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K-ON!! – New OP & ED Songs Announced


The titles and  productions credits for the second K-ON!! season’s OP and EDs have been announced, happily revealing that the same teams that produced the original season’s massively successful singles will be reunited for the new songs.

The recent announcement comes by way of TBS’s website, via the same update page that gave us news of K-ON!!’s huge television broadcast lineup:


The OP is: “GO! GO! Maniac” by the Afterschool Tea Time band (i.e., the seiyuu for all 5 Keion-bu girls), with lyrics by 大森祥子 / Sachiko Oomori and arrangements by Tom-H@ck.

The ED is again by Afterschool Tea Time with lyrics by Sachiko Oomori (who incidentally happens to be the lyricist behind practically every single K-ON! song thus produced), composition by 前澤寛之 / Hiroyuki Maezawa and arrangements by 小森茂生 / Shigeo Komori.

The site specifically mentions Yui (Aki Toyosaki) and Mio (Youko Hikasa) as the lead singers for the OP and ED respectively, mirroring the first season’s Cagayake! Girls and Don’t Say ‘Lazy.’

The rest of the production staff is an exact duplicate of the earlier songs, so the new songs might well attain the same chart-topping status as their predecessors.

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