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Love Plus Now Government Approved Fine Art


Love Plus has joined the ranks of such wholesome titles as Strike Witches, for at the recent Media Art Festival, run by the Japanese cabinet’s Agency for Cultural Affairs, the schoolgirl sim was given an official endorsement.

The endorsement means Love Plus is officially “an artistic work at the very forefront of art,” much to the delight of maker Konami.

Whether Nene’s many suitors will have any success in persuading those around them they are appreciating a work of fine art is still an open question however.

Overall winners for the year are the superb Vinland Saga in the manga category and the blockbuster Summer Wars in the anime category; the only proper game to be given an award was Naruto: Ultimate Storm, a game undeniably at the forefront of anime/game hybrids.

Awards for merit were handed to Nintendo star Shigeru Miyamoto along with Yshinori Kanada, a recently deceased Ghibli animator.

The Agency’s previous recommendations include a wide variety of top anime, games and manga, alongside the usual “artistic” titles nobody but judges is interested in. Such greats as Toradora, Aoi Hana, Canaan, Minamike, Soul Eater, Zetsubou-sensei, Geass and Naruto are amongst the titles endorsed.

Actual previous anime award winners (ignoring “artistic animation”) include Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell SAC, Lain, and Gurren Lagann.

Game award winners include Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Metal Gear 4, Okami and Rhythm Tengoku, so evidently the Agency still has quite some way to go, and still refuses to even grant games their own category separate from “entertainment.”

Interestingly, the works given awards and recommendations over the last decade have increasingly shifted from “fine art” to actual artistic works appreciated by the populace at large, although the awards are still dominated by the sort of thing nobody knows or cares about.

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