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Videogames “More Satanic Than Ever”


Even the most hard-core gamers are sounding the alarm about the rise in the number of satanically-themed video games that target God and Christianity, invite players to make pacts with the devil, and elevate Satan to hero status.

“This has been going on for the last 10 years, but especially in the most recent games,” said Lance Christian, 32, of Alton, Illinois who has been an avid gamer for most of his life.

For instance, in one game, players kill the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael before going on to destroy God. Another game requires players to sell their soul to the devil and rewards them for “killing unbaptized infants.”

All of these games seem to have one central theme – God is the enemy and the devil is the hero. And they do nothing to hide it. One game guide glibly states: “The Judeo-Christian God is portrayed as the prominent villain in the series . . . “

“This is just the tip of the iceberg in what I have discovered,” Mr. Christian said. “I feel that the devil has a new tool to work with in this age of technology, and the majority of adults in a position of responsibility are left in the dark.”

His list of the most egregious games includes:

• Tecmo’s Deception: Invitation To Darkness (Playstation) – Players “make an unholy pact and sell their soul to Satan in exchange for power” with the object of the game being to ensure the resurrection of Satan and obtain his power. (This game is rated “T” for teens.)

• Nocturne (Playstation 2): A game in which the hero (a demon) destroys the three Archangels St. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, then goes on to destroy God.

• Shadow Hearts (Playstation 2): The hero uses his power to intercept and destroy God and “save the world.” (Some games in this series are rated “T”.)

• Dragon’s Age Origins (Playstation 3/Xbox 360): The game revolves around the story of God going mad and cursing the world. A witch attacks believers and players can “have sex” with her in a pagan act called “blood magic” so she can “give birth to a god.” Another scenario allows players to have sex with a demon in exchange for a boy’s soul.

Other games with satanic themes are Dante’s Inferno, Guitar Hero, Devil Summoner, Koudelka, Trapt, Bayonetta, and Darksiders.

Game publishers are cashing in on the satanic, anti-Catholic and the general anti-religion content themes and using them as a draw for buyers. For instance, Electronic Arts launched a catchy ad campaign to sell its new hell-inspired game, Dante’s Inferno.

Buyers interested in the game were greeted at the site by a phony new game called, “Mass: We Pray.” When they clicked on the link, they were declared a heretic and re-routed to Dante’s Inferno. After ordering, fans were offered a “Number of the Beast” discount of $6.66. The same game was advertised during the Super Bowl with the teaser, “Hell awaits.”

Game publishers such as Electronic Arts and Midway Games have not responded to The Bulletin’s requests for comment.

Even though most of these videos are rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) as “M” for mature audiences, many are rated “T” for teens. But regardless of the ratings, they can easily fall into the hands of children from older siblings or parents, Mr. Christian says, and points to a recent YouTube video of an eight year-old playing a popular adult Satanic-themed game.

Paul Bury, editor of Family Friendly Gaming said the envelope is definitely being pushed with these games. “Role playing games (RPGs) have progressively gotten worse over the years,” he said. “It is difficult to find a role playing game that is not ‘T’. . . . There have been some ‘M’ rated ones where all kinds of decadence is allowed.”

Via The Bulletin, “Philadephia’s Family Newspaper.”

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  • I just can say this as both christian and a gamer, just like anime and reality, both are different and can’t be mixed, so do videogames and religion. Such long debate like this is unnecessary, because this king of argument is like trying to say “Water is better than oil” or vice versa.

    As a christian, i play nocturne, devil summoner, and other SMT series and i’d say myself they were pretty good. Sure nocturne’s concept is more like for demon to aid against god (i use small ‘G’ because the god here which they say YHWH is just a character, not reality, just like sometime you put a real life person into videogame).
    What i recommend is just don’t mix them up, doing like this is like mixing water with oil, which is obviously impossible.

    And last thing, do you guys really give impression for christian or people with religion are better than atheists? For me, i’ll give a big no, they’re the same and they’re even.

  • Among the magnitude of posts, my opinion.
    I wanted to say that God and the Devil are on opposite ends of the pole, but representing something greater. Where, God = obedient people; and the Devil = disobedient people (teenagers). This means that developers are making the games as a medium to target younger individuals, such as teenagers. Which just happens to be the best time to “hook” people into the gaming industry. The developers are not choosing to go against god, but are just siding with the mindset of an average teenager, being rebellious and all.

  • I am religious (Roman Catholic) and I strongly believe there is a lack of understanding on both sides. A perfect example is from Dante’s Inferno when Dante goes “But the pope says we’ve been absolved from all our sins” when his verdict is hell. Many religious people do not UNDERSTAND what they are doing. God is about love, peace and understanding, forgive your fellow man. Where in the Bible did Jesus ever say, you are pagans, you are sinners I will kill you because you deserve it. Before HIS passion, when Peter sliced of a guard’s ear, Jesus chastised Peter for doing so and heal the guard. Another example is from I had from during mass. The Father was saying that the new sin of this age is that is the loss of knowledge of sin. People do not understand right from wrong anymore and that is why we have all these debates. Lastly this goes back to the religious people. The Father said that many Christian’s do not understand their own religion. They go to Church without actually listening to the preacher; just there to pay their dues. It’s something they HAVE to do, but do not WHY they are going then thinking they are better, go around preaching when their knowledge is no different from those who don’t go to church. Too many people blindly follow. The best example the Father gave was the parking lot. God is all about forgive, patience and love. But when you leaving the church, you get into fights, honk your horn at your fellow parishioners and some even give others the finger. Why are you even going to church if you cannot even follow the doctrine? The only thing I would say is the young people who cannot completely comprehend what they are playing may misunderstand the concept of God and Satan.

  • Anonymous says:

    I find it funny that the writer complained about the Hitoshura’s fall into true demonhood, but I also find it weird in his mention that you kick the asses of the three major Arc Angels.

    Where, right before that boss fight you run through a dungeon filled with Angels who have mercilessly slaughtered the closest analogy to humans the Vortex world had, because they had a dream of equality.

    So, angels slaughtering people who want to better the world < A human who falls into demonhood to end an eternal cycle of suffering, strife and sacrifice.

  • Darkomake says:

    well well well the church and his declaration of… ALL THE THINGS THAT DON COME FROM US ARE EVIL!
    first of… what happen to THE INQUISITION and all those scientist they burn on the stik… second yea they are losing popularity amount the young, but who fault is theirs whit that lame aptitude about everything ben bad. I mean we all believe in something and is not Catholicisms necessary, there is a lot of different cultures in the world and all have some dogma, so we have to put things right all the people in the world don’t share the same beliefs.


  • Anonymous says:

    ok here is the answer (if not already given) of this worthless post

    same for the dead. if its dead, its not alive 😉

  • Anonymous says:

    I wonder….doesn’t everyone in this world have the right to believe what they want without getting insulted or bashed…whether they believe in religion or think it’s a sham? Doesn’t everyone in the world have the right to their beliefs without people saying that it’s wrong?

    There is no such thing as wrong or right, because it’s all what we’re raised to learn and what society teaches us.

    And when it comes to religion itself….we’ll only know for certain when we die…who wants to find out?

  • Anonymous says:

    This is just sad. In Dante’s Inferno you are fighting against Satan and his minions, in Darksiders you fight for neutrality and in games like Dragon Age it is an RPG so you can play it how you want. It is really sad that some religious folks are freaking out about this stuff. Funny, I don’t remember them complaining back in the days of PS1 when most games MADE you fight for good and in the name of God. XD

  • I think the real reason why anti-God themes become more prevalent in the last 10 years is because people want a good explanation as to “why believe god.”

    At 1st this might seem totally retarded to ask, as faith is something that requires no proper logical reasoning to back. But I think people really are questioning something more complex : If believing or not needs no logical reason to back up, and there are so many choices other than believing in the Christian/Catholic/any monotheistic religion they’re used to, why not believe in myself/believe anything at all?
    Seems life goes on with or without it either way…
    so these games are really just portraying the same thing novels and other mediums had to find good proper response as to why these ideas need stay, as it seems to be very irrelevant to daily life.

    the other factor is of course certain extreme theists are performing some pretty extreme acts to prevent the world to be a better place, which makes it more questionable to make religious morals a social standard.

    now the issue with portraying devils as a the hero is really just to make the narrative/work easier for people to understand by taking the obvious opponent of god as the hero to contrast it. Simply making it black and white. It’s definitely easier to digest such a story than something without a clear opponent. recall your highschool english class:
    man V man, man V self, man V nature.
    without it, most of us were told that it’s not a good story because it’s difficult to see the objective of the protagonist.

    Now that being said, I don’t mean that all of games developed had these in mind consciously, it’s just an underlying question that was left unanswered for a while. So there will be those who don’t have a clue about what they’re story is portraying and simply just want to make it look cool by being “anti_god”
    this is the phenomenon of millennium: everyone thinks its cool to be different, ending up just AS different as everyone else.

    • Anonymous says:

      What comes to the english class (or the literature, in my country) I think it is a bad way of teaching as presenting a story that has many layers and is made for interpretation as a good story, and then assume that the students would follow linear story telling without any layers or possibilities to interpretate (happens in my country too).

      However, as for the God -subject: Sin sells, as it is “scandalous”. And why are people so ready to think awry of the God? Simply because it becomes more and more conflicted with itself; in the Old Testament the God was of hate, in the New Testament, God was forgiving. To this tought was based most of the prothestantic religions; to interpret the Bible by one self. And as these religions (dominating in many countries of europe, for instance) seems to regress to the word of the Pope (the reason for prothestantic religions to form was to diminish the word of pope as a fundamental law), people who know of their Bible starts to wonder: Whos side the God really is? I mean he’s son, for instance, said to those, who was formerly unalowed to be blessed, to be blessed (women and children), but the common protestantic religion seems to dismiss the female preachers and homosexuals just because the same authority that was to turn away the women and children, wrote so in a part of a sentance. So, as people’s wiev of the god differs from the one of the authorities, one must ask: Where do I belong? What do I believe? and since the authority is an authority, it must be so that this wiev of the authorities is the correct one and therefore conflicts with the one of the people and must be overcome.

      Ps. I think it would be neat to see a story from the natures wievpoint as nature v man.

  • This only probes how everyone hates christianity, and how they’ve waited until the spark could finally ignite. We can’t punch a believer in the face IRL, but gams gave us plenty of better options.

    Now, seriously, are these people bored of not having sex and want to rant on the first thing they find? They still believe Videogames can influence the youth?

    I don’t know why I’m surprised… I heard this kinda shit since the early 90’s…

  • “Even the most hard-core gamers are sounding the alarm about the rise in the number of satanically-themed video games”

    No. No, we are not.
    Quit trying to push your religious conservative agenda on me and let me play whatever videogame I want.

  • You don’t kill God in Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. In fact God himself isn’t even in the game. Kagatsuchi is a representation of God’s will, the very thing that’s you need to recreate the world. Destroying it would not be in anyone’s best interest. Yes Satan is in it and yes you have the option of joining him but you can also kill him. Also yes Micheal, Gabriel, and Rapheal do appear in the game and you do fight and defeat them but you don’t fight them then fight Kagatsuchi. It’s a lot more complicated than that. It’s all divided between factions who have their own ideal for the new world. Micheal, Gabriel, and Rapheal just happen to be part of a different and are therefore your enemies.

    I know a lot about Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and just from what I can point out about that I just know the rest of his accusations are half truths and in turn no better than septic sludge.

  • Hahahahahahah

    I never posted anything on this site, but this time o felt obliged, and i HAD to start with a laugh, because it is funny.

    I guess i don’t have much to say except for the fact that this article was written with the christian and catholic god in mind. Religion is a very subjective subject, there are many religions out there, each with their own gods and beliefs.

    Of course there are exceptions, like when a game is clearly making reference to a particular religion. But still, it’s kinda like the “Liberty City” in the GTA series, it’s not really New York, it’s just a fantasy representation of the city. Also, playing good cop or bad cop, is an entirelly diferent subject.

  • So what? Ever heard of the “Anti-hero”?
    Everybody is allowed to express their own opinion.
    We all have our own objective views don’t we.
    I’m sure some people just get tired of playing the “good” guy in games all the time.
    Also, if a kid’s really theological, then he wouldn’t likely play games that “insult” his religion anyway.
    It’s just like saying “The Da Vinci Code” is diabolical for not understanding anything. People like these ultimately fail.


  • As a Catholic, I am going to have to agree with the nice people here at Sankaku Complex. It was the same thing with the DaVinci Code. If people can’t tell the difference between fiction, and the Religion’s actual doctrines etc… (which according to one’s view may be another type of fiction) then let them believe in what the game presents or be “swayed” or what have you. We don’t need stupid people crapping up the religion more than we already have. And there are plenty… in every religion.

  • The same way movies are rated R, games are rated M.
    Age ratings are there for a reason. Parents aren’t getting involved and eventually see what their kids are playing and have issues, when they should have read what kind of content are in these games to begin with.

  • “• Nocturne (Playstation 2): A game in which the hero (a demon) destroys the three Archangels St. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, then goes on to destroy God.”

    You have to kill Metatron too (shame you dont get to kill Sandalphon 🙁 )

  • What happened to warhammer 40k.I think that stuff is even more over the top with 4 chaos gods ,the emperor,alien gods, star vampires,and soon to be born uber god. It even has arabs riding camels charging against 20m demons, demons posing as angels,sacrificing entire planets to make (insert name here) of doom, planetary genocide because of one heretic,brutal inquisition,xenocide etc

  • For crying out loud goddamn it, why don’t those Christian groups make an awesome christian game instead?

    All they have made in history are those stupidly outdated Color Dreams / Wisdom Tree games.

    • But they don’t really need to. For example, the guy mentioned Dragon’s Age. You can actually be good, you can take all the nice options, you can be religious and you can sacrifice everything to do good, all of which is fairly close to the acceptable Christian ethics, yet they only point out what they feel is unacceptable. Then again, fanatics will always be fanatics, can’t argue with those.

  • Holy shit there is so much misinformation in this article that I don’t even know where to begin.

    Shadow Hearts: Technically the final boss is called God, but it’s actually an alien. They explain this IN GAME by saying that its power is so great that it is as much a god to us, as we are to ants (ie: deity-level power. Not actual deity).

    Dragon Age: Nice way to mix unrelated events and correlate them to a single thing. The only thing I remember out of this is sex with Morrigan. With the whole “boy’s soul” thing, all I remember is playing as Morrigan and killing said demon to get the boy’s soul back…

    Guitar Hero: You fight the devil, not worship him.

    Dante’s Inferno: This game is the most Pro-God game I’ve seen in a long time. God is constantly praised, and the game ends with you fighting the devil, trapping him in hell (again) and ascending to Purgatory to work your way to Heaven.

    Bayonetta: This game uses it’s own system of Heaven and Hell. I don’t think there’s any actual mention of “God” or “Satan”. The final boss is named Jubileus, the “god” of their world.

    Darksiders: You play as one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, trying to return balance to the world after Hell wipes out humanity. The only reason you fight and kill angels is because they blame you for the apocalypse and try to kill you.

    When did it become socially acceptable to talk out of your ass in this way? It’s unbelievable that these people are given a place in which to spout their nonsense.

  • dude GH is awesome.

    srsly tho its a good sign. ever heard of the game where they kill Licgnool the god of humus?

    no? because no one fucking knows about that guy. it just goes to show #1 is still the Christian faith. all is well in the world.

    when we get games where you get to destroy evil by being nice and going to mass, we are truly fucked.

    although the games where you fight gods is boring. now if you were god, (no not kratos) then tht would be awesome. something like gta4 except your power is creation.

  • Thank God Disgaea isn’t mentioned up there… And how the heck could they target SMT and Shadow Hearts when basically those games have “recruitable” angels…? Plus, wasn’t the so-called God in SH1 nothing but just a guy with spiritual power aiming to be a ruler or something…

  • That was, quite possible, the worst description of Dragon Age Origin’s i’ve ever seen.

    The Maker didn’t go mad, he got mad at some mages who tried to defy him and enter his realm. Blood magic is described as a very, VERY bad thing, and the ‘good’ path has you tread a path of rightiousness in the makers eyes. The Evil path, however, is evil, but that’s the whole point.

  • wow this is so stupid. people are complaining about what they actually want to happen. example dante’s inferno: your a holy guy whose literally there to KILL satan! and yet ppl complain its against religion when the main point is to defeat evil. everybody would shit bricks and really complain if they made a game where you have to kill god himself. which i really hope they do. evil sells which is why “satantic” games sell. fuck god and fuck good

  • Just curious – I’m not attacking anybody’s beliefs or anything – but to the atheists here, what makes you so sure that you’re right? That’s not to mean that I think I’m right, either. I just think it’s good to view these things, regardless of side, with a little bit of skepticism rather than going whole-hog either way.

    I also just think it’s incredibly arrogant to simply declare you’re right when the subject in question is not so easily proven one way or the other.

    On-topic, though, I do kind of wish that game producers would do a little more to get their creative juices flowing instead of just going with whatever the current trend is.

  • But isn’t the whole point of the Christian God that He is too vast and all-encompassing for our minds to comprehend? I mean, people can all call Him a dick or asshole or whatever, but wouldn’t that just be like calling your parents assholes for punishing you for doing something wrong, or stopping you from doing something that could be dangerous or detrimental to your well-being? Humans are finite beings, who only live a hundred years if we’re extremely lucky. God’s been around forever and will be around forever. So who are we to assume what He’s thinking in the long run?

    I’m a Christian, sure, but I’m not one of those people who bash everything that is slightly out of line with my beliefs. I play almost any video game out there, as long as it’s good. Dragon Age is one of my favorite games. The two things that annoy me are “religions” people who go on ignorantly bashing everything related to popular culture, and people who bash everything about religion without a decent argument to back it up. Saying “DURHUR GOD SUCKS GO BACK TO YOUR DELUSIONS” does not equate to a sound, logical argument.

    • There are fanatics for everything. The lulz part is when one fanatic blames the other and vice versa. You can’t argue with any fanatic even if you could. To me, the “DURHUR GOD SUCKS/DELULION LULZ” is basically the same as “GAMES ARE EBIL/BURN SATAN WORSHIPPING GAMERS”… Then again, who am I to argue.

  • So basically, this person is worried that children may be allowed to see material which conflicts with their own religious viewpoints.

    If children shouldn't be allowed to see Satanic stuff, who's to say they should be allowed to see Christian stuff?

    This person is a fascist who wouldn't allow religious diversity to exist. Which by the way, includes agnostics, atheists, and blasphemers. Why next they'll be trying to take my children away from me if I try to raise them Pagan. If I ever have any, that is.

    If I have kids, they can see any religious material they want. I'm not going to choose how to raise my kids based upon some lunatic who thinks one religious viewpoint is the only tolerable thing. I can instill my own values, thank you very much. I think I like the sound of these games better than a book that justifies rape, genocide, homophobia, zionism, and many other horrid evils of this world.

    And I can't believe s/he called Dante's Inferno "Satanic". Does this person have no understanding of the history of Christianity?

  • I find this ridiculous, unbelievable, and unacceptable…
    How dare that bastard neglect to mention Xenogears, one of Squaresoft’s greatest RPGs. Not only is the final boss named Deus and you have to either fight the angels around him or fight an extremely tough final battle, but Fei, our MC, is the prophecied “slayer of God”. Also quite a bit of the game’s story uses Christian elements, Xenogears has earned that spot of controversy. How dare you ignore it!

  • I, however, would sell my soul for powers. better yet, I’d sell others souls for powers. and i would most likely go after chistians or muslims ‘caus based on my own judgement they fuck up the most.

    • And considering how much REAL violence has and is done in the name of religion, these complaints are mostly the typical attempt to keep people from seeing what a farce religions are.

      Countless wars have been waged in many dfifferent god’s names, hatred and bigotry go on every day in the name of religion.

      Yeah, let’s attack games instead of trying to solve problems in the REAL world.

  • Bayonetta? Someone didn’t play the game. The God in the game isn’t a Judeo-Christian deity. And I seriously doubt Christians would feel sympathy for the Joy angels. Who cares anyways. They need to finally wake the fuck up. Their whole religion is bullshit and I’m sick of them ruining my fun because they’re too stupid to realise it.

  • Ah, battling God in Shadow Hearts was epic… Anyway.
    Honestly, whenever there’s a trend in the game industry, people just need to stop crying wolf. Every theme will run it’s course and then die out. This one’s nothing new.

  • Guitar Hero? really? was there a hidden ‘kill God, ascend to demonhood’ mode in that game? If so, I didnt find it.

    They can just fuck off. Ignorance in general sickens me, willing ignorance makes me want to go on a killing spree.

  • Hey, has anyone here ever met the ‘devil’ or ‘god’? No? Then realize that we could have the two things totally backwards, with ‘god’ being evil and ‘the devil’ being good…. or the truth is shades of grey, with neither one being totally ‘good’ or ‘evil’.

    It’s time to realize that religion is a JOKE to anyone with a brain today, and it’s time for religion to go ‘bye-bye’.

  • Recent my ass, a lot of those games are early last gen and from 2 gens ago. And I could instantly tell he was talking about the SMT series. And Guitar Hero? Really? You’re bound to have a “satanic” rock or metal song in there. Point being, he’s using an outdated list. If he wanted to actually complain, he should have pointed out the the recent burst of army games. But then again he’s a Christian, so he’s ALL ABOUT KILLING IN THE NAME OF GOD, I’m sure.

    • Not really….. Satanism is about doing whatever you want as long as you are not PHYSICALLY harming someone else without their permission.

      Meaning that there is nothing ‘venial’ or ‘sinful’ unless you are doing the former.

      I’ve met some Satanists back when I was in high school, and that was their guiding rule: do whatever ye wish, as long as ye are not harming someone else physically.

      • Might be a sect issue then, seeing how other streams of Satanism are more in line with Social Darwinism.

        Do whatever you want, as long as you’re strong enough to do it, and who cares about those weaker than yourself.

        The whole: “dost as thou wants, long as it harms none” is the Golden Rule from Wicca, which is completely unrelated to Satanism.

  • Kitsune9Tails says:

    “Even the most hard-core gamers are sounding the alarm…”

    Full stop. Wikipedia calls these “Weasel Words”, words of hyperbole presented as fact with no real source to back them up. They are usually written in an untestable, ambiguous, and wishy-washy style so that the author can always fall back to “well I didn’t say _all_”!

    So, the whole article starts out with grievous logical fallacy.

    Why did anyone keep reading after that?

  • Wow. A shit load of people using a news article to flame on religion because they’re somehow content with the thought of ceasing to exist when they die. Ignorance permeates that mindset to a ridiculous extent. The controlled human mind alone begins to shiver at the contemplation of an individuals existence ceasing. Not to mention the scientific fact proven that roughly 2.5grams of your weight vanishes into thin air when you die (believed to be the soul)

    Stop laughing in the face of humanity’s historical hypothesis’ on life and support it rather than discrediting it with contention in the termination of your own existence you brainless miscreants.

  • If you douchebags are complaining about this crap don’t buy the game. There is a reason why games have a rating scale to them and there are reviews of the games on-line. Get a fucking life already. Satan is in the fucking Bible why don’t you complain about that.

  • Damn those pagan Japs! First their false god, the emperor, bans the Word of the Only True God; then they crucify Santa Claus instead of Jesus; and now they make blasphemous video games and anime! Onward, Christian soldiers; let’s go to Japan and convert the polytheist scum, destroy their idols, burn their sacred and historical texts, build churches on top of their temples, baptize them with Biblical names, and inforce strict sexual and moral norms like we did with almost every culture we came in contact with.

  • This reminds me of Game Dogs (Episode Three: Mr Yee):
    – I was reading in “Life” Magazine about how children of today are being subliminaly seduced by rock and/or roll music to worship satan (…) an entire generation of youth will become slaves to the dark lord satan.
    – So you want us to make a religious game to stop the spread of subliminal satanism?
    – Don’t be dense (…) I want to make a satanic game! If an entire generation of kids is gonna be hooked on satan I think they should have some electro-software games to play. (…)

    Don’t blame the games! Blame capitalism!

  • i want to see a game that’s not anti christianity but anti muslim, the only reason producers make these games is cos christians are nice guys who wont do anything about it.

    a game producer with balls would make an anti-muslim game

    • Hmm.. Doesn’t that make you a hypocrite then, seeing how you deem the anti-Christianity thing wrong, whereas you deem the anti-Muslim one correct?

      Then there’s the issue that there are games that take place in the M.E. Usually wargames, then there are some of the adventure games dealing with terrorists, some of whom are Islamic based, etc etc.

      • that’s…not what i meant, my point was that the majority of religious references are all pointed at christianity, i just think that the reason is because we christians are….easy targets cos we wont go out in arms.

        to sum it up, i find it just close to bullying cos we wont fight back and game devs pick on people who wont fight back.

        i wont trample on anyone else’s beliefs, or non-beliefs, and i know you can choose to be good guys (i certainly do!) in most games, this was just an observation

  • I only read this to see how big a swing they took at Atlus.SMT3:Nocturne has you killing the Archangels as a “choice”.The game is better depicted as an “Adventure into what the fuck the christian god meant by free will”.He forgot to mention that you get to kill Metatron’s ass too.That was a hard fucking fight.I guess you killing Beelzebub doesn’t hold any merit either.If you gonna tell a fib include all the story!…BECAUSE IT WAS SO GOOD!!!

    • But that’s how folks like him can score their points, by telling half truths, and omitting the rest. After all, if you told the whole story, then people could see it in the proper perspective and then they won’t rally the torches and pitchforks.

  • lol religion. the world doesn’t need you anymore.

    too bad most people can’t comprehend a world without believing in some sort of ancient fairytale or mysticism….but now that I think about it, video games and religion do actually have a lot in common.

    both are fiction.

  • To be fair, in most rpg games you take the role of a HOLY hero who vanquishes great evil.

    I think the “take down God” approach is more interesting, as it is less cut and dry. Satan and demons will always be inherently evil, but the omnipotent being known as God is the reason why they exist in the first place. Plus this God fellow is much more mysterious, you won’t know its true intentions until the end.

  • We don’t need this guy and his conspiracy theories. What we need are more innovative and satisfying games for the cash we earn.

    If the gaming crowd wants a Cyborg-Ninja-Pirate-Jesus then game developers will make it happen. Ever seen Sexy-Moe-Tsundere-Devils? Watch anime.

  • Sure, only if they can prove God exist in first place.

    If not that little speech and education doesn’t mean shit but using religion as an excuse to voice their opinion that rest of us don’t care.

    God is created by the minds of men, God exist even as a fictional existence because humanity has evolved enough. By definition of any religion if you live in some remote 3rd world’s primitive village that doesn’t know those teachings and God then would they all go to hell?

  • people often don`t read the bible (specialy apocalypse and old testment). God cursing humans or giving a human strenght to violently kill others is really normal. Just read Samson history in Judges.

  • they really suck up all your life-force *succubus but
    I don’t understand why Japanese game developers are so obsessed with Christian themes. (isn’t it boring with this good vs evil stuff that you see everyday in movies and games).

  • Many games that have Christian-like religions are often denounced as being evil and corrupt (SMT games come to mind). History has shown that the church can be corrupt. This is true of any religion; we’re human. I feel that the teachings and messages from Christianity (or any religion) are undermined in games. A skin deep approach.

    Then again, most of these satanic games are meant for those who don’t have a great affiliation if with Christianity. Games do influence us one way or another like any media. Tread carefully.

  • Not a surprise that he didn’t mention what Dante’s Inferno is about. Just a crusader trying to get back the women he loves while unknowingly redeeming himself by getting tested through the nine circles of hell as well as saving all three kingdoms by not letting the devil get back to heaven. Yeah I think that dick forgot to mention something about that game.

  • Smiling Jack says:

    “• Dragon’s Age Origins (Playstation 3/Xbox 360): The game revolves around the story of God going mad and cursing the world. A witch attacks believers and players can “have sex” with her in a pagan act called “blood magic” so she can “give birth to a god.” Another scenario allows players to have sex with a demon in exchange for a boy’s soul.”

    Stupid Christian, the Tevinter mages found a way into the maker’s palace and they were cursed.

    • Well, really, it seems that the God of that world cursed his whole creation through the Tevinter: that’s what started the Blight, after all, and the Blight has affected everyone, not just the Tevinter.

      Having played through the game, it is clear that there are a lot of parallels with the real world. But as to whether or not the God of that world has gone mad, there isn’t enough data to tell, IMO. At best, you could argue that he’s using Tough Love on the world.

  • Not surprised to see Christians getting all butthurt over most of these, I mean they get butthurt over fucking HARRY POTTER for Christ’s sake. But GUITAR HERO? Really?? Is it because you have a guitar battle against the devil? Because the point of that is to DEFEAT him, so you think they would love it.

  • well if you actually read the article they never exactly bashed it. Rather they brought up the fact that more and more mainstream games have the darkness is light theme to them. Thats really it.

  • He’s obviously never played Trapt before, or even researched it. The whole point of the game is to kill the demon thats trying to take over your body (the good ending anyway), and the people you kill are in self defense.

  • I stopped reading here… “Other games with satanic themes are Dante’s Inferno, Guitar Hero…”

    Yes a game whose direct story is to battle through various levels of hell defeating demons, and a game where you play a plastic guitar are both satanic based games where your only goal is to kill that imaginary friend they call god.

  • Geez, I want to play a game where I can slay all gods and/or demons from our own religions. Besides who told that God is good? Maybe Satan is good and all christians are brainwashed? Or maybe there is no gods/demons but aliens are ruling the world? Or lolis? Yes, lolis certailly rules the world!
    Main point is that there always will appear some freak who will be starting a war because of his own complexes.

    8 years ago (or some) in my country were baned anime TV broadcasting, because of some idiot journalists who made TV program about Dragon Ball manga being source of pornography for 5-6 old children. Since then only anime (or animelike) shows were Digimon-like or Pokemon-like at children channels.

    So.. Lets make a WAR!

    BTW, thats my second posting. First was interrupted by God’s will.

  • So basically, this person is worried that children may be allowed to see material which conflicts with their own religious viewpoints.

    If children shouldn’t be allowed to see Satanic stuff, who’s to say they should be allowed to see Christian stuff?

    This person is a fascist who wouldn’t allow religious diversity to exist. Which by the way, includes agnostics, atheists, and blasphemers. Why next they’ll be trying to take my children away from me if I try to raise them Pagan. If I ever have any, that is.

    If I have kids, they can see any religious material they want. I’m not going to choose how to raise my kids based upon some lunatic who thinks one religious viewpoint is the only tolerable thing. I can instill my own values, thank you very much. I think I like the sound of these games better than a book that justifies rape, genocide, homophobia, zionism, and many other horrid evils of this world.

    And I can’t believe s/he called Dante’s Inferno “Satanic”. Does this person have no understanding of the history of Christianity?

  • Hmm OK! I will play on God’s side as crusader, who will kill islamic scum!!
    PS what? angry? I prefer to kill them and not the devils (they’re just doing a hell job), couse after terror, bombs, wicked logic they ask for holy war

  • Fortunately some of us are not stupid enough to believe in imaginary beings.
    God is imagination run wild, and so is his oh so nasty boogeyman.
    And for all the idiots that think responding with 'prove that he doesn't exist' works, get it straight, you need to prove that he DOES exist. It was never the responsibility of the properly educated, to disprove every last crazy idea. Although the reason we don't support the stupidity is generally because we possess the appropriate education.
    Libraries, learn to use one.

    • There definitely is no way a bunch of goat herders in the bronze age would know more about the truth what ever it is then everyone else including people who were far more civilized at the time.
      At least the Hindu for example understood the concept that the universe could have been around for billions of years while Christians where clinging to the silly concept that the Earth is only 6,000 years old.
      Besides if there is a God or Gods they’d probably be far beyond our level of understanding anyway.

    • Or maybe you’re just stupid enough to not accept the existence of God.

      RELIGION, by itself is manmade but based on some divine high power. God DID NOT make religion.

      Proof? what about all those miracles in the world?
      Oh wait…to you guys, it’s just called, “coincidences” but there is just SO MANY of these “coincidences” in this world.

      You claim religion is evil, but it is from there, that we develop our morals. So we get rid of religion, might as well allow killing, stealing since religion prohibits that.

      I am a christian, but I don’t give a damn what they say about Video games, I play my own games, I can make my sound decisions. And it’s the stupid radicals that are giving religion a bad name.

      • “Proof? what about all those miracles in the world?”
        If you can’t repeatedly test the claim then it is only Anecdotal Evidence, and should not be taking as proof of anything. Plus how can you claim it’s your god doing it? couldn’t it be Zeus or RA?

        “You claim religion is evil, but it is from there, that we develop our morals. So we get rid of religion, might as well allow killing, stealing since religion prohibits that.”
        You could not be any more wrong if you tried. You do relies that countries which are predominately religious, in most particular the three abrahamic religions, have the most social ills. What’s more, atheists have lower divorce, lower spousal and child abuse, fewer abortions, lower incarceration, even have a higher level of education, and lower teen pregnancy, all determined by statistical studies of the US population. We get our morals from evolution not religion, why do you think animals like Piranhas don’t eat each other? Its because they have a higher chance at survival in pacts than being alone, same with humans. If a person started killing and stealing the society would kick him out of the group where we would be alone to fed for himself. Religion and the idea of god has done nothing but plague us since the day we made it up, get over it.

        You really need to know wtf you are talking about before you post something that ignorant. Furthermore if we went by the bible we would be killing people left and right, example ‘stone your unruly children ‘. And we would still own slaves, we all know how moral that is.
        Tl;DR : You are full of shit, read a book other then the bible.

  • From a completely inbiased outside perspective looking in I find it ironic that everyone on this site is proving the statement (however surreal it may be) that technology could be a new medium for faithlessness and evil to spread. Every single response on here is just a reverse rant in roundabout ways saying “Fuck Christians. Hahaha!” simply because discussion about it is brought forward. You all have just collectively proven that this is a pit of faithless, secular, religion bashing assholes.

    Even a non religious person could see yall are just feeding off of the mention of religion to bash it… and everyone knows people who bash religion are just butthurt because they were either denied something in their youth thanks to religion or they believe something their 9th grade teacher told them is more enlightening and brilliant than a 2000+ year old tradition. In the end, whether you believe or not. The fact still remains that IF the internet could be a medium for evil, satan, or w/e, yall would obviously be supporting. Religios or not, advocating dark evil ideals violates societal norms worldwide.

    Oh… maybe the internet is where you belong then. Out of society’s way with your deviant childish mentality. Never thought of that. Hmmm. Ok carry on.

    • Exactly. The people I know that are self-proffered Christians are the first to misbehave, hate and act egoistically. The atheists\agnostics I know are actually way more kind, sensible and caring, living much closer to Jesus’ teachings.
      It’s funny and sad at the same time. The Christians are the sinners and the atheists are innocent. Go figure.

      • This here’s a worldview based on people who think sitting in a building makes you a Christian on one side, and people who get it right without knowing it on the other.

        It’s a bit like maturity, the guy who rubs your nose in the fact he plays M-rated games, and teases people who like pokémon announces the immaturity he’s trying to deny.

      • thats only true of about 2/3 of the christians who write articles. I’m a christian, my view is that “i don’t care if they’re gay/les/bi/like loli/a different religon/atheist, so long as they don’t push it on me, i’ll just wiat till they die of age, and let god decide directly if its right or wrong. but if they push it on me, there shall be hell *cough cough* to pay.”

        a french man once said “i may not agree with your opinion, but i’ll defend to the death your right to say it” or somelthing like that.

  • but but but.. lucifer is archangel too? why its okay to slay him but not other archangels 🙁 lame. also yeah.. dantes inferno. he slays zillions of demons etc.. thats bad?:D
    also bayonetta. that bitch slaps some serious demon ass in tight leather costumes. thats bad too? dayumn fags. in most of games these christfags moan about. you acually slay the devil or some other badazz and save the world in them. now they moan about it? seriously.

    they need to raep less little boys and get some lolis. thats the only cure for them. 🙁

  • Geez, I just want a game where I can kill all gods and/or devils/demons from our existing religions!
    Besides who told that God is good? Maybe Satan is Good and all christians are branwashed? Or there isnt such thing like gods/demons but aliens are ruling the world!? Or lolis! Yes, lolis certaily rule the world with “T” mark for “tits”.
    In this world always will appear an idiot who’ll start a war about his/her/it complex.
    BTW, religion is disease and christianity is prime one.

  • murraymints999 says:

    Pah, the bible’s just the oldest and most famous fanfic ever created. It’s obvious that this “jesus” guy is a self-insert.

    Christians just get annoyed cause these games have way cooler stories than theirs.

  • first of all, Atheists lack any imagination- they have no ability to imagine the possibility of the existence of something that has the qualities of God. Or they dismiss any possibility at all.

    That’s why they’d prefer it when a science text book or Richard Dawkins feeds them their information, and they’re hung up on material facts. They simply can’t imagine anything metaphysical.

    They get nothing when they die, and they’d like to believe that everyone else gets nothing when they die so they don’t feel lonely in their lack of reward after their empty and pointless lives.

    Second of all, Satan being a heroic figure isn’t at all new. John Milton’s Paradise Lost, William Blake’s works- these people, sometimes unintentionally, sometimes intentionally, make Satan a heroic figure because he’s technically closer to us humans than God- Satan makes mistakes, Satan gets angry and get jealous- Satan simply is more sympathetic even in all of his flaws and evil-ness so this is why if anything, Satan can become a flawed protagonist in any dramatic narrative. We simply can’t comprehend God without ending up with giving God human qualities. (an argument which Atheists use to disprove the existence of God.)

    All in all, these works are guesses as to how and why some things are, or attempts to describe the human condition in this grand and epic narrative the concerns the cosmic forces of good and evil. (and I still think it’s this grand conception that separates us from animals and atheists.)

    • “first of all, Atheists lack any imagination- they have no ability to imagine the possibility of the existence of something that has the qualities of God. Or they dismiss any possibility at all.”

      Aren’t people like you told not to judge others?
      what people believe is none of your concern we are free of thinking whatever we want.
      you’re refusal that there are people that may not share your vision make you’re the one narrow minded.

      “they have no imagination” heh? thinking you’re god here or something? you can read their mind? except the fact that they can’t get into your fiction,do you have anything else proving that point?

      “They get nothing when they die, and they’d like to believe that everyone else gets nothing when they die so they don’t feel lonely in their lack of reward after their empty and pointless lives.”

      Or they focus on living their lives how they want it rather than constraining themselves in fiction thinking about how wonderful it will be after their death? /fearing how atrocious it would be if they don’t obey their precious little code?
      must be fun to think about your death while people are living “normally”..

      no matter if you DO get something after you die,it isn’t in this world,when you die here,everything end here.

      There are people who simply think that we are born,live,and then die and return to nothing and are content with it.
      not everyone is trying to convince themselves that there is something after the death,you people are just afraid,you’re the one trying to not feel lonely,thinking there will be someone waiting for you on an hypothetical “other side” or heaven,hell,whatever.

      Don’t get me wrong,you believe what you want,but keep it to yourself please.

      • Funny, I have plenty of imagination as an atheist…. I write stories about worlds where ‘magic’ is real, where ‘gods’ are real….. but in all my stories, I show that the ‘gods’ are just very powerful people who are usually DICKS who think that just because they have a lot of power, they get to dictate to everyone what they do and do not do and force THEIR morality on everyone else….. which leads to the downtrodden turning their backs on them, which leads to a decrease in power, which leads to their deaths.

    • Just keep your beliefs to yourself*and other douchebags like you* and please for god’s sake KEEP your fu$@ing mouth shut up ok^^*
      …and for some reason this whole discussion reminds me to aru majutsu no index and to aru kagaku no railgun, hehehehehee.

    • murraymints999 says:

      Boy I sure am glad god invented the wheel, electricity, and mechanised agriculture for us all.
      Stupid atheists amirite? No imagination.

      Enjoy your moon-sized heaven, I hear god’s putting up property prices this year.

        • Take it easy. ‘Lack of imagination’ may have been a poor choice of words, but the anon specifically indicated the metaphysical, not the terrestrial. Any philosophy or belief firmly grounded in the material must involve less appreciation for the metaphysical, without which would have seriously interrupted the evolution of human thought, including philosophy, art, religion, even science. And he’s point about Satan treated as an epic hero in classic literature is spot on true.

        • the fact remain that “human” did…not god.
          >.> and i think he was speaking about the one we use for our everyday life,not the natural type..i’m not sure god developed powerplant..

          also if you’re gonna bash him about electricity,why not everything else he said?
          lack of imagination maybe…?

  • so what…
    one game bash the mystical tribe of wadeladoo and worship the devil chubababa
    the other bash god and worship satan.

    if you raise hell in the newspaper for fictional being such as god or satan,do the same about every other freakin species videogame had since their creation.

    because it’s just that ridiculous a situation.

  • they want to limit games even for adults?
    I mean adults should play all possible games.
    Just like their religion those who don’t use it well are a limit to societys true civilization as they aren’t so much civilized as they want us to believe.

  • Christianity’s the only religion that aggressively converts people.

    You don’t see Muslims or Sikhs going up to you and saying ‘You should believe in god. For he is the creator of basofbweopwovn’

    Besides, dark themed games are the way to go when the market demands cool games.
    Because a bunch of white winged angel kids just aren’t going to cut it.

  • I think this text has a good point.I played so many games that have tones of satanic shit related to the story and that “it’s good” to posses demonic powers and slay gods.Sometimes it’s minor sometimes it’s explicit like in Bayonetta.I loved all DMC games,I could live with that Dante is a son of a demon shit but he at least killed demons.And in Bayonetta you kill angles ,you kill god ,you buy guns from the devil and do it all with dark side ftw style.All the time I played Bayonetta i had some bad feeling even if it was pure fiction and full of comedy scenes.Killing angels is so No for me I guess.
    In Demon’s Souls you slay demons,collect their souls and you use that same souls to lvl your char.You learn demonic magic from a witch and so on
    In Darksiders you work for the demons
    And finally Dante’s inferno was so sick and so full of satanic shit that I stoped playing it after 1 hour.
    I was never hardcore Christian but I think gaming industry overdid it a bit with satanic concept in a last couple of years.

  • It’s because of these dogshit completely fictional religions that such stupid thoughts even occur in the first place. SATAN AND GOD DO NOT EXIST, STOP BEING SHITHEADS! And stop attacking our games because you think the world is in peril.

  • In dragon age they forgot that The game is based on choice you can be some illuminated religious freak, not to care or to be anti religious.

    They are bashing dragon age wrongly for a few little choices you can make.

  • My god, they’re fucking VIDEOGAMES and the few on that list that I know of that have to do with God killing, the God in those games are not “OUR” (I do that cuz I’m agnostic not catholic/Christian) but a made up god in the game and has gone CORRUPT!!! Jesus Christ people. I swear what’s next I’m surprised they’re not more worried about fucking Gay Dino Barney.

  • • Shadow Hearts (Playstation 2): The hero uses his power to intercept and destroy God and “save the world.” (Some games in this series are rated “T”.)

    That’s not what is going on in those games.
    1st game: You are not even killing God. You are killing A god, who really was reborn to destroy creation.

    2nd game: you are killing the 3 Japanese Treasure gods, who ARE evil.

    3rd game: There is no god in this game.

    Stupid christian should do some research before talking crap

    • Research? You’re talking about people who believe a freaking fairy tale about talking burning bushes and that 5000 people can eat their fill on 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishies, who’ve convinced themselves that their imaginary friend is a omnipotent being…

      If someone “invented” christianity at this age and actually believed the stuff, we would lock them in a mental hospital until they where cured from their insanity.

  • At least society’s understanding of the “Devil” is consistent.

    Should someone make a religious video-game, where the goal is to embrace god, it would immediately be beset by people outraged, truly fuming, that the depiction of god in the game isn’t “The One True God.” AKA Their own fucked up views.

    No army goes to war thinking God is on the other side.

  • The real difference is that while Christians would go to the papers and talk about it, if they were to target Islam instead, somewhere, somehow, someone would blow themselves up and countless others in protest.

    That and for being ‘politically correct’ that we can’t OFFEND the Muslims.

  • GOD GOD GOD… like i care WHO this GOD is… believe it or not its not my concern coz for me GOD dont exist.. if HE exist, HE is just a damn fucking asshole who wont do anything just sit around watch ppl cuck each other…. Useless GOD HE is

  • “But regardless of the ratings, they can easily fall into the hands of children from older siblings or parents”

    Soo…who was to blame again? The game companies for cashing in on a good mythology, or parents who buy those games for the kiddies? gee…

    Now that radio, television, heavy metal, role-playing games or anime are no longer new, they have to attack something new. Go christians go!

  • i think it’s time we create the group “DON’T FUCK WITH US!”

    if it isnt racism, it’s religion, it’s lolis, for crying out loud, if you think that games screw the mind of your children JUST DONT LET THEM PLAY. you control them not the games, dont blame games for you being bad parents. games tell storys, lets ppl relieve themselves (in all kind of ways ;D). if you think that it’s not appropriate to your child just dont let him/her play.

    i once read that “if you play games where you are a murderer, you become one” so “if i play a harry potter game, will i become a sorcere?” or ” if i play a game where i am a tyrannical and pervert president, will i become one?”

    want to bitch? bitch in a way that doesn’t bother anyone. sheesh. get a life.

  • Humanity is moving closer to it’s true nature. Violent games, violent movies, violent music and so on (no I’m not hating lemme finish)

    And when you take this into consideration, these aren’t some plagued individuals coming up with these things. It’s everyday people making these games (and other works mentioned) So if you ask me, I say that it’s showing (well to those that observe human nature) just how dark humans really are. Anyone that ‘notices’ this in the game industry is guilty of being a human just as the people that created the games are

    I’ll be glad when god and spiritualistic topics stop coming into everyday life and people start accepting their nature as equally twisted and kind creatures.

    But hey, that’s just me. When the zombie apocalypse comes I’ll have no more need for games, or any recreation for that matter. Just gonna be capping the undead 😀

  • Religion is the biggest arcaism alive on our era… *sigh* thank god I’m atheist!

    Anyway, religious always says the same, vaccines are the devils work!, nothing can work from inside the organism!, virtual worlds are the devil world (hell)!, evolution is a mad mans theory! and so on…

    Why won’t they simply shut up, stop abusing kids and THEN we can chat.

      • You do realize the word “religion” (as any other word) depends on it’s use on a sentence and it can aquire the different meanings you see on that page?. In other words, you’re getting confused by the way the world “religion” is used so I’ll kindly explain:
        Atheist is NOT a religion, basiclly because it doesn’t has a standard set of moral and ethic conduct bewteen it’s people who in fact share the belief that god doesn’t exist, while ANY other religion DO have a code and sets basics concepts of morals according to their belief.

        Hope that helped.

        Note: Don’t confuse atheist with agnostic, it’s rather different.

        • ^
          Actually agnostics don’t realize anything, only that they cannot prove or disprove whether something greater exists. Not sure where you get your definition for agnostics. The word itself gives the right definition. Also, while you can’t hold it for a 100% valid source, looking up agnosticism in wiki should enlighten you.

        • Agnostics realize there IS something far greater than human beings (not necessary a specific deity but something else) and are indeed RELIGIOUS because they believe in something else that created humans besides the scientific proof so your first statement of “agnostic is better and more in line to what someone who is not religious should be” is false because they ARE religious. While atheist believe there is NOTHING greater or with magical powers that made the human beings and go straight to any scientific theory. Now about your statement, you’re confusing philosophical statements with beliefs; the ones you’re referring to are existencialism (god doesn’t exist, I don’t care), so, I won’t argue which one is better (to each it’s own) but remember, atheism doesn’t involve carefree of the human existence, it just DOESN’T believes a “god” makes us but something else happened (all scientific theories for example) and yes maybe some may not care about it but that doesn’t mean ALL atheist doesn’t care, that depends on the the individual philosophy.

        • Actually agnostic is better and more in line to what someone who is not religious should be. The general “I neither know nor care about it” or the “I don’t know but I don’t believe there is” is far better than the usual “I BELIEVE there is no deity” atheism.

        • BINGO! Got the difference between atheist (which is NOT a religion) and the major religions in one.

          Magical thinking and refusal to believe in something you can see with your own eyes is a hallmark of religion.

    • Man, you’re so wrong about us religious people in so many ways. The problem is: fanatics always stand out much more, and therefore are noticed more frequently. I don’t like them too, ’cause they make us all look bad. Fanatics usually have lesser than none relation to religion though, since they always seem to be caught up in their very own delusions. I’ve seen more than enough atheist fanatics tho, so it’s not only our side that’s ‘infected’ with fanatism, eh?

      • Please sir explain how can someone be an atheist fanatic, ’cause (correct me if i’m wrong) but an atheist isn’t someone that DON’T believe in god/deities at all? so a fanatic would be someone that really really really form the bottom of his heart doesn’t exist, and would kill you if you even dare to try prove it’s existence?

        • Eh… I’m kind of confused by your comment, question or whatever, in the first sentences you’re asking me to explain you something and on the next you answer your own question… I’ll answer anyway, yes, an atheist fanatic would be the one doing ANYTHING to prove that god doesn’t exist and would basiclly be all day annoying any religion trying to FORCE them to quit believing.

      • Stadisticlly speaking, there’s way more “fanatics” than your kind (which is a pity, it’ll be great to have more like you). While atheist, well, I’ve known very few cases of atheist making any scandalous or wrong act in name of his “beliefs” but yes, somehow you’re right. Now don’t worry, I’m NOT attacking ALL religious people, just the fanatics that takes it too far, remember: Being religious doesn’t makes you a good person and being a good person makes you look like religious.

        @ Anon 04:55
        “thank god I’m atheist” is a common phrase between atheist actually.

  • “Dragon’s Age Origins (Playstation 3/Xbox 360): The game revolves around the story of God going mad and cursing the world. A witch attacks believers and players can “have sex” with her in a pagan act called “blood magic” so she can “give birth to a god.” Another scenario allows players to have sex with a demon in exchange for a boy’s soul.”

    Ahahaha, good one! Haven’t laughed this hard in ages. 😀 But seriously, awesome game.

      • And the Maker in Dragon Age did not go mad. He just looked at the world, see what kind of crap everybody has done to themselves and gave up trying to care.

        And when Andraste convinced the Maker to give a damn, humans betrayed Andraste and that convinced the Maker that humans and most mortal beings are a whole load of bull and decided to stop caring altogether.

  • Last I knew beveling in and siding with God/Lucifer did not require an age. Granted a game about murdering anyone (regardless if they are some deity or human) should have a teen rating, games shouldn’t be rated on religion.

      • Don’t forget incest (ie. fathers bonging their daughters), and let’s not forget about Exodus 35:2 either:

        “For six days, work is to be done, but the seventh day shall be your holy day, a Sabbath of rest to the LORD. Whoever does any work on it must be put to death.”

        Pretty damn crystal clear that what any true Christian needs to do the next sunday is to go out and kill some walmart employees for working during the sabbath…

        Funny how that never happens though. Apparently you only need to listen to the word of your god when it says stuff you want to hear, like when he says that homos are sinners and abortion or birth control is wrong, but not when it he says you gotta kill the people who make it possible for you to go out a sunday and buy some more milk…

  • it`s funny to see the same countrys that blame national states that use islam and sharia as base of their law are forcing the use of their religion dogmas as the right~ in their countries, even in the fiction products (books, games, movies, etc). It`s really a demagogic discurse.

    • And their god is quite a notch worse than his worshipers. Multiple genocide, massive damage to ecology (see Flood), and of course the whole “if you don’t worship me, i’ll put you to eternal torture in hell” thing. Oh, and he didn’t want humans to know the difference between good and evil.

      • Yeah, because if people know the difference between TRUE good and evil, they would see that most of the stuff that religious people say is ‘evil’ is not and that ‘god’ is a dick of the highest caliber.

      • this is very easy to do.we have the technology to do this right now.except we have very stupid world leaders that dont like to use nuclear weapons.the US can easily kill all humans and save the planet from humanity just by launching every single nuclear missile and killing everyone

      • That’s assuming that nature would eternally stay in an endless cycle and without humanity, no other species will rise to our present status.

        If you believe to Darwin, such a thing is just unrealistic. As we’ve can all attest to, intelligence is far better strategy than physical strength and agility.

        We humans tend to overestimate ourselves. It’s not like we can kill this world even if we tried to. At most, we can succeed to wipe out most advanced organisms and leave nothing but bacteria and cockroaches. Fast forward few milion years later, and the next civilization to rise from the ashes will give birth to dumb theists who think the wrath of their respective gods wiped for whatever their moralist agendas point them at.

        Humans have (Darwin-wise) positive effect on the world, because we kill off the species that are either not able to adapt to rapidly changing environment, or have developed features that make them target pray for intelligent life.

  • these guys are being prissy…seriously
    I mean, they said Dante’s Inferno was pro-Satanism…if anything, it’s one of the most Anti-Satanic games of the past 10 years… basically you fight demons and damned souls in the Inferno and, not to spoil, but your main antagonist is Lucifer so yeah… some people need to TRY out the games before they rant about them :O

    • Similar with Nocturne, you fight tons and tons of demons through the game, and Satan is the final boss. In fact, you can choose the fate of the planet as you see it, going either fully with god, or Satan, among other endings.

      • Nocturne isnt satanic its mature.

        its looking at the situation as if god and satan existed and recognizes that satan could impossibly be 100% evil and god couldnt be 100% good.

        also five of the six endings have you fulfilling gods will and continuing the cycle of destruction and ressurection, and the one ending where you fight and join satan is the hardest to get.

      • (spoilers for SMT Nocturne, by the way)

        Actually, the final boss is Lucifer, not Satan. In the SMT series they are two different entities.

        For that matter I don’t think you can become an ally with god in it either, the closest thing being “returning the world to how it was before the Conception”.

      • on the subject of dragon age: origins, he said
        • Dragon’s Age Origins (Playstation 3/Xbox 360): The game revolves around the story of God going mad and cursing the world. A witch attacks believers and players can “have sex” with her in a pagan act called “blood magic” so she can “give birth to a god.” Another scenario allows players to have sex with a demon in exchange for a boy’s soul.
        1. its a elder god, not god, going mad.
        2. the “believers” that she occasionally attacks
        want to imprison her for being a mage outside their control, and are not christian.
        3. she doesn’t know blood magic.
        4. since when is sex pagan?
        5. about the last sentence… if its true, you had sex with a demon, and saved a boys ETERNAL soul… not bad i’d say.

  • Zetsubou-Sensei says:

    “I feel that the devil has a new tool to work with in this age of technology, and the majority of adults in a position of responsibility are left in the dark.”

    I read this, made this post. Now I’m going to close this new article.

  • Palmtop Tiger says:

    These guys obviously have no clue that Bible Adventures for the NES is all the rage with the cool kids.

    Who wants to be condeming souls in pugatory when you can be converting atheists to christianity?

    • Anonymous says:

      No one is bashing videogames… The Christian religion is just under direct scrutiny by some.Bashing games is saying “All games are being used as a wole to make to make our children evil” This is just saying “Theres a sudden surge in games directly mocking the christian religion” I mean, to christians, we’re talking about a very real God thats getting very honestly pissed off.

      And people please don’t try and prove or disprove god, because it can’t be done. I doubt any athiest will change thier beliefs through an internet forum, and also, YOU CAN’T DISPROVE GOD WITH SCIENCE OR LOGIC, THATS WHY HE’S GOD, THATS WHY IT’S CALLED SUPERNATURAL.

      Also, here’s a quote I like “Christians are trying to save you from the gates of hell, you’re just being a prick”

      What? That a problem? I’m a guy posting anonymous on sankaku, I don’t think anyone will even read this.

    • They would stop bashing video games when they have no one to bash but themself.
      God doesnt need tobe defended this way.If He was offended then then He shall rain Hellfire on earth for seven days just like in those games.Wait…..that means God also plays games!!!

    • Did they actually play those games? Dante’s Inferno, for example, is actually the exact opposite from what they say. The Divine Comedy is about Dante going to hell for his sins and realizing his life was evil. He then searches for forgiveness.

    • Well I have games I need to play now! I’ve always wanted to kill the christian god. I’ve already played the SMT ones though. They should make one where you kill jesus. I’d pay $60 for that.

    • Seriously.
      I think games like this are perfect for the world to take religion a little less seriously.
      These guys should learn to laugh at themselves once in a while instead of choking on the three foot pole up their asses.

      • i don’t think they should take their religion less seriously, but more less put it into context. they are usually old folks who don’t understand the “bad revolution” which includes more realistic heros than ones from fairy tales. if they could grasp peoples curiosity for things outside the walls of their boundaries. games with a darker theme would be understood by them if not condoned. all the pastors i know will sit down and play some GTA4. they will say that it isn’t a game for teaching morals, but it is fun.

      • Wait until the next part of the Divine Comedy. We’ll see what Dante has to do for Heaven to get with Beatrice.

        …That, or we just get some Angels may Cry series “just to balance out good and evil”.

        There’s also always turning the boring Crusades into something bloody and gory in the name of a certain religion.

        Seriously, if they are crying about such a simple thing, then they should try making their own and seeing if that will sell. Hard Mode: Create the game w/o violence or any other immoral act. We’ll see how popular that gets.

      • I don’t see the problem with the article. It is just another guy ranting. Video game reviews are full of people ranting about everything under the sun. So the relegious people want to rant too? Who cares? Most of what he said is basicly true all of those games have a demonic theme or an anti god theme and we bought them, apparently he did too since he is so knowledgeable about them.
        Anyway my basic point is he didn’t even say the games are corrupting the buyers (maybe it was implied that being satanic is bad??) In fact even though he mentioned they could fall into the hands of children that wasn’t listed as bad. There is a teeny tag on at the end where some other guy says the games have gotten worse over the years. Really though this was more analysis and less judgement. So what I am really wondering is why the people posting he are so upset? Are you uber christians who felt your playing of video games was pure and now you have been marred in some way by his opinion? Or do you feel that demonic has a naturally negative connotation to it. Since logically speaking if you don’t believe in any of that stuff you wouldn’t attach a positive or negative imagage to the word demonic. Maybe you just wanted to rant about something?

        • ok then, were in agreement. i don’t understand why we, as gamers, have to be afraid the government is going to step in and ban games that we like. i don’t think it is legal or right.

        • I almost want to register to + this post.

          This guy isn’t saying nobody should buy these games. He’s not saying these games shouldn’t exist. He’s not saying that ratings need to be changed. He’s not saying anyone should protest the games, their developers, or their publishers.

          He’s (rightfully) pointing out their themes and ratings, and warning parents who are against their CHILDREN playing games with such themes to pay attention to what they buy.

          ALL THE TIME I see gamers making posts about how parents should check what games they’re playing and not to blame stores or publishers. This guy is mirroring that sentiment yet is still getting attacked. But I suppose bashing Christians is like bashing America, it makes you an internet cool guy.

    • Darkrockslizer says:

      They just rage at everything because they want to get noticed.

      Christian God and Devil are no different than gods and demons of other religions whose names have been used countless times for the roles of heroes/villains of video games.

      • I agree that the actual trend of video games these days are towards the destruction of God. But what does Guitar Hero have to do with god? You actually destroy Satan for trapping your soul in that game(correct me if I’m wrong)

        Besides, Dante’s Inferno is against hell. So their trying to say that their god is Satan himself? Smart christ-fags…

      • there are alot of dumbasses on this forum. he isn’t bashing videogames. he is just pointing out a factual trend in videogames and is asking if it could mean anything. it seems like there are alot of anti-christs on the forum trying to discredit him as quickly as possible too. and @ darkrockslizer 4:12, christian God and the devil are different from the other gods and demons because they are actually real, unlike the fake ass olympian shit.

        • Anonymous says:

          Beast you say read the bible…. The bible is no more proof of a “God” then if I were to have my friends and myself write a massive novel and say it’s truth. Were you there, for that matter was anyone alive today there? Fuck no. You read to much into your little book, it’s meant to guide not as an actual record of events, though I don’t expect anyone as blind as yourself to see that. I’ve read your bible and honestly it gave me some chuckles. I respect the religion for what it was supposed to be but I can NEVER respect the fanatics and utter fucking rejects like this “Beast” person.

          Just remember Beast no matter what your Mommy will always love you.

        • Anonymous says:

          A dare? Gladly! Aside from your whole problem with capitalization, you used “your” incorrectly. It’s possessive, like “No one wants to hear your bitching.” You should have used the “you’re” contraction to mean “you are.” For example: “You’re a cunt.” Also, you should have used a comma in your previous post between “if your only 10 and trying to talk like a big boy/girl” and “give it up and just talk in basic english” instead of a period between the two statements. Maybe scratch out one “and” while we’re at it. “If you’re a ten year old trying to talk like a big boy/girl, give it up and just talk basic English.”
          I know you said to point out one grammatical mistake, but I could go on if you want. There’s just so many! 🙂

          Unlike some people on the internet, I LIKE to write well when responding to others. It IS a forum for communicating, right? I prefer that others understand what I’m saying, personally. Not a lot of people feel that way.
          I’m sure YOU’RE going to ignore this, call me a fucking retard grammar Nazi or whatever petty little insult you have buzzing in YOUR head. I really don’t mind, YOU’RE so much fun! 😀

        • anon @ 16:41 there is proof you just have to read that thick tome called the holy bible. but you’re too fucking stupid to read, so that is out of the question. and to anon@00:02 i dare you to point out one grammatical mistake. it is easy to criticize someones grammar when you don’t know the rules of the language. your fucking stupid. if you couldn’t follow my retort, then you need to go back to the remedial class with all the other waterheads, and learn how to read. stupid anon, don’t bother showing me that i forgot to capitalize my words. i noticed you tried as hard as you could to write properly when you made fun of my comment. this is a forum for communicating, not a term paper. idiot.

        • Silly Beast’s mommy must have finally let him out of the basement. By the way Christian “God” and “Devil” are no more real than the Olympians, I mean unless you have some serious proof to back up that really world shattering declaration there? No you have none? Oh, okay then.

        • nakkinyan. if you are going to try to come up with a clever insult/retort. learn to speak the language of the person you are speaking to. all that babbling made no god damn sense. if your only 10 and trying to talk like a big boy/girl. give it up and just talk in basic english.
          that comment about the christian god and devil being real is not meant to be a joke. and @ shigure the romans were just wrong, because they are fags. lol.

        • TheBeast you are the dumbasses here if you really meant…
          “there are alot of dumbasses on this forum. he isn’t bashing videogames.”

          Yes he was, he might have meant it innocently but he otherwise would not have said it. Considering how the Christards latch onto anything with any overtone other than theirs and try to squash it, he could have started something with that article.

          “christian God and the devil are different from the other gods and demons because they are actually real, unlike the fake ass olympian shit.”
          That was obviously a joke but unfortunately a comment I hear said seriously too often.

        • I believe in Kaworu Nagisa, he died for humanities sins so you musn’t run away.

          Believe in Kamina, for He is the One who believes in those who Believe in Him!

          Worship Cthulhu, because he could fuck every other deity up!

          Ia Ia Cthulhu Rl’yeh Phtagn! Ia Ia Cthulhu Rl’yeh PHTAGN!