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“Most Otaku Want 3D Women, Not 2D”


An article proclaiming that most otaku settle for 2D only after failing to get 3D has predictably ignited a storm of controversy amongst otaku.

The article as published in business rag Nikkei BP:

The government is trying to reverse the decline in the birth rate to no avail. Because half of all men aged 30-34 are unmarried. In Japanese society, those who are unmarried rarely have children. So, to stop the decline in the birth rate, making marriage easier is necessary.

And the group furthest away from marriage is that of the otaku. I don’t think most otaku are in love with 2D characters. I think if they could, they would go with 3D, that is to say a human woman.

But to court a human woman, a certain amount of technique and experience is required. In particular there are men who become profoundly hurt through dating rejection, or who are possessed of introverted personalities, and who thus have no other option but to flee to 2D for their romantic needs.

And once they have stepped into the world of 2D, it is a very comforting place. 2D characters aren’t fickle, they don’t lie or betray you like real women. Consequently drawing otaku back into the world of 3D is exceedingly difficult.

However, if we cannot do this Japanese society has no future.

He can perhaps be excused for the ridiculous hyperbole at the end – even stretching the definition of otaku to its limits is unlikely to yield more than a few million such souls in Japan; Japan’s marriage and birth rate problems are indisputably mainstream social issues, and otaku are but a fringe element of that.

It should also be noted that similar drastic declines in birth rate are well in evidence in a number of developed and developing nations, so clearly Japan is merely an advanced case of a trend linked to profound social changes the world over – fretting over otaku is unlikely to be addressing anything other than an outlying symptom of these changes.

It is also notable that he is unwilling to incorporate the exceedingly hostile attitude of women to otaku or poor men into his explanation.

Naturally, 2ch has something to say about all this:


No way!

They just run to 2D because no one’ll have them.

Why is he saying something so obvious so pompously?

Men and women’s expectations of the opposite sex have just become way too high, and they can no longer have children as a result – so they flee to 2D.

Bringing out your pet theories is all very well, but quit mixing it up with a “consensus of opinion.”

Have sex with 3D, live with 2D?

With guts you can date the opposite sex. But marrying and having children takes more. You need money above all else, and not many people have it.

There’s nothing to gain from facing up to an ugly reality.

Stick to economics and stop pretending to understand this stuff.

What’s up with this creepy old guy pretending to be the representative of all otaku?

With artificial ova on the horizon, progress in 2D and ona-holes, who needs women?

It’s not that they compromise with 2D after failing to get 3D. They compromise by going with 3D as they can’t go with 2D.

Of course he’s right. How can you love 2D? You can’t even have a conversation.

Go with the sex trade for 3D. To satisfy the heart go with 2D.

Saying you’ve no interest in 3D is just a defence mechanism. Just an excuse to make yourself seem less wretched.

2D and 3D are both just electrical signals in the brain. Thus there is no essential difference between the two.

I like both 2D and 3D; saying only one or the other is good is just intolerance.

2D 3D
Cost: Purchase + electricity 99% of your wages
Food: Will eat with you Is asleep when you get back from work
Holidays: Always with you Forces you to visit parents
Memory: Can freely save and load Only remembers husband’s weaknesses
Warmth: Depends on monitor “Don’t touch me”
Soothing: Will soothe you Will complain if not soothed
Appearance: Beautiful, no degradation (depends on artist) Depends on makeup, degradation apparent
Virginity?: Depends on preference Essentially not
Land mines: Mental damage only Can take financial and mental damage
Husband’s income: Doesn’t care “That’s the barometer of a man, isn’t it?”
Duration: Depends on preference Until death or divorce

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  • Anonymous says:

    Agreed, most otakus would get a 3D girl if they could but that is ONLY because 2D girls are literally unattainable. 3D have the advantage of actually being real and therefore can stimulate nerves that 2D can’t.

    Ironically, even if 2D girls were real they wouldn’t want you anyways. Even 2D girls have standards and considering that most main characters are actually pretty damn handsome and have deal with the “event flags”, their standards are likely pretty damn high.

  • Anonymous says:

    I get it now. The people in this comments section are mostly extreme cases of otaku, hence the opinion of 2D > 3D. This is because the sampling does not come from a completely randomized population, hence most comments are logical arguments in favor of imagination and the realization of the ideal that is within one’s hand in the form of 2D waifus.

    In the real world, however, there are people who have absolutely no problems with 3D. Many of them. And since they have a normal social life and non-otaku interests, they do not flock to websites such as these.

  • GOD, this is Pathetic, can we not tell the differance between Reality and Fiction anymore.

    Here’s the 411:
    Any 2D Character is merly an Emulation of an Ideal person. Subsequently this induces a natural raise of Standards, but here lies NOT the underlying Problem.
    The Real problem is that people find themselves less and less capable of coping with the harsh Reality, and thus find Refuge within their own Fantesies, ultimately leading to addiction.

    The Big differance between Cyber-addiction and let’s say Drug-use is that there is NO phisical factor ensnaring the User, which means He/She really CAN quit whenever they want, the main problem with that being the herein lack of Motivation to do so…

    Nobody wants to live in a Broken World 🙁

  • I love 3D women, but I disagree with his stereotype that we prefer them.

    I think it tends to vary, like anything. Some real women might be more appealing than some anime characters, but clearly vice versa is also true.

    Until we have met every animu character and every real girl, it is hard to say.

    I think it also depends on your mood and current mindset. Some of us may have observed ‘modes’ and so forth where you’re more interested in interacting with real people versus zoning out and watching a TV.

  • Anonymous says:

    Bull. Women making the SAME job as a guy will be paid considerably less. And in most cases, no matter how competent they are or how hard they work and are willing to sacrifice family and provate life and all, they will NEVER be offered high responsibility jobs.
    Only in Japanese branches of foreign companies, do women actually have a chance of an actual career.

    It’s easy for you to spew that garbage without knowing the facts, but the truth is quite nasty.

    Doesn’t excuses some people’s “boyfriend must be rich!” attitudes, but it certainly is something that should be mentioned as a factor.

  • YuTheOtaku says:

    its a choice, you say "run away" like it's a bad thing. Humans always consider all the possibilities before making their decisions. Some people might just want 3D for the physical pleasure and not the emotional, some want the emotional. It's just preference.

  • YuTheOtaku says:

    just stupid to compare ~_~ sex > fap
    but 3D comes with alot of baggage afterward. So it's not that people think 2D is better, it's just not worth the trouble going after 3D.

    • Anonymous says:

      Newsflash: life COMES with a lot of baggage, whether you want it or not. This is just your (every 2D lovers’) excuse to run away and not face responsibilities like any normal human being. That’s why you all cower in your rooms or imagine being with your 2D wives while you fondle yourselves every day.

  • all this debate about relationships alrdy shows how too much we expect frm the opposite sex, nothing is ever simple like pure love anymore, the kind where u overlook petty details and work together as a couple to bond.then again this is the corporate world we live in. we just complicate ourselves.

  • Anonymous says:

    All you people who say that 2D is better than 3D, enjoy your hands. I could understand how you can appreciate the beauty of a fictious character, but what about the realization that s/he’ll never be able to love or appreciate you? No matter how much time you spend on her/him, no matter how much you try to touch their heart, you’ll never reach them. They’ll never love you with all their heart, never even know you exist. Their every word, every action is just the result of another person’s imagination. Without depth. Fiction only goes so far. If you ever knew the love of a good person, then you’d know the value of it. It’s something worth pursuing, and I hope y’all will find it one day. And you seem to be stuck at old sterotypes, like men being ignorant pigs without emotions, and women being snobby, uncaring and needy. Go out and meet people, damn it.

    • It’s all about MY imagination. I reach their heart because I imagine I do. Not the product of someone ELSE’S imagination, but MINE. Depth beyond the 3D world, because it is MY depth.

      BTW, I am constantly out meeting people. That’s a good part of why 2D is better for ME. Glad you find what you want in the 3D world. I don’t, so leave me alone.

    • Anonymous says:

      >>but what about the realization that s/he’ll never be able to love or appreciate you? No matter how much time you spend on her/him, no matter how much you try to touch their heart, you’ll never reach them. They’ll never love you with all their heart, never even know you exist.

      Au contraire; that’s the beautiful thing about fiction. I simply imagine that she knows and loves me, and that makes it as true as anything else about her. Easy as that. I don’t get why this is such a difficult concept.

      >>Go out and meet people, damn it.

      First, people will have to make a good case that they’re worth going out to meet. I’ve seen no evidence of this so far.

      • Anonymous says:

        Reading all the replies made me realize just how narrow-minded those who espouse 2D > 3D people here are.

        All of you initially assume that all women want is to get all of your money and leech off you, when in fact any decent woman who is worth a damn works and pays for what she wants. My girlfriend (and future fiancee; I will be proposing to her come end of this year) appreciates it when I give her a gift but more often than not, if she wants that new dress or that new bag, she uses money she earns for it. If all women you lot know are just money-grabbing gold diggers, then I feel bad for you, really, but categorizing all women as money-grubbing witches is most probably just a sad excuse for some of you guys to justify being lonely and, quite frankly, pathetic.

        >> First, people will have to make a good case that they’re worth going out to meet. I’ve seen no evidence of this so far.

        How about my own case? I regularly go out and meet new people, whether we click or not is not the point. Sure sometimes we hit it off, sometimes we don’t, but I’m in a relationship going three years now with a girl who also happens to like several of the same things I like: grunge, the occasional anime, action movies. We still love each other now the same way we did when I confessed to her that I like her a lot three years ago. And yes, it IS a whole new experience snuggling with another warm, human being on a lazy afternoon.

        Or how about my parents? My father got the courage to ask for my mom’s hand. That’s, what, 30 years or so ago? And surprise surprise, they’re still together and happy raising all four of us kids into fine young people. They get the usual fights, of course, but hey, that’s what a relationship is about. You exchange views, you discover things about other people, you fill each of yourselves with them. You interact, and mark each other’s lives with experiences you spend together.

        And no, you can’t do that with animaginary/fictional/2D character no matter how much you want it to.

      • Anonymous says:

        Of course I get your point anons, since I’m actually not one to talk myself, but it still feels so artificial to me. No matter how vivid the imagination, I’ll always feel my devotion is wasted on someone who’ll never know it. If it makes you happy though then I guess it’s completely up to you and I’m sorry if I came off as rude for questioning it.. I just hope that you won’t give up 3D girls for good, so to say, just be open. There are many girls out there who’re looking for someone special, and you just might be that person.

  • 3D is pig-disgusting; wouldn’t want it even if I could get it. 2D is beautiful and pure. If I can just die in the loving, imaginary embrace of my little cartoon waifu, I will be the happiest man in the world.

    • so you admit that you can’t get a girl?

      whatever man. if you wanna die alone and “happy” then who am i to stop you but that seems like a pretty sad way to live. plus a “loving, imaginary embrace” is impossible because it’s imaginary. as in, it’s not real.

      2d is nice to look at, but that’s it. but what do i know? after all i’m here on sankaku, too, right?

  • Let evolution handle the problem. Chicks which refuse to get married, have sex and bear children will be wiped out from the gene pool. Hopefully, the children of “fertile” women will be less immune to whatever-stupid-idea-of-marrying-only-rich-men mentality.

  • lol that’s what happens when you give women freedom. The freedom to choose who they want to be with. Rejected men are left with the fugly leftovers, which they would rather not touch. Who would have guessed that giving women freedom would doom an entire country? haha

  • Oh, 2d it’s ok for anime and videogames…
    But nothing is better than a hug and a whisper saying “I love you”… So 3D is better for me xD

    And if japanese women only want money, so whatever… every girl wants money, but there are things way more important for me… Go to work, you bitches!

  • “You go girl!” Feminism encouraged women to put their own desires above the needs of a relationship or society. It is only natural that men adopt this paradigm and put their own desires above the needs of a relationship or society. “You go guy!”

  • UncommonOtaku says:

    laughs his ass off,
    falls out of his chair still laughing.

    … the analysis it pretty accurate.

    I mean the last part where the reality in comparison lays it out in harsh truth of the matter.

    I'll settle for 2D, I've tried 3D females, unfortunately there aren't a whole lot available in my neck of the woods. Oh sure there are a lot of divorced homely looking ones with a boat load of ugly kids.
    But thats besides the point.

    Most of the cute ones are either already taken, or are simply not into you (since those are most likely too young {& illeagal} anyway).
    Then there are the gold diggers,… but that is pretty self explanitory.

    2D and you can keep your sanity.

    • 2D and you can keep your sanity…

      and most importantly, be financially secure.

      Hate to break to you 3D lovers, but 50% of the modern marriages these days end in divorce. 35% of the remaining marriages stayed married because of the children.

      The chances of a MALE surviving a modern day marriage with one’s finances intact is worse than playing Russian Roulette. 😆

      Number of failed marriages I have encountered among my kins and relatives so far: 16. (My parents are divorced, btw. So are my 4 cousins that are close to my age. That’s 4 cousins out of 7 married ones…

      The remaining divorces are spread among my elder relatives.

      I haven’t even start counting the divorces of my peers, associates and friends. And guess what, these divorces are happening among my PMEB friends, not some hobos with no money in their pockets. But some of them do look like hobos after the divorce. :p

      • >The chances of a MALE surviving a modern day marriage with one’s finances intact is worse than playing Russian Roulette. 😆

        Not quite. According to your figures, “50% of the modern marriages these days end in divorce, and 35% of the REMAINING marriages stayed married because of the children” (my emphasis). It looks like you’re assuming that means that only 15% of marriages turn out well, given that the odds of surviving a proper game of Russian Roulette (assuming a revolver with a 6-round magazine) are 1 in 6, or 16.667%.

        However, percentages don’t work that way. 35% of the remaining 50% of marriages is, in fact, just 17.5% of the total. Ergo, only 67.5% of marriages turn out badly, and 32.5% turn out healthy — according, again, to your figures.

        That means you’re roughly TWICE as likely to survive a marriage with your finances intact as you are to survive a game of Russian Roulette.

        Just sayin’.

  • Let the Japs die out then the Chinese, Koreans and Filipinos replace em. That’s the perfect revenge for WW2!! Well, the Japs are just asking for it: higher salaries for old people, high pension for old people and very strict immigration laws. If I were a Jap, I’ll not work for those old bastards!!!

  • people are being too needlessly optimistic for hooking up those that are not meant to be together. Love clearly isnt for everyone. not evryone gets fairy tale endings or good relationships. that’s why so many kill themselves in Japan among other shit

  • i’m almost wondering why dont some of these otaku dont just go gay or something and date each other since they understand each other’s dillemma. it might not be sexy but creepy otaku love ftw…?????

    • because we dont have a sink mind like you?
      Oh yeah..if ur gf cheats on you,dont cry ok?

      Oh yeah..if you lose ALL of your money on shoes,makeup,clothes for her,dont complain to somebody that your losing your house ok?

      Or that your mum didnt teach you right.

      Just saying…dont throw all Otakus in a big boat…
      i consider myself an Otaku,but alot of girls still talke to me,sadly i dont get a gf because im not a sex-crazed idiot like you…or because i actually value what a girl is,aswell as think that the when you call someone your girl friend,the minimum time with each other should be at least 5 months,oh wait i forgot…im not a playa…have a nice day…and i cant wait untill girls use you too as a slave ….good luck ^^

  • so i have the choice of staying single (or a bachelor) with all 2D and the best that life can offer or, find a girl, get hitched and have a mortgage to pay for 20 years and a pack of animals to feed?

    i think ill take the first option.

  • I am a newcomer to posting here but I am glad to see an active discussion about current Japanese culture.
    It is a difficult thing to discuss without taking a big picture approach.
    Things Fall Apart is a book written by a respected african novelist which described the slow loss of culture in his tribe the Igbo ethnic group in Nigeia.
    Chinua Achebe described the influence on social mores that were dissolved by the coming of christianity and of the introduction of the bicycle.
    There is an excelent article on wikipedia.

  • I love that reductionistic line of thinking which holds that otaku turn to 2D because something is wrong with them. The fact is, we live in a world where you can do everything right and still fail.

    Nothing is ever so simple that it can be reduced to “X, therefore Y.” Finding oneself in a loving relationship is the result of a myriad of processes both obvious and obscure, and sheer random happenstance is far from being the least of these.

    As they say, “shit happens.” Not everyone is fortunate enough to be in the sort of life circumstances that make a relationship possible. Does that mean that anything is wrong with such a person? No. That’s just the way the world works.

    Sadly, though, we can’t trade this world for a different one. Shit sucks.

  • Its not a lie or misconception that your income for many woman is a meter of sorts. These a re the kind of woman I stay away from though, they’ll spend you out of house and home for new shoes.

  • Wow no advantages of 3D at all, hm. There is one advantage of 3D if you were to happen to break both your arms and legs. 2D, nothing will aid you still retain your broken arms and legs, while 3D there’s a marginal chance that someone may help you marginally.

  • Humans are such hypocrites.

    Nothing good in the long run can be achieved in such a predictable bureaucratic system such as Japan, yet they discourage and spit on those who do things differently, simply because they fear the unpredictable.

    I would want to study and visit there for holiday, but god forbid if I am staying there to become one of them.

  • I really don’t care enough to pursue a women IRL, never have. I don’t really need love, my body wants sex, but fuck, i’m not losing 40%+ of my money and free time for it. All the guys I see with girlfriends are fucking busy as hell and lots of the are MISERABLE. I don’t wanna be that busy, I don’t want to have any more stress than I already do.

    This is UNLESS I could find a wonderful girl (read: KIND from the bottom of her soul) that also loves the stuff I do, and isn’t mainstream AT ALL. I do plan to find her one day, but my interest in 95% of girl’s personalities is ZERO, they’re stupid fucking cunts I’d rather not ever talk to.

  • 2d won’t lie to you, cheat on you, love any other man, divorce you, steal your children, cause drama, use you as an atm, cuckold you, nag you, belittle you, give you an std or cry false rape/domestic violence on you.

    2d ftw.

    • But will 2D women cook dinner for you, pack you a lunch every day for work, wash/fold/put away your laundry, give you BJs, wash the dishes, help keep your living space clean, etc? No. Not all 3D women will do those things either, but there are many who will, just like how not all 3D women are like you described, although there are many who are. It’s just silly how people cling to certain stereotypes like they’re the ultimate truth that applies in every real-life scenario. The world is a lot more varied than you can imagine.

      • “But will 2D women cook dinner for you, pack you a lunch every day for work, wash/fold/put away your laundry, give you BJs, wash the dishes, help keep your living space clean, etc?”

        And please do tell me, what percentage of 3d women in a relationship actually do this? Everything on your list (excluding BJs, no desire to attempt that) I can do just fine myself. Takes about 1 hour a day all in all.

  • Men want beautiful trophy wives who will be their mother/maid/sex slave who never age and never complain.

    Women want handsome stylish guys making unrealistic amounts of money at the age of 23 and never complain.

    If everyone could stop being such egoistic dicks/bitches and didn’t have this utopia-like expectations over other people then this wouldn’t be a problem.

    • Well, the problem is that wealth level expectation and/or happiness CAN be fixed by changing perspective, while my eyes cannot change perspective. If it’s ugly, it’s ugly, I can’t unsee that.

    • Darkrockslizer says:

      I’m sorry sir but, how exactly are real teenage girls illegal atm?

      Cop: Hey, girl, how old are ya?
      Girl: I’m 13…
      Cop: OMG you’re illegal! On the ground, NOW!! Hands down!
      Girl: WTF!!?..
      Cop: City safe again.

  • You guys are completely extreme and insane.

    I’ve had serious girlfriends all of my life, and still have one. And I still adore 2D.

    Not only does she accept this, but even embraces it to an extent, being an artist herself.

    Women and men are exactly the same, save for a few minor differences chemically and mentally. The rest is social imprints that can easily be overridden with the right psychological approach.

    There is no ‘MEN WANT’, ‘WOMEN WANT’. It’s so overgeneralized it’s insane.

  • murraymints999 says:

    “Warmth = Depends on monitor”
    The very best comment of them all.

    Still, a hand is free, knows what you like, doesn’t get “headaches”, loves everything you love and makes a great sandwich too.
    My apologises mankind, but I’ve got my perfect match right here. Meh, the human race is overrated anyway.

  • Before you go out and change the world, you have to ask yourself, “What do I really want?”

    I (subjective) feel men and women in particular ways need to find the answer to this better than they are doing.

    For women (subjective), what they want changes with impulse and fickleness (the report pointed out that 2D women aren’t fickle). Shopping tends to nurture this attitude a lot. This is hard to shut off for women who wish to find something better instead of settling on what they have. Only time tends to decrease the level of fickleness that changes their mood, which could be partly due to the hormonal make-up.

    For men (subjective), the tendency is to go straight to what is functional and serves the purpose, again could be due to hormonal make-up. It makes men miss out on the variety of life which certain combinations of attributes in women can be more appealing than what the woman they set their eyes on and used every bit of determination to be with. The aging of women can also influence this feeling.

    As love tends to be idealistic (finding the ideal partner) both men and women overlook the reality and go for unrealistic choices. Makes sense if you think about it why some women go for the douchebag and some men go for the 2D.

  • They left 1 off. When you die, at least with a controller in hand and a game running, you continue where you left off with ‘your 2D mate’. You do not get your spirit force uploaded to your 3D life and continue after death.

    Whatever you call it, its part of the 2D deal.

    • Darkrockslizer says:

      Actually, I still remember the last parts on my previous life pretty clearly, no matter what you, or others would say.

      It’s more like you get respawn but begin at Level 1 again with no items, skills etc. Not that it sucks less.

    • I agree… for some of the games, and for some situations.

      Just don’t start thinking that the girl whose panties you “accidentally” saw when you “accidentally” push them down will like you the same way as the girl in the game.

  • People fail to realize that they can have 2D AND 3D. My husband is 3D. I’m 3D. Our porn folders are full of 2D goodness. We even trade and share pictures. We still spend plenty of time together, so I’m happy. A lot of women are pretty uptight about their husbands/boyfriends having porn, though, so I guess that’s an obstacle many men would have to overcome. As long as the 2D porn doesn’t replace me, I don’t care. It might help if more women thought this way.

  • Wow. I can’t believe how many pathetic posts I have read about how easy women have it and how hard you pitiful pitiful men have it. Quit getting all butthurt because you don’t have the drive to get out and keep trying till you meet someone. It’s all about being social and not a recluse.

    • Well…im kind of bored going out,and no i dont want to be drunk either…if your just jelous because you fail on epic proportions on copying other Anon,fine with me..but dont go bitching here and trolling everybody

    • If you really think just being “social” will just magically make it work then you are clearly not very familiar with women yourself.

      Instead of following your own advice, you come around here and try to confirm your own superiority by laughing at others.

      Guess what – going to bars every Saturday doesn’t make you any better from a closet otaku if you drink yourself under the table because you don’t have the courage to talk to women.

  • I love how there is always this portrayal that otaku go to 2-D because they are unsuccesful with women, intimidated, or other such pathetic reasons.

    Maybe some of them are just like me, and prefer 2-D JUST because they look better in every way AND can tolerate going without real intercourse for copious amounts of time. Sex is more intimate and yeah in general it is just better- but I can fap any time I feel like, and I have to EARN sex. More so if I want sex with someone atractive. And given the differences of quality between the two, I’d say for the most part, it’s not worth it.

    Furthermore, anyt individual preference can be expressedin 2-D and be readily available whenever. Like big tits? Do a search you’ll find plenty. Like small breasts? You’ll find that too. Really thin? Chubby? Tall? Short? Underage? Old? Long Hair? Short Hair?

    Anything essentially. Just like mainstream porn – but if you have a preference for the way 2-D looks and can deal with it’s flaws, well there you have it.

    And fuck declining birth rates. The world is so fucking unsustainable, I couldn’t give two shits about that. Let’s just get more Indians and Chinese into 2-D rather than Westerners, Japanese or Koreans. We can still use more of those.

  • Anonymous: “The main problem is still you. Can’t find good women? Why so blind? Good women already taken? Why so slowpoke?”

    It must be nice, not having to do any of the work to initiate a relationship, or sexual encounter…

    Not having to pay for dates

    Not having to bear the brunt of rejection

    Not having to put your self esteem on the line

    Not having to HAVE self esteem to be considered attractive to the opposite sex

    In Fact… Having your self esteem GIVEN to you, because of your gender…

    IT must be nice, being able to deal with a gender that is much more forgiving of WHO and WHAT you are, to get affection

    It must be NICE, being able to not have to compete in a deflating economy to get a diminishing resource that is required to have a relationship

    It must be WONDERFUL, to have the privilege to not have to take personal responsibility for your own intimate relationships.

    IT must be GREAT, to be able to live in a world, where you are free to hold out for the top 10% of the opposite sex.

    It must be AWESOME, to complain all the time about the lack of these “Acceptable” members of the opposite sex.

    It must be comforting, to have your standards set so high, as to guarantee your own failure in the long run…

    Have fun complaining about the top 10%’s lack of commitment.

    After you are too old for them to notice you.

    Have a wonderful “rest of your life” living with your cats.

    Too *old* for the “Good ones”, too *Damaged* for “all the others.”

    And remember… keep holding out for the PERFECT guy… because it’s not like men EVER improve with the love of a woman or anything…

    -Anon is very Angry indeed

  • I have my girlfriend and my pillow, problem solved.

    I suffer from depression and IBS, so I get sick every month or so, my girlfriend looks after me, my pillow doesn’t.

    Again with the money, if she is taking your money then she obviously doesn’t care about you and is using you.

    I’ll say it again, most otaku are selfish and want women when it suits them. < thats not a relationship, thats a toy.

    • That’s how love SHOULD be.
      Men want women to use for sex.
      Women want men to use for money.
      There’s no real love (or success in love) there if you can’t prioritize compromise and care over sex and money.
      You only jeopardize yourself and your society by ignoring the consequences and objectives around you.
      Of course, every person has a right to pursue what they want, and sometimes, it’s “survival of the fittest”…
      But what happens in a world where resources are swallowed up, love is a joke, selfish desires plague society, and earth is in a decline?
      Can we say “survival of the fittest” applies for the individual person if suddenly, no one can fix things and the human race will fall deeper into a hell or extinction?

      If people started realizing that they can’t justify their actions with their desires, maybe we wouldn’t be in such a horrible state.

  • It doesn’t matter to me i get both 2d and 3d.
    Though the 3d feels better in the sense of sex but 2d is good when the women is away lol.
    Doesnt matter i would f them both.
    At least with 2d you get more women than you want. and in any looks.
    2d is good just think how many times you can have sex with each one. as opposed to doing the same old girl till shes loose lol.

  • It’s not about getting out of the closet, really… I’m 20, I’m neither ugly nor stupid, I can somehow deal with rejection whatsoever, I earn my own buck.
    Despite that I’m single most of the time. All I had were one night stands or very, very short relationships lasting a couple of weeks at most.
    If a woman isn’t ugly, she’s stupid or shallow. If she isn’t shallow, she’s a bitch. If she isn’t any of those, she’s taken. That’s the whole problem.
    We live in tough times…

    • All i can do is give you some pointers, the rest is up to you.

      – Have some fun with as many girls you can think of without the need to have sex. Eventualy you will meet a girl that likes you for who you are.
      – Avoid picking up girls where there is to much noise(clubs)
      – Learn new things(language, technologie, cooking,..) if you can tell someting you know a lot off, it make you interesting to listen to but don’t forget to listen to that girl too. With some luck you have the same interest.
      – Make sure you look good + smell good(everywhere: armpits, neck, mouth but also your manhood).
      – Don’t worry about money, be a gentlemen and pay for all the normal things like ciname tickets, dinner, the first drink.
      – Also make sure you are the leader, meaning make a decision when its needed.
      – After you went out with a girl make your decision if you still want to have contact with her or not. But alway’s ask her telephone number or any other contact. Make sure you let her know she is special.
      – When going to a bar or pub you can learn a lot about the manners and karakter a girl has. Avoid girls that won’t pay a singel round. Look at how they sit, drink and laugh.
      – Last thing act like a man not a pig.

    • Either your ‘standards’ are too high or you are simply rationalizing your own failure.

      If every potential relationship fails, and there is a high number of them, then the fault lies with you.

      There is no perfect 3D woman. Successfully living with another human being requires compromise and communication, which is hard.

    • So what do you want, a fuck or a relationship? You sound kinda shallow yourself, yes some women aren’t attractive, but ugly is very harsh.

      Try home schooled girls, they lack the disease of society and they might be attractive, though I wouldn’t settle for looks.

  • Problem with today's society is that arranged marriages are out of fashion, and not everyone has the willpower and skills to do it alone. Girls are usually more helpful between themselves "hey let's get you a boyfriend!", but with guys it's more of a survival of the fittest thing, you can't expect help.
    So, if you want to raise birthrate, it's time to help these people. A safe, unembarrassing and easy to follow scheme to bring people together with certainty, these people need that.
    Just like the government offers guidance in education, work, health… etc, they should do the same with reproduction. Currently it's a mess.
    Society will morph into something nasty if 'family' stops being the base unit and tilts towards the individual (it's happening).

    Do this:
    Free government sponsored marrying service!
    First, a training course on how to dress, act, speak, etc… Classes segregated by sex to avoid stress. Then, mandatory practices with various partners of the op. gender (dating, not sex, you silly) for graduation. Then, a government match up service. It's impossible not to get married this way. Most of the troublesome parts are gone. This would only fail on the most reviled hikkis who can't leave the house.

    • Rikarika, your suggestions assume that marriage is desirable for men and it’s not. I understand your position, women make out like bandits in marriage but why on earth would any man want to sign up for such a shitty deal? As for birth rate, the world is over populated….any country purposely raising it’s birth rate should be smacked hard by UN sanctions.

    • i believe more individuality is needed in a relationship and it should be only between a man and a woman(couple) and not her friends,family members or anyone else.Same goes for the man,don’t want that anyone(friends,mother) effects someones mind with their thoughts,because i heard of some very bad results because of that.
      And seing how japan has a very connected society with their standarts,no wonder they have such problems,when a relationship isn’t only between a couple.

    • “First, a training course on how to dress, act, speak, etc…”

      Ironically, that right there is the problem and the rest of your post after that only serves to reinforce the problem. You really are no better than the ills of society you rail against and you fail to see that. No one can be themselves without some pretentious ass-hat going on a tangent about how a person should be custom tailored to being “date-able” anymore.

      Insult to injury is that you have people actually agreeing with you (by the time I submitted this post) which only makes what I said correct.

      • Okay, all animals make themselves more attractive to attract the opposite sex. Humans are no different.
        Now, I agree about people completely changing themselves is bad, but everyone wants to appear attractive to someone else. It’s natural. So stop pretending you’re the only correct one and look at the picture from a broader perspective.

        • Last I checked, animals don’t have any concept of ethics which is why they wiggle their ass as well as piss on the floor as a cue to the opposite sex and attempt sex with people or other animals indiscriminately. There are also certain aesthetic differences males and females in the animal kingdom use to exploit magnetism which is precisely why if a woman goes into any online forum, says she’s a girl, and starts posting pics under the premise of her being even remotely attractive (not just in the face), men will be all over her like flies on shit. Not the same deal if it’s a dude.

          This is not only the difference, but part of the problem.

          The bigger picture is quite clear to me already: until people learn to stop putting on airs for other people, shit like this will continue until people learn to stop being superficial (which is why people “settle” in the first place as opposed to living vicariously in their vanity).

      • Well, to date you have to be appealing to the opposite sex. You also need to know how to handle situations, which is a skill that can be trained and where experience provides a huge boost. What’s wrong with helping people attain these traits in an efficient manner, gain experience with minimum embarrassment, and put them into a situation where they have a chance to marry someone, if they want to?
        It’d be great if you could get married just being yourself, but for a lot of people that’s not going to happen, and they don’t know what to do to change (why do you think self-help books sell so much?).
        Anyway, what are you suggesting as a solution to help people marry, exactly? be yourself? an otaku being himself won’t usually get anywhere and we can’t change that. If you’ve never talked to a girl\boy, never cared about your appearance, and do stuff where there are no girls\boys, how are you going to date someone? It’s not easy to change that, why not make it easy? you can still go freelance and be yourself, nobody would force you to go through this.

        • I think what savantique means is that “normal” social concepts are the biggest problem to social identity and that not everyone can be provided with these opportunities, so those who are left behind are looked upon as dirty, inexperienced, poor, or undesirable.
          And even if the government were to step in, they could only do so much.
          In fact, by stepping in, they’d just be reinforcing the social norms and allowing less diversity, while only looking justifiable to the “normal” public.

          The author in NikkeiBP actually doesn’t have a bad analysis, but unfortunately, he only addresses the otaku as the problem and doesn’t touch the other side of the issue well enough (about the females’ preferences being narrow).

          If the female preferences on rich, experienced, and masculine men are socially constructed, then by “helping men become normal,” we stray further from the idea that even casual men are acceptable in society.
          Though you could argue the same thing for women based on men’s preferences as well.

          (btw, I’m the anonymous with the other text wall above sayantique’s post–look there for my further analysis on why we should not depending on the government so much)

    • Well, granted the arranged marriage rate in Japan used to be higher, but it’s still around 50%, more or less (depending on which statistics you use–the government’s own statistics are around 70-75%, but I think that might be a bit high).
      That doesn’t excuse it as a factor of the decline, but it’s not just the lack of encouragement and help that has Japanese marriage and childbirth declining at a shocking rate.
      After all, the Japanese government has been giving people more chances and opportunities to change, including free marrying services (nakoodo/in-betweeners actually being paid extra by the government and marriage fees decreasing significantly, for both a traditional Japanese style or “Christian” style marriage), and even payment for HAVING children.
      The decline has yet to slow down, despite it already being five or so years since then.

      What really needs to change most of all (in my own opinion, of course), is the attitude people have toward marriage.
      Childcare is expensive, but having time for your “busy” schedule, as a woman in Japan, is much higher on the priority list.
      Forceful marriages are impossible nowadays, so women are staying with their parents and becoming “parasite-singles,” or single women who leech off their parents’ incomes, and waiting a long time before getting married and having to spend time with the child as is the mother’s top-priority “job” in Japanese society.
      Similarly, many men are thrust by society expectations into a very undesirable situation where they have no choice but to work hard jobs for little money (or escape from society, so people won’t expect much from you).

      It’s a sad reality, but as with most societal problems, the government cannot fix it without the support of the people themselves.
      And if the people aren’t willing to grow up and face their generation’s responsibility (whether the fault is on them or not), things will continue to be a problem.

  • “They just run to 2D because no one’ll have them.”

    I have seen numbers of people who run to 2D even though human women wants them,
    I have seen numbers of people who chase women, even though he is fugly and end up with a real woman.

  • Well, it really depends on what you really want.
    For instance, I don’t care about a passing by relationship, if I get the will to go out with a girl, I pretend to have a life with her, even if that condemned me to lose my bachelor status.

  • Well, 3D is better than 2D if you want relationship, not just fap target. You can never have with 2D, your “love” will never get answered, you can’t even talk with it.
    I fap to 2d (it’s better to say I fap only to 2D), but I’ll never think that 2D is better that 3D in any senses than that.

    • “Love” doesn’t need answered. It’s a pure, unconditional love. You’ll love her, no matter if she exists or not. You can’t get anything in return, but you should love her anyway.

      3D is inferior in many ways to 2D, I’ll say.

      None of that matters though, the one I love happened to be 2D and that’s that.

      • “It’s a pure, unconditional love. You’ll love her, no matter if she exists or not. You can’t get anything in return, but you should love her anyway.”

        Then getting the girl that wants ou to work as a fu@#ing damn dog/slave to get money*just a few trillions/zillions per month*, so they will have the life that they think they deserve and of course they will be able to work as a hobby not as a need in 3D form isn’t that bad.

    • You see, even if a guy believes that, deep in his soul he still crave for real human relationship. A human soul cannot exist without the need of knowing, that somewhere there is another soul that connected to yours, that have it’s own emotions. If you gonna pretend that non-existed girls are real and feel something for you, your inner conscious, your Id, wont. The tenuity will eventually build up and burst resulting in permanent mental damage.

      • Rofl…troll is on a differnet boat then,and besides…i dont have to pretend that 2d arent real..its easy if you can Astral Project ^^

        wait..nvm…i shouldnt say that..or else a thousand Anons will do that :O

      • Riiku speaks absolute bollocks.

        It’s not the soul craves a real relationship, it’s the body. Your instincts.

        Love for 2D is emotionally fulfulling. You get nothing back, you always have that nagging thought “If she were real, she wouldn’t care for me in the slighest”… It’s loving someone unconditionally. You love your concept of that person, you love them with all your heart. That’s all the ‘relationship’ any human needs to live. Sure, the physical loneliness bites sometimes. Sure, the urge to have sex is there sometimes.

        Those, however, don’t matter in the slightest.

        • I imagine the one you fell in love with wasn’t a gold-digging, self-absorbed feminazi?

          I’m interested in both 2D and 3D, depending on my mood, so I can’t really relate to either extremity…

        • I’d say the opposite, having been essentially where Riiku described. I was an okaku for around 13 years, but eventually I fell for a 3D girl, and went “oh my god, I’ve wasted my youth being a shut-in, and passed up chances to build the social skills I need now.” I didn’t have permanent mental damage from it, but I did have my only ever panic attack (holy shit, almost passed out at work…) and spent a season or two depressed as hell.

          I don’t know who is actually capable of 2D love… I’ve had tons of infatuations with 2D characters, and still do. It’s not love though, and it’s not fulfilling. It’s a band-aid for the heart basically. It feels nice, but once you feel the need in your heart for an actual sentient companion, all that character merch becomes so much spiteful trash symbolizing time wasted.

          Sex… whatever. That I can take care of on my own just fine. What I want is a human who accepts me for myself that I can spend my life with, and 2D is just a pale, polished simulacrum of that. Besides, once you get far enough from high school age, most of that school romance stuff that dominates the moe market boils down to fantasy about those you can’t relate to anymore anyway, unless you freeze your mind in a childhood state, which is just asking for more such trouble.

          I’ve been infatuated with 2D girls, maybe even limerent once or twice, but once I loved a real girl, I realized what I was feeling before was a shadow of the real thing. It’s seriously reality-altering when it hits.

      • I can think in non-corporeal symbols. I can immsense myself into anything that is totally false and enjoy it. I can reflect myself onto anything and it will not be totally lifeless anymore.

        In a sense, I’m a god of my existence, but guess what, all humans do that.

      • >>The tenuity will eventually build up and burst resulting in permanent mental damage.

        I assume you can cite documented medical studies that support this claim, because you certainly don’t seem like the type who just makes up random bullshit and posts it on the comments section of an anime blog.

        • “Indeed. A decreasing population is ONLY a problem for an economy relying on CONTINUOUS growth of income, export, import, population etc.

          In reality, unfortunately, there’s a limit for everything.
          After 60 years or so when current economic theories will meet mercantilism in the recycle bin, Japan will actually be relieved for having a much more sustainable population for their small mineral-poor geographic territory”

          You just offended me as an economist. I sometimes see people who are wrong, but you were dead wrong throughout. Humans are a resource, and businesses always want there to be more of them. The more “Overpopulated” a country is, the better it’s businesses will do. Now, I’m not for people stacked up against each other, but it’s not like that anywhere in the world. In 1984, when the world’s population was 4.4 billion, you could have fit everyone in the entire world in Texas, and each could have 1000 square feet to their name. Meaning a woman with 2 children had 3000, etc. So overpopulation isn’t really a problem economically, it’s a solution to an economic problem. Unfortunately solutions cause problems too, like pollution, crime, and selective corruption.

          First. A decreasing population is ALWAYS a problem for businesses. No exceptions. As for your rationale, even if you weren’t relying on continuous growth, say you were trying to be sustainable but you can’t find anyone to help do the jobs in your firm now? No babies! The people in the Japanese government, rather than directly interfering with the market, are attempting to inject resources. you must understand, Darkrock, People ARE Japan’s resource. They aren’t resource-poor as long as they have a high population!

          As for the prediction that current economic theory will meet an end, I’ve never ONCE seen a government handle an economy better than the free market. And the free market has been doing a damn good job for a couple thousand years now.

        • I’m sure old people living miserable lives and/or starving to death isn’t a problem for you.

          Yup, those pensions are going to magically pay themselves, or robots will take care of them. Either is good with me!

        • Darkrockslizer says:

          Indeed. A decreasing population is ONLY a problem for an economy relying on CONTINUOUS growth of income, export, import, population etc.

          In reality, unfortunately, there’s a limit for everything.
          After 60 years or so when current economic theories will meet mercantilism in the recycle bin, Japan will actually be relieved for having a much more sustainable population for their small mineral-poor geographic territory.

        • It doesn’t create economic problems, it just changes them. A continuously growing population is a disaster waiting to happen. All that is happening is that the problem is correcting itself. It might suck at first but it is better in the long run. It’s better to run out of laborers then it is to run out of food.

        • Yeah, no. Great advice in a vacuum, but down the line that creates all sorts of problems economically and socially. Of course, if Japan wouldn’t do everything in their power to discourage immigration, things might be different.

        • Well Riku, part of that problem is that single mothers have no chance of success in Japan.
          Riku’s children would become an entire generation of criminals.

          Japan and most of the world should stop worrying about a declining population, as Japan is over-populated already.

          And as for the old people who have no one to support them? Get back to work!

      • just a little correction…they don’t want something better than you, they want something far far far way better than you. In other words they basically want either:
        A)You to work as a fu@#ing damn dog/slave to get money*just a few trillions/zillions per month*, so they will have the life that they think they deserve and of course they will be able to work as a hobby not as a need.
        Or B)They will dump you and TRY to find someone that can give them what they want(the things aforementioned) or they will betray you*maybe as a form of revenge i think, because in their mind it’s your fault that they don’t have everything that they want, so it’s alright to betray).

        • We are in agreement then. So you have at least some experience, that’s cool then. I’ve had my experience with people like that as well, and it seems that what works is you have to be honest about how you feel with that behavior. Kind of like an understanding, gentle scolding. Worked for me, in various kinds of relationships.

        • Uh… I’m not sure what you mean by “reality not being as concrete as we believe it to be”. If you mean it’s relative/subjective, I agree.

          I base my views on experience I got when I studied abroad for a year. I only dated 2 Japanese people, so I guess you could say I’m just over-generalizing out of frustration. It’s just that finding a good woman where I live seems much harder than finding a good Japanese one.

        • Actually his math is horribly wrong, he divided Japan’s female population by 8%, not 0,08%, and counted old women and children. Tsk Tsk.

          And on your hand, just handwaving statistics… nope, they can’t reflect reality at all, no Sirre.

        • Nah I see your point, but frankly a lot of that seems like speculation. Speculation with numbers. That “%80” was from a poll featured on this website, right? Aside from that I don’t really know of similar research. Can you provide other sources/polls to support these statistics/interpretations? I’m not necessarily saying you can’t, I just cannot. Trust me, I really want to understand this situation, because I don’t find women in America like this at all, and it seems like women wouldn’t be that different just because they’re Japanese.

        • @Japanisokay

          im sorry but you are wrong.

          in japan as poll have shown over and over again, the majority of women wont even consider a guy that makes more money than them as anything but garbage, and to top it off, being an anime otaku in japan costs SIGNIFICANTLY more than it does here.

          polls show that 80% wont consider someone makeing less than them.

          that leaves 20%

          less than 5% would consider an anime otaku as an option.

          so now its down to what? 1%

          and as men, i can say it this way, i want someone who is at least a 5 out of 10, and weighs less than me, OR has more boob than gut. and on pure looks im about a 7 just to prove i am willing to go under what i am for someone i like

          now lets say that 40% of women meet these requirements, im down to .4%

          and in my personal experience, 1 out of close to 40 people i have associated with i would even consider a friend. im not picky, i just don’t like allot of universally liked things, and finding people i can talk to after than becomes a problem. but lets assume that 1 out of 5 people can hold conversations with each other, and like it.

          that brings the number down to .08

          now japans population is 12770400 as google said 1021632 and divide that by 1/2 510816

          that is from my math, you can check my numbers, that is the amount of women who can stand otaku, don’t look to bad, and don’t care to much about your income

          now this number is larger, because it took all women, it is probably significantly lower than that, and the odds that one of these goddesses (in japan, if you can stand otaku, not care about money to much, and look a 5 or over, if that isn’t a goddess, i don’t know what is) is still single or that you would ever meet.

          and so you know, there is a statistic, that states, if you spend money on anything that isn’t a strict living expense, you are less desirable, and if its for you alone, you are even less.

        • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

          Perhaps that is why ‘Densha Otaku’ rings a faint bell of hope to Otakus.. The price is your first love, but it would be well worth it if you find that one lady willing to set that all aside to be close to you… But would rather like it if you just toned it down a lot.

        • That chart is bullshit. Not in the sense that it’s completely untrue, but because of its structure it assumes the criteria is concrete. And yeah, I know it’s just created by some dude… You know, if I was a woman I would also be hesitant to enter a relationship with a man who spent the majority of his money on things like figurines, DVDs, and other various Anime collectibles. But otaku aren’t even the main problem as far as the population issue is concerned. Still, I do sympathize with the otaku in Japan. They are (not all) just socially inept, so they run to the internet and complain about how women only care about money or something (not that those kinds don’t exist). I might be thinking too much into this though.

    • Something that always bothers me about these articles where men decry real women… They never mention the fact that Japan has one of the biggest pay rate gaps in the civilized world. That is to say, women get paid significantly less than men, and have far fewer job opportunities. I’d imagine that’s contributed heavily to the female attitude of having to marry a man with a stable job and good pay.

      It doesn’t excuse the money-grubbing attitude of many women, but it’s still an interesting factor that hasn’t really been explored on Sankaku Complex. (To my knowledge. I could be wrong.)

  • Oh yeah, and additional reasons why a husbando is superior:

    3D: Lasts three minutes in bed, doesn’t care about your pleasure and thinks the female orgasm is a myth

    2D: Fucks you until the both of you are satisfied

    3D: Doesn’t respect or try to understand feminism (Read: Feminism, not feminazism) and the fact that women have it harder.

    2D: Realizes that women have come a long way, but society still has an unacceptably harsh view on how women should look to be beautiful

    3D: Won’t open up to you, doesn’t care how your day went

    2D: Will listen and actually talk to you like a human being and give advice

  • Female here, I can get a guy any time I want, but I don’t because I will always love my 2D husbandos.

    3D: Will burp, scratch his nuts, leave the toilet seat up, and leave his dirty clothing on the bathroom floor:

    2D: Cleans up after himself, always keeps himself well-trimmed.

    3D: Will notice if you’ve gained a few pounds, eyes your now chubbier ass and may comment if you can’t fit in your jeans as well

    2D: Will love you however you are

    3D: Expects you to wake up with make-up on, but then complains if you take too long prettying yourself up.

    2D: Will wait however long it takes, but doesn’t care if you look natural or not.

    3D: Watches porn, has a nasty, perverted mind.

    2D: Has eyes only for you.

    3D: Not a virgin, probably lost it when he hit 14 or 15.

    2D: Cute virgin

    3D: Threatened if you make more than he does, won’t be a househusband

    2D: Is willing to let you take the reins or stay at home, whatever makes you happy.

    I have so many more. Need I go on?