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Martian Successor Nadeshico Ita-Bus Roams Akihabara


This resplendent Martian Successor Nadeshiko (or Nadeshico)  ita-bus is currently cruising the streets of Akihabara as part of a promotion for the classic 1996 scifi comedy series’ upcoming Blu-ray release, and is sure to set off many shocks of nostalgia to otaku that can remember the show.

You might also remember this particular bus in one of its past lives, promoting Chaos;Head or Dream C Club

These pictures are just a few hours old, coming from about 3:00PM on Feb. 22nd.

The bus was parked for perhaps less than a minute, likely to let otaku passerby get a good look at the ita-bus, before it drove off again down Akiba’s main street.

It did make a return loop about a half hour later, but without stopping this time, so I was only able to manage these close-up shots of the bus from its left side.


Ruri still looks great, as always…


In case you might wonder about what the stacks of monitors were playing, it seemed to just be the sort of trailer you’d find on TV or in an otaku store for the BD boxset.

There are no speakers, so it all played silently.



Some reflections of other passerby stopping to take quick snapshots of the ita-bus might be visible here – the bus was a constant magnet for otaku, and would be greeted with a good number of out stretched arms clutching cellphone cameras up and down the street.




And off it went…

Fans may also be interested in a newly released CD album timed to coincide with the BD boxset’s release that can be found right now throughout in the music sections of many of Akiba’s stores.

Seeing an ita-bus of such an old series after so many years made for quite a shock, but judging from the attention it collected in Akiba, it seems there still remains a sizable number of otaku who fondly remember the adventures of Akito, Yurika and the rest of the Nadeshiko’s eccentric crew.

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