FBI Investigates Korean 2ch Attack, $2,500,000 Damage Dealt


The recent Denial of Service attack on 2ch (now fully operational again) is being investigating by the FBI as an act of cyber-terrorism, with the host reporting $2,500,000 in damage caused by disruptions which also impaired access to US government servers.

2ch’s servers are largely based in California (likely due to reasons of cost and legal protection), being hosted by the San Francisco based Pacific Internet Exchange, which markets itself specifically to Japanese customers – a number of massive Japanese sites actually host their servers in the US for similar reasons.

2ch itself is now owned and managed by a Singapore based company, likely due to certain generous tax breaks offered by that country.

Although specifically targeting 2ch, the attack affected the host’s other customers, and as a US enterprise the company intends to have the FBI prosecute the attackers as “cyber-terrorists.” Reportedly the PIE is cooperating with the FBI and San Francisco police in investigating the incident.

PIE estimates total damages caused by the attack at $2,500,000.

The motivation for the attack, strongly suspected to be the work of Korean nationalist elements, is thought to be criticism of Kim Yu-Na’s figure skating performance and celebration of Korea’s independence day, which falls on the 1st of March.

Via Sankei.

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