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I Want to Become a Woman! – Mental Health Through Manga


Why do so many men say they want to become women?

Yuu Mental Clinic, an accredited psychiatric clinic, provides an explanation of this facet of male psychology in manga format with the aid of doctor Ryo Shinnai and nurse Asuna Kangoshi, translated below:


The original Japanese version.

Yuu Mental Clinic is by Ueno station in Tokyo – those in need of mental health services can visit their site here; they also publish a series of web comics explaining the treatment mental health issues through manga.

See also “Pedophilia” vs “Lolicon” – Mental Health Through Manga.

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      • I’d never say this anywhere else, but I’d really like to be a man. A flat chest, no bleeding once a month, a deeper voice, never being expected to wear makeup/skirts/dresses/panties or be feminine EVER AGAIN… Sounds good to me.
        I’d probably be gay, but hey, whatever. XD

  • Who actually has the gall to claim that they know which sex has it easier? If you’re male, you only know what it’s like to be male and vice versa. I’m sure if we had to live an entire year with a body of the opposite sex, some aspects of that life would catch us completely off guard.

    (Transsexuals don’t count; you can get a sex change but you will never know what it’s like to have a biologically natural body that corresponds to whichever sex you identify as. So you’ll never know what it’s like to have the “full package”. sry2say.)

    • Also, we’ll probably never get to know what it feels like to grow from a child to an adult (sexually) as both a man and a woman, and what it feels like to become old and degrade for both genders.

  • Interesting, amusing, and well-executed: a tripartite of good characteristics. I’d love to see translations for the others on their site – one of them seems to include an elaborate Ace Attorney parody.

  • The grass is always greener on the other side…

    Both sexes have their advantages and disadvantages. Fashion and emotions are still valid arguments, but things are changing slowly but surely for the best in those.

  • I’m thinking of ranma in showering alone maybe if i splash myself with cold water I think i don’t think being a girl is a good idea wherein hot water makes you hot that means you don’t consider being a girl an option for having fun to yourself

  • What are these worthless discussions for?

    WHO THE HELL CARES, I bet not even one of you actually will have a sex-change. Seriously, it’s all good and well if you’re happy with the advantages of being a man when you’re a man, and the same applies to women.

    If you’re so dissatisfied, go and have a sex change.

  • I think, most men fail to understand that with a man’s responsibility comes power. Things might be easier on women, but women will often get the short end of the stick in society.

    Then again, a lot of those femanist issues have been dealt with already. However, there are still real life dangers to being a woman. For one, your safety will always (bold italics underlined caps) be in question. So, it really depends on where you live.

    • Pffft Feminist doesn’t care about men, they just want women to get treated equally with men, while still holding women’s advantages.
      and Responsibility? we did our part, but we got nothing back, and you still expect us to continue?

  • Its true more advantagous to be a woman, at least that what I think.
    sure there advantagous of became a man like more opportunity open in military or other hi risk jobs like deep sea oil exploration.
    but same apply to the woman that have job exclusivly for their respective gender

    Being a man also hold more advantageus posision in emergency situation, like disaster. or when no toilet man just can pee under a tree with no problem ./lol

    but in general public, advantage of being women maybe more significant (other than what have been stated above). I noted few things like
    -There are ladies night but no Men Night
    -girls get treat, like free drink or special bonuses more often
    -special treatment in public service
    -Expresion “Ladies First” explain the meaning
    -public service prioritise woman over man, like gain more hospitality services
    -can raise social status without education or hard work, just by using physical apparance (in other word) seduction. while on man being overshadowed by the wife is embaresing thing
    -see a girl cry and man will try to get whatever she want (Flaten your mate wallet realyy fast) – Tears is powerfull weapon that can criple man with ease

    but also noted, that as age progresing Life as a women became more harder, due to pressing of community.
    while a single man in age of 35 can be regarded as mature, economic stabiliity and have good prospec in raising a family
    but if women in age of 35 is single, that don’t look very good in public eyes

    IMO women have more advantage, especialy in youth
    but the presure will became more heavy as age progresion, since woman must care and aware for physical aparence and trend.
    while man have constant preasure since birth

    when there is no one to rely on like in catastropic disaster, being a man is more advantageus. since no one to rely on

    but in the normal condition, woman have more advantageus position over man, especialy if she is young and beutiful XP

  • What an adorable and informative little comic. Thumbs up for that mental health clinic, rather fresh ideas.

    As for the issue, I think women have it easier at certain points in life and would indeed like a woman “try-out” for a week/month or so, but in general I like my Y chromosome very much.

    Looking long term I’d much prefer being a man. Being able to have a child aside, you’ll do much better in life as an older, well educated and financially stable man than an older woman. Which is why it’s not that uncommon to see older men with much much younger women, but reverse rarely happens. Might sound sexist but men age “better….until they die earlier cause of the crippled Y chromosome. =(

  • Men want to be young beautiful women until they start to grow old and saggy and look ugly, THEN they want to become men again.

    Men age better, older men are better looking then older women (without makeup).

    Oh and Men want to have the experience of being submissive/raped at least once.

  • I actually agree with this. And I actually sometimes say it out loud that it wouldn’t be bad becoming a woman. This is not to do with sexuality really, but that it just seems more freeing to be a woman.

    Society in general protects women (UNLESS YOURE MUSLIM. BADUM CHING), women are expected to show emotions on their sleeves, women typically don’t scare away people just for being women, they have more sensual bodies to show off with fashion and with fitness, etc etc.

    For me, I have problems with people being scared of me on a constant basis just for being a little tall and big (as in muscles).

    And of course, if I want to get into anything cute or stylish or anything like that, there’s that horrible ‘that’s gay’ accusations. Being a man, there’s a lot of social cornering going on. Not saying that being a woman will be easy (like their bodies obviously not being as sturdy/intimidating as a man’s would be for the most part), but I definitely see the greener side of the pasture.

    • Anonymous says:

      Be glad that you’re a man -_-”
      all my life I wants to be a man. Being woman is ANNOYING, dammit. Your parents will get overprotective, people will underestimate you, if you’re cute, you’ll be raped/chased, and some of them can be very annoying -_-” Skirt isn’t nice. Menstruation isn’t nice either. Not to mention the pain of giving birth and 9-months-of pregnancy. And you will be you husband’s slave, sort of. When I cry, people will tease me.You want to wear something cute? well, I wanna wear pants and shirts, not some kind of uncomfortable gown.In my country, women have lower status than man. It happens in most countries actually. it’s okay for you to run free, play dirty, not wearing make-up and gown (it wasn’t comfortable at all. it’s itchy. and it’ll constrict your move.)I can’t do that. Breast are annoying and heavy. it jiggle when you’re run, bra is SERIOUSLY uncomfotable,I’m weaker than boys even when I’m already train my body, and blah blah blah. just a few hours ago I asked some boys, “shich one do you think is better, being boys of girls?” and they all said, “boys”. in unison. Fuck my life,indeed.

      • Yeah, Fuck being a man.
        You think it’s easy to be a man?
        You have no idea what we’ve been through, you’ll never, ever understand it, cause you can just let everything out whenever you feel like it.
        But us man? We did this, we got arrested, we did that we got fuck by society.
        You’ll probably say ‘Let it all out then’, but if we let it out, 1, no one will agree with you, they will think you’re the wrong one, 2, you’ll hear a phrase ‘man up’ *(p/s: FUCK MAN UP), 3, you got make fun of, and be left alone.
        The wound gets bigger and bigger everyday, no one’s there to fix it with us, the stress DEEP INSIDE, you’ll never stands/understands how pain it is. Just like how us men won’t know how hurt is it to give birth, yet

  • An ugly man can become popular by being rich, funny, smart, talented, determined, hard working.

    An ugly woman is doomed no matter what she does.

    A pretty woman has an expiration date.

    Frankly, I’d rather be a man.

  • I don’t know about the Japanese but I like being a man and am proud of it.

    I don’t care about the sexual or social perks that women may get.

    I’m satisfied with the relative advantage of control, stability and physical freedom, endurance and power.

  • The fuck you talkin’ ’bout?

    Women bleed for a week every month, have to worry about getting pregnant, can’t orgasm easily, and can often feel pain during sex. That’s not even counting social stuff like lower pay or whatever.

    Guys TOTALLY have the advantage. Being able pee standing up make it better even by itself.

    • “can’t orgasm easily, and can often feel pain during sex”

      If that is your experience with sex, then you’re really just part of that very unlucky minority. Of course sexual response varies greatly between individual women, that is an undisputed fact. But it’s also a fact that the potential maximum of pleasure is far greater for women than it is for men. There aren’t any reliable statistics on the matter, but anecdotal evidence suggests that what you describe concerns a minority of women at best.

      The perception that this is a common problem for women mainly stems from past misconceptions about female sexuality that still live on in the subconsciousness of many people today. Many women don’t really know about their potential, they think they’re supposed to cum during the 10 seconds it takes the guy to cum prematurely, or they simply started to associate sex with pain because their partner screws them dry when they’re not even in the mood.

      Sure, it’s more complicated for a woman to get mind-blowing orgasms, but the reward more than outweighs the effort. Men can but dream of the ecstasy obtainable by women only.

      I’m not trying to argue that being female is better because of this (or any other reason for that matter), but that stupid argument of sex being less rewarding for women needs to die.

      “Being able pee standing up make it better even by itself”
      Women can easily do that physically, it’s just not socially accepted. Surely the mess caused by it can’t be worse than that left behind by men…

    • But if we are talking about the social aspects, women are at the advantage seeing how easily they can get away with things. Women can do most things that will cause men to look weak, or look like a criminal, and suffer from little to minor consequences.

  • I would like to see them make a manga about homosexuality, hopefully refuting the myth that it’s “just a phase of youth that eventually leads to marriage (of the opposite sex) and procreation”, much to the dismay of fangirls and ero pervs hoping to score with a Rezu girl/Yaoi boy.

  • I’m a girl and I always wanted to know what it felt to be a boy cuz they get to put it in instead of being the one recieving lol

    Also, what does it feel like to have erection? It looks kinda painful if you’re really turned on

    Im so perverted ^_^;;;;

  • I really can’t believe that some men think that is better to be a woman. To name just a few reasons:

    * Women are always in conflict with their body, they are never satisfied with what they got. Men rarely envy or even care about the look of others.

    * Related with the previous, women almost always think that what they eat is too much. Sometimes think that is too little. Men just eat and enjoy it.

    * Very few women I personally know have sense of humor. They take self too seriously, never learned to relax a bit and understand a joke about theirs look or theirs actions. A man learn not to take himself seriously all the time and joke about himself and/or his friends and all laugh, taking away stress while doing this.

    * As Freud said “what women wants?”: they never know what they really want. What they like about a men today is what they hate tomorrow. Preference of men about women, for example, are narrow when comparing and stay more or less the same. They know what they want almost all the time.

    * Women get old really fast, if they aren’t married by theirs 30’s became very nervous about staying alone and not having children before 40’s and the menopause. Even the subject became very sensitive to theirs feelings. Men can have children for a longer period of time and may choose to delay it if they want.

    And seriously, in a masculist society is better to be a man or a woman? I hate sexism and i think that our society is still very masculist and that need to be changed but, in the meantime, i like my advantage.

    • * Women are always in conflict with their body, they are never satisfied with what they got. Men rarely envy or even care about the look of others.

      = Probably because the man in question looks like Quasimodo and admits it. And if you _do_ really care about the appearance of other _men_ you’re probably gonna be called a ghey fag. And damn am I dissatisfied with what I got.

      * Related with the previous, women almost always think that what they eat is too much. Sometimes think that is too little. Men just eat and enjoy it.

      = See previous about Quasimodo.

      * Very few women I personally know have sense of humor. They take self too seriously, never learned to relax a bit and understand a joke about theirs look or theirs actions. A man learn not to take himself seriously all the time and joke about himself and/or his friends and all laugh, taking away stress while doing this.

      = Ouch. Too much SRS BUISNESS in yer life?

      * As Freud said “what women wants?”: they never know what they really want. What they like about a men today is what they hate tomorrow. Preference of men about women, for example, are narrow when comparing and stay more or less the same. They know what they want almost all the time.

      = And then they regret what they get? Nobody knows what they want. Lusts after a particular women’s physical form stay the same though. Me, I hardly see anything desirable in men, especially hairy men or HE-MEN. Angular cruddy blocks of muscle. Or cos I’m straight.

      * Women get old really fast, if they aren’t married by theirs 30’s became very nervous about staying alone and not having children before 40’s and the menopause.

      = Egg banks. Personally, children, family, babies… Screw it, not worth it.

      • * Women are always in conflict with their body, they are never satisfied with what they got. Men rarely envy or even care about the look of others.

        = Probably because the man in question looks like Quasimodo and admits it. And if you _do_ really care about the appearance of other _men_ you’re probably gonna be called a ghey fag. And damn am I dissatisfied with what I got.

        # I wasn’t talking about neither the Quasimodo type nor the Brad Pitt type. In all my points i was talking about what i think is the average guy. Ok then, men care about theirs looks, i give you that. But waaaay less than women.

        * Related with the previous, women almost always think that what they eat is too much. Sometimes think that is too little. Men just eat and enjoy it.

        = See previous about Quasimodo.

        # See previous about way less than women.

        * Very few women I personally know have sense of humor. They take self too seriously, never learned to relax a bit and understand a joke about theirs look or theirs actions. A man learn not to take himself seriously all the time and joke about himself and/or his friends and all laugh, taking away stress while doing this.

        = Ouch. Too much SRS BUISNESS in yer life?

        # I don’t really follow you on this one. But i will asume that you were pissed off because i was right. I just wanted to give a humble opinion, but if it upset you don’t take it personally. In fact, is my mistake trying to say something elaborated in a site about anime, manga and ero stuff.

        * As Freud said “what women wants?”: they never know what they really want. What they like about a men today is what they hate tomorrow. Preference of men about women, for example, are narrow when comparing and stay more or less the same. They know what they want almost all the time.

        = And then they regret what they get? Nobody knows what they want. Lusts after a particular women’s physical form stay the same though. Me, I hardly see anything desirable in men, especially hairy men or HE-MEN. Angular cruddy blocks of muscle. Or cos I’m straight.

        # Ok, this topic is complicated and i think that (again) in this site can’t really talk because it will be probably very long and i don’t want to start a discusion that end in a draw. So, i give you this one.

        * Women get old really fast, if they aren’t married by theirs 30’s became very nervous about staying alone and not having children before 40’s and the menopause.

        = Egg banks. Personally, children, family, babies… Screw it, not worth it.

        # You think like this probably because you are young. I met women in theirs 47-50 that really regrets about not having children. Not that you are obligated to have it, is a choice. But it seems to me that the nature torture hers for missing that train. Just a though.

        Ok now, where is my porn stash? Aha, there is it!

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Well, I’ve made my opinions clear on many posts here.

    Simply put, the “Modern Women who seek to destroy Men” have been winning and are destroying marriage and families in most “Developed” countries, notably AmeriKKKa, Eurasia and it seems Japan. They are both “Empowered” to make them equals, but at the same time they are still “Protected” by old laws designed to protect them when it wasn’t the case.

    In real life this comes to a significant advantage. By itself, it wouldn’t be that bad, but the “Modern women who seek to destroy men” make it so. They push a lot of garbage into the woman’s minds to try to disrupt their ability to have a successful relationship with a man. They want her to think the man will always want to beat and rape her, that enjoying sex with him or letting him have the upper hand on anything is submitting to rape. They want her to believe that her desire is what is most important, so she can cheat while he can’t. They want her to think that she can have a career and raise a family all at once and that its even more important she be the boss and make more money (or as much at worst) than the man.

    Ultimately, they simply hate all men, and probably want an artificial insemination lesbian society. But these types are very influential. I remarked a while back about being in a bookstore reading some re-prints of Conan and Frazetta stuff and a lady going up to me and whining I was reading “Sexist” material when she had a stack of Cosmopolitan fashion stuff. Cute, a little chubby, and making herself miserable reading all these anorexic models ‘bulimia’ tips, kook ‘astrology’ and generic ‘man-hating’ advice.

    Men have changed over the past few decades. They’ve gotten far more sensitive, less racist, more concerned with their appearances and especially with being a nice guy to their woman. However, when the woman cheats, she usually goes with an “outlaw” type that’s right out of a list of grievances from the 50s on bad boy types.

    It’s even enshrined to deliberately “Lipstick Soccer-Mom” for a few years then divorce for the fruit of the man’s labors. They do things like going to the woman’s shelter and filing fake charges to build up a list of paperwork complaints, having the ‘scum boyfriend’ hit her for ‘evidence’ and going to counselors to try to coach children to falsely claim molestation.

    I personally think that the “Great one” is right and women are happiest being (at least abstractly) “Owned” by their men. However, just as I won’t get on a Rhinoceros wearing my barbarian garb and run through town smashing people’s heads in with my mace, I’ll suggest a better way to solve things for the “Developed” world:

    1. Keep the “empowering” laws, but remove the “Protection” ones.
    2. Make “Pre-Nups” set in stone for the whole public, not just the richest of the rich.
    3. Make it not easy to divorce, and there are consequences, along with encouragement to re-marry. If the woman leaves with the “Outlaw” type, both she can get sued for “Desertion” and he for “Theft”, especially if there are kids. Likewise, I’d keep the laws that penalize a man who walks out on his family with strong financial penalties also perhaps forbidding marriage/cohabitation with another woman for years.
    4. Remove most “Domestic Violence” laws and assume outside of ridiculous excess that “Marriage equals consent”. These “Shelters” are hotbeds of the “Modern—–” types to encourage and educate in the destruction of Men, Marriage and families… I doubt they really “Save” anything these days, just encourage more break ups and enable what would be “Criminal Conspiracy” otherwise.
    5. Make all allegations of abuse/molestation subject to the highest standards of proof. There had better actually BE an “altar to the Devil with Giraffe’s blood on it” in a hidden tunnel before lil Suzy’s “Recovered Memory” is considered anything other than just telling the “PsychoTherapist” with the ‘destroy men’ agenda what she wanted to hear so she’d stop poking her ribs with her fingers.

    I’ll probably be yelled at for being sexist/trollish, etc. again. But I’m being pretty simple; If women want to buy the “Modern women who—” line and either munch rug or only move in with some kind of ‘peacock’ man who’s submissive to them, fine… Better that they don’t beset themselves on real men. Just don’t let them have a pile of laws to let them exploit the real men first to steal his income and hurt him.

  • In the modern world of today I would want to be a woman – because they can be beautiful – Sorry, I Just don’t ‘get’ handsome. Also It would be so nice to actually be desired or at least be on an equal footing rather than always having to ‘pursue.’ Third I fucking hate all my body hair – so ugly and painful. Fourth, women have deeper relationships – they are more socially intelligent than men, this is a major plus, I would only prefer to be a man if I could be a genius.
    Women are allowed to purse their interests in any field open today – they can be as manly, womanly, or girly as they want. Men can only be men – anything else is disgusting. Women don’t have to think about sex nearly as much as men – but they can have so much more of it if they are interested. Women can have children. This is not a negative to me – but a major positive.. and I have never understood people that don’t appreciate that. Sure it might be painful but – you can have children that are really physically yours. Women have hormonal ups and downs – is this a bad thing? Maybe not- if you understand the cycle strategically – from what I have read everything is more intense – there is no ‘long suffering’ for women, but constant ups and downs.

    So yes being a beautiful women is way better than being a man – being an average woman maybe just a bit better. Fugly women have it worse than fugly men though.

    • there is no ‘long suffering’ for women, but constant ups and downs. //

      what’s the most effective method of torture? a long beating which eventually ends, or smaller beatings which never end?

      (well, the women have menopause, not that doesn’t suck as well.)

  • My Two cents really on this whole genderswitching hullapoolza whatnots.

    As informative as the manga bout the current social and dating scenes in Japan right now havin pretty much taken a royal nosedive and how seeing Men are showing to be more feminine while women are showing more masculine qualities.

    Lot of folks wonder what it would be like to “walk a mile in someone elses shoes”, as for me If I had some odd magical genderswap I’d just do the stuff I’d always do only choice for most other guys is just masturbate like a horny rabbit if they were a chick(which is proven true)

    but I don’t see anything wrong with who I am now because you yourself can only change how your viewed whether ya do or don’t give a rat’s ass.

      • If a man wants a child, he marries a woman and has one. They the kid grows up and is the kid of both parents.

        If a woman wants a child, she either adopts (which can be a parental-feeling issue and most parents only adopt after failing to have their own biological children) or she endures 9 months of pregnancy and many years after that being “out of the loop” of work and being a mom instead. Even when both parents work, it is typically the mom who becomes the childcare provider, in addition to taking on household duties. And if women were paid for their time being moms, they’d make a living off it.

        So let’s say they adopt. No pregnancy, no time off work. She is still responsible for a child while the man easily gets away with being “too busy” to be a good dad. She always does the clean up and the cooking and the laundry, while her husband takes the kids out for ice cream and gets all the “I love yous” from the kids. She feels angry for being taken for granted, but since she isn’t making money off raising kids, and the kids aren’t perfect angels, she is actually reprimanded for not doing a good enough job when she’s already working a separate job in addition. Or if she isn’t, she is told she must be enjoying the “wonderful joys of motherhood” when she is working longer hours than her man, earning nothing for it, and again, feeling under-appreciated. She gets very little sleep and all her daily work is undone the next day because nothing stays clean or tidy with kids around. Where is the reward? Daddy gets it when he takes the kids out to ice cream.

        Does it still seem like an “optional” hassle? Birth perhaps, but motherhood? It’s a big deal, not only because of the physical demands but also for the social expectations of motherhood and fatherhood being so fundamentally different. There’s a reason for the words “housewife” and “stay-at-home mom” being prevalent and the terms “househusband” and “stay-at-home dad” not existing. The job of raising kids is a serious job and it is nearly always left to the woman with no explanation whatsoever.

        Because she is “lucky enough to have kids” she abandons all these joys of being an independent woman that the women talked about in this manga experience. When men grow up they get a lot of the same — stress, containing/suppressing emotions, work, needing to be strong and macho and also considerate of the weaker sex. But when women grow up, if they become mothers, their lives completely change and they don’t get the advantages anymore. So I really don’t think it’s fair to say that women have the easier lives overall, or on average.

  • This annoys me a little bit.

    I’m all for men who wish to become women. That’s their choice.

    But because “women have it easier”? That’s a load of crap. I’m just going to assume that in Japanese society women are treated very differently, because in the US that is not true at all. If you’re pretty you can get away with marrying a rich man who can take care of all your needs, if you so desire, and then you will have a more carefree (if unromantic) life. But for the women who are average or below, or do not want to marry for money, life is just as tough for them as men. Most women these days go to work alongside their husbands and in general have the same things to worry about. Though men, thanks to our culture, are told to repress their emotions, and have to be pro-active in dating, women have to worry about things they don’t. Women have to be very careful with their fashion, most girls I know spend 1-2 hours a day putting on makeup and getting ready so that they look pretty, they have to shave every hair on their body that is not attached to their scalp, they have to deal with periods, they need to worry about getting pregnant, and they give birth, just to mention a few.

    I wouldn’t say that women have LESS troubles…it’s more like they have a completely different set of troubles.

    • I don’t think anyone is really ignoring that. It’s just that they’re sick of the negatives that come with being a man in today’s world.

      Like for example, sometimes women aren’t looked up too much in the workplace since it’s assumed they’re usually in it for part-time until they find a high earning husband. But for men, either they rake in the money or they’re losers.

      Stuff like taking care of oneself is just as important for men as I see it. That’s not something extra special. At least not as much as the social stigma that can lead to such suicide rates.

      But yeah, it’s still different sets of problems to deal with. But that’s not what this particular issue goes to. It’s not about ‘problems of the other sex’, but the allure of perhaps trying to change into one.

      • Okay, I’ll agree with you on that. It’s true, this article is only dealing with why someone would want to become a woman.

        I guess the thing that annoys me is that it glosses over women’s troubles in a comedic way, and because of that it’s just like, “Oh, hahaha, the silly airheaded woman is angry because she has to do her makeup in the morning!”. I don’t know, maybe I’m being overly sensitive, but it feels to me that they’re downplaying it.

        Also, I don’t like how they generalize the fact that women don’t have the same burdens in their lives. You’re right in that some people assume that women go into their job until they get married, but I would really only say that about some lines of work. I don’t know many female doctors, veterinarians, dentists, or lawyers that dropped their job to become full-time wives. I find that women who go to college and spend a significant amount of time on their education genuinely care about the job that they are going into, because if they were looking for a short-term thing thing it would be much easier not to have to go to 8 years of additional schooling.

        You’re right that taking care of oneself is important for men as well. It’s just that men can get away with a lot more than women can. For example, I see plenty of guys who just toss on some clothes, maybe quickly run a comb through their hair, and walk out the door in the morning. And yet there’s nothing weird about that, and no one would really notice that a guy had done that. Meanwhile, if you asked every girl you knew to show up one morning doing the exact same thing, I’m pretty sure you’d be unpleasantly surprised. Then there are guys who do spend a lot of time on their looks, but they seem to be in the minority. With women, it’s expected of them. With men, it’s nice but not required.

        It’s true that men have social stigma associated with displaying their emotions. And to be frank, it sucks. I understand being annoyed with that. I think depending on where you live, you can get away with more or less displays of emotion as well. Luckily, I think society is getting better about that, or at least I see that where I live. Lots of guys I know are emotional people, and I’ve seen them cry when they were very upset before.

        On the flip side, I know a girl who wishes she were a man. What she tells me is that as a woman she isn’t taken seriously, that people judge her based solely on her looks and the brand name of her clothing, and that she has to deal with the annoyances of periods, etc.

        The thing is, I’m not intending to say guys don’t have it bad. I’m just concerned, because everyone commenting on here seems to be saying “yeah, women do have it easy!”. I’m just trying to explain where I come from.

  • I believe men want to be superficial women in theory.

    No man in their right mind would like to spend upwards of 3-7 days a month menstruating.

    On top of that where’s the macho factor? I’m very aggressive in martial arts but there’s still only so much I can do against well developed man. You’re telling me men would give up that defining character trait/ability?

    • “… well developed man”? Are males _that_ awesome at developing muscles?

      Or are u thinking of the occasional Hercules wannabe that pops out by the genetic lottery?

      Next time, mebbe try out joint locks. All the development in the world and yer joints still break like anything else.

  • Honestly, women do have it easier in society. And I know things like PMS and childbirth seem to be a good argument, coupled with the fact that, appearance wise, much more stress is put on a woman to look her best.

    With the PMS issue… it may be physically painful, but it’s also an excuse to get away with any kind of attitude. literally. As a male, I have hormonal and “off” days but we don’t get any slack during these times and anything we say seems to go wrong. And the “pressure to look your best” is just a shallow sense of fitting in.

    I am not saying I would want to “become a woman” but that it shouldn’t be a big surprise that the stress put on men causes them to envy the opposite sex.

    • You’ll never know how much of a fucker periods are unless you actually have them. It’s best not to assume, yes? Though I do know that some PMS is more serious than others, and I agree, it’s true that some women use it as an excuse, but it’s generalizing that all of them do. 90% don’t – you will NEVER be able to tell which girls are having a periods, because they don’t ALL bitch out on guys when it happens. It’s not like you walk into the street or into school and you can just tell.

      • Actually I can just tell. because I’m psychic. maybe someone should take their own advice and not assume, yes? it pointless to say that guys would never understand unless they had it happen to them because you know what? even if we did have an equivalent it wouldn’t matter. because men just have to “suck it up”. You might never know how much of a fucker it is to get most of you body, including you genitals, covered in third degree burns. however, if you ever did find out what that’s like it wouldn’t be the same. Do you know what the reaction the last person i talked to about that had? they laughed at me and insulted me. insisted that a real man “wouldn’t have let a bit of pain get to him”, that “if i were a man i should’ve been able to just walk it off”.

        • You were treated badly. No one should have been told to “walk it off” for something like that. But does it really fix the problem to tell women to do the same as you’ve been told to do?

          I bottle it up when I have scream-level cramps. People don’t know why I’m overemotional and headachey and I just try to act normal. But it’s really hard to act normal when you feel so awful. You would know from the 3rd degree burns, except it’s socially acceptable to talk about burns more than with cramps. I’m sorry you didn’t get sympathy, but I’m telling you women don’t necessarily either. There are some who take advantage of it and say “I have a right to treat you like dirt because I’m cramping” but they are just being like the tough guys who shot you down and hurting other members of their gender to do better themselves.

          It’s not socially acceptable to talk about bleeding or how gross it is when you run out of pads or how painful it is to have an organ shedding a thick layer by force… so most women don’t, in front of men. We are in exactly the same situation as you, so I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t say we’re all better off because SOME of our gender take advantage of it.

    • As a guy, you won’t really understand what PMS is. For some women, it’s not a big deal, and others overdramatize it and use it as an excuse, like you said. However, some women have it really bad. I usually don’t have PMS very bad, but from time to time it will really hit me. It’s not something you can control. For example, I felt like I was so full of emotion, all of it trying to burst out of me, so much so that I cried for a half-hour during Tarzan. And normally I’m not a very emotional person.

      Also, having your period can really suck. Like I said, some women are lucky and have very little symptoms, while others are hit hard. My mom had to miss school every time she had hers, because the pain in her stomach would get so intense that she would faint in class. I don’t have it as bad as her, but on the first day I always get horrible stomach aches and can’t sleep. Afterwards it’s fine, but then I spend the next 6 days feeling like I’m carrying a bowling ball in my stomach, it aches dully and drags me down. Then it’s gone, only to repeat 30 days later.

      I’m not saying men don’t have problems, they do. I just think that unless you have had a period and experienced PMS (which no male can), you won’t really understand how tedious it can be to be a woman. I know many women who would kill to be men.

  • I still hope that one clear starry summer night, an alien space ship crashes into the hill I’m sitting on, absent-mindedly looking at stars above; and when they try to restore my body to make up for the damage they caused, they accidentally make the extremely beautiful and cute female version of me…

  • Hmmm, I’d love to be a cute little girl. I act like a tough, hardened guy, but I really hate that act. I’d like to be like one of those moe blobs from k-on. But that attitude would be gross on a young man as manly as me, and I wouldn’t get anywhere in life, so I try not to think much of it and act like I’m expected to.
    I know being a man has a lot of advantages though, so I just try to see the good side, because there’s no helping it, that’s how I was born. Maybe some day they’d invent a magical pill that turns men into cute lolis, that’d be awesome. Meanwhile I’ll live that fantasy watching anime and stuff… *sigh*

  • Personally, I see it far more advantageous to be a man than the other way around. While “men” do have more “responsibilities” so to speak, they have just as many “privileges” as well. That said, I also tend not to discriminate in terms of sex.

  • This is all well and good, but it’s very… generalised. I want to become a woman, but it’s not for any of the shallow or stereotypical reasons described here. The feeling runs a lot, lot deeper than that… I’m sure it’s true for quite a few other men too.

    • IMO the “expressing your feelings”-stuff comes pretty close.

      Funny how now that I’m a mental health patient, I’m frequently told to share my worries, but when I was a kid, bottling them up was encouraged.

  • I do think women have it easier but I don’t think I would ever want to become a woman. Even with all the medical technology there is today I could never truly change my gender, even if I wanted to. Until we discover some magic way that completely changes peoples’ gender then men will never become women and women will never become men.

    Is this drawn by the same person that draws Yuria 100 Shiki? The style really reminds me of it.

    • Disadvantage of being a female

      – Weak physical force
      – Can’t run faster
      – Can’t jump Higher
      – Can’t participate in some activities mostly sport
      – Fear from insect
      – Fear from mouses
      – Loose easily in video game
      – Have always to worry about her outside looks
      – Bad driver
      – Have to wear High heel shoes to be taller

      I consider those ones of the main disadvantage of being a female. But being a female have also advantage, also for men and vise verse that why (Men+Women)+(Love)= Best Team Ever*Epic Win
      Briefly men who wish to become female is just because want to explore the female genital part of the body, I’m sure those men were happy with their sex in their childhood. Very unfortunately nobody can choose it desired sex before he born, its all random/Parent wish.
      End of story

      • 1-4 Not true. The right amount and type of exercise and a woman can excel at any of these. Conversely, the wrong amount and type of exercise (little to none, which is possible, with all of the intellectual / desk jobs out there) and a man can be absolutely terrible at all of these.

        5-6 This is a purely mental trait not a biological trait.

        7 This is not gender specific. Your ability to perform well at video games relies on 2 things. Starting at a young age (Activities you do during the age range of the greatest human mental development, stick with you and improve at the greatest rate), and continued “practice” or “exposure”. Anyone who starts in their very late teens and/or older, tends to be below average in general, with minimal improvement. Anyone who starts at a VERY young age, tends to be considerably above average and improve greatly rather quickly.

        8 Not gender specific. Though there is more emphasis on this for woman, it is still true for both genders. Unfortunately for men, this is harder than it is for woman. Go to any clothing store, it’s generally 2/3rds to 90% woman’s clothing. Tons of clothes, accessories, styles. You also have TONS of outlets for news/advice on fashion, men have very few. Men get shafted on this, hardcore. A lot of us HAVE to go to men’s only clothing stores to get what we’re looking for. Even then, it’s still a gamble. I have to order stuff online, because NONE of the regular clothing stores or men’s only clothing stores around here, carry anything that both, fits my taste/style and fits me properly.

        9 I will give you this one. Anyone can be a good driver if they have good awareness and responsiveness. The problem is, men instinctively have a larger zone/area of awareness of their surroundings than woman do (semi-scientifically tested), and are able to react slightly faster. You may or may not be able to be a great driver but.. Paying the fuck attention to what you, and other people, are doing, is really all it takes to NOT be a bad driver.

        10 Bullshit. It’s common knowledge that men prefer their partner to be slightly shorter than they are. The average height difference between men and woman is only a few inches. You don’t NEED to appear taller. If you still want to, you don’t NEED to wear high heels (I personally think such things are dumb/ugly). All you need is.. Platform shoes! If all you need is 1-2 inches, then platform shoes can do the job. You can walk MUCH easier in those, and they can be just as (or more) stylish (little black open foot gothic platform shoes anyone!?). If you need 3+ inches.. well, no matter what, shoes are just not going to solve your problem in a “reasonable” or “practical” matter.

    • It’s an arguable fact though. I can’t say being a woman would be advantageous. Sure, overall, me being a male, being a woman seems way more attractive. Can’t say I can’t relate to a woman’s “trials of womanhood” somehow, so rationally I do consider all the aspects that might come with it. Fashion is a good argument, but I think in a couple of years that’ll balance itself out. How things go in society might be more advantageous for women, however the hormonal imbalance and obviously negligible concerns they usually express are remarkable. Having a female body would rock, although I’m DFC being a male, I still lack female curves. That would be nice.

      • either way imo you’ll go crazy in the long run…
        If you’re a man you don’t have to worry about physical problems yet the mind wears down pretty fast due to holding in emotions and poorly dealing with stress. Then being a woman you can do quite alot and not be look at as weird Also you express emotions very free / vividly at times but the physical issues that comes with this freedom even make women hate being on times. So each gender is a double edged sword eventhough being a man is harder and harder now that they’re becoming more and more useless.

        • “7. Same work. Lower wages.”

          Liar. There are more women in the US economy than women now. Isn’t it better to have a job, than “get paid less” according to some bullshit feminist average that says women earn less?

          By the way, women are more educated than men nowadays and thus earn more than men. (20s age group, etc.) In France, 25% of young men are unemployed. You are talking total horseshit.

        • Or Raidy for that matter.

          I think the love shared by two girls is often more beautiful than that of a guy and a girl. I agree with feeling timid about letting out my emotions, and I know most of it is subconscious. Kinda sucks actually, same with the style. Being able to have fun shopping and finding all sorts of fun combination’s is something guys just can’t do. I think its part of what makes me enjoy playing the female in an MMO where there outfits are usually quite appealing(but this could be more male tendency).

          Being bored as a man is something that resonates to a degree as well. I kind of hate being hairy but shaving down would make me look rofl weird. Also the sensations woman feel during intercourse are more intense than a guys or that is the feeling I get.

      • 1. Pregnancy (with the risk of miscarriage)
        2. Societal obsession with appearance
        3. More likely to get raepd/unsafe to be alone in certain places at night
        4. Feminine monthly lycanthrope transformation. Followed by…
        5. Menopause. Ew.
        6. Externally weaker body
        7. Same work. Lower wages.
        8. Going to school for almost 20 years only to leave your job to have a baby (which then might become another full-time job altogether).
        9. “Upstream” status quo in society.
        10. Master Key/Shitty Lock allegory…

        And “socially acceptable behaviors” do have their trade-offs, you know. Much less expected and acceptable for a woman to look unclean or do rude things in public.

        I prefer my manhood, thank you very much.

        • I’ve grown up with nothing but younger sisters all my life. I can honestly say I am happy being a guy, and would not want to be a woman.

          However, if we’re talking about a temporary transformation, I’m all for it. … In the name of science of course…

        • JJ: I’m a woman, and I can say being pregnant is not a privilege. Being able to raise a baby afterward may be, but the actual carrying of the baby?
          You do know that having a baby hurts, right? You may miscarry (a horrid experience even if you didn’t plan the child). They could come out still-born. Pregnancy is sometimes dangerous. It’s hard to be active once you reach a certain stage in the pregnancy and can be flat out dangerous. Pregnancy fucks the body up, hormonally and physically. Morning sickness is another down side.

          Oh, did I mention postpartum depression?

          I’m pretty sure I missed a lot of things in there.

          I’m sure SOME people feel that it’s worth going through all of the above (and more, including the years of periods) and that it is somehow a privilege, but it’s more like a curse – especially if you’re impregnated against your will.

        • TehBoringOne says:

          Regarding the propensity of being assaulted, it depends on where you are. Women in some countries don’t get assaulted/raped/mistreated as easily as those in other countries.

          And regarding equal treatment, sometimes women are more protected. I’m a university student, and in tree of my classes, there’s this girl who is loudmouthed and verbally abusive of others in a “playful way”. I called her a “fucking annoying bitch” to her face and instantly, I was the bad guy for calling her that. Women I have observed sometimes act in a passive aggressive manner to get what they want, but if a man tries the same tactic, he gets shot down in the act.

          Of course, not all women are like that. There are downsides for them, like being belittled, harrassed if they have a superior intelligence/knowledge/skill, etc. Still, there is a certain tolerance and condescendence towards women that stems from men’s misguided idea of “let’s give her a break, she’s just a woman”.

          In short, everything’s fucked.

        • With our current laws and current judges, I don’t know which gender is safer anymore. Most men will of course go to hell if a woman(Kid girl) reports the man for some sexual reasons.

          One example was, the guy who was naked in his own house and got reported by a woman. Come on!

          Women were treated badly in the past, I know, but now they want to be treated like princesses.

          Those are the worst points of being a man as far as I know. I don’t know much about women’s weaknesses, though. And don’t go “Pregnancy”, because that’s optional. At least until you get raped.

        • 1. Completely optional, could be seen as a privilege, and because of this mothers are favored by law when it comes to child custody. In addition to this, men can easily get kicked in the balls for similar experience, but this is rarely optional.
          2. This concerns many men, too, and not all women.
          3. In contrast, men are MUCH more likely to be convicted of rape. Also, men getting raped is underreported because of societal pressure. It could also be said that men are more likely to be drugged and then abused since women can’t overpower them.
          4 & 5. Men also have biological weaknesses, such as a much bigger need to have sex (or masturbate), which leads more often to depression than in women, and also men are less likely to get laid – a lethal combo.
          6. Longer lifespan, less need for nutrition, more flexibility…
          7. The not-so-credible studies on this could easily been subject to methodological errors. If you can prove that A) women work the same amount and get the same results, B) have the same qualifications, C) ask for promotions, raises etc. in the same way as men and as frequently as men and D) that they still get less pay. One of those (A,B or C) almost always explain the pay gap. Or maybe you have *credible* proof of the contrary?
          8. … Do you think they start school when they’re 2-4 years old? Anyways, completely optional.
          9. Just an excuse for women for being weak-willed. The strong will always succeed, whether they are men or women. The opposite is true as well. Also, “upstream” is relative. There are some places in society where men have easier access, but that applies to women, too. In the end it’s up to the individual whether they want to become rich, or have a family etc.
          10. Men are biologically programmed to have sex with as many women as possible, while women are programmed find a man who can protect and raise their child. The master key/shitty lock allegory is based on these programmings. Also, try to turn it around. Shitty key (opens only one or no locks)/ master lock (only one key or none). See what I’m getting at? It’s all relative.

          Also, socially acceptable behavior is still much more of a pro for women and con for men.

          I don’t mind being of either gender, however, since in the end it’s your actions and thoughts that define your worth, not gender.

          ;tldr – read the whole post, you lazy @$$.

        • 1. Pregnancy is completely optional. In addition that, law favors mothers when it comes to e.g. who gets custody of a child.
          2. Men can also have such obsession. Also, women don’t always have any.
          3. Proof? Or maybe men wont simply talk about it? Also, men are probably more likely to be drugged (and then abused) since women can’t overpower them. You should also note that men have a MUCH higher chance of being convicted of rape than women. Same for other crimes, but with rape it’s far more pronounced.
          4 & 5. Men also have biological weaknesses like that. For example, getting kicked in ones balls hurts quite a lot. Women don’t have such a problem. Also, men have a higher sex drive and without sex (or masturbation) they can more easily become depressed. Men also have less of a chance of being laid than women.
          6. Higher average lifespan.
          7. Give me proof that: A) The quality of work women do (working hours, results) is the same as men’s, B) they ask for raises and such in the same way and as frequently as men, C) they have the same qualifications as men and finally D) they get paid less. There’s no way you can prove those. Also, the (not so credible) studies that have found proof for the “pay gap” have been mostly based on methodological errors.
          8. … Do you think they go to school when they’re 2-4 year-olds or something? Anyways, getting a child is completely optional.
          9. This is just an excuse for women for being weak. The strong will succeed, whether they are men or women. The opposite is also true, for both men and women.
          10. Men are biologically programmed to have sex with as many women as possible. Women are programmed to have sex with one and stay with him. This has shaped the popular opinion, and for a good reason.

          Socially acceptable behavior is still much more of a pro to women and a con to men, right?

          I wouldn’t mind being a man or a woman. All that really matters is your thoughts and actions, not your gender.

        • 1. privilige
          2. applies to men too
          3. men are more likely to get their ass kicked than women have of any kind of physical violence
          4. a convient excuse
          5. sperm eww..
          6. but more flexible and requires less food
          7. depends on the country, being away from work for child birth/raising doesn’t count.
          8. see #1, it’s not mandatory btw
          9. & 10. mehh…

          Try standing next to a guy and woman fighting (no matter the odds) witout trying to stop it, and you’re a bad man. Watch a guy and a guy fighting and you ain’t so bad. Also, ever tried to wear a dress in public?

  • I would rather be a man for the simple reason that society (at least in America where I’m from) is still incredibly sexist and men are more likely to be successful in almost any field. With a few notable exceptions men can choose to pursue a career in almost ANY industry while women are still practically barred from many. Just look at film directing, for example. I could probably count on my fingers the number of successful female film directors in the entire history of film. It’s not like women have anything less to offer, just look at Kathryn Bigelow, but they remain an incredibly small majority in a male dominated industry.

  • Women do NOT have it easier on society. Men like to think so however.

    Women make 75 cents on every dollar a man makes. Women are often seen as bitchy if they’re assertive, or whores if they’re seductive. Women are much more often the target of rape and murder, and if a woman is happy being single and not having a child or husband, something is inherently wrong with her. There will never be a woman president in the US, and we constantly have to live up to the expectation that women have to be hot and skinny to be of worth, and men can look however the fuck they want. We have to deal with the constant danger of a man posing a threat if we turn them down or decide to break up with them, as well. Women can show their emotions, sure, but I don’t see how that means that men have it easier. They’re more than welcome to do the same, but it’s their own personal pride that prevents it. If a woman takes interest in something inharently “manly”, like sports or video games, they must be fake or an attention whore.
    Men like to whine about “ohhh, she makes me clean up after myself” or “ohhh she can get out of a speeding ticket by batting her eyelashes”, but they don’t realize that the first part about women being naggy is because the man is usually being a pig in some way or another, and the latter is invalid if you aren’t a pretty little thing.
    Also, what the fuck has been with all the men making “kitchen” comments towards women? I know it’s all in jest and everything, but it can be hurtful to some women. Rape jokes aren’t funny, either. |:

  • I like being a man here are some advantages:

    We make more money
    We are stronger
    We enjoy sports
    We are attracted to women
    We don’t get pregnant (THANK YOU GOD)
    We don’t get PMS (again, THANK YOU GOD)
    Masturbation as a man is easier than females

    and finally….sex is better as a man, think about it, we cum EVERY TIME, as a female this doesn’t always happen.

    • Oh wow, out of every “argument” why being male is supposed to be inherently better than being female, the “better sex” one is by far the stupidest. Can you cum a virtually unlimited number of times without any refractory period in between? Do you have orgasms so intense and prolonged that your senses literally overload?

      There is a reason why sex is always rather unsatisfying for males as compared to females. That endless drive for satisfaction is intended to make you spread your sperm around as much as possible. It’s the most basic principle behind sexual reproduction next to increasing genetic diversity.

      Also, lol @ “we cum EVERY TIME”. There is a whole industry that tries to help all the poor dudes that regularly go limb before getting anywhere near climax…

      • [tl;dr wall of text]personally I thought that the “we enjoy sports” argument managed to be even more stupid. I mean, I’m a man. I don’t really like sports. At least with the “better sex” argument it is a subjective position. Perhaps the person advancing it truly believes that the one key to enjoying sex to the utmost is being a man, regardless of whether you even orgasm or anything. The “we enjoy sports” argument on the other hand can be proven to be false. I know many women who like sports, and most of my male friends do not like sports. and what about the women in the olympics? does anyone honestly think that all of them dislike sports?[/tl;dr wall of text]

      • I’m going to guess that you’re not actually a woman. It is indeed harder for women to reach orgasm, which is why many assume that they actually can’t and will never orgasm in their lives. Schlicking is also highly inefficient compared to fapping. True, if you’re comparing a highly experienced woman with a man, the woman probably has more pleasure (and even in some of those cases, the women still have to fake it), but across most of the world where women can’t really reach that, men probably have it better.

        • Men have it better on average sexually.

          Women just have WAYYYY more potential.

          I dated a women who got way more out of sex then I did, and likely any man for that matter.

          A few times I tried my damnedest to out endurance her one time and after about an hour I was pretty well numb, unable to orgasm and wanting to pass out and she was still all cowgirl up on it and having an orgasm every few minutes.

          Keep in mind this isn’t me trying to brag about being a sexual beast or anything, because she just came built that way.

  • Gotta love the random idiots asked on surveys like this.

    Being a woman? Seriously?

    Less intelligent, bearing children, periods, menopause, weaker…

    I actually thought about this and I concluded that I would rather be dead than being a woman.