Nagato Action Fetches $3,600


Frenzied otaku have collectively spent many thousands of dollars on limited distribution film cuttings of the Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi, with the ambiguous Nagato Yuki scene pictured finally changing hands for ¥356,000 in an online auction.


Even less desirable Nagato scenes from the film could be seen selling for ¥100,000+.


Haruhi getting changed fetched a mere ¥45,500. Mundane scenes of chairs or Kyon fetched a few thousand yen at best.

Disturbingly enough, one otaku bidder was spotted making over ¥600,000 in bids on Haruhi film cuttings alone.


Similar scenes from the new Nanoha movie are also trading for hefty sums, with a top price of ¥532,000 reported.

Kadokawa might have done better to skip the troublesome business of showing the movie at theatres and instead just sell the film directly to fans, one cell at a time…

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