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Top 10 Ways to Dress Badly & Lose Your Date


Japanese asked to rank the most off-putting deficiencies in grooming sure to send any date south provide a helpful list of which points of personal hygiene and fashion to take especial care of in encounters with the opposite sex.

The ranking:

1. There’s dandruff on their shoulders.

2. Their nails are dirty.

3. They’re treading on the heels of their shoes.

4. Their shirt collar is dirty.

5. Their shirt cuffs are dirty.

6. They have holes in their socks or stockings.

7. Their shirt or trousers are nothing but wrinkles.

8. Their clothes don’t fit the season.

9. Their clothes fit poorly.

10. The bottom of their shirt is poking out of their trousers/skirt.

Results for men and woman differed slightly, but both sexes agreed: dandruff and dirty nails are absolutely out of the question. Women also expressed a particular dislike for unbrushed bed-hair.

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