot of us.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:


    Really…. And the companies probably wish it was feudal japan and they could have the local lord hack of body parts or the head of these “Pirates”. IMO, the pirates do them undeserved favor.

    Well, as I said, the bank robber is not a “Radical” in that he certainly supports the “System” for he at least agrees with the banker the value of the coveted money. The true radical tries to get people to use other currency or go to barter.

    Why would ANYONE waste even “Broad Band” (anyone have the latest higher speed Gigabyte level broadband?) time on multiple DVDs of a “Rail Shooter” adventure full of exhaustive fights and more time spent on making “Homeless 80s punk runaway kid” outfits for the characters than the story? Is it worth the DVDs to burn it even?

    I have the perfect “Hack” of the gaming systems…time. “Buy no new game system under a year old” Don’t buy it, wait a while, the price will go down.


    1. Orignal X-Box -NEW- $399.99 and that’s if I’m not buying from some ebay scalper who’s got a brother who owns a store and, wonder of wonders, they could order 10,000 units if they want to despite the ‘shortages’ at retail.
    —To any attack trolls, I’m not speaking idly, at least about 360’s USA release, I know though not as blood kin a guy who owns a store that told me that…

    So: Game system $399.99 and a few new games, $60 each… Circus Maximus, Blinx, DOA volleyball, Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath…

    In short about $640…

    “I’m really feeling buyer’s remorse. And I either feel really shitty draining money from my savings -or- I’m worried about keeping the power turned on to play the fucking thing.”

    Now, that is NOT the choice I made.
    Observe, what I did in RL—

    2. X-Box when the pawn shops are full of them as everyone pawns theirs to have a fraction of the money to plead a scalper for the latest 360 and they have to keep the one at Hastings both under lock and key but modify a (this is for REAL) heavy duty chain through the case with thin cable wire through holes drilled in the system due to all the theft attempts including “Smash and Grab” in a full store as the thing is being played by kids…

    X-Box US$40. Games $5 each. $60…

    “Fun! Fun! FUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!”

    Let me tell you, “Circus Maximus” is pure orgasm. Best $5 I ever spent. Hard and crash happy, but pure aggressive fun. I like playing the big guy with the dominatrix like partner, the ones that look most like real gladiators.

    And didn’t even dent my budget despite a lot of sh-t I’ve dealt with in my personal life in recent years. Worth it just for the living art of DOA volleyball, having the ladies lounge and play…

    Just reminds me, gotta look up “Conker: re-loaded” I’d even spend US$10 for that game…


    I’m not knocking the new. I’m making a good list for the “Bargain Bin” in another year or so…

    Conan (obviously),
    Little Big Planet,
    Bayonetta (yes, X-box 360, you win Otakus),
    Golden Axe Beast Rider (likely suck suck suck at $60 but not $10),
    Super Mario Galaxy
    Knights into Dreams

    IMO, there is but ONE thing I missed by not getting an original X-Box new; The subversive fun of turning it into a halfway decent Linux PC at 1/3 the price. However, the 900lb Gorilla on Via-ra aka Microsoft might literally send “Security” and lawyers to smash it in front of me and I was too busy then to really want to mess with it.

    Anyone out there done this? How easy is it?

    At US$40 each I could actually use a pile of original X-Boxes for a “Render Cluster” since I do do a lot of 3D stuff including the resource hog “Poser” which is good for DIY pornography and rendering scenes, such as inspired by the “Great one’s” literary works;-) For “Distributed computing” more smaller computers usually beat by a factor of 2 one “Powerhouse” computer.

  • RaspberryKisses says:

    Still FFXIII on xbox is no good. Such awsome CG movies is waaaaaay too compresssed. even if a had a cracked xbox i still will be thinking twice before pirating FF even a week before release. but it’s still good that they bringing FF to xbox, so much more people would play it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Which country is that? Unless you are from those country that has below average economy such as philipine, indonesia and vietnam etc .. PS3 is doing pretty good in most of the other country .

      As for those in the mentioned country they cant even afford to play a mmorpg, most of them have infested the fee-free pirate servers ,what about buying original games

    • cheese_cake says:

      lul… used to do that while in malaysia~ d:

      reminds me of the days of buying pirated VCDs…. many a time when ur choosing ur movies at the pasa-malam & the police happens to come, they’d immediately pack up, leaving u clueless as to wuts going on while holding on to ur selection…. finally they decided to display only the cover art (or wuteva u call it) & once u make a selection, a little boy will be sent to some warehouse to collect the actual disc for u d:

      • Anonymous says:

        Ooh, I remember that too! MYR12 for Far Cry 2 and Prince of Persia. That’s cheaper than downloading the pirated games myself.

        Plus, the games are “guaranteed” to work. If not, I can swap for something else. With downloads, you would have wasted 4-5GB of quota. Long live piracy!… until I start selling my shareware games, then it would be great if piracy stopped. 😛

    • Anonymous says:

      Pirating in general is bad for the developers, however IMHO it brings the standard of humanity to a higher level, allowing us to experience more in life and helping us advance faster as a specie.

      Maybe thats why China is growing so fast >.>

    • Anonymous says:

      If you take the time to actually notice it, most of the copyright infringement in the world is done in the poorer countries in the world. You know, the ones where monthly salaries are well bellow $500?

      Get off your high horse. “Piracy” isn’t the problem. It’s just an indicator of the underlying issues that made it commonly available in the first place.

      Illegal copies of PC games are almost always lacking several features that only legal owners have (multilayer, achievements, community access, tech support…). People who can afford playing games usually do so, if only because these features make it worth it. And when people don’t, maybe it’s the shareholders that should ask themselves weather they are selling a product that’s worth it’s price tag.

    • You mean piracy is killing the industry in general!… 30 years saying that and it’s the apocalypse!, I tell you!, video tapes destroyed the Beta Max industry!…

      On a more funny note:
      Piracy shouldn’t be what they worry about…worry about awful games not even people would download.