Otaku Outrage over Tsunami Terror




Otaku anime viewers have furiously been denouncing TV stations for defiling an entire evening’s worth of anime with massive and highly obtrusive tsunami warnings, expressing particular ire at Winry’s undressing scene being ruined by a superimposed map.


The severity of the tsunami warnings (from the recent Chilean earthquake) varied from station to station, ranging from nothing in areas which couldn’t care less about marine inundation, to the addition of discrete warnings at the end of programmes, and of course to the extreme which has Winry oppai fans so irate: an “L telop,” subtitles and a map in the middle of the screen throughout much of the show, continuing all evening.


Winry survived intact on some stations:


Some fans are particularly incensed about the graphics being taken off for commercial breaks, only to reappear when the show restarts.

Critics point out that people’s lives may be at risk, although whether otaku are actually in any more danger than coast dwellers are from their piddling 90cm tsunami is not clear.

Angry otaku are now demanding affected shows be reaired. Although a few cantankerous old women can cause the censorship massacre of an entire series, it seems likely the protests of mere viewers will be ignored…

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